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Funnyman Brandon Marshall regales media

Brandon Marshall can be a funny guy. Yeah, that's it. He has a sense of humor.

He did his third press conference since coming to the Dolphins. Before he began to address the local hacks, he asked a Miami Dolphins staffer for a football, got it, and punted it to begin the press conference.

"Any questions," he said laughing.

Like I said, funny guy. Anyway, below you can find the full transcript of his talk with the reporters:

(On explaining what just happened) -- "Well, you guys aren't really good journalists because you reported it wrong. It didn't make it over the fence; it stayed in the facility (referring to his punting a ball in practice the other day after a drop, laughing)."

(On what emotions the punt expressed) -- "I don't think it's a secret; I'm the type of guy where I want to compete and I want to compete at the highest level on a consistent basis. When you struggle at times, well when I struggle at times, I'm not going to be happy, and it's not going to be a secret, and I will never let it be a secret. When I'm frustrated in practice, I'm going to be frustrated. Now in the game it's a different story; I think in the game you don't want to give your opponent that edge so you try to control your emotions but in practice you want to compete and you want to get better. That's exactly what we're trying to do here."

(On his showing of emotion in the past) -- "Well I think that's exactly what it is. I'm not going to compare a situation in the past to my situation now. This is the first time in, in four years that I've went into a season or a training camp where I was completely happy. Now am I happy every day, no because we compete every day, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and that ultimate competitor in me, I'm not going to be happy. I think we're doing a great job as a team competing every day and trying to get each other better. A lot of great competition going on you know on the field, which I think is going to help our team in the long run."

(On whether his new contract puts any additional pressure on him) -- "Not at all, I mean the pressure to do what, catch a football? I've been doing that since I was six years old. The only thing I can do is what I can do; I'm going to be the same guy. Whatever made me great is what's going to be on the field throughout this season. I'm excited about this opportunity that we have as a team, our goals, and working to achieve that."

(On if he enjoys the spotlight) -- "I love it. I embrace it. I think this is an organization where there's going to be a lot of lights on us. I think we have a special team here. It's a special organization, and I think we have a chance to do some special things."

(On him seeing his charisma wearing off on his teammates) -- "Well like I said, it's good when you take the positive from it like Vontae (Davis). Every day we're going out there and competing. Every day he wants to prove to me and to our teammates that he can shut me down. There's, what's the word…I guess I'm supposed to be a good receiver. It gives him an edge on other receivers. It gives him a confidence when he does great against me. Every day he's out to prove one thing, that he can shut me down and our other receivers in our room. So it's exciting to see that our young corners are getting better and they're taking advantage of this opportunity."

(On his reaction to Vontae's punt after breaking up a pass in practice) -- "Yesterday? I didn't like it at all. I went back to the sideline and I told coach, I can't believe I let him get the opportunity to kick the ball because he made a great play. It's a play I think I should have had and he knocked the ball away, and he got up and punted the ball, and I didn't like that at all."

(On his relationship with Vontae) -- "Oh I care, oh I care. It makes me mad (when he punts the ball) just like if I make a good play and I say some words to him, it's not good for TV but he's going to come back out and he's going to compete that much harder."

(On the competition aspect of his relationship with Vontae) -- "Yeah I mean me and Vontae, we went out to lunch today and we just sat down and tried to pick each other's brains' about what we're seeing on the practice field, how we can make each other better, and it's exciting. Sean (Smith) the same. Sean's a corner who like I said before is physically gifted and the way he's been applying himself in this camp is amazing, and I think those two are going to have a great year."

(On how this camp is different for him considering he is happy and healthy) -- "Yeah, definitely healthy, definitely happy, the only thing is I'm hot. Add another H to that, the three H's: happy, healthy, hot."

(On how things are coming along with Chad Henne) -- "You know what; we got off to a slow start last week. We let the conditions get the best of us. I went out there and had two drops; you definitely don't want to start off that way. But hey, we got three more preseason games left, a bunch of practices before Buffalo, 24 days till Buffalo. We got time to get things better; we're not where we want to be, but we'll work to get there."

(On whether getting off to a slow start makes this weekend's game a big game) -- "Every practice, every game is a big game. Not just because how things went for our first team last week. Every time we step on the field, and every time, whether it's practice or game day, we want to take advantage of it. That's exactly what we do every day."

(On whether his being out during OTA's has slowed his progression with Chad Henne) -- "No, not at all. That was a time where I was able to get mental reps and pick his brain every play. That helped a lot, and like I said, we have a bunch of practices before Buffalo and that's all we need. We'll be fine."

(On his reaction to people saying he should change his number away from #19) -- "I think this is kind of played out, but it's just practice. I'm not going to go over there with A.I. (Allen Iverson) (laughing). Like I said, that's why I get frustrated because the way you play is how you practice. If you're dropping the ball in practice, you got a chance that you'll drop the ball in the game. It's something that we definitely, I definitely need to correct, so there it is."

(On him having all the attention) -- "I've always had a bullseye on my back and a spotlight on me. Not always for the positive, but it's been there before. It's nothing that's unique to me, and I embrace it."

(On the quarterback group as a whole) -- "Well I'm excited because we get a chance to grow together. We have a leader in Chad Pennington who has a lot of wisdom, who's played a lot of games. He helps not only the quarterbacks but he helps us receivers in the segment room. I'm going into my fifth year, I don't know it all. I may be one the oldest in my room, but I still have a lot of learning to do. How to approach the game in a professional way on and off the field, and that's what Chad Pennington brings to us, so we're excited to have him, and I hope he stays around for a long time."

(On how the offense compares to the offense he played in for Denver) -- "Well actually, it's similar. The formations, personnel calls, it's kind of from the same (coaching) tree. The transition for me is pretty easy and pretty similar."

(On his relationship with Mike Sims-Walker) -- "Well that was my college roommate, one of the best men in my wedding, more like a brother. So that's my buddy."

(On whether there are ever any wagers between the two) -- "Definitely. Every time we match, man we got wagers on everything. We're always betting but it ain't about cash though, (it's a) gentlemen's bet, gentlemen's bet."

(On whether he wants Darrelle Revis to settle his contract dispute with the New York Jets so he can go up against him) -- "Well of course because I mean in order to be the best, you got to go against the best and you would love to compete against someone of his caliber and make plays on him. It kind of gives you that confidence; kind of solidify yourself, so I would love to see him out there. I think it will get done; I don't think it's a matter of if, but when."

(On how he expresses his emotion even while he's in the spotlight) -- "Well I think down here, it's new to you guys because I'm a new guy, but a year from now you guys will be  able to say oh that's just Brandon. That's how he performs, that's how he practices, he plays with a lot of emotions, he approaches the game with a lot of passion. You don't want to do that in the game but it's practice. Like I said, I'm a guy that wants to compete, and compete at a high level. Hopefully things will work out for us where we get things rolling in the right direction."

(On how he channels his emotion to make sure it's positive) -- "Well I mean I honestly believe you're supposed to be, you should be harder on yourself than anyone else. I honestly believe that. If you don't push yourself, then how can someone else push you? So that's what I believe in, and that's how I approach the game."


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Media is funny also in Miami, every article you guys write, I laugh my azzz off !

Sounds Like Ur Piszed Off Mando?? Marshall Just Having Some Fun It Seems

Armando, you forgot to ask him how his free throw shooting is coming along.

Meanwhile... I hear Tedd Ginn was in rare form over the weekend. He was showing off the fine art of aligator-arming it to his new found 49ers fans.

Do you guys know who we drafted with the 5th rounder we got in the Ginn trade? NOLAN CARROLL!

Just catch the ball when it counts.. And welcome to miami Brandon. Sure glad your here.

This spring, I was one guy that thought there was no way Marshall wasever going to be a Phin. To much baggage, drama, a homewrecker. I was wrong, and ate some crow. Now it looks like Marshall is quickly becoming a leader on this team. He is one of those big personalities that teamates gravitate to. The intense competition that goes on during a training camp will help these young corners get better. With his strength, size, and speed, Marshall is the best reciever in the NFL at getting seperation from corner backs. So our guys not only get to get reps against him, they get to pick his brain.

Good Lord - Reading this gets me pumped for the season! Cannot wait. Release The Kraken.

I'm pleasantly surprised with how Brandon is handling himself here in Miami. He seems more mature than what was reported in Denver.

That may be due to his overall happiness with a new team, new team leadership and a new contract, but I like how he's pesenting himself so far.

It's good to see passion and drive to get better. It will rub off on the team mates and his catches will come.

Tedd Ginn didn't even really play this weekend, Dude. What are you talking about? He has also apparently got the 2nd or 3rd wide receiver spot.

Seer. I'm not being a d!ck, but how did the nickname Kraken come about? I know the guys at the SS refer to Marshall as The Kraken,that's about it.

Seer keep the stupid names from the SS away from here. The kraken name is only known to a few members of the SS(TK8).
They should have picked a name more in the mainstream that alot of folks could relate with.

Darryl, you prove my point by not knowing where the name is from. The movie clash of titans has the creature in it. STUPID NAME FOR MARSHALL.

Next you guys will be saying Sheeeesh, exactly, 1-luv, death to reply, the mob. LMFAO 2x

Seer keep the stupid names from the SS away from here. The kraken name is only known to a few members of the SS(TK8).
They should have picked a name more in the mainstream that alot of folks could relate with.

Darryl, you prove my point by not knowing where the name is from. The movie clash of titans has the creature in it. STUPID NAME FOR MARSHALL.

Posted by: snake | August 18, 2010 at 10:46 PM

I find it interesting your name is snake and you are posting this. For it was the snakes on Medusa's ugly head that caused the Kraken to crumble into a million pieces, lol.

Brandon regales the media? Great, I'm glad the media's been regaled.

Brandon, what about us fans? You think we can be regaled with a catch or two?

I mixed up a potent batch of "snake bites" so I could do a double shot for every catch you made Brandon. Guess what Brandon? I was still sober at halftime, THANKS!

I finally had to settle for doing double shots for every Thigpen completion.

Thank God he had a decent game-SHEESH!

Goodnight Jim Bob, Goodnight Mary Ellen.............................

dying breed you are a smart man. So that makes two of us here in this whole blog that know what Kraken means. LOL

I mean like really, pick a name that will resonate with people. You say Kraken, and people will say "what is that"?

Dammit Odin, when you say those SS words it is like nails on a chalk board...aaaggghhhhh!

I think one of the most possitive things that Marshall brings to this team is that after he has been with the team for a season, you could remove him and the team is still better than it was before he got there. He will be a great example for our young receivers to follow (Pat Turner), and a great practice stud against our secondary. Revis who? bring him on!

What's in a snake bite Odin? Always up for a new drink.


EXACTLY!!!! I agree, I hate that sound too.

Snake Medusa's head was the only way Perseus could kill the Kraken. Bubo the golden owl was one of my favorites in the movie, lol.

dying you know the names of the characters in th movie, that is scary. Or is it scary that I know you know the names of the characters. LOL

I wont tell you guys goodnight, but will say see ya later.

I thought a Kracken was a dude playing out of his mind after smoking it ...


Biloxi, Snake bite is 3/4 shot 100 proof Yukon Jack, splash of roses lime juice. serve sraight up, or shaken over ice then strained. At The Miners Saloon(that's my cantina) it will set you back $3.75

Yes theres:

Perseus, Zeus, The Kraken, Medusa, Pegasus, Andromeda, Aphrodite, Cassiopeia, Thallo, Calibos, Bubo, Athena, Posiedon, The Stigyian Witches, and a few others. This is one of my favorite movies, lol.

DB you forgot one creature....

NJ Phinfanoupolous

Dont remember?

This horrible creature insults everyone he meets and is angry, very angry monster. He is 5' 9" tall angry creature. This creature is always right in his mind. His weakness.....he has a quick temper and prone to make mistakes.


There are a lot of different ways to make a snake bite.

I'm old school, so I do mine the REAL way.

1 part Don Q 151 Rum

1 part Jack or Jim

Just enough lime juice to make you look like you've been bitten by a snake.

Bottoms Up!!!!

LOL@ Snake!

Snake in the future if anyone wants to know what a Kraken is send them here for the movie trailer: http://blastr.com/2009/12/medusa-kraken-revealed-in.php

Or here for the poster picture: http://heatvision.hollywoodreporter.com/2010/02/kraken-poster-for-clash-of-the-titans.html

Odin, good drink recipe, the 151 will jack you up!Never seen it done that way. I will have to tell the bartenders that when the Co-eds come in, try making their snakebites this way.It's a popular shot for the college kids. Not so much for me!


I got to be good friends with a bar owner where we used to play.
Once a year he used to go rattle snake hunting out in Arizona and once a year he would have Snake Bite Night. All the deep fried rattle snake I could eat and Snake bites to wash it down.

Odin, If you ever make it out to Montana, I've got a cool little bar. If you like hunting(Dear, Elk, Mountain Goat, Big horn Sheep) This is the spot. Rifle season starts the same week the NFL starts. I'd buy you a drink! Probably not a snakebite though.(lol)


I've always wanted to hunt Elk, I've just never had the chance. I hunt bear when I can afford it and deer every season.

You can buy me a drink anytime, but if I have a high powered rifle, you might not want to buy me too many snake bites!

Darryl and Odin

Thanks for the recipes. Will try them both during Saturdays game. Of course, I will be following the play-by-play on NFL.com. Which sucks, but better than nothing. Its about time to find a good bootleg site like stooge.com to view the games. Any suggestions?

Anyone else notice that Marshall said that Pennington was the leaderof the QB group?

Anyone else notice that Marshall said that Pennington was the leaderof the QB group?

Posted by: JP in Atl | August 19, 2010 at 12:51 AM

And ? He's one of the team leaders, period....

c.c hit the nail on he head
clown from hell u da man
nj buffoon is a blowhard know it all.also a snitch.cant wait to go rat out on anyone.tim is his bi@tch,there to defend his boyfriend.what a LOOOOSSSSEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR.

anyways now to football from now on.
good to hear from bm and his outlook seems promising.hope clemmons is the the safety we so desperately need.

oh yeah i forgot FEED THE WOLF

Biloxi Try Justin.tv

Hopefully BM Is Not keeping 19 out of spite. I would think no less of him for changing out of that ugly bad karma 19.

I'm curious to see Jason Allen play nickel. I think if he gets it together he could be a playmaker. Also happy Clemons is doing right, if he is as fast as they say he is we might actually see some solid safety work this year

Ron Burgundy,
In response to your comment...
"And? He is one of the team leaders, Period"


Trying to categorize or some how "sum up" Chad Pennington's role in Miami by comparing it to other "Starter/2nd String" Quarterbacks is a mistake. Would anyone care to argue that if Chad Pennington had Chad Henne's arm... the discussion of who is QB in Miami would be a short one. But look, He doesn't, and that is why Pennington's role in Miami has become one of a leader who takes some of the burden of leadership off of Henne, allowing him to progress and develop without having to also be "The Guy" all the time.
Will things remain this way? They had better not. Its up to Henne over the next year or so to either develop into a leader with the confidence of Pennington and control over his best asset... his arm, or be one more in a long list of "also-ran" QB's in Miami. Henne is lucky to have Pennington to help him grow, help him understand what is and is not important. Its a great thing for Henne... right up to the point to where he stops growing short of what Pennington brings to the table. Then he becomes a perennial student and never "Snatches the Pebble from the masters hand".
No matter what happens (I personally think Henne will grow into a very competent and exciting QB) BUT... No matter what happens... I believe it is safe to say, "Chad Pennington is the best back up in the NFL" I believe it is also safe to say "Keeping him here should be considered a necessity every year he is willing to stay". He is teaching our young...VERY VERY YOUNG group of player on both sides of the ball what it means to be a professional Football player and what it takes to be the best at what they do. To place a value on that is impossible.
I believe in the end... Neither Henne nor us fans should look at Pennington's leadership as a threat to Henne, and we should not look at Henne in a suspicious way for taking full advantage of Pennington's ability to lead... we should be damn glad we have the man, and hope he get's our boy Henne where we want him to be. That or at least show us if Henne is going to be what we hope him to be or not. I think that Job has quietly been laid in Chad Pennington's lap also... Better him then some "Knee Jerk Fool" who would cut Henne for having a rough year -OR- "A Koolaid drinking Homer" who would allow him to play long after he had been proven to be lacking beyond repair.
I feel very confident that Chad Pennington could step into the QB position tomorrow and have Miami ROLLING towards the playoffs in November. That is one hell of a thing to say about a "Back-up" QB.

How long before Parcells won't let this guy talk to the media? Can he do that?

Dolphins sign Randy Thomas, waive Ryan Grice-MullenVeteran lineman added to the roster Aaron Wilson

Reeling from injuries along the offensive line, the Miami Dolphins reacted today by signing veteran offensive guard Randy Thomas.

His addition cost wide receiver Ryan Grice-Mullen his roster spot as he was placed on waivers.

Thomas is a veteran of 11 NFL seasons, having spent time with the New York Jets (1999-2002) and the Washington Redskins (2003-09).

The 6-foot-5, 308-pounder has started 143 games in his career. In nine of his 11 seasons, Thomas has been a member of an offensive line that has blocked for a 1,000-yard rusher, including Curtis Martin, Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts.

He was originally selected by the Jets in the second round 1999 NFL draft.

Thomas played collegiately at Mississippi State, where he started every game in his two years at the school after transferring from Copiah-Lincoln (MS) Community College.

Grice-Mullen was originally signed by the Dolphins as a free agent in January.

Armando, Brandon Marshall does not take the press and media seriously. Neither does Bill Parcells. The media plays a very useful role for the fan. However before the season games begin the media gets into things that are meaningless....I can't wait for the regular season games to begin!

Dolphins Roster Bubble Watch: One game down, three to go
by Matty I on Aug 19, 2010 5:00 AM EDT in

Nate Ness is one guy making a strong case to crack the final 53.

Browse more photos »
As announced previously, XFINITY from Comcast has generously agreed to support the best NFL community around -- us! As part of that effort, between now and the end of the 2010 NFL season XFINITY will be sponsoring a variety of editorial and interactive features on our site.


Previously we've only had practices - most of which weren't seen by any of us - to go on when trying to put together how the Dolphins' 53 man roster might look by the time week one rolls around. But now we have a preseason game to help us decipher where some of these "bubble players" fall right now.

We also can begin to piece together most of the starting eleven on both sides of the ball. In fact, the Miami Herald is reporting some starting spots that were previously thought to be open to competition have been won. Among the winners of starting jobs, according to this source, are center Joe Berger and free safety Chris Clemons.

Head coach Tony Sparano said on Wednesday that the second preseason game is used to "identify specific clumbs" and to "get a look a groups of people out there you might have some questions about." We also know that Sparano wants to have his starting offensive line defined by next week. So I think we're going to get a look at a number of guard combinations to determine which pairing is the best for the unit as a whole.

Below is our weekly snapshot of how the 53 man roster might look as of right now. The highlighted names are players who I consider "locks" to make the team. Some thoughts and reaction follow the mock depth chart and lists of bubble players who just miss the cut.

1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team/4th Team

QB Chad Henne
Chad Pennington
Tyler Thigpen

RB Ronnie Brown Ricky Williams Patrick Cobbs/Lex Hilliard

FB Lousaka Polite
WR Brandon Marshall
Greg Camarillo
Patrick Turner

WR Brian Hartline
Davone Bess

TE Anthony Fasano David Martin
Joey Haynos

LT Jake Long Lydon Murtha

LG Richie Incognito

C Joe Berger
Jake Grove

RG John Jerry
Donald Thomas

RT Vernon Carey Nate Garner
1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team
DE Kendall Langford Charles Grant
Tony McDaniel

NT Randy Starks
Paul Soliai
DE Jared Odrick
Marques Douglas

SOLB Koa Misi
Ike Alama-Francis
Quentin Moses

ILB Channing Crowder Tim Dobbins

ILB Karlos Dansby
Austin Spitler

WOLB Cameron Wake
Charlie Anderson

CB Sean Smith
Nolan Carroll
Jason Allen

CB Vontae Davis Will Allen

S Yeremiah Bell Tyrone Culver

S Chris Clemons
Reshad Jones

1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team
K Dan Carpenter
P Brandon Fields
LS John Denney

Last 5 On: Patrick Turner, Joey Haynos, Austin Spitler, Quentin Moses, Lydon Murtha
First 5 Off: Pat White, Lionel Dotson, Cory Procter, Nate Ness, Marlon Moore
Next 5 Off: Roberto Wallace, Andrew Hartline, Chris McCoy, Ryan Baker

Right now, I have 38 spots on the final roster locked in. That would mean 15 spots remain open heading into the second preseason game. Some thoughts on all of this:

The offensive line is really as confusing as ever. Now with Nate Garner's injury, you have to wonder how the Dolphins will go about putting together their OL depth chart. Do you eat up a roster spot on a valuable player like Garner despite the fact that he's going to miss up to the first 5 games of the season? Or do you put him on IR, ending his season but freeing up a roster spot? Cory Procter is probably hoping Garner goes on IR. If he doesn't, Procter might lose a spot on this team.
Of course, the Dolphins could cut Jake Grove if he doesn't win the starting job and keep Procter, who has experience as a center but hasn't worked there much since joining the Dolphins.
And then there's veteran guard Randy Thomas, who the Dolphins signed on Wednesday. If he still has anything left in the tank, he could win a spot on the team. But you have to figure some other more "offensive line needy" team would have snatched up Thomas before the Dolphins did here in mid August if he still could play, right?
Maybe the Dolphins go with eight offensive lineman and free up a roster spot for a young guy who is climbing up the depth chart this month - like Nate Ness or Marlon Moore. But they need to continue their solid play on Saturday if they hope to make this team.
The Dolphins could go with only three inside linebackers, put Austin Spitler on the practice squad, and then use that extra roster spot for an offensive lineman...or for Ness...or for Moore.
Is it weird that the guy we all assume will be Chad Henne's backup likely will go two preseason games without even playing a snap?
Clearly lots to consider for this coaching staff as the regular season inches closer. I'm glad I'm not the one who has to make these decisions - that much I know for sure.

This just in....Brandon Marshall is good. So for all the fanATICS who have conspircy theory's about jersy numbers and basketball and whatever else you possibly panic about before week 1 of the season I hope blog this puts alot of the fans at ease. Marshall is a smart and talented guy. He is a top 3 reciever in this league and he has earned the respect of his coaches and teammates. Why should he care what fickle fanATICS and media type think. He is a proven commodity and we should ALL respect that.


What a bunch-o-krap!


I have one ticket for the game this weekend. Corner end zone, section 130, Row D, seat 2

If anyone is interested Marc@RDEMGMT.com

An Ode to The Fins TC 2010

This year’s Bess
Is Corner Nate Ness
Sparano cant decide on the Line
Grove will be riding the Pine

The Tuna is in his cart
while Marshall plays the part
Pat White took a knee
will he be set free?

Coach lost some weight
Rex Ryan cant fit through the gate
he likes his pancake
but he wont be ready for Cam Wake

Can Henne throw the touch pass
or will Camarillo catch again with his ass

The Kraken is a mythical giant sea monster and has been seen in many movies. Release the Kraken was a movie line in Battle if the Titans.

it's also a retarded saying on the ss, along with those infantile pre-school cartoon smiley faces.

Love the references to Clash of the Titans and Greek mythology in general. GF's family is Greek so this stuff hits a little close to home.

I was thinking about our depth at corner and to have a guy as serviceable as Jason Allen being your 5th corner is some wicked depth.

The Miami media reminds me of how the local media covers the Maple Leafs. Wow, "Brandon Marshall farted in practice this week. Does he have bowel problems? Will he be able to make it through the game without having to take a crap during a crucial offensive drive?" So he punted a ball becuase he is frustrated with drops. I'd rather he do that than kick the balls away in practice out of protest like he did last year in Denver. Get some perspective, people!

By the way, the true way to make a snakebite is 1/2 oz Tequila, 1/2 oz Crown Royal!!! Option to splash some tobasco. That is how we f*** shite up!!!

greek do suck like nj .

mark. why you have to talk bowel problems early in the day?

p.s ,,thanks for the snakebite recipe .

lebron hedband............your poem is very good .

there isn't that big of a gap from 5th to 1st db. that's scary.

ALoco, I thought the morning was teh best time. Especially after that first coffee!

T-Rex can I play with your snake? You can open my fly and see inside.

dying you can ravage me any time you want to get together for some raw man love ! ?


I've always thought of myself as more of a Mad Scientist than a Bartender when it comes to mixing drinks.

Tequilla is the "traditional" ingredient for Snake Bites, I've just never heard, or even thought about trying Crown Royal and Tobasco. It sounds awesome, thanks for the idea.

In my defense, just let me say that in my deep spiritual beliefs I've always thought it a sin to mix Crown Royal with anything. Perfection right out of the bottle.

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