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Garner out at least 8 weeks; decision time along the Miami Dolphins offensive line

The Dolphins have many decisions to make along the offensive line and injuries are making those harder than usual.

On the same day coach Tony Sparano said he'd like to have his starting offensive line set by the end of Saturday's preseason game against Jacksonville, the coach also announced that guard Nate Garner has had surgery on the same foot he had surgery on in the offseason.

A source tells The Herald Garner will be out of action for at least eight weeks, meaning he will miss the start of the regular-season and may not be available until the Oct. 4 game against New England at the earliest.

Garner had been working at right tackle the first two weeks of camp but had made the expected move back to his more natural guard spot when he was injured last week.

That means the Dolphins must decide to either keep a roster spot open for the player who started eight games at left guard and right guard last season or use that spot while placing Garner on season-ending injured reserve.

The Garner injury isn't the only one along the offensive line the Dolphins are nursing. Right guard John Jerry was not able to complete practice Tuesday morning because of a right knee injury and the normally optimistic Sparano suggested the sutiation is a problem when he was asked if he is very concerned.

"No, not very concerned," he said. "I"m concerned though ... we tried to get him heated up today and he was good for a little while but then the thing just got sore on him."

Despite the injuries, Sparano wants to see the offensive line come together in time to find cohesion for the season-opener Sept. 12.

On Tuesday the first-team line was Vernon Carey at right tackle, Corey Procter at right guard, Joe Berger at center, Richie Incognito at left guard and Jake Long at left tackle.

Last week Sparano said he wanted to see one of the two centers -- Berger or Jake Grove -- begin to separate as they compete for the starting job. I asked if that is happening yet and the answer seems to be that the competition is tightening instead of becoming more clear.

"I think I've seen a little bit more separation one way or the other or the competition make itself more interesting since Jake has been back," Sparano said. "The game the other other was an average indicator with both of them, to be honest with you."

That means neither Berger nor Grove played up to potential or past performances. They have to get better.


It's not time to panic yet. But things could be better.


Running back Patrick Cobbs, and linebacker Tim Dobbins continued to practice this morning. Recreiver Greg Camarillo (groin) is getting better, according to Sparano.


The Dolphins were scheduled to practice outside in front of fans this afternoon, but instead have moved the work inside the bubble so the practice is closed to the public.


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fyi, this fool NJ is giving doctor's advice to a heart patient over at the SS. I could not believe the imbecile. Who is dumber the poor patient or NJ???
NJ claims his mammy is an RN for 20 years, Shyt that old bat has been in a nursing home for the last 5 years. What a joke. NJ please stay where you are at.

August 17, 2010 at 11:30 pm
I was right , it was a real good draft. i was one of the very few to say so . Don’t be a hater , just acknowledge the fact i was right, is that so hard to do ?? LOL !

This bozo is so full of himself. He thinks he was the ONLY one who believed this was a good draft. SHEEEEEESH!

how do we know if it was a good draft yet?? we havent a clue.


Oh shyt I just used two of the TK8's favorite exclusive words.

“if you back to the draft day blogs , you’ll see i loved miami’s draft. One of few who did because many didn’t recognize the names , they only new of the big names . I Got called all kind of names for being a Homer !! How do you like me now ??? LOL !! ” NJ PHIN FAN August 17, 2010 at 10:36 pm

August 17, 2010 at 10:36 pm
if you back to the draft day blogs , you’ll see i loved miami’s draft. One of few who did because many didn’t recognize the names , they only new of the big names . I Got called all kind of names for being a Homer !! How do you like me now ??? LOL !! I am the f'king king baby!!!! Posted by: fyi | August 17, 2010 at 11:24 PM

Fyi , where is the " Iam the f'king king baby ! ! in NJ's post ?? You sir , are a liar and fraud. Your jealousy of NJ is sad and pathetic. You know have stooped to all new low posting comments and then adding in your own comments. congrats on being the biggest loser around, You are a TOTAL embarrassment !!

FYI , get a life cuban mange !!!!!

I know it can be frustrating. Please come back another time. There really are some good contributors on this blog.

I believe that for the longest time Miami tried to be "well rounded" able to be functional against every sort of team philosophy. Now, after a few years, I believe they do exactly what you are talking about. They have built BIG... that being the best Defense and Offense against the Jests, New England and even Buffalo. If indeed they do have a deficiency in talent compared to these teams, the Miami philosophy to overcome that disparity being to overwhelm them with size, speed and strength. Personally, I do not see the talent disparity, I believe it to be purposefully manufactured on broadcasts like ESPN where it makes good talking head speak so the New Yorkers feel superior. We all know they need their little affirmations!
But, Once again, I go to match-ups. As you say... when Miami is being beaten in one aspect, they will need to be able to recognize that and exploit what they are given. With a power running offense everything is possible, if you rely on airing it out "Marino style" every game the outcome will always count on execution (Saturday Night was an example of that) There was a post not to long back, the person who wrote it said ...For all of you waiting for Miami to become the next 1999 St Louis Rams "Greatest show on turf" or Indianapolis Colts with Manning at the helm heaving the ball all over the field... you will have a long wait. More so since we are talking about a team run by Parcells. He will stick to the Big Man, Domination style power running offense. Using a few great Wide Outs just to open up what he wants the team to be.
I agree with his analysis and feel as long as people keep waiting and looking for a wide open pass happy offense in Miami they will stay disappointed... It simply is not going to happen under Parcells watch. They will throw the ball... but Saturday proved they are FAR from stopping this from being a "Run First"..."Throw second" Offensive team. It will be easier for people to enjoy the team knowing and excepting this.

OH and cuban mange , take that low life payaso del carajo with you !

Are you kidding me?? Cory Proctor could start ahead of Donald Thomas while Jerry recuperates?? Thomas could be starting on severl NFL teams.
...Whats up with that?? Are you serious, Sparano??

Really worried about the O Line. If Henne is pressured all season, running out of the pocket, only bad things can happen.

Really hope next years draft or off season gets this O line thing set for good.

I think people need some perspective. Training camp is about player development, and evaluation. Secondly, it is about getting ready for the season. You can't get ready without evaluation.

The other thing is since injuries are a part of football, moving players around helps their chemistry in case of injuries during the season.

Sporano will settle on a starting group somewhere in the next 6-10 days. Until then competition is a benefit to the team.

Doesn't anyone remember Shula's training camps? They were no different. (Other then no bubble)

Miami Dolphins: Is the sky really falling? No, that's just a little rain.
by LeftCoastFinFan on Aug 18, 2010 5:00 AM

Last week, before the Miami Dolphins first game of the preseason, optimism flourished.
But this week, many of the same people that were very optimistic about the 2010 squad have apparently come down with a bad case of "Chicken Little Syndrome" (CLS) since watching the game last Saturday.

CLS is characterized by some, or all, of the following symptoms:

Mild to moderate crankiness when discussing the Miami Offense
Severe feelings of anxiety that Brandon Marshall has lost his ability to catch a football
Post traumatic flashback hallucinations of Cam Cameron, often accompanied by depression
An overwhelming urge to cover your head and run in circles when outside
Well, for you folks suffering from this malady, there is hope for some relief this week in the form of the SECOND preseason game at Jacksonville! You see, the truth of the matter is that the Dolphins didn’t play great…. But they also didn’t play terribly.

While the Miami Offense looked flat and out of synch, the Miami Defense created four turnovers off a fairly vanilla defensive game plan. And that is pretty much what allowed the Dolphins to squeak out a 10-7 win. This offseason, the team overall has stressed the need for big plays, and the D has stressed the need specifically for takeaways. And based upon what I saw last year, more games were lost by a Defense that could not get a crucial stop - or come up with a needed takeaway - when the game was on the line, than were lost by an Offense that couldn’t move the ball.
What I saw defensively from the Dolphins last Saturday was actually a pleasant surprise! I saw a young Defense play hard and fast, even though some of the guys making plays have only been on the team for a couple of weeks. I saw rookies who I expected to eventually start this year play like they already have a whole season of playing time under their belts. And I saw players, some rookies and some vets, who I did NOT expect to see making plays… well… making plays!

And all the while, I kept waiting to see new Defensive Coordinator, Mike Nolan, break out some things from his sneaky little bag of tricks. But there was very little trickery to be seen this night. Nolan is evidently playing it close to the vest, at least until we get a bit closer to the regular season. Which just makes the entire effort last Saturday even better! Because we ALL know what Nolan is going to do… it is not a secret… he is going to blitz early and often, and he is going to bring it from every direction. However, just knowing that these new Miami Dolphins defenders can play straight up this well, in their first real game together, inspires optimism that MAYBE this season - when the bullets are flying and the games count – MAYBE we will be able to get that crucial stop or takeaway when we really need it.

Now before anyone says that I am making too much out of the Defensive performance, let me stipulate that: "Yes, it was only against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers", and "Yes, much of it was played with second stringers." Still, it was good to see rookies like Jared Odrick, Koa Misi, and Nolan Carroll really step up, along with veterans like Paul Solia, Charles Grant, and Marques Douglas who are expected to be big contributors once the season starts.

I am not going to make excuses for the Miami first team Offensive effort in the same game… it was just ugly. And not just because it was wet and muddy. Wet and muddy changes up your play calls, however you still need to be able to execute, and the Offense definitely did NOT execute. Both Hartline and Marshall dropped passes; and the running game had no right to call itself that, because it wasn’t. But now is not the time to worry about the Offense.

When you look at the big picture, there is no tangible reason that the Offense shouldn’t be somewhat better than last year – the only key member missing from last year’s squad is Justin Smiley – everyone else remains (Ted Ginn doesn’t count as "key"). Also, last year there were several key members lost to injury, like Ronnie Brown, Patrick Cobbs, and Greg Camarillo, who are back this season. So even without Brandon Marshall, you would have to expect the Offense to have some margin of improvement over last season. But add in Marshall; Henne’s second year starting; Ronnie back as triggerman for the Wildcat; and a Defense that should help create more opportunities for the Offense, and how can you not expect overall improvement?

Still, there are some serious issues that still need to be resolved on the Offensive side of the ball, like:

- The O-line is in a state of flux and the starters need to be settled so that they can truly start to play as a "unit"
- I think we are going to miss Justin Smiley, because an athletic pulling Guard is required for a lot of things the Fins do, including the Wildcat
- The tight end play has to improve over last season, and we have yet to see who will step up make those plays; and will
- And *IS* Brian Hartline really going to earn the #2 WR spot?

Unfortunately for those of you suffering from CLS, these issues will probably not be resolved by this next game, but I would bet they will be resolved shortly thereafter – and most certainly by the 3rd preseason game.

But the Henne to Marshall connection? Not one of those issues.

Here,Here Lakecityfan.After Reading All The Comments Here Lately,You'd Think The Dolphins Had Been Mathematicaly Eliminated From The Play Offs After One Pre-Season Game.It Seems As If A Majotity Of The Fans Want To Bench Henne After Three Possesions In A Rain Storm,and I Just Don't Get It.

they will be by halloween. then the heat starts up. watch a winner.

Dolphins backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen went 10-of-19 passing for 145 yards. He directed a drive that ended with a 33-yard field goal by Dan Carpenter in the final minute of the first half, and a 61-yard march capped by Lex Hilliard's 2-yard touchdown run.

. why didn't thigpen have the same problems as henne did in the same slop.?


Well written post, I am glad to see there are others not afraid to stretch their keyboards legs a bit and prove they have more then a 30 word sarcastic quip about nothing (Not that there are not good 30 word posts) Its just good to see someone not afraid to write their thoughts with some explicit writing.

I feel there has always been that certain sort of fan who has to be stroked by the media, being told like Minnesota and NY that they rules the universe at least 5 times per day. When some of these fans do not see Miami in EVERY SINGLE F***ING report done on ESPN, like 3 or 4 teams are... they start feeling a bit short between the legs...Ya Know?
Even though YEARS and YEARS of the same crap has NEVER...EVER led to who REALLY ended up winning the Superbowl. Sure, they can get close because there are some very good teams out there. But(and I will try to make this the last time I use this analogy)...NOT ONE single Predictive Journalist said New Orleans would step up and win it all last year, Damn near running the table. Nope...Not one... Now of course, New Orleans has placed themselves in the ESPN "we'll talk about you once and awhile club" you do hear a few reports about them now... But make no mistake...The Wets, Vikes, Indy, Past-ies and San Diego are going to get 95% of the press. Leaving Dolphins fans to wonder why we never have any good players to be talked about... Bunch of BS.
Miami is going to hurt a bunch of teams feelings this year... leaving ESPN to make their usual list of excuses how Miami was such a "Fluke" to have beaten their obvious masters...

Posted by: Derek4Dolphins and others.....I wish I could take the hte credit for the post...I'm just doing a copy and paste from another site...but it's worth the read so I'm passing it on

Hi guys, come on down to Hoboken gym and watch me do my 5 lb. squats. 1-2-1-2.......

Munchkin quit aggravating that idiot NJ. He will just keep coming here and now posting as marc to insult cuban.

Cuban I hope you have a brain and can figure out that it is NJ posting as marc to get at you. I know marc is a dumbbell, but it is not him.

to fin fans idiots,

the coach knows henne will start the season ,he let him in the game for few minutes and then pulled him out . right move b/c he knows if henne gets injured the season is down the drain .

after a few days of reading ;

LACKCITYFAN is a copy and paste PRO . he does it for the good of the dolphins and i applude hime greatly .


eli manning is out for 2 weeks .

please coach don't play henne until opening day .

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Henne'd better show something soon.

henne is fine. he doesnt call the plays, and he cant throw it and catch it

DeBerg and Mitchell were both # 17.

rayray, i give you 8;50 for it .

What's with the Henne comments? Henne is good to go...no need to look for excuses for a fn preseason game....get a grip

On another website, they're calling it CSL (Chicken Little Syndrome)! The sky isn't falling! It was just the first pre-season game. Get over it already. The team has. I've been a Miami Dolphin fan since 1966. And, I'll remain a Dolphin fan till the day I die! I don't care if they're 15-1 or 1-15. I still root for my team. Yes, it's alright to criticize, but let's not jump ship because of the first game of pre-season. Sheesh!

haha. NJ has been banned for two days on the SS. Suicide watch is in order for him now..lol

Hahhahahaha folks NJ and some guy payaso del cargo just got axed over at the SS. Funny chit.

good post Tracy474.to be be a fin fan is to be warrior in the time of jumping wagons .

Chris Tiedje says:
August 18, 2010 at 12:17 pm
Payaso and NJ,
Cut this rivalry crap and keep it off the blog. You’ve both been warned, and neither seems to listen. You’re both suspended for 48 hours. Cool off, and give it a rest.

I found the post at the SS

Tracy474 dont used the word sheeesh, that is for the SS TK8 members only.

preseason doesnt mean much, plus field was in awful condition. im more worried about how good the jets starters looked, very tough

it's the tk7 now..lol

nj is a shameless human from NJ the garden state .


Go to the clip above. For all you so called Phin fans that post on here that are calling the season over with before it starts and bashing the team. Watch this video. For those REAL fans....see if the hairs on the back of your necks raise up again and the goose bumps show up on your forearms again and for that one moment when this happened you got a little choked up and it felt like you won the lottery. For those that had and have that feeling...you are the real Finfans...not some of these so called fair weather fans that do a lot talking and very little supporting.

you mean the fans that don't go to games and moan p from the north east area.like those?

A center stud (yeah he's 39 but better than what we have), one Kevin Mawae is available for 1.3 mill or less. Played well with the Titans after leaving the Jets.
Only reason he's not signed (IMO) is he's President of the NFL Player's Association, and it's not a real healthy time right now in that regard.

I believe the owners have conspired. He is an animal, as any true Fin fan can attest.

I like sweaty men in tight shorts.

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