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Funnyman Brandon Marshall regales media

Brandon Marshall can be a funny guy. Yeah, that's it. He has a sense of humor.

He did his third press conference since coming to the Dolphins. Before he began to address the local hacks, he asked a Miami Dolphins staffer for a football, got it, and punted it to begin the press conference.

"Any questions," he said laughing.

Like I said, funny guy. Anyway, below you can find the full transcript of his talk with the reporters:

(On explaining what just happened) -- "Well, you guys aren't really good journalists because you reported it wrong. It didn't make it over the fence; it stayed in the facility (referring to his punting a ball in practice the other day after a drop, laughing)."

(On what emotions the punt expressed) -- "I don't think it's a secret; I'm the type of guy where I want to compete and I want to compete at the highest level on a consistent basis. When you struggle at times, well when I struggle at times, I'm not going to be happy, and it's not going to be a secret, and I will never let it be a secret. When I'm frustrated in practice, I'm going to be frustrated. Now in the game it's a different story; I think in the game you don't want to give your opponent that edge so you try to control your emotions but in practice you want to compete and you want to get better. That's exactly what we're trying to do here."

(On his showing of emotion in the past) -- "Well I think that's exactly what it is. I'm not going to compare a situation in the past to my situation now. This is the first time in, in four years that I've went into a season or a training camp where I was completely happy. Now am I happy every day, no because we compete every day, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and that ultimate competitor in me, I'm not going to be happy. I think we're doing a great job as a team competing every day and trying to get each other better. A lot of great competition going on you know on the field, which I think is going to help our team in the long run."

(On whether his new contract puts any additional pressure on him) -- "Not at all, I mean the pressure to do what, catch a football? I've been doing that since I was six years old. The only thing I can do is what I can do; I'm going to be the same guy. Whatever made me great is what's going to be on the field throughout this season. I'm excited about this opportunity that we have as a team, our goals, and working to achieve that."

(On if he enjoys the spotlight) -- "I love it. I embrace it. I think this is an organization where there's going to be a lot of lights on us. I think we have a special team here. It's a special organization, and I think we have a chance to do some special things."

(On him seeing his charisma wearing off on his teammates) -- "Well like I said, it's good when you take the positive from it like Vontae (Davis). Every day we're going out there and competing. Every day he wants to prove to me and to our teammates that he can shut me down. There's, what's the word…I guess I'm supposed to be a good receiver. It gives him an edge on other receivers. It gives him a confidence when he does great against me. Every day he's out to prove one thing, that he can shut me down and our other receivers in our room. So it's exciting to see that our young corners are getting better and they're taking advantage of this opportunity."

(On his reaction to Vontae's punt after breaking up a pass in practice) -- "Yesterday? I didn't like it at all. I went back to the sideline and I told coach, I can't believe I let him get the opportunity to kick the ball because he made a great play. It's a play I think I should have had and he knocked the ball away, and he got up and punted the ball, and I didn't like that at all."

(On his relationship with Vontae) -- "Oh I care, oh I care. It makes me mad (when he punts the ball) just like if I make a good play and I say some words to him, it's not good for TV but he's going to come back out and he's going to compete that much harder."

(On the competition aspect of his relationship with Vontae) -- "Yeah I mean me and Vontae, we went out to lunch today and we just sat down and tried to pick each other's brains' about what we're seeing on the practice field, how we can make each other better, and it's exciting. Sean (Smith) the same. Sean's a corner who like I said before is physically gifted and the way he's been applying himself in this camp is amazing, and I think those two are going to have a great year."

(On how this camp is different for him considering he is happy and healthy) -- "Yeah, definitely healthy, definitely happy, the only thing is I'm hot. Add another H to that, the three H's: happy, healthy, hot."

(On how things are coming along with Chad Henne) -- "You know what; we got off to a slow start last week. We let the conditions get the best of us. I went out there and had two drops; you definitely don't want to start off that way. But hey, we got three more preseason games left, a bunch of practices before Buffalo, 24 days till Buffalo. We got time to get things better; we're not where we want to be, but we'll work to get there."

(On whether getting off to a slow start makes this weekend's game a big game) -- "Every practice, every game is a big game. Not just because how things went for our first team last week. Every time we step on the field, and every time, whether it's practice or game day, we want to take advantage of it. That's exactly what we do every day."

(On whether his being out during OTA's has slowed his progression with Chad Henne) -- "No, not at all. That was a time where I was able to get mental reps and pick his brain every play. That helped a lot, and like I said, we have a bunch of practices before Buffalo and that's all we need. We'll be fine."

(On his reaction to people saying he should change his number away from #19) -- "I think this is kind of played out, but it's just practice. I'm not going to go over there with A.I. (Allen Iverson) (laughing). Like I said, that's why I get frustrated because the way you play is how you practice. If you're dropping the ball in practice, you got a chance that you'll drop the ball in the game. It's something that we definitely, I definitely need to correct, so there it is."

(On him having all the attention) -- "I've always had a bullseye on my back and a spotlight on me. Not always for the positive, but it's been there before. It's nothing that's unique to me, and I embrace it."

(On the quarterback group as a whole) -- "Well I'm excited because we get a chance to grow together. We have a leader in Chad Pennington who has a lot of wisdom, who's played a lot of games. He helps not only the quarterbacks but he helps us receivers in the segment room. I'm going into my fifth year, I don't know it all. I may be one the oldest in my room, but I still have a lot of learning to do. How to approach the game in a professional way on and off the field, and that's what Chad Pennington brings to us, so we're excited to have him, and I hope he stays around for a long time."

(On how the offense compares to the offense he played in for Denver) -- "Well actually, it's similar. The formations, personnel calls, it's kind of from the same (coaching) tree. The transition for me is pretty easy and pretty similar."

(On his relationship with Mike Sims-Walker) -- "Well that was my college roommate, one of the best men in my wedding, more like a brother. So that's my buddy."

(On whether there are ever any wagers between the two) -- "Definitely. Every time we match, man we got wagers on everything. We're always betting but it ain't about cash though, (it's a) gentlemen's bet, gentlemen's bet."

(On whether he wants Darrelle Revis to settle his contract dispute with the New York Jets so he can go up against him) -- "Well of course because I mean in order to be the best, you got to go against the best and you would love to compete against someone of his caliber and make plays on him. It kind of gives you that confidence; kind of solidify yourself, so I would love to see him out there. I think it will get done; I don't think it's a matter of if, but when."

(On how he expresses his emotion even while he's in the spotlight) -- "Well I think down here, it's new to you guys because I'm a new guy, but a year from now you guys will be  able to say oh that's just Brandon. That's how he performs, that's how he practices, he plays with a lot of emotions, he approaches the game with a lot of passion. You don't want to do that in the game but it's practice. Like I said, I'm a guy that wants to compete, and compete at a high level. Hopefully things will work out for us where we get things rolling in the right direction."

(On how he channels his emotion to make sure it's positive) -- "Well I mean I honestly believe you're supposed to be, you should be harder on yourself than anyone else. I honestly believe that. If you don't push yourself, then how can someone else push you? So that's what I believe in, and that's how I approach the game."


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you phins fans are so clueless. 5 of us local jets fans went to camp wearing that putrid ugly aqua garb and booed every play.wow did that pizz ricky off to no end.lol. oh. and the phins have no qb, lots of over throws that never seem to get mentioned on tweets and tons of misfires on short stuff. 2 easy wins for the jets and pats.. don’t discount the bills. they’ll probably win too.lol.


We fans are clueless? Yet you and 4 wet fan but buddies are wearing your arch rivals jerseys at your arch rivals trainig camp.

Only a wet fan could be this ignorant-thanks for the laugh.

PS: Sanchez has thrown more ints this pre season than all our QB's combined.

Odin, you can sub any other Rye/Whiskey. Have you tried the Crown "limited". So very smooth. ALthough I'm more of a Chivas man myself.

mark, what goes well w/snakebite ....food i mean .

Maybe the "Release the Kraken" is referring to the two on for the two 3rd round choices for the Jests............ WR Phil McKraken? ;)

The other 3rd rounder for them being.......... S Pat McGroin.

Ahhh the punchy lines of the off season, LOL

Just catch the ball when it matters in games Marshall and we will be sailing along this year!


Hmmm, good question. I might try some sort of shellfish - maybe oysters.

the guy on cnbc says he's bullish on china ,market down 190 .he says amercians looking to buy sucks,underware to feel good . dumb

ALoco, gold stocks are good. I've also spent the last week building up a sizeable short position which is protecting me quite well today.

but mark when i am drinking this drink snakebite ,am i aware of my surroundings ? oysters ,will not be easy to open ,i might injure myself .

Hahha, ALoco, after a few, you won't be aware of anything. Best to have the osyters open for you already.

As for buying gold, you might want to wait for a pullback because they've been on a nice run - but if there is one I would buy now, it's Randgold (GOLD)


Battered and deep fried rattle snake.

Have you ever tried it?

"THE KRAKEN" You guys just jealous because you didnt think of it LMAO

Love the part detailing him and Vontae going at it with each other then having lunch to pick each other's brains. That's EXACTLY what we need from both of them. Here's hoping Vontae is ready to make the next step!

the only thing i do is short gold when i feel it's time and i always short ((DGP))

you mean mangold.

I picture myself opening oyster w/bloody hand while i am having snakebite and odin calling for more oysters .


I liked that part too. The only part I didn't get was why Sean wasn't there. He should be tagging along, hell, he should be buying them lunch!

then the 5 of us jizzed on each other.man did we have fun.lol.

odinseyeball face you can unload on me and smack me around.

odinseyeball face you can unload on me and smack me around.

Posted by: T-Rex | August 19, 2010 at 12:41 PM

Then you can be just like your weiner sucking hero Sanchito when he plays the Dolphins.

odinseyeball face i will taste the great sanchez soon. jealous?lol.


Out of all the coined phrases I've ever heard, that's not one I'm jealous of.

Everytime I hear the phrase release the Kraken I get mental pictures of a bent over plumbers a s s crack hanging out.

Everytime I hear the phrase release the Kraken I get mental pictures of a bent over plumbers a s s crack hanging out.

Posted by: odinseye | August 19, 2010 at 12:51 PM

i would lick it.


That taste in your mouth will be the taste of defeat.

Due to the lack luster in attendance,parking revenue.concessions and the 280 million dollar price tag for renovations at Sun Life stadium,Stephen Ross is inquiring about contracting the Miami Dolphins to Las Vegas Nevada,sources say this is mainly because of the 2011 lock out looming also.Ross has always expressed interest in the Las Vegas area due to the lure of future Super Bowls where major revenues will be a normal accurance.Ralph Wilson will be the front runner to Move his team to the Miami area market after the 2011 NFL lock out. .

How did get from talking about such manly things as drinking snake bites and eating oysters, to talking about licking plumbers butt cracks?

Oh yeah..........the jet fan............

F****N Jet fans

odinseyeball face drinks from snake.lol.

Lake city fan, thanks for the info, but maybe in the future you could just post a link to the article you're referencing, rather than cut and paste the whole thing except attribution. Ok? Thanks and Go Dolphins.

I've been on the Henne bandwagon from day one. I believe in the guy and I think he's the real deal.
I dont give a rats a s s about "touch" passes. The only thing I want to hear about "touch" passes is that our recievers can actually catch the pass and not just "touch" it.
Please do not start up with any of that sissy boy, new age talk about Henne throwing the ball to hard. SERIOUSLY! Picture yourself in a room with Marino. Then picture yourself asking Marino: "Hey Dan, don't you think Chad throws the ball to hard"? I'm not sure if Dan would just laugh at you, be-atch slap you, or both.
Henne throws the ball too hard-SHEESH! Get real.
I do however have a legitimate be-atch about Henne's performance and his coaching, of lack thereof.
We have a billion dollar O-line and it looks to me like this year they'll play like one. We have three big power backs that will run through you, around you and over you.
It seems to me that in an offense like this, Chad and his coaches could figure out how to perfect the play action FAKE.
Since Chad has been the starter teams have been loading the box and keying on Ricky and Ronnie. Despite this, I cannot remember one decent fake hand off that sucked in the lb's and safeties to open up passing lanes!

Mr. Hennings, David Lee and most of all CHAD HENNE...........C'mon MAN!!!!


You rodent!

You beady eyed little rat!!


Typical Bobby kisses @zzz for the sentinel. Nobody and I mean nobody is jealous of that Kraken name. Because many outside the circle of 8 know what that is. LMFAO @ you booby

Same old armando blog...


I'm cutting on Henne and arguing with a wets fan................

Hmmmmm..............seems like I got a lethal combination of testosterone and caffeine overdose going on.

Time to throw the football around the yard with my kids....................

Better watch out t-rex, odinseye is on you.

i want odinseyeball face on me spanking me and using his fingers.

plisken and i have had sex many times.odinseyeball face can join us.

Oh boy, the girls on the SS are ordering their Bills jerseys right now.. haha

T-Rex can I get in on that action? hehe

Today's question: Who will end Favre's career in week two? Cam Wake, Jared Odrick, Karlos Dansby or Channing Crowder?


You're saying all the right things, too bad you got the wrong equipment.

There's only one way too do it and that's viciously!

I don't even consider a perspective hottie unless her hairs long enough to wrap around my forearm twice with room for a palm lock on the back of her head.

odinseyeball face i can wear a wig.

Hey cuban the blog at the SS has been pretty good since nj got suspended. It has been flowing pretty smoothly. Then again it always does when NJ is not around.

odin, aren't all jests fans like that? I think its a prerequisite for being able to tolerate that shade of green.


I had a psychic vision of Misi knocking Brady out for the year.

If he ends Farve's career as well, he could make the Pro Bowl as a rookie.

Funny, before that questioned was asked, I told my buddy Randy Starks was going to end it all for Favre in week 2.

Plisken, Another Made Up Name By Someone Who Has Spent The Morning With A D I C K In Hs Mouth And Afraid To Use His Real Name. LMFAO @ plisken The Coward

I'm perfectly okay with those answers too, I was going to list Misi and Starks as well, but didn't want to name the whole 'D'. But it might be the entire defense as a unit that does the job. I wouldn't be surprised if Yeremiah got to put Favre to sleep in the backfield, as he is tossing a pick-six to Sean Smith.

Teabag@ 11:53
Me and my buddies went to jets camp to heckle Fat Rex with some candy. The joke got out of hand when Fat Rex stopped practice and started to chase us because he couldn't help himself. "CANDY MMM, You boys get back here with my candy" Jason Taylor tried to stop him, but Fat Rex pushed him out of the way. "Outta my way old man, those boys got candy" Salivating like a junkyard fat boy, the chase continued. Us taunting Fat Rex with our bags of Candy, while Sanchize was eating wieners on the sidleine,and Cromartie trying to remember the names of his kids for the camera lady(I wonder if he was thinking that she might be Dez Bryants mom)We got away, thankfully. But it made me think. This is a crew, led by a blowhard, that is disfunctional, and over hyped. The arrogance in which they operate makes me believe that they are set up for a very hard fall. Imagine the turmoil when they start the season with 3 straight losses. The more these guys talk, the more my blood boils, I cannot wait untill we can get our hands on these chuckleheads

Hey cuban come eat me.

Mark want to come over?

Percy Harvin collapsed at practice today. Hope he is okay. Migranes are no joke, My Dad suffers from them, and I've seen how devistating they can be.

lol at the chuckleheads

Lurk......Lurk...lurk. that's what I do.. I have to keep Me and My boyfriend Tim/Knight in the loop.. Lurk..lurk.....lurk.

Darryl Dunphy cut your dad's head off no more migranes. what kind of goofball last name is that?

Mick, not a big fan of Ottawa or meeting strange men on the internet. Thanks.

DD, funny story with Rex. And re: migraines. I get them too periodically and they render you compltely useless. COuldn't imagine doing an NFL workout with them. Only 2 things stop a migraine. Throwing up wildly or going right to sleep. At least that's what works for me.

Mark want to meet for a drink at the old Horse's Ass?

When was the last time the jests came away with a win versus Miami, 2008? Week one, Sept. 7, Favre duck/prayer to Clown(ey), I think it was. That's a long time to be frustrated. Just about two whole calendar years. So what's all this talk about jests fans? Dirty sanchez has never beat the Dolphins. Why would you think he might start now?

I thought that was in Wisconsin?

I've had drinks at The Silver Dollar, The Stagecoach Stop and The Crazy Horse Saloon.

Never heard of The Horses Ass, is that in Frisco Mitch?

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