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Good-bye Greg Camarillo, hello Patrick Turner

The Dolphins have traded wide receiver Greg Camarillo to the Minnesota Vikings for unspecified compensation according to multiple sources. The trade was first reported by The Herald's Jeff Darlington.

[Updated: The Dolphins get cornerback Benny Sapp from the Vikings in return. Sapp, a Fort Lauderdale native, is in his seventh NFL season. He started seven games for Minnesota last year. The move suggests Will Allen may not be ready for the start of the season. Allen, out the entire preseason following knee surgery, is now not a lock to be on the roster all of 2010.

The breakdown on Sapp from the good folks at ProFootballFocus.com: "He's an aggressive, quick corner that plays the run pretty well but does struggle in coverage at times. Last season he was thrown at 57 times and allowed 40 completions, for a 10.7 average.  He gave up 2 TDs and got his hands to 6 passes. Opposing QBs had a 103.5 QB rating when throwing at Sapp in '09.

Sapp's a capable nickel corner that plays inside, and will allow completions, but he tends to keep everything in front of him and will be active against the run.]

Camarillo was informed of the trade this morning. He obviously was not at practice today.

So, this is where we are:

Patrick Turner is looking like he is going to make the Dolphins.

He has been on the cusp of a roster spot as the team's No. 5 wide receiver. With Camarillo, previously considered a roster likelihood now gone, Turner moves up one notch. Turner was today taking second-team snaps with Davone Bess. (Brandon Marshall and Brian Hartline were taking first-team snaps in the base offense.)

And the fifth wide receiver position is now up in the air (again) with Marlon Moore, Julius Pruitt and Roberto Wallace battling for that job. Moore has to be the favorite right now with Wallace (6-4 and 225 pounds) looking like he can make a push.

One of those guys will likely be on the practice squad.

Yes, that still leaves the No. 5 job open. Do not dismiss the possibility Miami searches waiver wires and other practice squads for that player. In that case, Miami's No. 5 wide receiver may not be on the roster right now.

[Update 2: Guard Randy Thomas, signed last week, has had his contract terminated.]


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Long live Greg in Dolfna lore...

We love you Greg...

Good luck Greg (except week 2)

I like Marlon Moore, he could be a good option as the number 5 guy... I haven't seen much from Roberto Wallace

Thanks for the catch in '07! Brought tears to my eyes that afternoon.

great for Camarillo.
Unknow in 2007, traded to a true SB contender in 2010. Nice story.

Greg was consistant. We will not beable to find an "acorn" on the WW to replace him.... why trade then unless the Vikes made us a deal the Godfather would have been proud of..."I made him an offer he couldn't refuse"
Mike W


I know it's Greg but the infamous call said Rich (the old Oilers punter). But yes Greg, you will always be remembered fondly as a Dolphin. Knock em dead in Minnesota and show them how great us Dolphins really are.

Good luck and Godspeed!!!

OK, how long until Bess gets injured now that we dealt the other slot guy?


PFT says trade is for CB Sapp.
What's the impact on our suspect backfield?

What?!?!?!?!?!?! ...... We will miss you Greg! I hope you have a break out year in Minnesota!

I'd love to know what we got for him. Camarillo was a sure-handed receiver. He didn't have great speed, but he had great dedication and hands. I watched Turner in the Jax game, he wasn't that great (still isn't a great route-runner). I like Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace MUCH better. Heck, even Pruitt looked better in the last game. With all our problems at WR, I don't think having too many sure-handed receivers is a bad thing.


The trade was needed once Sidney Rice went down and teh Dolphins have a bit of a logjam at the position with the young guys showing something. Might as well get something for someone who was going to be the 4th receiver instead of releasing someone and getting nothing.

Pat Turner - time to man up, the Dolphins can cause some real match up problems with him against someone's 4th CB if he improves.

I was about ready to make a plea for Camarillo to start over Hartline. What did the guy ever do wrong? He never and I mean never dropped the ball, and he always found a way to get open. Hartline on the other had has been having some drops here as of late. Camarillo, in my opinion, is the white version of Jerry Rice, slow receiver with excellent route running and great hands. He was one of my favorite players the Dolphins had. I wish him the best luck and dont be surprised if he puts up numbers like another # 83 in New England.

farewell greg, you did plenty for us while you were here, not to mention save us from agony of a winless season, as far as im concerned, you'll always be welcomed around south beach!!!

What the hell did we need Benny Sapp for, he´s a mediocre CB, this probably mean Will Allen is out for the season or at least going to PUP list

After waiting more than a decade to have an elite group of WR's we finally get there, but we go and trade a consistant catching machine. I hope we got a draft pick or someone to improve the defense. I'M SCHOCKED!!!

Best of Luck Greg!

Will always remember and never forget your 2007 TD.

what the hell greg did do here ? he's a crappy player other wise why would he be traded .come on people .

Really good trade. I didnt think Camerillo would make the team anyway. So at least we got a solid DB to help out there.

Good luck Camarrilo. He was one of my favorite players. Mr Automatic.

What did camarillo ever do? Catch 50 passes without a single drop last year. And don't forget the catch he made to save us from going 0-15. He'll always be a favorite of the dolphin nation for that reason alone

Thanks For Your Time As A Dolphin Greg And Best Of Luck In Minnesota


He was removed from the Iowa Hawkeyes squad in 2002 due to charges of violence. He racked up 78 tackles, six interceptions, 29 passes defensed and four forced fumbles with the Panthers and 104 tackles and three interceptions in two seasons with the Hawkeyes.

Removed for violence. Another thug. AwwRIGHT!!!!

Good luck Camarrilo...I think you will do just fine in Minny if that old man can hold up back there.

I have visions of Wes Welker dancing through my head.

this was obvious esp with the emergence of our backups in the wr position; essentially you had almost the same player with camarillo & hartline

i personally liked camarillo over hartline but hey who am i but the buchter

personally i wouldve preferred a draft pick vs the guy we got

i was thinking more like a 4th or 5th round spot in return

ps=tight race between moore and turner...i thought cam was a goner for us when i didnt see him play in the last game...

i think moore may have passed turner on depth chart with performance from last week's game...there are still two more games to go plus practices so we will see how things shake out as Wallace still has time to make a push.

The fins did cam a favor...by trading him.he was not gonna make the roster..his body was breaking down..as for benny sapp ..he's a throw in player..a special team flyer..he's not a given to make the roster..Hopefully hartline ..does not turn into ted ginn and start dropping passes..cause than cam ..will be really missed..goodluck cam...go dolphins for life!

I love Camarillos' Heart and effort just as much as the next guy but Please lets not be comparing him to Jerry Rice. If he was anywhere close to a Jerry Rice we would not have needed Marshall.

Anyway I have to wish Greg luck and would like to thank him for all his effort and for helping us win that game in '07 and his great hands. Hope nothing but the best for you and your family. Knock'em dead in Minnesota.

as far as the dolphins go this is a surprise move but to me this is a great sign of how good the coaches feel about our receiver situation. Because last year he was Arguably our best receiver or at the least the most sure handed.

As sad as I am to see him go I have to think that this is a sign of good things to come!

Go Phins

ALSO not sold on turner or moore ' making the roster..maybe we can pickup a veteran wr..who gets cut soon..a puntreturner maybe?

What about Moore and Wallace making the team instead of Turner?

Camarillo, thank you for making the catch in 2007, and for holding the WR fort while the brass got better talent. Good luck with the Vikings.

The regime is consistent with what they do. If they feel a veteran is a "talent blocker" they will move him out. They apparently are liking what they see from Turner and the younger guys. I actually think Wallace is an interesting project as physically that guy is a beast.

Still think we could have done better than Benny Sapp. Camarillo was at one point a high end #2/low end #1 guy for us until he hurt his ACL. Benny Sapp??...surprised we could not squeeze an extra draft pick out of that.

This is a good move for the Dolphins. I like Camarillo as much as the next guy but Brian Hartline is the same player only faster. Turner has obviously shown some things since last year and that's good for everybody involved. As well, we need to keep developing the young guys. On top of all that our secondary looks to be a little suspect. Not saying Sapp is going to make a huge difference but I like that he adds to our depth there.

Love the way Greg plays, but lets not compare him to Jerry Rice...My gosh.

sapp is better than sea smith

For all those not worried about Sean Smith and Davis struggles.... Wake Up.

good luck GREAT GREG CAMARILLO he never drop a pass that i can remember thanks for save us for a disgrace season in 07. like i said to my friends here in PUERTO RICO we lost our best ofensive player like we did with welker to both of them THANKS.

the need for sapp is very real ,we can't depend on sean smith and davis .

go dolphins

The forth and fifth wr; is not gonna play much at all!The fins are gonna use alot of david martin and anthony fasano.Did you see the great blocking david did on the first fasano td..he held off a uncomming rusher on henne's face. and gave him time to set his feet and throw,.... FIN4LIFE


Camarillo was NEVER a one or a two. If he was it speaks of the lack of talent we had at the position. Camarillo is a guy along the lines of a Crash Jensen. A hard nosed, lay it on the line ever play kind of guy. But your one and two have to be coming in around a 1,000 yards with multiple TDs and able to separate from coverage and that was never Camarillo's game.

Btw, all those thinking that the Vikings are Super Bowl contenders this year might be in for a surprise. I think there is dissention on that team after the whole Favre fiasco, their receiving corpse is in disarray and Petersson is another year older and suffers from fumbiltis. As well, there are questions and complaints about the coach. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the Vikings miss the playoffs this year.

favre=16 million this year .it's about 4 sean smith + 10 henne +1 chad.penne

there goes the season!!! totally bummed!!! another wes welker deal!! you got to be kidding me!! i am serious when i say there goes the season, we didn't have a great recieving crew like some teams, but for the last two years CAMARILLO was our recieving crew! this move will be scrutinized and it should be! the bright spot of this season was going to be *if they double MARSHALL, throw to CAMARILLO-- now that's gone. now they can double marshall without consequense as hartline is not clutch!! BAD MOVE guys, REALLY bad move!! if you were to use patriots 16-0 offense as a model, moss/marshall-welker/camrillo...all camrillo did was catch the ball 99.9999% of the time, so lets trade him for some unknown cornerback? all welker did was return punts(rather well) catch the ball(99.99% of the time) he even kicked us a field goal- so lets trade him for ginn??!*?**..!! what does this tell our current recieving crew?? who made this bonehead move!? this move rivals the welker move! unbelievable!! call the FBI, cause i really think cammerwrong has tuna tied up somewhere and is wearing a bill parcell's disguise.

Trade Implications
1) Camarillo had no YAC in him. Sure handed and clutch. But you got Bess for that
2) Hobbs is not cutting it as Nickle.
3) Coach is worried about Sean Softie Smith and Vontae "Im getting Burned" Davis
4) Jason Allen can only produce on Special Teams

Would’ve like to see Cam stay with Hartline struggling a bit to catch the ball but seems like we have a decent cover corner in return(lord this secondary looks like they need one) and this also opens the door to allow the Dolphins to keep WRs Moore & Wallace but not Turner & Pruitt…see you guys later. Don't be so presumptious that Turner is going to make the team Mando. Control your man-crush.

I wouldn't mind this trade so much cuz for one, he is going to a good team, and two, we hope that Hartline only improves from last year. But I think we could've squeezed out a draft pick out of this.

God Bless you for your 2007 overtime catch and run. You will always have a special place in the heart of this diehard Dolfan! Good luck in Minnesota.

damnit, stupid trade. guy never drops a ball. damnittttttttt

"Camarillo, in my opinion, is the white version of Jerry Rice, slow receiver with excellent route running and great hands."

I rarely point fault with people's quotes but this is an all time boner. First off, Camarillo was a very good Dolphins player, especially in a time when things were so neglected by incompetence for too long. Second, Camarillo is neither white nor in teh class as the all time greatest wide receiver to play the game. I suspect the person that wrote this must be below 20 years of age and never saw the real Jerry Rice play. The man was a machine.

thigpen is next .

we made the trade also to get sapp to be in the look out for sean smith and mr davis .as for greg he was a crappy player ,an average at best

We need to have that #5 WR to be a burner. You have a nice mix at WR
1) Marshall: Physical and Tall #1 Type
2) Hartline: Good YAC, shaky hands, runs good routes, good at leaving the scene of a crime.
3) Bess: Cluth on 3rd down, punt returner and quick
4) Turner: Big Body, learning curve.
5) Need a Fast Guy here. A Burner. Someone to bomb it to and throw the Hail Mary

Hahhaa, "there goes the season"???? He was the 4th wide receiver on this team!!! A good one but man, Hartline and Bess can do everything Camarillo can do in a supporting role and more. HAHHAHAHAHAAAA!!! I better cancel my travel plans to Oakland and try to sell my tickets to Buffalo.


This is a big mistake. At every crucial juncture last year, when we HAD to have a completion, we went to Camarillo. As evidence:

(check out :10 and 2:20)

(3:45 - probably the most crucial 4th down conversion of the season!)

There are others, but this gives an idea. He and Henne just had fantastic rapport when we desperately needed it, and the guy never dropped anything. Now he's gone. Don't like it one bit.

Wasn't it Bob Griese that predicted the Dolphins would make a "trade" in between pre-season games 2 and 3 during the Jax broadcast???

Does Bob have a blog, he was spot on!!!

stupid trade, saap isnt good. hartline looks awful this preseason, bess is slot. camarillo came up with huge catches every game on comeback routes

I'll miss Greg Camarillo. He's a solid stand-up WR and person. But Brian Hartline will be playing his role and we need WR's that are physical and can stretch the field. The challenge now is for Patrick Turner to step it up and be aggressive.

Benny Sapp is a stopgap measure to replace Will Allen for now. Nolan Carroll will make it as a KR and as a backup nickel CB.

My biggest concern is to see Vontae and Smith snap, focus, and mature as ballplayers.

See around Greg....I hope Sapp is decent, we could use the help at corner if Smith and Davis let up huge plays once again...

This is our year fellas! yeah we run this town! Vince can do the movie!

And Camarillo caught a pass with his azzz!! Show me someone else that can do that!!!


Actually, I think it was Bob Greaseball that called vontae Davis Davone Davis. Good luck on that blog, Mark.

Dudes......RELAX! GC is definitely a hero to all of us Fish Fans! Maybe the most exciting play in Dolphins history! He is an very good possession receiver for sure, but he isn't a game breaker. Moore and Wallace look like they may be something and we had one too many possession receivers. Camy had a higher salary, I think, and had the best trade value. He was also going to be our 4th..4th!!! receiver. Hopefully Sapp will contribute accordingly. His scouting report says he does give up completions, but keeps things in front of him. Translation.....FEW BIG PLAYS. We NEED secondary help and didn't NEED another receiver. Solid trade IMO. If there's a draft pick involved too, which I highly doubt, even better!

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