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Good-bye Greg Camarillo, hello Patrick Turner

The Dolphins have traded wide receiver Greg Camarillo to the Minnesota Vikings for unspecified compensation according to multiple sources. The trade was first reported by The Herald's Jeff Darlington.

[Updated: The Dolphins get cornerback Benny Sapp from the Vikings in return. Sapp, a Fort Lauderdale native, is in his seventh NFL season. He started seven games for Minnesota last year. The move suggests Will Allen may not be ready for the start of the season. Allen, out the entire preseason following knee surgery, is now not a lock to be on the roster all of 2010.

The breakdown on Sapp from the good folks at ProFootballFocus.com: "He's an aggressive, quick corner that plays the run pretty well but does struggle in coverage at times. Last season he was thrown at 57 times and allowed 40 completions, for a 10.7 average.  He gave up 2 TDs and got his hands to 6 passes. Opposing QBs had a 103.5 QB rating when throwing at Sapp in '09.

Sapp's a capable nickel corner that plays inside, and will allow completions, but he tends to keep everything in front of him and will be active against the run.]

Camarillo was informed of the trade this morning. He obviously was not at practice today.

So, this is where we are:

Patrick Turner is looking like he is going to make the Dolphins.

He has been on the cusp of a roster spot as the team's No. 5 wide receiver. With Camarillo, previously considered a roster likelihood now gone, Turner moves up one notch. Turner was today taking second-team snaps with Davone Bess. (Brandon Marshall and Brian Hartline were taking first-team snaps in the base offense.)

And the fifth wide receiver position is now up in the air (again) with Marlon Moore, Julius Pruitt and Roberto Wallace battling for that job. Moore has to be the favorite right now with Wallace (6-4 and 225 pounds) looking like he can make a push.

One of those guys will likely be on the practice squad.

Yes, that still leaves the No. 5 job open. Do not dismiss the possibility Miami searches waiver wires and other practice squads for that player. In that case, Miami's No. 5 wide receiver may not be on the roster right now.

[Update 2: Guard Randy Thomas, signed last week, has had his contract terminated.]


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We have be realistic with the Defense and all the inexperience…

Odrick- Rookie Starter
Misi– Rookie Starter
Wake- 1st time starting, 2nd year pro
Clemons– 1st time starting, 2nd year pro
Davis- 2nd year pro
Smith– 2nd year pro

Starks- 1st year at NT

We need some VET players… Defense is 50% with young guys.

Good trade.

seems sapp has the right thing to say re revis and haynesworth ;

(( i tell every one unless you r pyetton manning or that pretty boy in boston tom brady, you r not hitting a home run money wise.take the triple ))

the farve i saw for 4 plays the other nite should have stayed retired!! i think he dont make it to week 3! im sure the saints will test him and i expect us to do the same thing! we will put the finishing touches on farve and maybe his season

OMG, they traded the 4th WR! What are we going to do now, the season is lost! Wtf do you guys smoke down there? Is frank lucas selling blue magic again? They won't miss this guy and honestly hw many passes would he of caught anyway, 30 if he was lucky? Remember who's running player personell up in minny, rick spielmen, so you already know that this is a bad trade for minny and sapp is gonna be huge down here

Omar Kooky says Donald Thomas is next on the Trading block.

What do you guys think?

I personally dont think you trade a 5th rd pick that can be a pretty good backup and has started games for your line in the past.

quote from sapp ;


Now if we could only get a good trade for Pat White!!!

Can we trade Pat White to the Pats for Edelman?
or a Boston Creme Pie?

the next person to get traded will be thigpen! to many good college qb's coming out next year! either way if thiggy stays or goes we will draft a QB next year for sure! hoping we get some of that talent from the U!!!!!!!!!!

I've been saying for awhile, Camarillo and Bess are the exact same player. No sense of having 2 players who are mirror images of each other. All around Bess is quicker and more versatile. I expected Camarillo to be gone. Good move by the Trifecta. I'm not sold on Turner, think Wallace has more upside. Pat White will be gone shortly too. Good luck Greg


They Call Me... Tim says:
August 25, 2010 at 3:38 pm
..HELP!!!!! HELP!!!! Chris T. HELP!!!!. Jandoh is calling me names.. HELP!!!!. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!.WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!.

Sources from another site are saying 3 CFL teams are interested in offering Pat White a contract as soon as he is released.

Pat White, CFL MVP returns triumphant to the Fins in 2012

August 25, 2010 at 3:42 pm

..My boyfriend Tim just got banned again.I'd better get dinner started.He will be upset when he gets home.

SS Moderator, is ChrisTy the Mod banning people left and right?

If Hartline can't get it done should the Fins take Bess out of the slot, and start him oppisite Marshall.
I love Camarillo, I think he should have kept his starting job and they should have made Hartline unseat him if he could.


Are you High did you forget about our leading WR last year and it was not cam not even close. Bess is the definition of slot WR. would do more if he was in a offense like the pats or colts.Plus sapp can play he a Corer that can start and is very good for for the AFC est (strong against the run).

Whats up with all the people doubting Camarillo? The reason I compared him to the white version of Jerry Rice (yes I know he has Mexican decent) is b/c if you look at the 2008 season he was headed toward a 1000 yard season. I should have said he's a poor man's Jerry Rice because they both have similar skill sets as mentioned before. When I watched Penny and Camarillo it reminded me of Montana and Rice, and yes the later was obviously better, but it reminded me. And all you haters for saying that Camarillo is slow you might want to take a look at 64 yard td. Yes I realize he had knee surgery thats why his last years performance wasnt all that great compared to when he his healthy. During preseason everyone dreams about how all these receivers will do wonders for our team but come season time, the consistent ones will be the ones playing. Camarillo is the defintion of consistency and clutch. To the one that said that Bess is clutch, you should recall when he had his dropping and fumbling problems last year. Hartline is dropping the ball this preseason too not to mention Marshall, and there is a reason why Turner didnt even catch the ball last year. He would get more yac if miami could actually trust someone other than Camarillo on clutch receptions. Guarantee putting him with Favre will be the best thing for him because not many guys can get in and out of their cuts (not to mention catch the ball with their butt) like he can. He has always had his doubters I just never thought it would be from Phin nation.

lh. it is pre-school over there.

I just hope they evaluated Sapp properly, some Vikes fan said the guy wasnt making the team.

Trifecta has stunk it up in FA on the secondary front so far.

Terrific, so we trade a guy with ZERO drops last year...a real Wes Welker type who just never misses, for a guy who struggles in coverage, and giving the job to Turner???


Pat White isnt going anywhere---they are giving Thigpen all the snaps so he can showcase his talents---and be traded for a pick----i would be shocked if they gave up on a 2nd round pick in 1 year----thats something the Lions or Raiders do

parcells luvs wasting ross' $$$$$ on scrubs.

Hey--FLPD--where the F do you get off calling Bob Griese Bob Greaseball? Wanna have a go at coach Shula, too? Jeezus, what do you have to do to get some respect around here? Go eat another donut, and stretch that polyester out some more, Trooper A-hole.

Thanks for memories Greg, you will be missed!

Camarillo was having frequent groin issues, plus came off a torn acl in 2008...it was time to pass the torch. Good hands, good route runner, but need to know when to cash in your chips. Good management. This gives a chance for the three younger and healthier receivers behind him to make the team with the potential of being upgrades over where GC is now.

I like Moore a lot... sneaky quick speed and good hands, however , i feel that what we got in return was not acceptable... we dont need another problem child who underperforms, sapp will be in suspension half way through the season i bet.... draft pick would have been much much better. So i digress, knock em dead in Minne Cam, just dont do it when we come to play ya this year!! LOVE U AND THANKS FOR 2007!!!!

Nolan is looking for very fast CBs, to deploy in his blitz scheme, that where Nolan Carroll comes in. Camarillo is gone, Vincent Jackson comes in. I wish lol

You guys are missing the unseen picture thats developing here:

We traded Smiley for a conditional 7th rounder, now Cam for a scrub. Smiley's mostly Jax starting center and Cam's likely to be starter until Rice comes back midseason.

On the surface it seems we havent gotten fair value for either but let's think outside the box. Draft day 2011. With trades so lopsided as these we may potentially be looking at as high as a second rounder come draft day. To insure that I wouldnt be surprise if the corner Sapp gets cut.

So basically Smiley and Camarillo have been traded for 7th and possibly as high as a 2nd rd supplemental draft award. Keep your fingers crossed men.


LOL @ DyingBreed

LOL @ DyingBreed

Posted by: Lebron's Headband | August 25, 2010 at 04:32 PM

Think about it. Smiley(a starting center) traded for a conditional 7th rounder. Now trade Cammarillo for a cb that even at Cheers bar nobody would know his name.

Dont know about the rest of you but I'm smelling a pretty decent supplemental draft award here. If they cut Sapp we could be looking at an additional 2nd rounder in exchange.

LMAO @ Allen, yea, that's what they are doing, showcasing Thigpen and then giving White NO snaps cause he can step right in and lead this team. White is just deceiving everyone by looking awful in practice and not playing in the Preseason. Blog gets dumber by the minute.

"The move suggests Will Allen may not be ready for the start of the season".

Has anyone heard this for sure because I can think of a couple of other reasons why they brought Sapp in.

2. He could've been brought in to push Carroll?

3. Was he possibly brought in as a special teams flyer? Or just for special teams in general seeing how we stink in that area while also allowing for more competition amongst the CBs.

For all of you guys that are missing Camarillo already stop and count to week 2. That's when Cam makes his return.

NYScott this is why Sapp was brought in:

We traded Smiley for a conditional 7th rounder, now Cam for a scrub. Smiley's mostly Jax starting center and Cam's likely to be starter until Rice comes back midseason.

On the surface it seems we havent gotten fair value for either but let's think outside the box. Draft day 2011. With trades so lopsided as these we may potentially be looking at as high as a second rounder come draft day. To insure that I wouldnt be surprise if the corner Sapp gets cut.

So basically Smiley and Camarillo have been traded for 7th and possibly as high as a 2nd rd supplemental draft award. Keep your fingers crossed men.

Bob greaseball was one great player .

Biloxi Boy said, "I really hate to see him go. I bet Henne does too. He was our go-to guy when we needed a clutch catch. Remember the last drive on Monday night last year against the Jets? He made two BIG catches. I am not sure we win that game without him. If Turner is the real deal, he needs to show it soon or this may come back to haunt us".

Biloxi boy, ummmmmmm, I'm pretty sure Marshall is our new "go to guy". The only reason Henne would be dissapointed to see him go would be because of friendship. Greg C. is a great guy but he's a mediocre WR. Not a huge loss and it will not come back to haunt us seeing how he was barely going to see the field this year as it was.

no ONE should argue w.DyingBreed ...he knows football better than all of us .

Camarillo will always have a special place in my heart.

Remember when the Dolphins were 0 & (what seemed like) 37 and may have gone winless for the whole season?

The rest of the team seemingly gave up but not Camarillo. He caught the ball against the Ravens and TOOK IT TO THE HOUSE!

Man, I was so happy that day we might as well have won the Super Bowl.

You're the man Camarillo. Best of luck to you.

Hey Jordan, catching 1 (one) 64 yd pass does not make you fast.


bobbyd - did you have brunch with the trifecta over the weekend? What do you really 'know' from your approximately ZERO conversations with the trio? Nobody on the blog really 'knows' for sure about anything, people simply offer their points of view and if they are right in the end, so be it. If they dump Pat White tomorrow that doesn't make you a genius and if they keep him that doedns't make you an idiot either. Some on this blog act like they are the 'Masters of Knowledge'.

A report on the other web site saying revis will sign tomorrow .


bobbyd12 sees their conversations in his dreams then he comes here and pretend they r real .

out of all the top-notch WR revis shut down guess who beat him badly???

ted ginn

Dyingbreed, I have no clue about the supplemental draft award. So you're saying that because we've traded players for less than they are worth (and who determines that?) that we could end up with an extra pick? Is that a hope or is it written in stone? Who or what decides if we get this pick?

To those saying Sapp is a scrub because you looked at some useless stats please stop it. The guy started 7 games for a team that was one play away from going to the superbowl. Camarillo caught 30 something passes for a team that went 7-9. So who's the real scrub in this scenario?

Turn the tables around and imagine what Vikings fans are saying? "we got who?! CamarilWHO? I just looked at his stats and he only had 33 catches and 2 tds! GREAT!".

Marlon Moore will make this team and we will be very happy we had room for him instead of holding on to an aging WR who has already peaked.

Good luck to Camarillo..... BRING ON VINCENT JACKSON!!!!

Maybe they will line up against each other week 2.

Good luck to Camarillo..... BRING ON VINCENT JACKSON!!!!!

Good luck to Camarillo..... BRING ON VINCENT JACKSON!!!!!!

thats rite WHIPPIN BOY TED GINN, who actually won games for us! yes camarillo is a stand-up guy and team player! he also save us from infamy!! but at the same time whats the point in having a player who catches a lot of balls but dont score TD's, we have 2 camarillos' on the team already in bess(who is a little quicker) and hartline (who is a little faster)! we did the right thing in my opinion! now its time for turner to step up and if he dont moore will be the 4th wr which wouldnt be bad from what we've seen so far. hope him and turner get some work with the starts vs falcons

I'm sorry. It was 50 catches and NO TDs. And he lost his job to a rookie. How do you play on the outside and not catch one TD and lose your job to a rookie?

ANSWER- You are a mediocre WR.

Cammy lovers do not attack me, I am simply stating facts. Greg seems like an awesome guy but we really have to get over this love of every guy who wears a Dolphins uniform. You guys want the progress of the team to be stopped because you identify with a particular player and it's very short sighted. There are two WRs who are on the bubble right now, one of which SHOULD ABSOLUTELY be on this team. The upside is tremendous, Camarillos upside is gone. We've seen everything he can do and it's simply not enough. Time to move on, time to get better.

Hey 2 Watt, you may want to check the contracts of both players before you say they've wasted money. But thanks for the constant stream of uneducated guesses and negativity. It's very uplifting.

wow, some of the responses on here are priceless!!! a 3rd rounder for a WR who wasn't a lock to make our roster and coming off ACL surgery ? maybe you can trade White to that same team for their next 2 first round picks!!! get real!!!Cam will hold a place in every Dolphins fans heart for the play against the Ravens that saved us from going winless....the truth is as a team our talent level is so much better, especially at WR that Cam wasn't really needed...

Hartline is a solid 2...bigger and faster then Cam... stop the comparisons...
Bess beat Cam for the slot job... end of story.. that is where the comparisons should start and end!!! Cam lost the No. 3 spot to Bess... so I think you can realistically view it as Cam was fighting for a 4th or the last spot on the WR list...

Cam did do anything on ST..a glaring weakness so far this year and all indications are that Sapp is a great ST player.....additionally with our youth and injuries at the CB position right now... this is a great trade for both teams!!!!

greg is and was a crappy player,any wr who doesn't make his team wins he's a crappy player .if marshall doesn't make the fins wins he's a crappy player .

dolphin4life,,,,,do i win any thing? at least tell the haters i know football .

oops Cam didn't do anything on ST's

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