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Good-bye Greg Camarillo, hello Patrick Turner

The Dolphins have traded wide receiver Greg Camarillo to the Minnesota Vikings for unspecified compensation according to multiple sources. The trade was first reported by The Herald's Jeff Darlington.

[Updated: The Dolphins get cornerback Benny Sapp from the Vikings in return. Sapp, a Fort Lauderdale native, is in his seventh NFL season. He started seven games for Minnesota last year. The move suggests Will Allen may not be ready for the start of the season. Allen, out the entire preseason following knee surgery, is now not a lock to be on the roster all of 2010.

The breakdown on Sapp from the good folks at ProFootballFocus.com: "He's an aggressive, quick corner that plays the run pretty well but does struggle in coverage at times. Last season he was thrown at 57 times and allowed 40 completions, for a 10.7 average.  He gave up 2 TDs and got his hands to 6 passes. Opposing QBs had a 103.5 QB rating when throwing at Sapp in '09.

Sapp's a capable nickel corner that plays inside, and will allow completions, but he tends to keep everything in front of him and will be active against the run.]

Camarillo was informed of the trade this morning. He obviously was not at practice today.

So, this is where we are:

Patrick Turner is looking like he is going to make the Dolphins.

He has been on the cusp of a roster spot as the team's No. 5 wide receiver. With Camarillo, previously considered a roster likelihood now gone, Turner moves up one notch. Turner was today taking second-team snaps with Davone Bess. (Brandon Marshall and Brian Hartline were taking first-team snaps in the base offense.)

And the fifth wide receiver position is now up in the air (again) with Marlon Moore, Julius Pruitt and Roberto Wallace battling for that job. Moore has to be the favorite right now with Wallace (6-4 and 225 pounds) looking like he can make a push.

One of those guys will likely be on the practice squad.

Yes, that still leaves the No. 5 job open. Do not dismiss the possibility Miami searches waiver wires and other practice squads for that player. In that case, Miami's No. 5 wide receiver may not be on the roster right now.

[Update 2: Guard Randy Thomas, signed last week, has had his contract terminated.]


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Hhahaa, FLPD!!! The man played in the old NFL where there was no rushing the passer fouls or surely not called the same way they are today - cut him some slack! He's bound to get mumbled up with details but man, the trade call was something shrewd!

good points randy

I have visions of Wes Welker dancing through my head.

Posted by: ALOTT | August 25, 2010 at 01:43 PM

That's just creepy....

Sticky hands?? I will never forget the ball me caught with his butt.

I really hate to see him go. I bet Henne does too. He was our go-to guy when we needed a clutch catch. Remember the last drive on Monday night last year against the Jets? He made two BIG catches. I am not sure we win that game without him. If Turner is the real deal, he needs to show it soon or this may come back to haunt us.

I like the concept of the trade. Dont know about Sapp but we need depth at CB. Its scary to think that Jason Allen and Nolan Caroll are the next up behind Smith and Davis.

Problem is the Trifecta are crappy in evaluating talent in the secondary:
1) Eric Green
2) Crocker
3) Gebril Wilson

I had written last night that Miami normally does this sort of trade just before the season begins. They fill a need by making a trade. I read above someone wrote "What did Camarillo do wrong"? This has NOTHING o do with punishment. Camarillo was sent to a very good team. It had to do with both Minnesota and Miami having a need and making a trade. SOMEONE had to go at WR. At least this way Miami gets a return on the player and gets help in the secondary and Cam goes to a quality club. I really like Cam and wish his all the best. Marlon Moore has had a very good preseason and could very well make the team. With Bess, Moore, Turner, Hartline, Wallace, Pruitt and Marshall in the roster, It made trading Camarillo an easy choice. Now, it will be either Pruitt or Wallace who does not make the regular roster (perhaps practice squad.) Once one of them goes that leaves 6. I believe Miami will start with 6 WR and see what happens from there.

I hope Sapp knows the Viking playbook. Im sure Camarillo knows ours very well.


The 5th receiver spot is going to MR. PAT WHITE


Saved the phins from a winless season...for that we should honor him. Very consistent player and I hate to see him leave but it's a good trade for both teams.

i see fasano and turner w/ a lot of td balls .

Thank you Camarillo! You saved us buddy. Best of luck to you.

Would have preferred a draft pick, thinking 3rd rounder for 2011!!!

Problem is the Trifecta are crappy in evaluating talent in the secondary:
1) Eric Green
2) Crocker
3) Gebril Wilson

Posted by: Lebron's Headband | August 25, 2010 at 02:18 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/08/goodbye-greg-camarillo-hello-patrick-turner/comments/page/2/#comments#ixzz0xdweGd00

Mike Nolan isn't.

Those of you that are calling Camarillo our best offensive player and the white Jerry Rice are fkn idiots. Even comparing him to Welker is a far stretch. I hate to see him go but anyone who has seen our secondary last year through this preseason can tell you they need all the help they can get.

we traded a crappy player for a good CB who's going to help mr smith and davis . mike nolan is the one who recommended this trade .

Trade Thigpen for Vincent Jackson Now



How many CB's are we keeping? 4 or 5?

Smith, davis, Carrol, sapp, W allen?

so jason allen and ness are out?

You know whats funny ? There are as many Viking fans on the web upset about this trade as there are Dolphins fans on the web upset about this trade, which tells me one thing. I think both teams are going to be happy with what they got. Also, aside from stepping right in as the nickel CB, he is going to help us on Special Teams, which we needed as much as Minnesota needed WRs. Lets all calm down and see how this all plays out. Sapp is tough, and a good player.

Need to keep 10 DBs

Ness to the PS and Sayonara other scrubs

Greg, thanks for your dedication and for the catch of the season in what was an otherwise miserable year.

Good luck with the Vikings. Oh, and do what you can to make Brett retire. Am tired of that story.

Aloco would trade his family, and 100 consistant slot cammarillos for one Ted * stone* hands Ginn, *LMAO*

Gold I tell ya

welcome sapp,we need help ...

signed by smith and davis

Mr. Sal, I think since you are the only one in the room who has actual contact with the higher-ups in the Dolphins organization, you should tell them that they should...no! they HAVE to either retire this guy's jersey or put his name in the ring of honor with "The catch heard round South Florida" next to his name. jus sayin...do the right thing Mando...do it.

I have a hard time not blowing snot bubbles when I read shiznit like...

* There goes the season...
* He is a White Jerry Rice
* It Wes Welker all over again
* Etc., ongoing stupidity, ect.

Camarillo is a solid #3 or #4 receiver, a guy who did right by the dolphins. BUT.....

*** HE AIN'T NO F***ING Jerry Rice!!!


And if trading him was the doom of the season then Miami was screwed from the blocks.

I have read at least 400 posts from Miami fans whining about the secondary needing help...But, in truly typical Dolphins fans style... Miami DOES give them some help... and because it isn't the way you wrote it up on the cocktail napkin while you were getting Sh*t-faced last night at the bar...your panties are all bunched up.


It was a mid-level trade for two mid-level journeymen players...That's all it was... Both teams got the help they needed. Be damn glad it happened so we have some depth at CB... Because I have a feeling there is bad news coming about Will Allen.

D4D, very well said!!!

I wouldn't be so quick to annoint Turner as the replacement. I don't think he has the fire in the belly. Moore and Wallace have the same physical presence and seem to want it more. Granted that Wallace is a project but after 3 years, we better see alot from Turner this year to justify his spot on the roster and this trade.

Vikes fan here. First off, I think you guys got a pretty solid player in Sapp. There were times he got burned last year but he put in some quality minutes and should do the same for you guys. I was surprised to read he was in danger of being cut. Hard for me to believe. Secondly, I'd like some unbiased insider opinion of what to expect from Camarillo. It seems like mostly positive comments on him from you guys. Thanks!

Please trade Clam Chowder for another Vet Safety.

Dobbins, Johnson and Folsom can hold it down.

People still poppin' the ludes?

D4D, very well said!!!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 25, 2010 at 02:41 PM

Does well said = Common Sense ???

Camarillo is clutch and sure handed. He can run a route and leave only room to slip the ball in.

I dont see him working too well with Butt Favre. Butt wants always to go for the glory and sling it.
Camarillo will be his check down guy as he will be within 15 yds of the line of scrimmage.

I see less passes to AP (have him block incoming LBs) and more touch passes to Camarillo.

GP, he is a reliable reciever that runs good routs and has very good hands. He is pretty sloooow.

Hopefully this pick-up will work out. Best of luck Cam! Sapp is 5-9 190; I do not think they picked him up to play outside but he can in a pinch. I think given his small stature that he would be abused on the outside. Not sure what to make of this in respect to W. Allen. Certainly, if he is back healthy and Sapp is capable, then Allen could move back outside and perhaps challenge one of the youngsters. I see them obviously keeping Turner and either Moore or a yet to be determined waiver pick-up. I like Moore's chances though.

Maybe this is the end of Jason.

pancanfinfan, Turner is entering his 2nd season, what are you talking about ?!?!

i've been wondering what was taking so long to trade him anyways! we have to many receivers that are nearly the same! thanks for the great catch that save us from total shame!! wish you luck!! now its time for these younger guys to show their worth!! p.s. what taking so long to trade thigpen!! lol

You will be missed Greg...Only a$ $ catch I've seen!

Good trade IMO. To all those who are making Camarillo as the best clutch receiver (since he didn't have a drop last year); I'll give you that he rarely had a drop but I'll take Bess any day. Bess was #1 in AFC and #2 in NFL in 3rd down receptions that resulted in a first down, and he only had 4 drops. Bess also had the most receptions of all our sorry receivers last year and Hartline had the most YACS so where did it leave Cammy but trade bait; good move by the organization to get our secondary some help.

thigpen is next .

go dolphins

GP Camarillo is great pro. Class act. He had 50 catches last year with 0 drops. Majority of those passes were for 1st downs. You got a very solid depandable player.
Also he caught the pass and ran it in for TD in 2007 against baltimore to save us from going 0-16. For that he'll always be one of our favorite dolphins.

damn i couldnt believe we picked up sapp, i've been knowing him since he was like 12! maybe i can gets some free tickets! him and my brother n law are very close friends

"but does struggle in coverage at times"

Um, is it me or isn't that exactly the problem we have with all the rest of our CBs? If this means Will Allen is gone for the year, it's very, very bad news.

only on a dolphin blog would you hear it 1000 times (( thanks for the TD that saved us from total shame )) .1-15 ...........0-16 which is better ?

go dolphins

there has to be more to this trade then just sapp

camarillo obviously the better player of the 2
no he wasnt elite but he didnt drop passes which is key when he wouldve been the 3 or 4 this year

i think maybe the injuries also played a role in this

there has to be an undisclosed draft pick or something else out there?

in my opinon they shouldve been the more desperate side as far as negotiations

but i could be wrong

just talked to brother-n-law and he said SAPP happy to be here b/c his family is here and he can watch his son play football but he's not to happy that playing time might not be what it was for the vikings

no more drive saving 1st downs to win games. c-ya.

thanks for letting us breathe during that loonnnnnggggg season in 07...always a great moment seeing that catch and run vs baltimore

good luck greg c in minnesota minus week 2....u will be on my fantasy football roster now with favre throwing to you 12 times a game

fin fan in LA...

Craig M,...that is my rallying cry up here in Vikings territory.The Vikes had their chance last year to go all the way,and it didn't work out.I see this season as a huge let down....tougher schedule,injuries and a more competitive division.I see the Packers taking it to the Vikes twice and splitting with the Bears and yes...the Lions.

How could any Dolfan not love Camarillo? But the truth is Bess replaced him and he had the trade value to get a 'decent' corner that we needed. The numbers show Sapp can tackle and he held his own his 1st year as a starter on a playoff team.

Relax guys? We are making room for Vincent Jackson, Marshall, Bess combination.
back to the days of Mark brothers and Nat Moore, backed up by a superior running game and younger defense.

camarilo, or whomever occupy the 4th and 5th slot won't play a ton anyway so this is a good trade. we get a nickel guy and we get to keep 2 young WR's who can get better and do some spell the 3 starters.

i seriously doubt we will go after jackson!! why you think we will go after him SEN?

Beware of Fins high powered Offense.

Be Careful while looking at the Secondary for too long as you might get burned.

9-7 realistic with current roster and schedule
10-6 to make the playoffs

Need a couple of breaks here and there. Go Fins!

Truly reliable hands aren't easy to come by, in case you haven't noticed while watching Phins. Lots of folks here very quick to throw GC away for a 'struggles in coverage at times' corner. I wouldn't bet against Brett Favre making him into another Wes Welker.

I don't know about this one. Camarillo is solid, and Turner and the other young guys don't have the hands or the savy route running that Camarillo has. And Hartline hasn't shown me anything yet other then dropping passes in the preseason. I think Henne has lost a valuable security blanket.

Veteran guard Randy Thomas injured himself and has been released a week after he signed

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