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The clock is ticking for the Dolphins

Coach Tony Sparano recently told the media, which is not allowed to enter the Dolphins training facility until the regular season, that he has put a big clock in the locker room that is counting down to the opener Sept. 12 at Buffalo. 

"It's been counting for the opening game for about four months now," Sparano said. "And as I tell the team on a pretty regular basis, they're not adding more time on that clock. There's less and less time right now ... If those guys are in that huddle out there, meaning, first huddle second huddle whatever it is and these mistakes are being made—we can chalk it up to young we can chalk it up to all those things but we're not going to say that we got a lot of time. We don't. We need to get it corrected and they need to get better at it."

The clock was Sparano's idea and has gotten something of a mixed reaction among some of the players.

"I don't really look at it that much," cornerback Vontae Davis said. "I worry about what tomorrow has in store for us and that's practice."

"I guess it kind of remind me of college," quarterback Chad Henne said, "I know Ohio State has a clock counting down to Michigan. But I think it's good. It keeps our minds on Buffalo and I know we want to get off to a fast start this year. It's great, it reminds us it's not getting further away. It's getting closer."

Regardless of what the players think of the clock, there is importance to Friday's preseason game against Atlanta. Sparano sees it as a measure of his team because the Falcons are a good team.

"This is a team that I consider a playoff team from the NFC and from our end here, we consider ourselves to be one," the coach said. "It's a good test, a good challenge."

Sparano said playing time for his first team offense and defense, "is not going to be a whole lot more" than it was last week when starters played a little over a quarter."

But the coach still wants his starters to at take at least one series in the second half.

"You do want to heat them up again in the second half and play them coming out of halftime, but after that we'll start to play some bubble guys," Sparano said.

Defensive rookie update:

Many of you ask me my opinion on rookies Koa Misi and Jared Odrick. I think they're going to be fine. They need more urgency. They need to improve their technique. But neither is overwhelmed by the NFL game.

And Sparano, whose opinion is more important, is seeing steady improvement.

"This week [against Jacksonville] I was able to watch Koa Misi punch the tight end several times and separate. And that's a pretty good tight end they have over there," the coach said. "With Odrick, I started to see a little more involvement in the run game and holding the point of attack on double teams a little bit better."


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The countdown continues....the rooks will be fine. GO PHINS!

My biological clock is ticking.

Tony, you think you can make a playoff run before those HAARP RAYS destroy the planet?

Duty calls!

I do voluntary work for the elderly. This 87 year old lady just called. A Black Bears getting in her trash AGAIN!

Load the Gauge and fire up the grill Ma!

I'mma git me a Bear!

AKIN AYODELE -- Was just CUT by the Broncos.

Makes ya wonder how good he was last year!

Wow, Mandy. You sure have been slacking since you got this radio show. The last 2 blogs are just other's regurgitated ideas...What happened to the Once upon a Sunday blogs. Give us more than a half thought. No interaction from you has caused this blog to become OVERWHELMED with the same pathetic half-wits that have been here for years. It's a sad day.

long year boys.

Main thing is to avoid injuries on Friday.
Please don't run Wild Cat plays.

Why is anyone suprised Ayodele got cut from here or anywhere. He was terrible. Him and Torbor were only brought in because this staff had no confidence in one of the greatest LB's of all time, and can you name the other ILB's before those guys?

The Eagles just announced that BRANDON GRAHAM
will START this weekend...


(Just 'messin' with you Rob...I'll probably watch the game, Myself, just to see how he does...)


I agree with you MARC

In the pantheon of Trifecta Free Agent Whiffs, Akin Ayodele has a special wing.

NJ1Dolfan (Mike E.) says:
August 24, 2010 at 4:15 pm

It tasted great…. The other part, tell that to my sick little anus!!!! LOL !

They Call Me... Tim says:
August 24, 2010 at 4:18 pm
Been there done that.

These two homos posted this at the SS. Sounds sick,,,uggghhhhhh NJ proteges

Marc do you like strap less dresses or what???

And seriously, if we cared what was going on at SS or PBP blogs WE HAVE INTERNET. GET A LIFE! Get laid. For Fuchs Sake

SS sez Misi's a bust. Rush to Judgment, no?

Hi everyone!
This is my first post on this blog although I have been reading it for the past couple of years. I am a life long Dolphin fan from Southern Cali and all I want to add is a positive flow of energy for our Fins! This year is going to be special, I can feel it!! Go Dolphins!!!!!

Welcome DirtDog

SS Blows!!!!!

Marc. I thought the same thing. Gee didn't we already hear about the clock? And now a whole article on the clock, saying basically nothing. Oh, and the starters may play a little more next game, what a revelation...might see if espn is reporting on that as well.

Sparano tends to talk up his players even when he is looking to get rid of them, like he did with Gibril. Makes you really wonder what their plan is for Pat White, if they wanted to trade him you'd think they'd be talking him up instead of a one word response to the question if he'd play, 'No'. Either they can't show him off in preseason for fear nobody will want him, or they have the element of surprise up their sleeve.

what time is it right now ?

Tom Brady Hates the Jets

Dolphins Have Countdown to Kickoff

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So Tom Brady hates the Jets but shows love to our fins? I don't care who he shows love to I can't stand the Jets, Pats, or Bills. Just sounds like he doesn't want to get hurt when he plays us! GO DOLPHINS!

It's being reported they put a clock in the locker room. No word yet as to whether its digital, analog or a sun dial.

All that matters ( Clock...or no Clock ) is that

Last year they looked EMOTIONALLY FLAT too many times.
(...during last Season's FIRST and the LAST FIVE Games.)

When you hear players say that he Dolphins now have ABOVE AVERAGE TALENT then you worry when they don't come to a game ready to play.

Tony Sparano seems like one of the better Coaches that the team has had had in a long time... But we really won't be able to give him an initial GRADE for TWO MORE YEARS (It takes four Seasons to properly evaluate an NFL Head Coach.)

The only thing that I worry about (every once in a while) is his ability to motivate the WHOLE TEAM to play well on a consistent basis.

Its STILL EARLY but I hope that they 'bust out' of the gates strong and stay that way throughout the season. The more talent that they get...the more responsibility falls upon the Coach to push them to the next level.

Soon we will all care about VICTORIES more than Clocks.

Cuban Menace, to your question on the last blog. I will be representing Miami Week 1 in Buffalo.

Cincinnati and Oakland are also on the wish list if I can keep busy in this crap economy which is not a guaranteed. Maybe even Boxing Day home to Detroit.

But only Buffalo is signed and sealed.

ALoco, I'm making money buying gold stocks (ELD and ABX) and short US Stocks (DHR, GILD, JNJ, WMB, and DVN). I do own some Healthcare stocks (DVA and LH) which are holding up fine through this selloff.

good for you mark .no buyers means short whatever .

Just as long as you don't short gold stocks!

All this talk about Arizona's QB uncertainty makes me think we might just get an offer from them for Thigpen.

Ripasso, wasn't Arizona a prospective team for Pennington? I think that would be a better fit for the Cards.

Neither of the Mannings have a decent back up, there are easily 10 teams that need a decent back up qb. I think one will finally fetch up a 3rd rounder for Thigpen. Don't see us dumping Penne this year.

If their successful offensively once again in the first half then pull 'em in the second half or earlier. Same goes for the defense if they can work out the kinks enough, the only thing i want to see from a whole game standpoint is special teams as our have been anything but. We arent going to be scheming or gameplanning as much as people think in the third game of preseason as it would meaningless to do so. Nothing to prove in the preseason except improvement from bubble players and rookies.

is there a countdown for improving special teams?

also, a countdown to the elimination of stupid play calls?

Dear Mr. Salguero

"I was able to watch Koa Misi punch the tight end several times and separate."

1st rule of Fight Club...we don't talk about fight club.

2nd rule of fight club...WE DON'T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB.

Listen up, maggot. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

Soiled :)

cinq, please understand this, Pat White has taken 3 snaps in two preseason game. Tony Sparano is quoted as saying "his fourth QB is not playing against Atlanta" Pat White will be taking a lot of snaps in the last preseason game, then he will be cut. Thigpen is not going to be traded for any rounder. Thank you

bobbyd, please understand this. Neither of us really know what will happen. Just throwing thoughts out on the blog. What we do know is Thigo has had a few years in the league, started many games and has an atrocious losing record. He isn't any more consistent today. With the two Chad's looking good, they may opt to get what they can for Thigo while the market is good. They can always use that pick to gain another 3rd string qb if need be down the line.

what time is it right now ?

Posted by: ALoco | August 24, 2010 at 04:43 PM

Now that had me laughing out loud ... until tears appeared ... ALoco, you crack me up!

the phins are going to lay that smack down on the bills,i hope clam crowder can stay healthy otherwise get rid of him too!

Chan Gailey Kicks hecklers out of getting autographs from players after practice.....someones needs to ask the ???, Whats a bills players autograph worth nowadays???

cinq, Pat White is as good as gone. The Dolphins are not interested in trades right now, they are interested in putting the RIGHT guys on the field to start the season. No sense arguing with you because in two weeks final cuts will be made. White wont be here.

I will never understand the pat white pick. Never.

Yo yo yous over here stay here bada bing. SS is where it is at..yo
I AM a weird Uncle!!!
But I’m their favorite uncle out of us 3 brothers!!!
I say weird things, I do weird things!!!
I just love living!!! I am glad I’m still alive!!! Is it last call yet?????/


Sambuca , very funny post .

rayray, you lost or drinking too much 2night?? Lol SS is down the blog highway, you've wandered into the world of insanity here, be careful, Chris T isn't here to monitor, u might get hurt.

Is it just me or is Soiled getting better and better?

Seriously, since Armando has been doing radio, I think we should rename this Soiled Bottom In Depth.

the people are the source for soiled creativity .

Lipsin, how old you think soiled is ?

4-69 years

I will never understand the pat white pick. Never.

Posted by: pistol


I'll take a pop at it if you don't mind Pistol.

You have to look at the 08 season and what worked for Miami. They had completed a 11-5 season that the "Wildcat" formation had been responsible for several wins. Particularly against the Past-ies, San Diego & the second game against the Jests in The Meadowlands when Miami clinched the AFC East title.
They basically decided the Offensive scheme was worth building on. However, it did not take a genius to see that Pennington lined up as a receiver looked and was ridiculous. Having a true "Triggerman" for the Wildcat was considered a good investment. After all, with a true QB who could throw the ball, yet at the same time, have the ability to run it with speed and capability only a few QB's had.
Enter Pat White, The guy was phenominal in the NCAA. His ability to throw the ball while on the move plus his athletic capability and speed made him look like the perfect sort to be the "Triggerman" for the Wildcat.
I believe they brought White in to run that formation while he developed into a QB on the roster.
It was a good idea.... it would have worked... they had all the right intentions...

White looked like a Deer in the Headlights as soon as he put on the helmet and took the field. He could not elude a tackle, he was unable to get around the end and he never took a shot down field although guys were open. Remember... The triggerman has the choice where the ball goes... He can keep it and run downhill, give it to the tailback around the end or throw it to any open man OR the tailback who by then should be past the LBers for a gain in the flat. Pat NEVER seemed to make the right choice where Ronnie Brown did.

I hope that helps "Pistol"..... Pat White may STILL have a chance should Miami do what it usually does and do a few trades here n the next couple days... If he does... he had better get it together because he is officially in a very dubious position.

thanks derek4dolphins, your post was very informative and eye opener .


There is no football tonight. Give the people something to watch.

Pat White's days with Dolphins seem numbered

Big news flash there Armando. Your bloggers have been saying this for 3 months. Ya Think?

Katina Taylor talks Zach, JT and Jets vs Dolphins.

What? I would much rather hear what Mrs. Henne or Mrs. Pennington has to say. NOT! Women don't even play football, who gives a rats a s s what they have to say about anything.
Armando, are you an Oprah fan? WTF?!?!

Brady hates jets, shows Dolphins some love

I don't care if Brady hates asparagus, I hate Brady's cheating a s s as much as I hate Ryan and Belicheat. He makes an underhanded cut down on the Dolphins, it goes completely over your head, and you write an article about it? OMG!

I think the AM radio gig wasn't such a good idea Mando, next thing you know, you'll be writing about how you think Channing Crowder is a starting calibre ILB.......................

PS: Mando,

Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

This just in: The clock is ticking for every single team in the NFL.

With those choices, ALoco, Id go with 4.

Soiled Bottom

53 year old white male.

Numerous misdemeanor offenses, no felony convictions.

Mr. Bottom's was routinely admitted and commited to various pyschiatric evaluation facilities throughout the 1960's and 70's.

However, these stays were short lived as it was determined the psychotic episodes were due in large part to bad acid trips.

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