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Jeff Ireland will try to find, speak with Dez Bryant

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland will look for Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant sometime before or after the preseason game between Miami and Dallas Thursday night so that he can close the book on the questiongate incident that happened between the two men just prior to the draft.

A source tells me that Ireland has given thought to the Bryant situation in recent days and would like to speak with Bryant. Ireland and others within the Dolphins organization have discussed how to handle Thursday's likely meeting because the GM knows it will be an issue for the media and perhaps Bryant himself.

Ireland declined to comment on the matter Thursday, citing Miami's policy to have coach Tony Sparano be the club's one voice during the season.

But I am told Ireland has decided he will try to find Bryant and talk to the wide receiver if that search is successful. Ireland has told at least one person that he would "try to make sure Bryant is OK with everything," and perhaps repeat in person what he said during a phone conversation with Bryant following their pre-draft incident.

That incident, which became a national story and caused something of a league-wide fuss, reportedly happened when Ireland asked during that pre-draft interview if Bryant 's mother had ever been a prostitute. Bryant reportedly answered the question by saying his mom had never been a prostitute.

The context of the question is still a mystery as Bryant and Ireland were the only two in the room at the time and neither has really discussed the context of the question. It is known that Bryant had a troubled childhood and that his mother at one time served time for selling drugs. Bryant's mother was since released from jail.

After news about Ireland's question was reported, Ireland apologized to Bryant. He issued this statement first to The Miami Herald and then other media:

"My job is to find out as much information as possible about a player that I'm considering drafting," Ireland said in the statement. "Sometimes that leads to asking in-depth questions.

"Having said that, I talked to Dez Bryant and told him I used poor judgment in one of the questions I asked him. I certainly meant no disrespect and apologized to him.

"I appreciate his acceptance of that apology and I told him I wished him well as he embarks on his NFL career."

Ireland and Bryant spoke by phone after the Cowboys granted the Miami GM permission to speak with their player. The two have not spoken since. But Bryant has made it apparent he wants to move on from the incident and holds no grudge against Ireland.

"I'm pretty sure if I was to see him on the field, I would shake his hand, shake coach Sparano's hand," Bryant told Dallas-area reporters two weeks ago. "Just a lot of misunderstanding in that situation. Everything is fine."

The most outward and obvious manifestation that everything if fine would be a public handshake between the men. But it is believed Ireland may try to catch up with Bryant in a more private setting -- perhaps in the tunnel leading to the field -- rather in the open setting of the field.

Regardless of where it happens, Thursday may mark the close of what was at times an uncomfortable chapter for both men and moreso for Ireland.

Bryant has missed all of the preseason so far but recently returned to practice and is expected to play against the Dolphins.

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there is no phins news to write about..lol

Bryant will NOT be playing in final preseason game, thank god. Now maybe this issue wont come up at all in the whole game. Thank You Dallas for not adding to the meyham!!!!

SuperPHIN........jeff and dez are two drop out . geff will be gone next season ,,enough .

Once again the great reporting by the Miami Herald...... this is a non-issue and if there is one it should be between Bryant and Ireland.... ENOUGH OF THIS PLEASE..... well then again you guys can't stop talking about Dan Marino who retired over 10+ years ago..... YOU LIVE IN THE PAST, GET OVER IT, ITS ABOUT TODAY AND THE FUTURE, GET OVER IT!!!!!

Aloc, They'll hug and kiss before the game and then the media will Awe about it, meanwhile i will begin Induced vomiting and then solution will be Absolved. As to Irelands future, could care less what happens to him after this year.

The entire "questionGate" affair was absolutely hilarious.

The press portrayed themselves as Crack Whores working the main drag.
Ireland proved to everyone that he's as dumb as he looks, at least when it comes to communication skills.
Dez showed what a classless money grubbing thug punk he really is. He didn't come to his Mothers "defense" while his draft status and contract were still uncertain. In other words, if Miami was going to draft him and pay the money, he had no problems with it.
I promise you, if I felt you insulted my Mother, I don't care who it is, we ain't settling it tomorrow, we ain't settling it in the press, we're settling it right here, right now. Real classy there Dez-NOT!
Whether Ireland is good GM or not, he's got to be stump dumb and stupid too.

Here's a lifeline for you Jeffy:

Dez: My Dad? He's a pimp.

Ireland: What does your Mother do for living?

Dez: She works for my Dad.

Wait for it Jeffy, here it comes, wait for it...


Duh, Y I not tink a dat?

We had a drug addicted hooker, a millionaire thug and an NFL "executive that's dummer in dum. National Headline news? Talking heads still trying to milk every last bit of life out of it?

Give me a BREAK!!!!



Tony Sparano famous quote on his teams performance against the Falcons last Friday night at Home

"I’ve already told you this – we didn’t play well.
We stunk the other night
Can I be any clearer with that?
We were not good the other night against Atlanta.
I didn’t like any of it."

"We stunk the other night
We stunk the other night
We stunk the other night
We stunk the other night
We stunk the other night
We stunk the other night"

U Get that, Huh?


by the way Dolfans

We stunk the other night


How much is is to see the hold your nose, stinky Dolphins?


ThanX Tony

aloco. peterson was already given a local condo by ross . maybe even by the 8th game this regime will be run out of town. the sooner parcels is out the quicker cowher can come in.also cowher will have a majority say in who,what,where and when, gets drafted.

Jeff Ireland the dumbest draft picker in the whole wide world . he should have drafted dez but no they draft the good guys my a zzzzzzzzz .

p.s ....did he act in the movie (( nerds )).

jeff i believe he gets paid more than henne .

Hey Tony
How`d the Dolphins doing now that they have the highest payroll in football

"well they stunk the other night"

Thanks for stopping by Tony


2 watt = DREAMING Spectator!!!

"We stunk the other night
We stunk the other night
We stunk the other night
We stunk the other night
We stunk the other night
We stunk the other night"

U Get that, Huh?


Posted by: Home | September 01, 2010 at 04:18 PM

If you'd pay more than 10 dollars for your "date" you could get one that showers.


dolphins payroll........132 million
pats............................93 million

crowder........20 million
grove 20 million

henne........600 thousand ...........\thigpen.............1.4 million .

No, should've drafted Earl Thomas, less headaches and less media attention. We got enough credability issues around here already.

earl thomas will DO .

THE TUNA REGIME made a fiasco when it came to money spending on players they love and one year later the player leaves w/most of the money .

why god didn't make me a CROWDER ?


I hope that new Broad handles our salary cap issues better than she handled the release of Joey Porter.

Hint: Cutting Crowder and his salary would get us down in the patsies range.

NFL Oakland Raiders Team Salaries $ 152,389,371
NFL Dallas Cowboys Team Salaries $ 146,401,600
NFL Minnesota Vikings Team Salaries $ 133,354,045
NFL Cleveland Browns Team Salaries $ 131,916,300
NFL New Orleans Saints Team Salaries $ 131,531,820
NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Salaries $ 128,815,061
NFL Tennessee Titans Team Salaries $ 126,017,443
NFL Arizona Cardinals Team Salaries $ 122,110,110
NFL Jacksonville Jaguars Team Salaries $ 122,109,207
NFL Chicago Bears Team Salaries
$ 120,065,819
NFL San Francisco 49ers Team Salaries $ 118,766,239
NFL New York Jets Team Salaries
$ 116,910,097
NFL St. Louis Rams Team Salaries $ 116,677,660
NFL New York Giants Team Salaries $ 115,816,180
NFL Miami Dolphins Team Salaries $ 114,649,660

Home, Check you Home-work again(Pun intended), 14th Highest Payroll!!!heres a list for you.

Ireland got a bad deal on this question. We heard, on this blog, I think, the exchange went like this:

Q: What did your dad do?

A: He was a pimp.

Q: Ok. What did your mom do?

A: She worked for my dad.

The next question, taken out of context, was supposedly offensive. I would have asked it, too. Who wouldn't?

superphin.......wher did you get your list , no team in the nfl has budget of 152 or 142 million .

superPHIN..........DOLPHINS BUDGET IN 2008 WAS....114 MILLION NOT 2010.....


r u kidding, might want to look that up yourself there aloco, altius.directory.com

Actually, i did some other checking from another site and it turns out, that site is incorrect in the year of the payroll.It lists 2010 on it but its indeed wrong. Good Job Aloco, im slipping with all these shinnangins about dez bryant and Ireland follies goin on around here.

armando should give us HIS choice for the 53 players roster of the dolphins ...........got to do some real work and you can use it for the radio show still tomorrow .

i must think of a nice dinner tonight .........

rack of lamb w/mustard
sauteed kale w/extra v.olive oil in garlic .
porcini ravioli in nutmeg cream

rum raisin ice cream .
mama maria will have the honor to cook every thing ,,,,

How Will They Look Tom Oh No

Thinking This Blog Would Be a lot more interesting if Cote was running it...

I'ts been 2 days. Hasn't Ireland spoke with Dez yet?
I think that Pat White should get a chance to play the whole first half of the game. Sparano doesn't need to play Henne, or Penne. So Give White a chance, let him loose and get crazy. No conservative play calling needed tommorow rock out with your co(% out Pat White. What would this hurt. This is Custers last stand for a lot of these players, How much more evaluation does the coaching staff need. In a no holds barred play calling situation, White can do two things perform, or fail. So lets for good ol' time sake let him go after it. Yee-Haw!

Oh and another thing. Proff that Sanchize makes bad decisions on the field as well as off. The guy was spotted solo at a Justin Bieber concert. I can't even begin because I'm sure my words would be struck from the record. I could understand if this was a make a wish sort off deal, but this was on his own accord. He is supposed to be a leader of men. I wonder if this will be a scene on hard Knocks tonight. Sanchez screeming with all the teenage girls when Bieber comes out on stage. What a loser

Bieber is the coolest ,i love him.i am going to see him next month with my friend Jhon .

marc , save that for Mando's teenage idol blog next month. He'll be covering that more than the dolphins. Beleive me....*wink*wink*

LOL at sanchez at a Justin Biber concert.....can you say gay??

hey Cuban,

maybe sanchez can invite the whole team and hbo's hard knocks to the Justin Bieber concert next month, Now theres some Tough Love!!!!*lol*

I dont think security would allow Rex(Jabba the hutt)Ryan within 100 feet of Lil Justin for fear that Rex would eat him..

Heard Rex likes to eat B.L.Ts, Bieber,lettuce,and tomato sandwiches...

lol.....yea but is there enough of a security force that can taser Rex RYan down to his knees, or should i say a meatball sub that can be refused long enough for ryan to leave kid alone for escape backstage

Ireland is a boob, lets get rid of our best 2 pass rushers and now they can't get a pass rush smart move there Jeff, If the dolhpins are not in the playoffs this year then it will take several years probably because they will lose Ricky and Ronnie or both a good GM should reconize when the time is right to rebuild and when the time is right to retool the dolphins are rebuilding the D and the O should be ready to go if Henne is up to it , which right now is a big question mark, anyways a young inexpeiernced D usually means no playoffs that is just a fact, and what is crowders problem it is sarting to lokk like Matt Roth all over again and he was pretty good same as Crowder not great but pretty good


on NFL channel .


Thanks for the info Aloco. I couldn't have made it through the night without it.
Now, regarding Pat White.
How many think he makes the 53-man roster?
I do. It can't be that obvious!

JHON BECK IS in for the red skins .

I'm watching ESPNU right now; they're showing Nick Saban's Crimson Tide in training camp. I wish that guy had stayed with the Dolphins. He was an X's and O's type of guy. The only problem with him was his anti-media personality and sarcastic sense of "non-humor".
Anyway, he focuses more on technique than how many snaps each player gets every practice (Sparano).
I have an eerie feeling that this season will revolve around poor coaching and personnel decisions again. Let's hope I'm wrong.

i am watching sumo wrestling .

BECK PLAYED 2 Q and scored a TD ,HERE THE COACH play pat white for 3 throws before he gets heart attack .

Who cares about this article. This is a non-football issue. Armando you have been slacking big time. The Jason Taylor and his wife blog and now this! You suck dude. Do some real reporting on practice and players who actually still are on the the team!

Pat White needs to play a whole half. Enough of this BS; we know what Henne, Thygpen, and Pennington can do. Play the kid Sparano!
We've made too big and investment in White not to give him a chance. Forget about the 1 game he took over last year. It's not telling of who the guy is. We drafted him for a reason, how much has changed???

UGH. Why are we still talking about this? Any other major news out there for you to report, Mando?

Here are a few suggestions. Some of these stories are fresher than the Dez Bryant one:

Brett Favre is back.

Dan Marino retired.

Nick Saban is the Alabama coach.

Take your pick. I can send a few more suggestions your way if these are too complex.

And shouldn't you SUGGEST people follow your equally pedestrian Twitter feed? Like how you just straight up demand it. Gimme a break. Now I remember why this blog sucks.

-- Bebo

if im now paying $5 a year for this app, could you at least make sure its up to date?! there are players on the roster who have been off the team for weeks! if youre gonna take our money now, at least make an effort to make a good go-to app. thanks

bebo good one
usually dont agree with you but today i do
mando whats going on .some info on roster maybe,thanks.
no comment on this non story

Wow,we're still on the Ireland/Bryant story.Is Armando in jail or something?

When are they going to turn the blog over to Darlington?

Armando and the Amigo have no time to bang out a quality entry per day.


Who's Darlington ?

DONT CARE about Dez, DONT CARE about Ireland (his influence is before the season not during it)
Biggest concern is the tendency to slow start and then announce "yup we will have to fix that" thats supposed to happen before
CB play soft and then still get burnt deep
No Pass rush
LB cant cover
safety makes few mental mistakes and yet no plays either.
Its all playing "safe" or to not make mistakes and that doesnt fly. NFL is a playmakers league and im not sure how many of them we have, especially on defense and on offense Henne seems to be neutered to constantly check down and to throw 5 yd passes on 3rd and 10.
But we shall see!

Why do we have to turn it over too Darlington?

I've been "following" Armando for a long time, I think I could do it. Here, let me give it a shot:

Yes folks there is a game tonight. We're playing against the team that Dez Brayant plays for. Though Dez won't be playing, my sources have indicated he is considering accepting Irelands apology-AGAIN.
(Check back here for an update on Bryants status).
More importantly, I'm having Tony Romo's girlfriends sisters brother on my radio show tomorrow. I'll be interviewing him about what college life is like for future rodeo clowns. It ain't easy being the "New Howard Stern" of sports talk radio.

Don't forget the live blog tonight and PLEASE, pretty PLEASE, follow me on twitter.

You forgot Mashall's wedding odin .

to be or not to be..............

SWIMING in wellfleet is the best thing in the world .

come nov. all eyes will be on the heat,nobody will be watching a 3-7 phins team,even the networks will be shuffling the phins games kickoffs so not to waste the prime time slots for the rest of the nfls playoff chase teams.

Is Armando still in the drunk tank or did they release him?

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