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Garner out at least 8 weeks; decision time along the Miami Dolphins offensive line

The Dolphins have many decisions to make along the offensive line and injuries are making those harder than usual.

On the same day coach Tony Sparano said he'd like to have his starting offensive line set by the end of Saturday's preseason game against Jacksonville, the coach also announced that guard Nate Garner has had surgery on the same foot he had surgery on in the offseason.

A source tells The Herald Garner will be out of action for at least eight weeks, meaning he will miss the start of the regular-season and may not be available until the Oct. 4 game against New England at the earliest.

Garner had been working at right tackle the first two weeks of camp but had made the expected move back to his more natural guard spot when he was injured last week.

That means the Dolphins must decide to either keep a roster spot open for the player who started eight games at left guard and right guard last season or use that spot while placing Garner on season-ending injured reserve.

The Garner injury isn't the only one along the offensive line the Dolphins are nursing. Right guard John Jerry was not able to complete practice Tuesday morning because of a right knee injury and the normally optimistic Sparano suggested the sutiation is a problem when he was asked if he is very concerned.

"No, not very concerned," he said. "I"m concerned though ... we tried to get him heated up today and he was good for a little while but then the thing just got sore on him."

Despite the injuries, Sparano wants to see the offensive line come together in time to find cohesion for the season-opener Sept. 12.

On Tuesday the first-team line was Vernon Carey at right tackle, Corey Procter at right guard, Joe Berger at center, Richie Incognito at left guard and Jake Long at left tackle.

Last week Sparano said he wanted to see one of the two centers -- Berger or Jake Grove -- begin to separate as they compete for the starting job. I asked if that is happening yet and the answer seems to be that the competition is tightening instead of becoming more clear.

"I think I've seen a little bit more separation one way or the other or the competition make itself more interesting since Jake has been back," Sparano said. "The game the other other was an average indicator with both of them, to be honest with you."

That means neither Berger nor Grove played up to potential or past performances. They have to get better.


It's not time to panic yet. But things could be better.


Running back Patrick Cobbs, and linebacker Tim Dobbins continued to practice this morning. Recreiver Greg Camarillo (groin) is getting better, according to Sparano.


The Dolphins were scheduled to practice outside in front of fans this afternoon, but instead have moved the work inside the bubble so the practice is closed to the public.


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Going into this season I told myself, if we can stay healthy we'll have a legitimate shot to win this division. Unfortunately, the damned injury bug appears to be hitting us hard again. Hopefully we don't lose one of our top players again this year.

Ugh! No more bad news MANDO!

WOW... 1st??? That is a 1st!!! :)

might have to back off these 2 a days and let some of these guys get healthy.

Sparano doesn't want the fans to see Marshall punting the football so into the bubble they go

UPDATE: Before the team’s first 11-on-11 drill, the offense huddled together and rocked up and down to a special chant in order to get fired up for practice, but on the very first play, wide receiver Brandon Marshall dropped a pass from quarterback Chad Henne. Three plays later he left cornerback Sean Smith on the ground, got wide open down the left sideline and caught an easy pass from Henne. After making the catch he punted the ball high in the air in jest as yesterday he did the same thing in anger after a drop. ...

B. Marsh will be unstoppable once he get's angry and focused!

henne trade bait.?

Lets Hope Its A Transitional Thing! We Need A Healthy First Team!

"That means the Dolphins must decide to either keep a roster spot open for the player who started eight games at left guard and right guard last season or use that spot while placing Garner on season-ending injured reserve."

ISNT THE OBVIOUS CHOICE TO PUT HIM ON THE PUP LIST, so you can decide after WK 6 what to do?

Doom and gloom reporting?

What happened to Donald Thomas?

Sparano needs to drop the mad scientist act with the OL.

The OL needs to be set pronto.

Or risk another slow start to the season, riddled with false starts and henne sacks.

Amen Lebron's Headband! Amen!

Your voice doesn't match your face! lol.

For one, I don't care about the Garner injury. Right now, I think they ahve too many guards anyway and the coach wants to play all of them. Not sure you can do that so let natrual selection do the job the coach seems heistant to do.

Survival of the fittest for real!

please ,tell how is that enrique1085.

Whats going on with Will Allen, is he headed to the PUP as well?

Also, I don't understand the coach's fascination with Joe Berger. It's obvious to me that when healthy, Grove is a lot better and Berger is a serviceable depth player. So I don't understand this "competition" at all.

Why couldn't we put Nate Garner on PUP, use the roster spot for another player and then make a decision in week 6 on what to do with Garner? Does he have to go to IR?


Read my post, he can easily be put on the PUP, but it isnt as sensational as saying that he needs to go to IR!

@ Mark.
I agree, if Berger was such a stud and 1st stringer, put him at guard then.

Also, I can remember Berger snapping very high and killing a couple of Wildcat plays. Has he corrected this problem?

Watt Are Saying They Should Trade Henne? If So That Is One Of The Dumbest Things Ive Ever Heard

Sparano needs to kind of stop with the O line wishy washy act. Put the best guys in there let them gel and stop playing head games. If the coaqches REALLY do not know who the best O lineman are at this stage we are hurting

What a DDD...why would anyone post Henne trade bait? Geez there are some window lickers on this site!

It's my opinion that the reason for all the o-line injuries is due to all the lineman playing with a different player each time the ball is snapped. If a certain lineman knows who is lined up next to him he can get better accustomed to how or what that player is going to do. That's called chemistry.

The other thing in regards to Marshall and to some of the other players,is that they just need to relax, lighten up a little bit, and have fun. I believe that they are pressing just a little too much.

regards, Ace from Texas

Does anyone know who has worn the #19 jersey for the Dolphins since they started the franchise?
Lucas?? not sure on that one
Anyone else?

I've been worried that the Trifecta has been pushing injured players too much and too fast. You've got Will Allen, Pennignton, and now Garner that have had setbacks with major injuries. Enough! I know the Trifica wants tough guys and players that play through pain but don't be stupid!

every team has injuries from the start of OTA's to the superbowl.....check out some other teams sites...you'll see similar posts...

How about Scott Mitchell? Or Steve Deberg.

i went to the pats site and they have none injured LAKECITYFAN .

maybe the whole team should wear #-19.

The so called "Offseason training program" has been a hoax the last 2 years. A team riddled with injuries in Wk 1 of PS.

mario pollo,
I really don't know, but it wasn't what I expected I guess. lol

We should trade for Vincent Jackson. I think that would also take a little pressure off of Marshall.

Mitchell is right I believe....didn't Deberg wear #17?
Aloco.....try again...and also log onto NFL site or ESPN site....the list is long on injuries so far for NFL teams....

here ya go "A"
And that only took a second.....try searching the teams local newspapers...you'll get more info there...

Dear Mr. Salguero

"but instead have moved the work inside the bubble so the practice is closed to the public."

You mean the "Nick Saban Memorial Bubble"(NSMB)


"Dolphins must use bad weather to an advantage"

Why don't the Dolphins just change the name of the stadium to the "Nick Saban Miami Dolphins Memorial Stadium"(NSMDMS)

This way there will always be a dark cloud hanging over the Dolphins.

Soiled :)

Lucas wore #6, Fielder was #9, part of the vaunted 69er quarterback duo that Wannstedt used for his lethal 3 plays and punt offense that lead to this mess we're still trying to get out of.

The cuban mange just got banned again after trying to go on the SS with a different IP address and no avatar !! What a loser !! So sad and pathetic !!

LAKECITYFAN, your right, Deberg did wear #17. But what about Scott Secules. I can't remember for some reason.

I won't worry about the OL until it's two weeks before Buffalo and they still haven't settled on a starting line or there's more injuries. There's still time. Right now I think it's still more important that everyone get experience playing with all the other OL candidates, since any of them could see playing time with the team during the regular season, even the ones who are cut and not picked up by another team.

Marc/Marcia, What are you talking about??? I havent been to that rag in a month, Dont you have to go buy some dresses or something????,

Lol At Cuban

Would you idiots shut up about the injuries. You do realize that most of the teams in the league are dealing with lots of injuries right? And most of those teams are losing starting players for the season. Which starting players have we lost for the season? The only injury of real significance is Garner and he's going to be back in Oct. The starting line will be Long,Incognito, Grove, Jerry/Thomas, and Carey. Don't worry, our backups will be ready for the season except for Garner.

man you're digging deep now....he had the #9 and the #10 during his playing years
Scott Secules Position(s): Quarterback
Jersey №: 9, 10
College: Virginia
NFL Draft: 1988 / Round: 6 / Pick: 151
As player:
1993 Dallas Cowboys
Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots
Playing stats at NFL.com

Weren't the Dolphins top 5 in the league in rushing last season and didn't Henne have a terrific second half or was I dreaming? And that was with a bunch of injuries! Lets stop worrying about the one unit we're loaded at and start concentrating on Hennes progress, our young DBs, and Odrick, Misi, and Wake. There are so many other things that have question marks and o-line has the least of any

oline starting to worry me, losing depth quickly. with the toughest first 8 games in nfl we cant afford any injuries. schedule is almost impossible for the first 8 games

LAKECITYFAN your the man. Thanks for the update.

Is That Scott(Take me on a )Secules???

one in the same........Cuban.....

What do you guys think about Brett(Retirement)Farve flying to Minnesota???

now for you Phin Fans that will be able to see the game Saturday night....I'll be the guy in the orange shirt and Dolphin baseball cap cheering from the Budzone (section 148)in JAX....and in all liklihood the same guy that the JAG fans will be picking a fight with....maybe you'll get to see security walking me out...

What do you guys think about Brett(Retirement)Farve flying to Minnesota???


I'm not worried about the line EXCEPT for Grove. Was he really an improvement over Satele (I'm not totally convinced)? Yeah, he's bigger, but he should be OWNING the center position, not battling Berger. Whoever is gonna start, it kinda needs to get solidified soon so the starting OL can gel together before Week 2. And Grove is injury prone. But then again, can't Berger play multiple positions? If so he might be needed to plug a hole elsewhere (I hate when they shift a center over to cover another position during a game, more chance for an errant snap). For all the dough we spend on our OL, those dudes need to tough it up and get their act together.

LAKECITYFAN, I will be that guy when the Fins come to Dallas. Except, I know the cowgirl fans will be trying to pick a fight with me.

ANd I will be that guy in stinky Buffalo on opening day.

Let's make sure we have all the stadiums covered!

dammmm everyone of you guys have an orange shirt? LOL

i have black shirt on it number 19.

To me, it's disturbing to be asking questions like this after 3 years of mixing and matching.

I'll Be At Giants stadium for the Fins/jets... Odin, Well you covering the Minnesota game???

Hell yeah. We have to stand out like a turd in a punch bowl.

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