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Good-bye Greg Camarillo, hello Patrick Turner

The Dolphins have traded wide receiver Greg Camarillo to the Minnesota Vikings for unspecified compensation according to multiple sources. The trade was first reported by The Herald's Jeff Darlington.

[Updated: The Dolphins get cornerback Benny Sapp from the Vikings in return. Sapp, a Fort Lauderdale native, is in his seventh NFL season. He started seven games for Minnesota last year. The move suggests Will Allen may not be ready for the start of the season. Allen, out the entire preseason following knee surgery, is now not a lock to be on the roster all of 2010.

The breakdown on Sapp from the good folks at ProFootballFocus.com: "He's an aggressive, quick corner that plays the run pretty well but does struggle in coverage at times. Last season he was thrown at 57 times and allowed 40 completions, for a 10.7 average.  He gave up 2 TDs and got his hands to 6 passes. Opposing QBs had a 103.5 QB rating when throwing at Sapp in '09.

Sapp's a capable nickel corner that plays inside, and will allow completions, but he tends to keep everything in front of him and will be active against the run.]

Camarillo was informed of the trade this morning. He obviously was not at practice today.

So, this is where we are:

Patrick Turner is looking like he is going to make the Dolphins.

He has been on the cusp of a roster spot as the team's No. 5 wide receiver. With Camarillo, previously considered a roster likelihood now gone, Turner moves up one notch. Turner was today taking second-team snaps with Davone Bess. (Brandon Marshall and Brian Hartline were taking first-team snaps in the base offense.)

And the fifth wide receiver position is now up in the air (again) with Marlon Moore, Julius Pruitt and Roberto Wallace battling for that job. Moore has to be the favorite right now with Wallace (6-4 and 225 pounds) looking like he can make a push.

One of those guys will likely be on the practice squad.

Yes, that still leaves the No. 5 job open. Do not dismiss the possibility Miami searches waiver wires and other practice squads for that player. In that case, Miami's No. 5 wide receiver may not be on the roster right now.

[Update 2: Guard Randy Thomas, signed last week, has had his contract terminated.]


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cinq, it's called "common sense" Pat White Blows, he has done NOTHING in practice, he hasn't been allowed in Preseason games, most people with an ounce of football knowledge can see with their eyes this guy is a nobody. But you continue to say how we should trade Thigpen and let this ZERO be on the roster. You have your opinion, and I say your opinion is dumb, get over it.

cinq was right in his last post .

thats what i dont understand about most of these bloggers, they wanna hang on to player that have peaked b/c of sentimental reason but wanna get rid of players b/c they haven't fully matured to the nfl game! cam was barely playing last year and this year too! i feel this way about thigpen too,he's started 11 games, had 300 yrd passing games, and he still couldnt win!! we draft 2 high second round picks in merling and white but nobody saying get rid of merling, who hasnt shown nothing in 2yrs of play vs. a guy with 5 pass attempts. most are naive to believe if the dolphins told pat white he had to play something else he wouldnt do it! pat white has no leverage in the matter besides quitting football all together!! and he still might have to pay some money back

ALoco, why don't you try minding your own business? Maybe people would be able to tolerate your nonsense


take it easy with the haymkers---u can disagree without sounding like a 14 year old.

Pate white is a 2nd round pick----you dont give up on a 2nd round pick after 1 year----


1- Gm has an ego and wont admitt he is wrong in 1 year
2- white hasnt even played in his 2nd year yet---and his is trying to learn the hardest position-

3--Pettington is the backup---so thigpen is expendable---
4.--who has more trade value---Thigpen does over White, thus let him showcase his skills all preseason
5---this management is a bunch of poker players and the press/media have no idea what they are doing--(example NT situation in draft)

Dont read all the articles---pat white has added 17 lbs in muscle and is a young QB prospect that they used a 2nd round pick on ----I could be wrong but I would be shocked if they gave up on him this early in the process

bobyd12, you sound like 14 years old .

I posted it here for 3 months before the draft: The Phin will trade for Camarillo for Defense and move Turner up.
Turner didn't play last year because they decided to activate 4 wr's on game day.

how the hell can these ppl keep saying he has done nothing in practice!! if thats the case why hold on to nothing!!! i could have sworn MANDO said that after 30 minutes into practice the go into CIA mode, so how the hell we know what he's doing in practice!! i've watch thigpen score 10 points in 5 qrts of play with his usual bone head mistakes! yea he looks good! GMAB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will at Least Cam cant complain he was traded to a Loser team like the Lions, Look for him to be licking his chops in Week 2, Any hooo, Keep Thigpen, 86 Pat(TKO)White, I hear there now hiring at UPS anyway..


i like the camirillo trade even if sapp isnt a huge contibutor---Hartline and bess can play the slot---so I rather have 2 young guys for the 4th and 5th spot in WR group

cuban remember i asked u if i could as you a ? without you taking it the wrong way you said i could so here goes!!! do you bring anything to the table besides telling jokes,and name calling? just wondering!!

Cuban brings the LIONS to the table

Who did I call a name???, And dont you agree that Cam will be licking his chops for week 2????And the jokes, Well what can I say....

Fed Ex is hiring

r u kidding, when has this blog never been about jokes and just 100% football talk, let alone phins---C'mon man!!!


1. Pennington is as fragile as they get, he can throw his shoulder out putting the key in his car, thigpen or White? Easy answer
2. Ted Ginn, gave him 3 years, how did that work out?
3. We are not carrying 4 QBs on roster into season, FACT

I like the Trade, Sure he had great hands, but was kinda slow(Low YAC) We havent seen what Turner can do, I hope he watched Brandon this past Sat nite, Marshall if he was'nt being thrown the ball to he was Blocking, and not just a Sissy block but a real block, Sprung Fasano for a TD, I hope all the wideouts Watched Mr. Marshall......

34589 = Aloco =Ted ginns Only fan=Yets Fan

4. You sound like the same 65 year old as last year. Isn't it time for the EarlyBird Special at the diner??

one last thought on thigpen!! he was brought here b/c of injury first and foremost!! second he never passed pat white on the depth chart last season and this coming from a guy with 11 starts and at the time 3yrs exp.third the only reason he even got to play that game was b/c white got knocked out!!forth the only reason he playing so much is b/c he's expendable.fifth how can you get rid of a player with less than a handful of plays and determine he cant play!sixth pat white has shown nothing for anybody to trade for him!! and finally we are so CIA thhat i wouldnt be surprise if white has been running the wildcat or the pistol formation!!! WE DONT KNOW!!! but we do know if he was doing something right he WOULD HAVE BEEN GONE!!!!

Bobby, Would that be the key to the Door or the Ignition???? LOL, That was funny.....

4. ALoco. Left out ur name, that's how unimportant u r

bobbyd - I have nothing to 'get over'. Nor do I fear my opinions may be dumb. My opinion is simply this - the bloggers here are basically making the two most logical 'assumptions' about Thigo and White. Thigo 1 - maybe they are getting him as many snaps as possible to get him ready. Thigo 2 - maybe they are indeed shopping him. Those are the two most logical assumptions. PW 1 - He is not cutting it and they are going to dump him. PW 2 - He was taken as a development project, knowing we have two starters in the two Chads, and therefore will give him time. Those are the two most logical assumptions. Now, who KNOWS? Not I. I've never seen the practices and I am not going to pass judgement based on what the reporters are saying. I DO however think its ludicrous to judge PW on just a handful of gadget plays in his rookie season. I trust the ones who know best, the coaches, will do the right thing, whether that is cutting him or giving him a chance to develop further. The difference is you are so 'cocksure' of what you don't really know for sure, that it is you that look dumb. I hope for your sake the cut PW tomorrow so you can come back here and gloat, you obviously need to get an ego boost from somewhere.

Ntw Blog Up.....

(4. You sound like the same 65 year old as last year. Isn't it time for the EarlyBird Special at the diner??)

yeaa was that a joke.....lets take a minute to pause,.....wait for it.....wait for itttt....

NOPE, i was tryn to laugh it just didnt happen. BUT This is why your on the blog, to throw jokes around, and i want to see you be successful at it----

so im waiting for the next 1----and i promise to let you kno when it becomesss funny

Ok , kidddd

good post allen .bobbyd is trying hard .

this blog would be so much better if everyone put personal feeling aside and actually knew the person before we say some of the things we say that might be taken the wrong way!! just a little courtesy go a long way!! there are other ways to disagree without the 3rd grade name calling!!! just saying

These retards should have traded him for a pick before the draft like I started posting here in January.
I was the only one that said this would happen.
Look it up.

What makes you so sure that they didn't try to trade him? The Vikes would never have traded for Cam if Harvin and Rice weren't out of commission - and those injuries happened WAY after the draft. And, assuming he was being shopped, Cam didn't have a lot of trade value, as we were only able to get a mediocre nickel back in return from a contending team that is now desperate for WR help. I just hope he's a beast on Special Teams- a CB that's strong vs. the run sounds like he would be.

And something similar will have to happen if we want to get any kind of value for Thigpen or White. We don't really know what is going on with White, and I don't think anyone is dangling a 3rd or 4th-rounder for Thigpen or he'd be gone already.

Wow this Miami crowd of DolFans are really slow on the uptake. The few that are bright enough to be looking for the REAL reason behind this trade are missing the only OBVIOUS answer--Camarillo is the UNION REP for the players. As in, he is the rare player with a college degree from a school that actually required their football team to go to their own classes. And he is the more rare NFL player without a felony conviction.
This is PROFESSIONAL football which above all else is a business. The owners are only playing this season so they can CRUSH the players union after they hand the Super Bowl trophy to their annointed premiere pitchman Brett Favre. This is an all business move--now who is left to advise a team full of dope fiends and thugs how to stand up to the owners?
Good luck Greg--NEVER dropped a pass in the NFL yet!
You rednecks are lucky to have us Ivy Leaguers to simplify the news down to your level!

Good luck Rich Camarillo, you did us proud. Glad you're not going to the patsies! ( a la welker)

I cant read anymore of these idiots saying the season is over because of Cam trade! The white Jerry Rice! Give me a break! Cam hasnt even been able to crack the lineup in a while do to injuries and getting beatout by Bess and Hartline! All these experts saying this receiver is that and only that. Give me a break. yOu all dont know anything. IDIOTS. Cam will be missed because his is a decent player and a good guy but HE IS NOT THE SECOND comming of Rice! Or we would not have needed to trade for the beast! HE isnt anywhere near Wes Welker talent either MORONS! I normally respect opinions and over look some things on here but this is just too much! UGH! IDIOT wannabe FANS!

hartline this and hartline that, they are NOT interchangable! hartline is a reciever. CAMARILLO was CLUTCH! definition: when it matters most, in the clutch, to come threw! the playbook is now missing a very important play, one that camarillo was able to reproduce without fail.. the CLUTH-play! likewise trading a randy moss yields similar results, loosing the BIG-play, billacheat was able to go 16-0 with two plays and two recievers. moss/welker, CLUTCH-play, BIG-play. we had this prior to today. double marshall throw to camarillo, win,win. since sustained drives take multiple 3rd down conversions, and since ONE dropped 3rd down pass results in a kicking situation, the inability to convert without fail WILL cost us some games. do the math. bess doesn't scare anybody. these players are hard to find. having a sure-handed reciever is like having 3rd down in your pocket, today we gave it away for who?

awful trade, camarillo makes huge plays. unreal how can u deal him for nothing

camarillo will have huge year with favre throwing to him, sick to my tummy

i wont sleep tonight, garbage trade

Some of you guys are frickin' nuts!! Since when did moving your 4th receiver mean that the season was over? Do some of you idiots even realize that Camarillo was only going to be on the field a small percentage of the time? Think about it....Marshall, Bess and Harline are the key receivers and Martin and Fassano will be on the field a large percentage of the time too. On top of that a lot of the time Brown AND Williams will be on the field together. Last I checked you can only play 11 players on offense at a time. So where EXACTLY was Camarillo going to fit in? Some of you guys amaze me....we're having some issues in the secondary so bring some help in and some of you claim the season is lost. Unbelievable!! Exactly how many catches and yards was Camarillo going to contribute this year? And for those of you who claim it, Camarillo isn't half the player Welker is. Get a grip people!!


First. The REAL reason they traded Cam was because who else could we trade that had any value? We needed to address both special teams and depth at corner and this trade did that.

Second. We can elect a new Union Rep on the team. maybe Chad Pennington since he was a a Rhodes Scholar finalist.

Third. Your Ivy League elitist statement is sickening and deplorable especially when your statement to why they traded Cam is pure speculation presented as fact.

Finally. You come off as a pretentious jerk which is not speculation but is indeed a fact.

I liked Camarillo,.but he was slow and that makesyour QB not look for him that often,.(even if he never drops a pass0,.I wish we had gotten another F agent wr in ther off season,.Not too high on anyone other than Bess,.And I would like to see him and Hartline share time in the slot,.I hope The new guys really step it up!!!

At least hes going to get a good shot at starting and making a superbowl run. Wish him luck, just that the viks lose week 2!

To greg,We will always remember the many 3rd long plays,youre great pattern running will be missed,and lets not forget all your charity work im sure it will continue up north,to all the dolphin fans have a great season.cousin in anaheim

I swear to God, when I hear last night the Vikings needed receivers, I thought Camarillo should be traded...but for a draft pick. I almost fell off my chair when I read about the trade.

I want both Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace on the team. Full steam ahead with the youth movement.

okay basically we had to trade Camarillo because we didn't resign Nate Jones as the nickelback after last season. so now instead of having Jones and Camarillo we have Patrick Turner and Benny Sapp. Does anybody really think this is an upgrade?

Camarillo is like the white on Rice. Lol

Hey 2 Watt, you may want to check the contracts of both players before you say they've wasted money. But thanks for the constant stream of uneducated guesses and negativity. It's very uplifting.

Posted by: NYScott | August 25, 2010 at 05:11 PM
:hey knuckle head!!!!!. smiley.wilford,torbor,ayodele,green,wilson,etc.etc.etc. look it up. dope!

They trade Camarillo because of the log jam of recievers and the youth movement. Sapp is a throw-in.

From the 49'ers website, 20 questions with TED GINN, JR.

20. What’s one thing you want the 49ers Faithful to know about you?

Every time I step out on the field I play hard because I love this game.

-I just fell out of my chair laughing...

the Fins have a history of training and developing great receivers then trading them away. I don't get it - at least they didn't trade him to an AFC E team??? Good luck Greg and go FINS!

who said marshall is now the go to guy? wake up! marshall is the BIG-play guy! when marshall is doubled or even tripled camarillo was supposed to be the go to guy, CLUTCH-guy. now we have inconsistancy in the go to department! ONE dropped 3rd down pass results in a kick, which means ZERO POINTS simultaneously turning the ball over to the defense(which is extra bad in wake of our corner trouble), another drive with nothing to show for it. hartline and camarillo are not interchangable, hartline is a reciever. camarillo moved the chains without fail! and further moore, farve knew this as well and got his man, he didn't want hartline or bess! so go ask farve who he would prefer to move the chains for him, oh you don't have to, he already made his choice! end of story!!!

some of you guys are totally dismissing how important GC was to this season, ask sparano how important turnover free football is. and he would say, it was a big reason we won the division in his first year as coach. now let reality set in: a dropped pass on third down might as well be, or is a turnover! da... so throw the ball to hartline so he can drop it, and then we can watch our new cornerback(if he's not suspended) give up the big play for minus 7 points!! da

Greg will be missed. I hope he kicks ass with the Vikings. Lets hope Turner does something this season. Moore and Wallace are getting good. Id keep Moore and Wallace on the 53 man roster.

and another thing, camarillo SHOULD be compared to welker for the simple fact that the welker coaching staff like the current regime had it's priorities wrong as welkers consistant reproduction of the CLUTCH-play(1st downs) went unnoticed and was traded, he didn't become talanted at new england, billacheat just exploited what he saw was the main priority!(1st downs). hence camarillo showed us the same thing, was traded, and now will be utilized correctly by farve! looks like the same thing to me!

my comment that the loss of camarillo is critical and will ultimately cost us games is dead on balls acurate! consider that most games(in miami) come down to the final minutes and are decided by a score or two. now consider the ramifications of ONE dropped 3rd down pass. camarillo caught them all, hartline will drop one or two. a dropped 3rd down pass is a turnover that can put us down by 14 points. BOOM! minus 7 for not finishing the drive, minus 7 when peyton gets the ball and throws one past our new cornerback! 7+7=14. that's what makes billacheat so good, he realizes the simple and yet EXTREME importance of sustaining drives repeatedly! hence a player such as welker is rare and is why he is a patriot. camarillo's rare hands are unnoticed as well, maybe 1st downs are not high on the list of priorities in miami. welker/camarillo.

What's scary is camarillo is probably going to get 1000 yds this year with Brett Farvra throwing him the ball!

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