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Dolphins primer to the Bucs preseason game

You get to watch the Dolphins in a game for the first time tonight since last January 3rd. Can you believe it?

For those of you outside of South Florida with satellite on your TV, the game will be on the NFL Network at 7 p.m. For those of you in South Florida, the game is on CBS-4. For all of you, there will be a live blog that includes you and me right here starting at 7 p.m. I'll put up the post for it when I arrive at Sun Life Stadium.

The Bucs do not come to town with a full squad. Tight end Kellen Winslow (knee), cornerback Aqib Talib (personal), cornerback Myron Lewis (hamstring), running back Clifton Smith (hamstring), defensive tackle Brian Price (hamstring) and safety De'von Hall (undisclosed injury) did not travel with the team.

Many of you have read my opinions and reports about who is impressing and depressing the first two weeks of training camp. Let me give you a different take from faithful Dolphins in Depth reader Greg Z.

"After watching every practice for two weeks we came away impressed with all the new guys. They looked fresh and hungry especially Jared Odrick, Koa Misi, Karlos Dansby, Tim Dobbins, Richie Incognito, Brandon Marshall, Nolan Carroll, Tyler Thigpen, Roberto Wallace, John Jerry etc.

"Sean Smith looked lost at times and hasn't proven himself as a corner. He doesn't get low enough to change direction. Jason Allen was suprisingly good in practice as a corner. I was disappointed in the O-Line and also Chad Henne in particular. Henne just doesn't look comfortable (very stiff) and doesn't "feel" or sense pressure when the D is coming. [He throws] too many checkdowns when there were open receivers downfield. I don't understand why Henne was annointed before winning the job.

"Tyler Thigpen looked better to a lot of fans and he directed second team players. I'm sure everyone has a different take on what they saw. Thats my two cents."


I would agree with practically everything Greg Z said except on Henne, Thigpen and Smith.

I believe Smith did indeed seem out of sort early in camp, but he has gotten better of late. I was of the opinion he would be pushed for the starting job by Will Allen but that is now not going to happen because Allen is gone for the preseason after another knee surgery.

It is true, Henne doesn't get the ball out as quickly as he needs. He doesn't seem comfortable at times. But thrown the checkdown is something coaches want him to do. And he, too, has looked better in drills lately as training camp has worn on.

Thigpen? He is what he is, in my opinion. He is feast or famine and no consistency at all. He can be amazing one minute, terrible the next. He can thread the needle on a dig route one down and overthrow a nine route by 10 yards on the next down. It is what he has always been. I think it is what he will always be.

That's my two cents. See you at the live blog tonight.


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hennes the man, hope thigpen stays and white is cut

is hennings still here ,i thought he sucks .will see tonight .


I'm with you on that.

I won't be looking for a SuperBowl team tonight.

I'll be looking for signs of improvement and hints of greatness.

Time to "commune with nature" and make a Rum Run.

after watching every practice for 2 weeks i am very excited about what this team can do this year. i really liked all the young rookies and new guys who have come aboard. mike nolan is the real deal;players love his passion and schemes. they really shut the offense down in practice and scrimmage. marshall did take the db's to school whenever he wanted. roberto wallace looks like our 5th receiver. henne and thigpen both have live arms. pennington cant throw with zip and white struggles with accuracy and consistency;a longshot to make the 53 man roster. if henne goes down, thigpen will be a nice back-up. yes we have depth; lets not trade our depth.

Mr ALoco- I agree this is a make or break year for a lot of people in this franchise. My point is that the first teams aren't going to see much time tonight. We should hold our judgement(both good or bad) for later when they have more then a couple of series of play.

i think thigpen and white are very similar and neither fit this team as a starter. they are both short. 6'1 & 6', neither are pocket passers. henne is the starter, penne is the back-up. so why not see if white can progress in the packages? i can't wait to see him tonight. i wish they wouldn't have messed with what wasn't broken. but if he shows he can make plays in these preseason games then i think keeping white is a no brainer.

white wont, guy is garbage

August 14, 2010 at 2:01 pm
so it is your husband posting under different names busting my chops ! I know he can’t stand me , so sorry i won’t help you or him with your problem

Poor sad excuse

White will have to play like his balls are on fire. Hopefully he can play loose, with confidence. Hopefully the coaching staff will let him play his game. Now if his game proves to be a comedy of errors, then sorry Pat, the NFL may not be for you.But if he can play to part of the potential that got him drafted in the 2nd round, then White had a shot to make this team.

Ok here is the deal..For the life of me,I will never understand why so many Fans come on here and say Pat White is a Bust.. this is his second year, and I for one hope he has a break out year, to put all the fans in there place about this pick.. he has gotten bigger, and still has a 4.5 40 time..Just need to have more playing time, and a chance to prove he blongs on this team.. someone in the office did see something with this kid, and I am not ready to give up on him yet. and get nothing for him like we did on another player we traded for 5th round pick..In Trifecta We Trust..

I for one Like! what greg z. says he said... I think White still has plenty of upside and if we get to the point where we're at the third QB... I'd just as soon see White frankly. the only way white can be effective is to take the handcuffs off him (ala vince young). he is a dead man in a traditional predictable offense because of his skill set. he could be good/exciting to watch but the coaching staff would have to develop plays for him so he could improvise or have more than one option. that would add a new dimension much like the wildcat did. Question for only Dolphin fans for life what do you think on this matter of Pat White..Trade ot Stay..?

release pat white, he isnt an nfl player

bill_cnnrs. I take it you won't be wearing your Pat White Jersey tonight.

odin, i stand corrected, great tune. GREAT CD ACTUALLY!!!! Blizzard of Ozz rules!!!!

ok Bill_cnnrs if he is not a NFL player then why we pick him in the second round...How can you make that call! only seeing him play,in a hand full of plays last year? and If your right who made this pick..cause they sure do not belong with making a pick like this ..and ooo it's no mistake..Someone in the front office then should not be there.cause you can not make a mistake with a second round pick like this..that is why this team is so far back from others.. It takes years to make up ground for a mistake this team has made in the past..

1972 dolphinfan, Pat White was great in college. But in the NFL, the game is a lot faster. No matter how fast he runs, somebody will get you. And he's not a big guy, if he gets clonked again like he did against the steelers last year, we'll never know if he would of been good or not cause that will be the end of Pat White. I still don't understand that pick. And if the Dolphins are so high on him, why did they trade for Thigpen and re-signed Pennington? Everyone knows they won't keep 4 QB's. I wouldn't put my money on him.But if he does have a great game tonight, they're might be hope. I know Gailey likes Thigpen, maybe we could get a draft pick for him. But they have to make sure White is an NFL player first. And so far, he's not. That's a fact.

Now that's a fair answer..I hope he has a Good Night.. Like to see him make it..and if he does run the ball tonight, get out of bounds before taking the HIT..and to be Fair to him he has gotten bigger this year..so maybe he can take that hit now..

Anyone got a stream?

The thing with White is he looks so short behind that o-line. How in the world can he get a good look downfield? And even if he does, chances are his pass attempt will get batted down. I don't know if it's just me but he doesn't have the built of a QB. I know there's been short guys who have turned out to be great (Steve Young and Drew Brees come to mind) but I just don't see it with White. I hope I'm wrong, or else there goes another second round pick down the tubes. A.J.Feeley, Culpepper, now White. Good Lord...

First and foremost with Pat White I hope he's not only learned the hook slide, but has perfected it.
I have to agree with Montreal, Whites about one good shot away from greeting people at Walmart.

Last season someone listed a site here and I was able to see the Fins free on line along with other games. Does anyone know address of that site as I'm stuck in Mayberry.

Marty Woods

Try "www.justin.tv" thats where I'll be looking for a feed myself

Soiled :)

Satellite? Its also on FIOS & regular cable as well in most markets.

This is not the site I was on last year, but I'll take it anyway I can see the Fins. Been a Fins fan since Flipper use to be in a tank @ the open end zone @ the OB. Thanks

where can i wach this game online for free

Try "www.justin.tv"

OK Guys,The menace has arrived, Everyone got your beer and BBQ ready to go???????????

Thanks Marty.

However, if Stephen couldn't read it when Soiled posted it two posts ago, I don't think he can read it here either.

I'm watching it on the tube but I always go to game tracker at nfl.com. They keep real time game stats.

well I saw it, set up an account and just waiting. Hope he could see it


It's game time. That means Dark Barcardi Rum time.

Prefer Limon myself!!!

Odin, Nice, Try not to "Peek" Before the start of the game, Nothing worse then closing one eye because your seeing double......


Do you have any luck with the streams?

I got the "hook up" this year, but before, chasin streams all game drove me crazy. They shut one down, everybody scurries around to find another. By the time you find the next one, thet're just about to shut that one down.

Crazy I tell ya, Dats wut it made me!!!!

If I'm in the right place, they're showing NO vs NE but above it says "Dolphins Bucs Live here."


New Post up..........


I fancy Meself as a connosiuer.
I have my favorites for raunchy degenerate weekends with the young hotties.
I have preferences for speacial occasions.
I also have my tried and true standard. When it's War time, it's Dark Rum Time!

up where??

Good stuff today!

Greg Z, I was with you until you brought up the Steelers game. You can't seriously compare one game that was meaninless to both teams (almost like pre-season) to the 3/4 of a season that Henne played. Its easy to play when you know you can't be replaced, however, Henne had the pressure of keeping Thigpen and White on the bench all season. Plus if Thigpen was such a talent how come he never moved up the depth chart all season long. Not attacking your observations/opinion of Thigpen V Henne, but in some cases I feel the fans and the proffesionals always feel the grass is greener on the other side


White is going to get his chance in the preseason to make this team. Miami will not just can a second round pick without giving him every opportunity to succeed. However... If he does NOT succeed, will that mean all you "Pat White was the best QB the NCAA ever saw" Cats shut up and allow the team to move on?... OR... Are You and Congress going to enact a whole new entitlement bill to keep White on the team regardless if he earns it or not?

I cannot see how the -line can be a disappointment when they have not even settled on a starting line-up... seems like a stupid statement to me.

Henne will be fine, it will take a few games to smooth this offense out. Look for miscues and unintended time outs or to much time penalties till the end of preseason. I believe more has been changed in Miami's Offense then has been let on and they are having a tough time getting it all settled. The media will have a field day with the miscues if they happen... watch and see...

OK. To each his own. Haven't been hme since last season. I hope this feed is going to work. I hate looking at just the stats!

** O-line... Correction

white hasnt earned anything, i dont care where he was picked. it was a mistake. we took beck with a second pick also. admit the mistake and cut the player

henne better get it done. we finally have a serious threat at w.r., if not pennington will be right back in there1

if pennington plays this year, we take a huge step backwards

Steve Young was the same height, weight, speed and type of player as Pat White. He was just as poor to fair as Pat White in his first two years. Young a while to adjust to the pro game and learn how to use his speed. He went on to be a HOFer. Pat White may or may not be another Steve Young. But watching the local chatter against Steve Young in his early years reminds me of exactly the same chatter as all the defeated depressed people who have been complaining about Pat White since he was selected. Lets see how he plays and develops. Dan Marino was great out of the box but most QBs are not, even guys who become excellent over time. The third QB slot is a developmental slot anyway. Thigpen is trade bait. We know what he is as he is further along in his career - talented in streaks but not reliable enough to be a starter.

Henne suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks

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