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Jeff Ireland will try to find, speak with Dez Bryant

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland will look for Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant sometime before or after the preseason game between Miami and Dallas Thursday night so that he can close the book on the questiongate incident that happened between the two men just prior to the draft.

A source tells me that Ireland has given thought to the Bryant situation in recent days and would like to speak with Bryant. Ireland and others within the Dolphins organization have discussed how to handle Thursday's likely meeting because the GM knows it will be an issue for the media and perhaps Bryant himself.

Ireland declined to comment on the matter Thursday, citing Miami's policy to have coach Tony Sparano be the club's one voice during the season.

But I am told Ireland has decided he will try to find Bryant and talk to the wide receiver if that search is successful. Ireland has told at least one person that he would "try to make sure Bryant is OK with everything," and perhaps repeat in person what he said during a phone conversation with Bryant following their pre-draft incident.

That incident, which became a national story and caused something of a league-wide fuss, reportedly happened when Ireland asked during that pre-draft interview if Bryant 's mother had ever been a prostitute. Bryant reportedly answered the question by saying his mom had never been a prostitute.

The context of the question is still a mystery as Bryant and Ireland were the only two in the room at the time and neither has really discussed the context of the question. It is known that Bryant had a troubled childhood and that his mother at one time served time for selling drugs. Bryant's mother was since released from jail.

After news about Ireland's question was reported, Ireland apologized to Bryant. He issued this statement first to The Miami Herald and then other media:

"My job is to find out as much information as possible about a player that I'm considering drafting," Ireland said in the statement. "Sometimes that leads to asking in-depth questions.

"Having said that, I talked to Dez Bryant and told him I used poor judgment in one of the questions I asked him. I certainly meant no disrespect and apologized to him.

"I appreciate his acceptance of that apology and I told him I wished him well as he embarks on his NFL career."

Ireland and Bryant spoke by phone after the Cowboys granted the Miami GM permission to speak with their player. The two have not spoken since. But Bryant has made it apparent he wants to move on from the incident and holds no grudge against Ireland.

"I'm pretty sure if I was to see him on the field, I would shake his hand, shake coach Sparano's hand," Bryant told Dallas-area reporters two weeks ago. "Just a lot of misunderstanding in that situation. Everything is fine."

The most outward and obvious manifestation that everything if fine would be a public handshake between the men. But it is believed Ireland may try to catch up with Bryant in a more private setting -- perhaps in the tunnel leading to the field -- rather in the open setting of the field.

Regardless of where it happens, Thursday may mark the close of what was at times an uncomfortable chapter for both men and moreso for Ireland.

Bryant has missed all of the preseason so far but recently returned to practice and is expected to play against the Dolphins.

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Interesting! First!

that was a ridiculous question to ask someone who you are interviewing in hopes that they may play for your team. just because you have a title (GM) doesn't mean your a class act.

It would be better for you reporters to put it to rest, you guys are the ones who keep talking about this non story. Bill

I hope this does put this crap to bed. Good job by Ireland.

Dude's mom is a prostitute. My man Ireland was just checking the prices. I think that is exactly the kind of fiscal sense you want from your GM.

Silly to bring this up, now we have to listen to the media idiots and dumb fans drone on and on about something nobody but the two of them no 100% about.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Jeff Ireland will try to find, speak with Dez Bryant"

Please tell Mr. Ireland to first try looking at the Truck stop parking lot if she's not there then try the Red Light district.

Soiled :)

P.S. My bad Mr. Salguero, I thought the title read "Jeff Ireland will try to find, speak with Dez Bryants mother"

Mando, just a little constructive criticism buddy. I love your blog, but dude, read the posts on the last few. There's plenty of worry afoot in Dolphins-land. People are concerned and don't want to return to the 7-9 team of last year.

This is a feel good story! Great if you're eyeing the Pulitzer, but not enough REAL info for the diehards on here that are itching for some news (hopefully good news at that).

Oh, and WHO from the Herald didn't do their fact-checking on the Mike Wise (lie) tweet that Big Ben's suspension got reduced to 5 games? Please say it wasn't you Mando (here I was thinking you were a great journalist)!

Dear Jeff Ireland:

Please feel free to celebrate now that Mando has told everyone to put this thing behind us. We pretty much do as he commands.

i do like the way dez handled this incident. he would have been a nice addition to brandon marshall. he could be the next michael irvin.

Agreed greg. From everything I heard before he got hurt, Dez was the real deal. Could a, would a, should a. We'll see how Odrick stacks up!

instead of making sure:
1. OC doesn't call bad plays
2. head coach isn't a buffoon at times
3. special teams coach learns how to coach

this fool is doing this...

7-9 here we come.

If Duh'az was white no one would care what the hell Ireland asked. Let it go Jeff the liberal media is just going to hit you with the race card.

is this considering news ? two people talking ,WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WORLD .

Does Odrick have a tackle this preseason? Awful draft when we could've had Dez, an obvious all star.

WAS Dez picked first or Odrick ?

Oh PLEASE not the Dez Bryant crap again.

If they really want to put this behind them, don't TALK about it, BE about it!

Just be adults.

Kick his a s s Dez!


and this news how? Mando there has to be something dolphin football related you can write about. I'm sick of dez bryant and his mom.


ARMANDO, you have a job to do, try to raise your fans IQ ,try to take them to a new hight ,try to bring out the best in us NOT THIS CRAP .

What a shock!!! knew this was gonna come up again in this meaningless preseason game in dallas, lets hope the Tv and radio announcers dont follow suit and talk about FOOTBALL and whats going on with the team rather than an hyped over question!!!Seriously, why does this issue need to be constantly monitored by the media!!!

I hate to bring this up again but in defense of Jeff Ireland it was said that Bryant told Jeff during the course of the interview that #1, his father was a pimp, and then #2, that his mother worked for his father.

I'm sorry but the question Ireland asked next seems reasonable considering the lead up to it. It may have been insensitive but puhlease, lets not paint Ireland as some kind of clan member.

ZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! Uh huh, S.O.S.

why ireland didn't shut up.it's not like the nixon china visit .

thank you nySCOTT for reminding every one /

later,people .

Aloco- I didn't realize that Henne was the lowest paid starting Qb in the league. His salary is 300.00 less then the next guy(Kolb Phi) and is 100.000 and change less then P. White. This should motivate Henne, as he isn't one of those guys that has been handed a check without proving his worth. Henne is either old school, and believes he should earn his loot. or has the worst agent in the NFL. Perhaps Henne is one of the Phin players that fired his agent, and is signing up with Drew Rosenhaus like a lot of his teammates.

one last time Darryl. it has no thing to do w/any thing but signing a contract long term for no thing and the dolphins noT ready to re do his contract SPEACKS VOLUME........they want him to do a lot for no thing .

the right thing to do for the dolphins IS to JUMP HIS SALARY ONLY THIS YEAR TO BE IN LINE W/OTHERS IN THE NFL .......TO 6 MILLION .




big $$$ doesnt always make great players aloco, just ask albert haynesworthless!!!

I would say this is one contract that helps the team. If Henne can live up to all of his potential, and prove that he can lead this team
he will be rewarded handsomly. If it doesn't work out then the team looks good, and there is more money for a player more deserving. 6 mil a year is to high for a qb that only started a little more then 3/4 of a season. This is one of the main issues with the NFL. First rounders, and some second rounders are paid higher then proven veterans. It is insane that Sam Bradford makes more money then Tom Brady, or for that matter Chad Henne. It is not the fault of the player, it is how the system works, but I think if there is going to be a football season next year, this is one issue that will have to be figured into a new collective barganing deal.

Does Anyone Actually Care About This Sht? I Didn't Care When It Happened.

I hope he kicks Ireland's ass.

the phins need to dump clam crowdwer now. the guy is always hurt, he's really not that good, and he's only hurting the team. should have let him walk with butter fingers ginn!!

This story has never been interesting, and was long forgotten.

Back to football Armando please. We play Buffalo in less than 2 weeks.

I swear Mando ,

I think you would be a better fit in the society page , BTW....anything on the Dolphins ?

Wow, my last post got blocked. I didn't realize that I swore that bad. geez

Did anyone see Earl Thomas pick it off and take it to the house. Damn what a blown opportunity. He sure would look good next to YB.

Truly enlightening story. Read it three times now. Faulkner, Hemmingway and a bit of Shakespeare all wrapped together.

Now if you can apply that pen to sports writing we might actually care.

Holy Sh@t, Does Anyone Care About This Anymore???

Did anyone see Earl Thomas pick it off and take it to the house. Damn what a blown opportunity. He sure would look good next to YB.

Posted by: LA Phin Fan | August 31, 2010 at 06:34 PM

Yes, as a matter of fact, i did mention that on another newsless blog and some knucklehead of a fan thought i was chewing the team out and being negative. That said i would of liked earl thomas here even if we did pass up guys like Ordick and misi. I just felt our needed filling at Free safety would've been much more of a void to fill than inside LB or DE. But thats just my opinion, we'll see how it turns out in the end i guess!!!

Super, Was it The SS???????

The only team(and players)I want to hear about, other the Phins are the Bills.

Who will the starters be. What match ups can we exploit, injuries, etc, etc.

Dez Bryant ain't a Dolphin. End of story. I don't care about no Cowboys or their Mama's.

PS: Jerry Jones is a complete and total idiot.

I stand corrected. Strong Safety yes

They say Lynch and Jackson might be ready for opener against phish so theres a bit of news for you Odin. Hope our D-lines up to the challenge versus three pretty solid backs week one with the inclusion of Unknown talented rookie Spiller.

Thanks superPHIN.

I'm not worried about Lynch or Jackson and the Bills O-line trying to run right at us. I don't think they can do it.

However, I have had some nightmarish visions of Spiller breaking containment and some of our defensive backs ankles.

Especially on Kick-off returns.....

Ironic, i was having nightmare visions of Lee Evans running double in and go's on Sophmore Slumpy S.Smith and beating him half the time over the middle. Seems we need to only hope that those are dullusions and in effect not a reality come sept. 12th.


Theres no illusions when it comes to special teams this year, its going to be a flat out nightmare. I just hope that we keep them at the 40 yrd line of THEIR end of the field!!!

Spiller will make some plays for sure, but I don't think he will be able to take the hits in the NFL. Wouldn't surprise me if he gets knocked out for the season at some point. I'm thinking they will use him in the wildcat and catch us off guard.

I've been wondering about what would be the best way to cover Evans.
Seans play lately made it easy for me figure it out.
Put Vontae on him the entire game. This would limit some of our coverage options and possibly cause some confusion in our young secondary.
Still I wince at the thought of him linig up across from Smith safety help or no safety help.

Kicking out of balance might be the answer, I never saw such Shoddy return defense in my life...

What scares me most about spiller is 3rd down and long yard situations where you know gailey is gonna cook up those screen passes as he did for us down here with ronnie. If we dont tackle this kid at the point of the catch, well, just let the screaming begin for us and the real show to begin for buffalo.

Kicking out of balance might be the answer,

posted by: Cuban Menace | August 31, 2010 at 07:34 PM

Nah, I tried it, didn't work out too well.

Of course I was highly intoxicated at the time.

If Spiller can take the pounding of a full NFL season, he's going to be a royal pain in the AFC East's a s s for years.

How do we defend the guy?

Is he good enough that we have to assign a "spy" to him?

Jeff Ireland trying to correct a bad situation. Props, Ireland!

Now, about that Pat White pick. Can you correct that one next?

Everyone, gather around. Stop discussing this topic! I have spoken.



Siberia is a very nice place for people that speak their minds, Armando.

By the way, my boy Fidel Castro says Buenos Dias. So does Mao.

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