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Dolphins must use bad weather to an advantage

It rains in South Florida. A lot.

Anyone who has lived here for any length of time knows that rainy season rolls in around the same time training camp opens up for the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Hurricanes. The rains really don't depart until late September or early October. Sometimes it stays longer.

That's why I remember standing in the rain and feeling (and smelling) like a wet dog during the days Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson were the Dolphins coaches -- because both coaches forced their teams to practice in the elements. And the media had to stand there and watch.

Shula would contend practicing in the rain would prepare his teams for dealing with the rain when it came down during the regular season. Johnson believed the practices in the rain toughened up his team.

It wasn't until Nick Saban arrived in town that the idea of practicing in the rain became unwelcome.

Saban petitioned then-owner Wayne Huizenga to build him a practice bubble to serve multiple purposes: It got the team out of the elements whenever it rained and there was lightning in the area. It gave the players a break from the oppressive heat and kept them fresher because the bubble is air conditioned. It also served as a field turf surface the team could work on during weeks it was preparing for games at stadiums with field turf surfaces.

But even Saban sometimes allowed his team to soak in the rain when thunder wasn't a worry.

This training camp is the first I can recall the Dolphins have not had one practice in a heavy downpour. Oh, it has rained in Davie during times the Dolphins were either scheduled to be on the field or at Sun Life Stadium. In fact, the night the team was to open Sun Life to a practice/scrimmage, it rained quite hard.

But the Dolphins have not used those instances to work in that heavy rain. The team has used such occassions to go in the bubble. The practice at Sun Life was canceled because of the elements.

So on Saturday night when it poured again at Sun Life at the start of the preseason game against Tampa Bay, it marked the first time this preseason the team worked outside in a heavy rain. And it showed. There were dropped passes. The team seemed out of sorts.

Tampa Bay, which played in the exact same elements, seemed more at home in the mud and goop and soggy conditions. The Bucs took a lead on the Dolphins while it was raining. The Dolphins, behind the performance of their backups, played better when the rain stopped and eventually won, 10-7.

The hope here is that next time it rains during training camp while the Dolphins are practicing or scheduled to practice, that the coaching staff use the elements as a teaching tool. Yes, it will be uncomfortable. Yes, it could get sloppy.

But it's better for the team to go through its wet-ball drills and get used to working in the unpleasant conditions now -- during training camp and the preseason -- than have to make that adjustment during a game.

Because there is no guarantee every Sunday at Sun Life will be sunny and mild in September and October.


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one guy who gets toasted a lot on this blog played a fine game yesterday in the elements - channing crowder!

Funny that youposted this because I have been thinking about this since the Cam Cameron days. Ever since they installed that damn bubble we seem to wither in september when in the old days it was our strongest month.

TB practices in rain and the Fins don't and man did it show!

Agree Armando
Football is No Picnic and certainly not played in Perfect Picnic Weather
Football should be practiced Even In The Weekly NWO Chemtrails & HAARP Induced Severe & Stalled Weather Storms

We Must deal with this REALITY

Agree with Mark , CC was all over the place and how bout some props for BIG PAUL for owning the line of scrimmage!

Yeah and although we see the obvious, watch this coaching staff COMPLETELY IGNORE it all, due to their belief that they are godly and know better, and do the exact opposite until it costs us a few regular season games.

At THAT point they will, maybe, practice in non-optimal conditions and then say they had an epiphany or something despite everyone and their mom telling them s@#ts been messed up for a while.

Did U Notice the Toxic Soup skies today
Went on a bike ride earlier today and was disgusted with the chemtrail aerosol spraying from whisper quiet unmarked aircraft

Matter of fact saw almost No Blue Sky earlier & the air quality was not pleasant
The Sun in South Florida was covered in hazy chemicals distorting the round image and making it appears as a bright amorphous blob illuminating the toxic chemclouded sky

Was Thinking

God Bless us Dolfans & ALL Living Things breathing these deliberately sprayed toxic chemicals

Not practicing in the heat and especially the rain was a mistake. I think we all get that. Question is, will Sparano admit the mistake and change things?

why didn't pennington play?

A mistake doesn't become an error until we fail to correct it.


How many of these players have never played in rain before? 0. It seems like too convenient of an excuse to me. They just weren't up for the game, they were off the mark and had no spark. This is far from panic material, this is in fact the reason in favor of pre-season games, to tune up against different sets of players. The key thing I want to see is where they are after 4 games, if they are not at least 2-2, only then will I begin lose confidence in where this team is heading.

Home is the dumbest person on the face of the earth.

Good point Armando.

Let me see if I'm getting this right.

Saban's brief tenure and the one thing he accomplished here is still hurting us to this day.

God.....I hate.....I mean extremely dislike Nick Saban.

SABAN! Tear down that wall.....er......I mean bubble!!!!

how about the good in this game, the defense with three turnovers,
sean smith(yes he screwed up the td play) but actually made a nice tackle and a pick.
Nate Ness, nice surprise with his play.
PATRICK TURNER was actually playing who ppl last year were absolutely crying for mad some nice plays.

The rain created a monsoon in the beginning of the game
The dirt baseball field which turned to mud is where most of the plays took place at that time
Coupled with profesional athletes not wanting to slip and be out for the season or the rest of their career the Dolphin players simply shifted into a lower gear
What ever plays they may have wanted to run were hampered to the inclement weather

Do not read too much into this practice game on some Dolhin players not getting too excited bout a mud bowl preseason with potentially dangerous injurious field conditions

Had this game counted in regular season
U Can Bet U Would Have seen "A Whole Nother Animal" from our Miami Dolphin players

Looking forward to Saturday

I don't think the rain was a problem as much as the peat bog. The Dolphins first team had to start in the bog and never got out of it.The plays that they called were to protect our first team players.Even then I think they left Ricky and Ronnie in to long.Hey, I know these guy's are over paid divas, but you don't play football on a stinking baseball diamond. I know you people down there love baseball so much that your paying for a new baseball stadium and giving to a poor billionaire.

*lmao*O sh#*, dont look now but the colts are mailing it in for the season too. Niners up 34-17 with no elements in the dome. Ppl in indy should be punching the panic button like us right now-----yea,AS ridiculas as that sounds, just another case of why Preseason is what it is --an outdoor scrimmage for teams looking to tune up for the season and shorten up their rosters...

there's a saying; "how you practice is how you play". after watching 13 two hour practices and scrimmages, i truly believe we played just like we practiced. we really need to get away from the dink and dunks. we shouldn't make a checkdown our 1st option. it should be our 3rd or 4th option. we may need to open up the offense to get these young receivers evaluated. there were minimal throws down the field even in camp. defenses love checkdowns because gains are minimal. now its time to find out what we got on offense.

To those of you complaining about the checkdown throws...take a closer look at Manning and Brady, they almost always take the checkdown when its there if the wideouts are not yet in a good enough position to throw to. Rather than wait they take whats available while they can get it. That is why welker has so many catches, they are mostly checkdowns.

This notion that in the preseason, the players should be exposed to weather to get ready is ridiculous. Sure back in the day the players wore leather helmets, and walked up hill both ways to practice. But everyone is aware that there is an invention called indoor practice facility. In in this invention teams practice in good conditions. The point of training camp is to get your team ready to play when it counts. Also part of training camp is keeping your team as injury free as possible. Imagine if Sparano had the Phins recievers running routes in bad weather to get ready to play game 1 of the preseason. Marshall goes down, and tears a quad on the slippery mud. There would be outrage!!. If this were the regular season, yes get some reps in the rain to get ready. But to practice in the rain when you don't need to in the PRESEASON!! is crazy.


I'm starting to suspect Malcolm Glazer might have the "ins" with the Illuminati.

Don't you find it just a bit to coincidental that the monsoon started just moments before kickoff?

I'll bet Glazer and Goodell had their Homies back at the Bat Cave just pounding Sun Life Stadium with Haarp Rays, Weather Rays and Chemtrails Too!

Those dastardly cowards. How will we ever defeat the Evil Empire?

Your not going to find out what this team is made of in the preseason. This team will continue to play a vanilla type offense, yes that will include check downs-dinks and dunks--medium type range throws and lots of running up the middle. THis isnt about the starters looking great. Its about players who are long shots and guys who are rookies making an impact early for this roster. If your expecting 75 yrd passes to guys like marshall and hartline or bess or inspirational playcalling on offense in the Presason, u guys are in for a dissapointment!!!

Well Dolfans
Since Home has predicted
The Miami Dolphins start the season 4-0

Here we go less than one month with the season opener in Buffalo against the Bills

Never Underestimate yout opponent ...but
Things Just Got Easier for Our Team as the Bills have lost both of their Bruising Running Backs

Fred Jackson is OUT with a broken hand
M. Lynch has a badly sprained ankle expected to be able to use it for the 1st time right about the Sept 12th game (so if he does play, will be without any practice on the ankle)

It's a good thing the Buffalo Bills used their first-round draft pick on a running back this year. They will need one during the preseason.

Fred Jackson will be sidelined for four to six weeks with a broken bone in his left hand, sources told The Buffalo News on Sunday, and Marshawn Lynch is expected to miss three to four weeks because of a sprained ankle. That leaves rookie C.J. Spiller carrying the load for the Bills and gives Joique Bell and Chad Simpson a better chance to make the team.

Unlock HQ Video HQ video delivered by Akamai
Jackson, who also could miss the Bills' Sept. 12 season opener against the Miami Dolphins, was hurt during a 7-yard run on the Bills' second play from scrimmage in Thursday night's preseason opener against the Washington Redskins. Jackson was pulled down by the facemask by Redskins safety Kareem Moore, who was penalized on the play, and landed on his right hand while using his left hand to brace for the impact.

Lynch injured his ankle six plays later and also didn't return to the game.

Jackson supplanted Lynch as Buffalo's starting running back last season and finished with a career-best 1,062 rushing yards. Jackson also added 1,014 yards in kickoff returns to become the first NFL player to break the 1,000-yard mark in both categories in the same season.

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

I watched the game again this afternoon. I tried to be as fair as possible, without overreaction. This is how the game broke down in my eyes.
1 Henne wasn't nearly as bad as everyone thinks. The 3rd down play calling was abismal(Memo, there are more plays then screens that can get yards on third down). Also a few drops killed some potential momentum.
2 The defense looked great. Aggresive play by all units, lots of turnovers. These will be key, and we won that battle. I thought Koa Misi looked outmatched, and got pushed around. He needs to work on getting pushed out of the play.IMO
3 Lex Hilliard needs to get a chance, Ronnie looked good his first series. But Lex always does what is asked of him, he runs hard, and the QB's love him because he can catch, and block. Give him a shot, or trade him for some value.
4 Micah Johnson can hit!
5 We are going to have a good team, it just seems that that coaches don't have trust in the players. I feel like the guy in the Bad News Bears by saying this, but...Let Them Play

U R Reaching, Man
15 million affected by HAARP severe weather in flooding in the NWO targeted area of Pakistan is very real (check CNN or the weather channel)

This is a test for what will be happening on a much larger scale in California, soon

remember 11 13
told u before bout these very significant numbers

Mark in Toronto, I hear you buddy. Channing Crowder had a different look yesterday.

In game 3
The game they actually game plan for
U should get some indication

Most starters will play in 3 of the 4 Quarters
or 75% of the game

Preseason game 4 is usually a scrubfest without any starters

Home. The Bills are in trouble. I know Spiller just got to camp, but that guy couldn't block a band camp counselor. He was clueless back there. Perhaps this was a reason he wasn't higher on our radar. I was a Spiller guy, but after watching him try and pickup blitzes, I realize that he wouldn't have fit here.

sounds good to me DD
As long as we do not underestimate our opponent
like we did last year and ...
The Bills handed us R @SS!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Good article, Mando. I make a connection here. Not only have the Dolphins made a mistake by not practicing in the elements, they also made a mistake by petitioning the NFL for later kickoff times in September and October, effectively giving away our home field advantage in the heat.

maybe , maybe not, all i know is that i expect this team to show nothing and give away nothing to other teams in the preseason weather or not the starters play 80% or 5% of the game. Keep focused on staying healthy and rookies and long shots making this team better for the long hual.

Pre Season or not, it doesn't matter.

You guys wishing for Air Coryell or Mouse Davis and the Run and Shoot can forget about it.

We got Bill Parcells. Check his resume. Smothering pressure defenses and big bruising ball control offenses.

You guys questioning Henne just don't get it. Parcells ain't looking for the next Marino or Montana. He's looking for a game manager. His main offensive philosophy forever has been: Keep it manageable.

Had our defense played a little better against last years Super Bowl teams, it would have been prototypical Parcells victories. Control the clock. Run the ball down their throats. No turnovers, no penalties. Down and distance, KEEP IT MANAGEABLE!

Since coming to Miami, Parcells has been trying to match up with the premier AFC teams. Has he been drafting WR's and Pass catching TE's? Nope!

Look at what he's brought in and drafted since he's been here. Offensive line, Def. Line, linebackers and defensive backs.

It is what it is.

only preseason everyone lions went 4 and 0 and reg season 0 -16 like one poster said
defense played well thats always good to see

Well said Odin.


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the Dolphins need to get out of that practice bubble and practice under the enviromental conditions they are going to be subjected in games. Bob Griese pointed this out also last night, The practice bubble is affecting the teams conditioning and ability to withstand the elements in home games. The Phins are starting to have a homefield disadvantage. They are in essence practicing in a dome and trying to play under south Florida heat and weather. The bucs had no problems with the rain while the dolphins couldnt hold onto the ball. Last year the bills came down here and handled the heat better than the fins. The bubble is a good idea if conditions are unsafe such as lightening, but the fins need to practice in the heat and the rain or put a dome on the stadium.

Could you please put this issue in a question form and ask Tony or Bill if they intend to address this issue?

Time to take the Dune Buggy out in the woods.

I'm going to shoot the Sheet outta sumpin. Gotta practice up for Buck season.

PS: Ya think deer can smell Rum?

Great article Mando...what will you write when Marshall tears an ACL or rolls an ankle practicing in the rain? Make sure you have that one ready too.

what do you do when while you are going down on your girl she blows a stinker? wasn't sure how to handle that situation...now she is like blushing permanently.

Yolo- The show must go on!

Think we have to remember that the Defense is not going to show the stuff they are going to use in the regular season either...will be pretty vanilla. We'll know what everything really looks like in Buffalo

Anybody else notice?

Watched the recording of yesterdays game and
Bob Griese still cannot get our Home team, his Home team`s coaches name right as a Miami Dolphin broadcaster

Was only one minute into the broadcast and Griese says coach "SAprano"
and he does not correct it nor does his colleague LMAO

Hey Greise
This is his 3rd Year and It`s S P A R A N O

Might want to get the head coaches name right if you are doing the weekly National broadcast of the Miami Dolphins

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Good call odinseye, once we dumped Ted Ginn's stinking carcass off this team we are back on track.

tell 'em HOME ....

U R Reaching, Man
15 million affected by HAARP severe weather in flooding in the NWO targeted area of Pakistan is very real (check CNN or the weather channel)

This is a test for what will be happening on a much larger scale in California, soon

remember 11 13
told u before bout these very significant numbers

Posted by: Home | August 15, 2010 at 04:13 PM

Home, I'am suppossed to see Roger Waters perfoem "The Wall" in Ft. Lauderdale that day, Should I cancel my Plans??????????

home, its meaningless football, WHO CARES whose calling the plays or names from the booth, this isn't world wide must see TV.Theres nothing national about it.

your right armando. I played 2 years of semi-pro football and both teams I played on practiced in the rain. It was very uncomfortable and miserble. But we won the 2 games in the bad conditions even though we were playing very talented teams because our team was use to the feeling of the conditions and the other teams were literally SHOCKED and it showed. Its like they were a step slower and we were able to execute on a more consistant basis. If the dolphins dont practice in the rain, they will be crying in the rain.



You complain that they wernt ready for the elements due to no practice in them, yet I'm positive you would not be happy if a star player was injured because the dolphins practiced in the rain. You have that NSMB for a reason.

In reality a majority of NFL games are played in fine weather or even in DOMES. There is no reason to risk injury. A better idea would to just have a few practices where you SOAK the balls in water before and during practice. While this isn't fully the same, its good preperation and a few coaches have used it in the past.

Chiming in for california.

August 15, 2010 at 3:51 pm
ally , not true , you have to see some of the female personal trainers i’ve gone out with !!

All I can say is yeaaahh Riiight! bwahhahahahahahahahha

Great Post USC, Which makes me wonder why Ronnie Brown was playing in the 3rd Qtr.....

Offense will be ok. Ronnie looked good, Ricky too. Marshall won't drop a pass untilNovember.
Run defense was good too. There was some pressue on the QB.
Greatest concern is the secondary:

- Vernon Davis is very physical, but he keeps getting beaten on deep patterns
- Smith is a dilettante. He is just not focused, and he take plays off.
- Clemons is too agressive: that makes him miss too many tackles

This group is just average.

ManZana, Let it go brother, Forget about the "TK8", Let them have a place to be Buffoons, Never lower yourself to look at that blog again.... Peace be with you my Brother.... Oh by the way "RELEASE THE KRACKEN......LOL


I will honor thy words cuban menace. You are correct.

While I was keying on 84 I never saw him go up against press coverage. CB's were playing off. Would have liked to have seen what his issue is with it.

I mostly keyed on line play with my expensive German binoculars and they are not wide field types they are more geared towards looking for obstacles in the water from a long distance. So when I was keying on center for instance I couldn't see the TE much less the WR's through them.

I did see the bad center snap that resulted in a turnover though, the center never got the ball off the ground. Missed seeing who was at center on the play.

Misi didn't look too bad and Odrick looked strong in pushing the tackle back into the pocket, but I didn't see him put any real pressure on the QB. Hopefully that will come as he learns the position.

Crowder was a pleasant surprise, having Dansby there is therapeutic for him.

Who was Vernon Davis???????

Ahhhh I should callm you cuban parasite you piece of filth two headed snake. Now you are talking to yourself as manzano. LOL you moron leave my name out of this.

I thought that we were not getting much pressure on the QB, but we stuffed any and all runs between the tackles with our starters.

Our DL was blowing running plays up at the line. And our Dlinemen were actually making tackles too, not just destroying blocking schemes.

Between the tackles we were very disruptive. If we can do that on pass plays too, then our blitzes will be effective.

Uhhh, we have a game at home Sept 26 and Oct 4th, both night games, soo what weather advantage are you writing about Mando??

Bobby, I remember not to long ago that teams coming to Miami in sept. Hated the Idea, For some reason Jeffery(Hollywood)Ross seems to think It's not condusive to attendtence, Again I Think the fins in sept. had the best record in the NFL during the 70s,80s and 90s but Mr.Hollywood Wants more splash.....

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