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Garner out at least 8 weeks; decision time along the Miami Dolphins offensive line

The Dolphins have many decisions to make along the offensive line and injuries are making those harder than usual.

On the same day coach Tony Sparano said he'd like to have his starting offensive line set by the end of Saturday's preseason game against Jacksonville, the coach also announced that guard Nate Garner has had surgery on the same foot he had surgery on in the offseason.

A source tells The Herald Garner will be out of action for at least eight weeks, meaning he will miss the start of the regular-season and may not be available until the Oct. 4 game against New England at the earliest.

Garner had been working at right tackle the first two weeks of camp but had made the expected move back to his more natural guard spot when he was injured last week.

That means the Dolphins must decide to either keep a roster spot open for the player who started eight games at left guard and right guard last season or use that spot while placing Garner on season-ending injured reserve.

The Garner injury isn't the only one along the offensive line the Dolphins are nursing. Right guard John Jerry was not able to complete practice Tuesday morning because of a right knee injury and the normally optimistic Sparano suggested the sutiation is a problem when he was asked if he is very concerned.

"No, not very concerned," he said. "I"m concerned though ... we tried to get him heated up today and he was good for a little while but then the thing just got sore on him."

Despite the injuries, Sparano wants to see the offensive line come together in time to find cohesion for the season-opener Sept. 12.

On Tuesday the first-team line was Vernon Carey at right tackle, Corey Procter at right guard, Joe Berger at center, Richie Incognito at left guard and Jake Long at left tackle.

Last week Sparano said he wanted to see one of the two centers -- Berger or Jake Grove -- begin to separate as they compete for the starting job. I asked if that is happening yet and the answer seems to be that the competition is tightening instead of becoming more clear.

"I think I've seen a little bit more separation one way or the other or the competition make itself more interesting since Jake has been back," Sparano said. "The game the other other was an average indicator with both of them, to be honest with you."

That means neither Berger nor Grove played up to potential or past performances. They have to get better.


It's not time to panic yet. But things could be better.


Running back Patrick Cobbs, and linebacker Tim Dobbins continued to practice this morning. Recreiver Greg Camarillo (groin) is getting better, according to Sparano.


The Dolphins were scheduled to practice outside in front of fans this afternoon, but instead have moved the work inside the bubble so the practice is closed to the public.


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If your Probation Officer allows it....

I Have The Orange 19, He Better Not Change His Number

YOu know cocoajoe, I don't know what the coach's problem is with the mixing and matching because it's not like how it was 2 years ago with just no talent there. These guys are pretty good. Pick 5-6 max and go with them. Live with their mistakes and let them work together. If these guys look for perfection, they will never find it.

Orange 54!!!! Old SCHOOL BABY!!!

brandn marshall will change his number before game 1 of the season '

thigpen is going the starting QB for the opener ,watch .

ALoco, if Thigpen is the starter for Game 1, might as well skip the other 15 games because this season will go nowhere.

Cuban, I 'm supposed to go to the game in Minn. Problem is that my old girlfriend bought them for me, and now that we are no longer an item, she refuses to kick down the tickets. To rub salt into the wound, her new guy is a Vikings fan, and it looks like he's going to get my seat! Girlfriends come and go, but sweet tickets to see the Phins play Brett Farve.WTF...Any sugestions anyone?


what perfection are you talking about ? we have an OL is hardly working and dropping balls worse than ted ginn ,who never dropped the ball twice in a game .

Darryl, too bad you were dumbed by your girlfriend .
seems the dumbing increases around this time of the year .

mark, what happened to your greek girlfriend ? i thought you were going to get married .did she dumb you too ?

Nothing Legal Darryl....

Aloco, Are you drinking already??????? LOL...

ALoco, no, she is still in the picture although she never buys me football tickets. I think she's afraid because I am very particular about seat location.

DD, some things you just have to let go. Women aren't the same as they get older and neither is Brett Favre. Doesn't look like you're missing out on much.

Mr. ALoco, Dumbed? Did you mean dumped?
Thanks for the concern.

I wrote this last night, and got no response. So I will state my thought again. I understand this is the preseason, and like our team, the jets aren't going to show much as far as defensive scheme. But watching them, they played a majority of their starters the first half, and it struck me that offensivley, we match up quite well with what they like to do on d. They like to blitz, stack the box, and play one on one on the outsides. I think we have the personel to destroy them. It comes down to Henne getting into the right protections, and then finding the one on one matchup.

I thought Sparano was a o line coach , why can't he make up his mind about the o line same as last year , One guy would be the center one play and then move over the next play while another guy moved to center in all the years watching football I never saw that before what is a matter with him why can't he make up is mind? Jake grove was brought in through FA why not just start him that is why you got him, if they are that close then just pick one and quit shuffling the line all the time it is hard for them to develop chemistry can someone mention that to him PLEASE

Why do I have a feeling that last post is from SoiledBottom.....

cuban, i never drink....never....it's me aloco

mark, you sound dumped, once you start talking about women and age .

darry, thanks for dumped , were you dumped ??

never agreed to accompany you OR your cat to Thailand. Furthermore, your nude paintings of Ernest Borgnine eating banana cream pie are not welcome in my home any longer. I also do not want any more squirrels or onions. Thank you.

Posted by: mrs. ethel perkins | August 17, 2010 at 05:43 PM

This has to be Soileds Wife...

Get ur flabby old butt off that computer n fix dinner

Ethal, What have you done with Mr. Bottoms????????

At least my ex and I are on good speaking terms. She works for Time Warner and is going to get me tickets to the cowgirls game on Sept. 2. Not that I'm rubbing it in or anything.

Mark in Toronto. Thanks for the kind words. The hangup is not the girl, it is the tickets. 35 yrd line, 12 rows behind the Phins bench. Oh well, I guess my couch will have to do. LOL!

henne is fine.. being honest the jets looked awesome last night. we have a ton of work to do

"The game the other other was an average indicator with both of them, to be honest with you." -Tony Sparano

More screwed up quotes from Saguero.


Ashley dumped cuban and went w/Nj Phin .

henne is fine.. being honest the jets looked awesome last night. we have a ton of work to do

Posted by: bill_cnnrs | August 17, 2010 at 06:02 PM

Ahhh Bill, Didn'T the jets lose like 37 to 16 or something like that???And Weren't they torched by a rookie with like a 150 yards receiving???Just wondering what your definition of "Awesome" Is????

My Name ia butch . i can bring any one to the fins games but i got to know you first . any takers ?

cuban watch the game before u make a comment. first quarter when it mattered they were really good. defense is sick

ashley.....nj would you take me to the movies ?

nj, of course my beatiful hony ,after we spend some at the gym .

Ok Bill, I'll see if I can catch it on the NFL Network, There Defense looked good huh??, That sucks...

Actually I thought the jets defense was weak against the run. I thought their offense looked good which was surprising. But their defense won't be number 1 this year.

first team d was unreal man. its just pre season but seeing that and sanchez looking great scares me. hate the jets

Aloco, Quit sniffing Inhalants, It's bad for your brain cells..

viva sanchez the man with the killer eyes and hips .

cuban, i don't see soiled for a few days ? what happened to him? is he in the hospital ?

Awesome is climbing up a rope in gym class?

Was the lack of creative playcalling in last weeks game a product of the coaches wanting a basic offensive game plan, or was it a precursor to what we will see more of this week. I know teams don't like to show much, but it wouldn't hurt to establish some offensive flow. I also understand that we as fans aren't privy to what the coaching staff are looking for during a preseason game, but was there a reason Pat White only took snaps in the victory formation? (maybe that will be his role, Kneel down QB) The questions could go on, just as camp, and the preseason does. Hopefully we wil start to see some of the answers

I think Ethel Perkins has done evil to our beloved Uncle Soiled....

that's a great point darryl , i wonder about pat white role as you describe it .

Pat(TKO)Whites role will be that of a UPS driver this time next year... IMHO...

i heard that NJ phin getting married next week , it says so on the SS ?

I do not agree with you Armando.
When the three projected starters in the middle of your OL are named Procter, Berger and Incognito, it is absolutely time to panic

Year 3 of the Tuna project and this OL is still a mess. What a shame.

Live ted ginn .down with marshall .

Cuban-I hope Ethel does no harm to Mr. Soiled. If his memoirs are not released in time for the Christmas holiday I'm not sure what I will do for gifts for all my Herald friends. Please Ethel, help save Christmas and return Soiled Bottom!!

is soiled in danger ? sound like a comic book .

soiled , come back ............

oline is in trouble, cannot afford another injury


The Crazy Thing Is That Our Oline Should Have Been A Disaster Against Tampa But They Held Quite Nicely. Only Thigpeb Was Sacked Once I Believe.
Having Said That, I Was At The Game And Tampa Played Better In Almost Every Aspect, And That Is Hard To Say. We Need To Get Better. Too Many Big Plays On Defense, And We Sfill Are A Chip Away Offense And That Isnt Going To Cut It, As Indy And Saints Prove.

Two Things Also: 1. Was Anyone Else Surprised That Only Two Qbs Got Time? 2. The Bucs Oline Was Moving Our D Line, First String. Moving Them Well.
I Hope They Give Patrick Turner Or Roberto Wallace A Real Chance. Either Player Along With Marshall Would Be Formidable

viva sanchez the man with the killer eyes and hips .

Posted by: turbo jets | August 17, 2010 at 06:32 PM

Viva Sanchez the man with the killer interceptions and happy feet .

Fixed it for you for free.

admit it njckzt aside from joking ,who's better you think has a better eyes and moving hips ,chad henne or our beauty sanchez ?

who's having a better waving hair ,chad henne or sanchito ?

Mondo we pay good money for your insight and Info please try to match the pictures correctly with your news Im sure Brandon would be unhappy to hear that your writing articles about him and tagging Roberto Wallaces picture


I missed that post last evening, thanks for posting it again. I also saw some of the same things you did. The Wets love to stack as many as 9 in the box on 1st and 2nd downs. They backed off a bit on 3rd down plays depending on how far NYG were from the markers. It is exploitable IMO and if we noticed it... so did Tony S. I am sure a part of the reason Tony Sparano is taking the time he is with the O-line has to do with match-ups. I do not believe Tony is going to have -1- O-line set in place. I believe he is looking to create a situation where he can "Dial Up" an O-line combo to counter or create match-ups in specialize situations. The best way I can describe what I believe I see is the way we play defense in the NFL now. Stack it, dime, nickle, zone, Zone blitz, cover two, ETC. If they can dial in a particular line set with particular players when they are in say... 2nd and short or a 3rd and long... They can create favorable match-ups along that line. It could be a containment line or a run line or whatever... having enough personnel would make it possible and keeping it simple would make it effective. Moving guys around may lead the defense into making their own personnel choices also. Creating match-ups that favor Miami. I really don't think our staff gets the credit they deserve, they are some very smart dudes. Football guys every one of um. The injuries suck... but that is the downfall of Huge players... There is a calculated risk in taking large numbers of 300+ guys that are also tall and have large limbs to break and twist. I firmly believe our teams "Prototypical players" are the best choice... but everything has its side effects.
Thanks for the insight , Darryl... I Look forward to the Jax game big time!

This blog sucks
everytime I come here people are talking about ss bloggers

first team d was unreal man. its just pre season but seeing that and sanchez looking great scares me. hate the jets

Posted by: bill_cnnrs | August 17, 2010 at 06:29 PM

Dude, they have a great defense but come on, the starters were playing the Giants 2nd team half the time they were in and still didn't look that special. Idk what game you were watching.....

social parasite = cuban mange

Derek- I think when the blueprints of the construction of a team are drawn up, the teams within your own division have to be the start. Offensivley we have a team that is built to matchup with the jets, better so then NE, or Buffalo. The thing about beating the jets defense is trying to be patient untill they give you something that you can exploit. We will say that Revis is going to cover Marshall, He will need help more often then not. It is up to Henne to find the reciever that will be left alone(I'm sure they will do their best to disguise coverages) If Henne cannot find the mismatch, he must take what he can get, this may be where all the boring checkdowns in practice come into play. With the ability of our backs to catch the ball, this will help to break them down untill we can spring a big play.

August 17, 2010 at 10:36 pm
if you back to the draft day blogs , you’ll see i loved miami’s draft. One of few who did because many didn’t recognize the names , they only new of the big names . I Got called all kind of names for being a Homer !! How do you like me now ??? LOL !! I am the f'king king baby!!!!

This bonehead has a GOD complex!

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