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Jeff Ireland will try to find, speak with Dez Bryant

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland will look for Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant sometime before or after the preseason game between Miami and Dallas Thursday night so that he can close the book on the questiongate incident that happened between the two men just prior to the draft.

A source tells me that Ireland has given thought to the Bryant situation in recent days and would like to speak with Bryant. Ireland and others within the Dolphins organization have discussed how to handle Thursday's likely meeting because the GM knows it will be an issue for the media and perhaps Bryant himself.

Ireland declined to comment on the matter Thursday, citing Miami's policy to have coach Tony Sparano be the club's one voice during the season.

But I am told Ireland has decided he will try to find Bryant and talk to the wide receiver if that search is successful. Ireland has told at least one person that he would "try to make sure Bryant is OK with everything," and perhaps repeat in person what he said during a phone conversation with Bryant following their pre-draft incident.

That incident, which became a national story and caused something of a league-wide fuss, reportedly happened when Ireland asked during that pre-draft interview if Bryant 's mother had ever been a prostitute. Bryant reportedly answered the question by saying his mom had never been a prostitute.

The context of the question is still a mystery as Bryant and Ireland were the only two in the room at the time and neither has really discussed the context of the question. It is known that Bryant had a troubled childhood and that his mother at one time served time for selling drugs. Bryant's mother was since released from jail.

After news about Ireland's question was reported, Ireland apologized to Bryant. He issued this statement first to The Miami Herald and then other media:

"My job is to find out as much information as possible about a player that I'm considering drafting," Ireland said in the statement. "Sometimes that leads to asking in-depth questions.

"Having said that, I talked to Dez Bryant and told him I used poor judgment in one of the questions I asked him. I certainly meant no disrespect and apologized to him.

"I appreciate his acceptance of that apology and I told him I wished him well as he embarks on his NFL career."

Ireland and Bryant spoke by phone after the Cowboys granted the Miami GM permission to speak with their player. The two have not spoken since. But Bryant has made it apparent he wants to move on from the incident and holds no grudge against Ireland.

"I'm pretty sure if I was to see him on the field, I would shake his hand, shake coach Sparano's hand," Bryant told Dallas-area reporters two weeks ago. "Just a lot of misunderstanding in that situation. Everything is fine."

The most outward and obvious manifestation that everything if fine would be a public handshake between the men. But it is believed Ireland may try to catch up with Bryant in a more private setting -- perhaps in the tunnel leading to the field -- rather in the open setting of the field.

Regardless of where it happens, Thursday may mark the close of what was at times an uncomfortable chapter for both men and moreso for Ireland.

Bryant has missed all of the preseason so far but recently returned to practice and is expected to play against the Dolphins.

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Freedom of Speech is dead in America, Armando.

Write what we tell you and nothing more.


It's going to be an awesome matchup when we get to Dallas.

In this corner, wearing the - over-inflated ego and general bad attitude.........Dez "my momma ain't no ho" Bryant.

In the other corner, wearing the - I'm not as dimb as I look-look.........Jeff "I'm not a racist" Ireland.

Gentlemen, lets get ready to RUMBLE!

You at it again, Mando? Are we going to go through another season of you and Darling buttpuonding us?



can armando puts down his choice for the fins roster ?

can you odin ?

who cares....this is a dead issue

is ireland from romania ?

Hello Stalin, its so good to see you, I've missed you so much. I'm so glad its almost over, I had missed you so much.

I came out to watch you play, why are you running away? Came out to watch you play. Why are you running?

Ireland should have drafted Bryant, not insulted him. But I don't expect management to ever make good decisions anymore lol

Imagine Marshall on one side and Bryant on the other...

stupid dont care mondo

Come on Armando,
get over it!! write a better story...
talk about Micah Johnson, please!!!!





It is likely that when Dez said his father was a pimp and that his mother "worked for his father," that Ireland was simply caught off guard. He jumped to a wrong, and unfortunate, conclusion. His mom worked for his dad...who was a pimp...therefore: "Your mother was a prostitute?"

I'm sure he wishes he would have been less presumptions, but it's a logical mistake.

Mathew , please can ypu repeat that valuable info you just gave ?

yeah matthew i didnt get the confusion til you made it so obvious

Kendall Langford lost a $50,000 earring during practice?
Where are his priorities?

Why is this still a story? Annoying.

It seems reporters don't have much to write about so they bring up done and forgotten issues such as Dez Bryant's

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Regardless of the Haynos Injury

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2 words:

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Home was pounding the Table foe a rookie TE with
Good size, Power and Great blocking skills-delivering a devastating Stiff Arm

We had enuff LB already

The rookie went late in the draft

and would have been a STEAL for the Dolphins

esp in the running game

this player is a Power House of a Rook
and his name is also Anthony

Trifecta Shoulda Listened to Home on this pick
instead of grabbing another LB that Will Never Start or prob almost never play

Do U Know the Player?

Home wanted Anthony

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McCoy has been called one of the more complete tight end prospects in this year’s class. The converted wide receiver has a natural ability to pluck the ball out of the air with this size and has shown a willingness to “get dirty in the trenches” with defensive lineman combating them at the line of scrimmage. He is blessed with big, broad shoulders and long arms that allow him to make outstanding catches downfield and frustrate defenders with his engulfing blocks.

The tight end is regarded as a natural hands catcher and shows an ability to go up and over defenders to snatch passes at their highest point, if needed. He does a great job of working the seam to get open down the middle for long gains and has a knack for getting downfield and making big plays, as is shown by his yards per catch average of 20.8 in 2009. That figure would’ve ranked seventh nationally among all of college football’s pass catchers had he secured enough passes to qualify (McCoy averaged 1.83 receptions per game, needed to average 1.875 to rank among NCAA leaders).

McCoy has shown that he will not go down easily after the catch, using his powerful legs to run through tackles and gain yards after contact. Although he caught just 22 passes in 2009, half of them went for gains of 20 yards or longer, as he recorded key receptions in seven Trojan touchdown drives, and one field goal drive.

The most underrated aspect of McCoy’s game is his outstanding blocking ability. He is a tenacious blocker who uses his large, wide frame and upper body strength to wall off defenders and drive them back. When he makes his way to the second level, he will look to get his hands on defenders, springing receivers and running backs alike for big gains.

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Check out the highlights on video Anthony McCoy you tube or google

Miami Dolphins Trifecta missed the Boat on this One!

Home....u should drop off a resume with Parcels and take over Ireland's job...but wait, then you'd have to work all day and won't be able to post blogs.

Anthony McCoy is 6.5 260 lbs and getting bigger & stronger
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Jeff Ireland perhaps U should have not been insulting Dez Bryant with your rude cheap shot and

instead been Focusing on TE Anthony Mcoy
He went very late and u sir ...
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USC TE #86 Anthony McCoy Highlights 2009

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ok...I thought u would make it easy for us all (lol).
nice highlight reel...kid has a nose for the football and can take a hit.
The "stiff arm" was on a 175lb safety from San Jose State...all in all lots of upside, but he is not a Dolphin now so let's focus on who we have on the team....Martin is our big boy @ TE and let's support him as best we can.


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

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Posted by: Home | September 01, 2010 at 08:25 AM


Do you think this will be serious enough to cause power outages, panic and chaos?

did coach spaz bench henne yet?

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Looking back at it the Dolphins should have stayed put and drafted Dez Bryant,kept Ginn and paired them up with Marshall and Henne and see what happens.

I would give anything to give Jared Odrick back. In 3 preseason games. He has zero stats!

Dear Mr. Salguero

I need your advice.

I was thinking of taking a part time job up north.

Seems there's a sudden demand for unskilled labor(my expertise)up around the Nantucket area.

Do you know what the weather is like up there this time of year ?

I'm thinking the worst part of being up there would be the Pats fans.

Anywhoo write back soon

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Redskins Report from DC--
It seems the 'Skins LOVE their new WR...Anthony Armstrong. Yes Dolfans, one and the same guy who tried out for the Miami Dolphins last year (or was it 2 years ago?). He was cut, for Brandon London (good choice?). London was a better special teams player, but Armstrong was the better WR.

Anyway, Armstrong is tearing it up in DC. He's the top WR in the preseason. Some poster yesterday remarked how we get rid of players who go on to shine on other teams (a la Wes Welker). Keep an eye out on Armstrong, he may be another one we let go too soon (if Hartline and Marlon Moore pan out, this will be a moot point, but if not, we might be second-guessing the coaching staff). Not like our special teams has been blazing these last few years, so what did we get out of London over Armstrong?

Expect the wealthy inhabitants and vacationers of Nantucket to have the slaves working overtime to batten down the hatches & protect their marine vessels


Chaos and panic.
Rich inhabitants and travelers.
Slaves and boats.

I've been running a bit low on beer money and it does sound like a Vikings paradise.


Is this the bus station?

Yes it is.

Good, I'd like to purchase a one way ticket to Nantucket, quick!

Would that be Greyhound or Indian Trails?

I don't care if it's on a damn pack mule, I need a one way ticket too Nantucket..............and it has too be before labor Day!

sound like mrs soiled is running away from mr,soiled .

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P.S........where it's written that a QB makes 600,000 can deliver the football to a 50 million man .

Coach Sporano wouldn't give any straight answers when asked how long the starters will play tomorrow. Big surprise there.

Translation: You'll see Henne play good for one quarter, or you'll see him stinking it up for two.

God I can't wait for the season to start!

God i hope not, becuase if henne and CO. stay out there for even one qtr of play, then im going to be extremely worried about thier progression heading into the season cuz that could only mean the coaches are not liking what their seeing from the offense in any way. No lets hope they get out there, put a drive together and do what we do best----GET A FIELD GOAL!!!

Hope the Reptilian Jerry Jones
Is covered in Gobs of Make-Up during Thursday nights exhibition game

Cuz that last picture we saw of the Reptilian Leader Jerry was quite frightening

Dear Sean:

Why would you spend a significant portion of each day, sending out Tweets describing your moment-by-moment activities to the rest of the world?
Isn't there something A LITTLE MORE IMPORTANT that you could be doing with your time??

For instance...
Do you think ALL THAT TYPING might take away from the INTENSE EFFORT required to grow and develop into a 'good' NFL Cornerback???

While its great hearing about the parties that you've gone to....it might be even BETTER to see all the passes that you'll knock down.

Remember -- The quickest way to build a FAN BASE
is to PLAY WELL!

Vonte is studying film...What r u doing?


Dear Mr. Aloco

You are blessed with crazy math skills maybve you could anwser this for me.

If Brandon Marshal is a 50 million dollor man and Major Steve Austin is a 6 Million dollor man.

How many time better is Marshal to Major Austin ?

What are Brandon Marshals replaced limbs...Major Steve's where an Eye, 2 legs and an arm I think.

Always wondered about it

Soiled :)

I've always thought that Jaime Sommers was HOT!

Phinmanski says:
September 1, 2010 at 11:54 am
Just saying Henne has come up short on proving he is the better leader at this point. Our offense vanilla or not has been pitiful to date and there has been very little signs of this strong arm having impact to the team to date.

They Call Me... Tim says:
September 1, 2010 at 11:59 am
Looked pretty good in the Jags game in the 2nd qtr.

Phinmanski says:
September 1, 2010 at 12:01 pm
How many series did it take Henne to get us 3 points vs one series for Pennington to get us 3 points. Plus Henne had all the starting talent surrounding him. To date that was Henne’s best quarter of football and it produced 3 points.

They Call Me... Tim says:
September 1, 2010 at 12:09 am
: HELP!!!! HELP!!!! Chris T.!!!! Phinmanski isn't agreeing with me HELP!!!!!.Waaaaaaaa!. My boyfriend is down in Tennessee humping pigs on a farm HELP.!!!


See what happens when you post recycled crap.

Home starts ranting about weather machines

DC starts doing reseach and realizes that we don't judge talent that well. (i think its our sysyem as oppsed to the talent, but I agree nonetheless)

and some dude called Moderator stats posting prom the Sun Sentinal as if anybody cares.

Whats worse is that I am only posting about other posters because this topic sucks.


It is football season right? Something must be happening. What did you talk about on your radio show this morning?

we talked about how stupid kris is.

Jeff Ireland should just let this go. It's over it was and is a non story. Dez Bryant and any other prospect in the future needs to learn to keep their mouth shut!!! The interview was private and everything that happened in the interview should have stayed in that room. But unfortunately with all this social networking garbage today privacy is pretty much dead. Of course the liberal media had a field day when the information became public crying foul because big bad whitey(Ireland) asked a tough question to a poor black kid from the ghetto. Mando please stick to football and not off the field nonsense like this!!!!

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