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Katina Taylor talks Zach, JT, New York vs. Miami

We know that Jason Taylor is a *&^%$# New York Jet now -- through no fault of his own, I might add. And while his family is now splitting time between New York and South Florida, his foundation is still eyebrow-deep in the local community, helping South Florida kids.

That's why Camp Katina Cartwheels to Character is underway as we speak this weekend. Katina Taylor, the vice president and co-founder of the Jason Taylor Foundation, is hosting the annual gymnastic camp for local needy and worthy girls running through Sunday.

The fact the Taylor Foundation is still doing work locally speaks to Jason Taylor's intention to make this his home. If and when he goes into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he will be doing so on the heels of what he did with the Dolphins and recalling his days in Miami.

Anyway, I interviewed Katina Taylor on my weekday morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, Friday morning. I asked about the camp, her thoughts of Zach Thomas (her borther) retiring as a Dolphin, and the differences between New York and South Florida. Click here for the 640-Sports website and you'll find the interview in the best of 640 section.

A couple of interesting tidbits:

Taylor ranked Zach Thomas as the second-best athlete in her family behind their older brother Bart Thomas.  

"Zach, We all, my brother Bart grew up flipping around," Katina said. "My brother Bart was fifth in the world in gymnastics in the sixth grade. He's a natural athlete. He's 6-3, very speedy. "

Katina is a competitive gal. Yes, she loves South Florida. But her allegiances are to the Jets now.

"We enjoyed the 12 years we had here in Miami," she said. "It was awesome ... We have friends that are still playing and we wish them the best. However, we're Jets ... We're competitive. We're Jets and we're out to win."

OK, Jet-haters, before you get your drawers all in a bunch listen to the interview first. There was no malice or anger or spite in her voice.

[BLOG NOTE: The Dolphins play the Jacksonville Jags in the preseason's second game tonight. There will be a live blog here starting at 7:30. Come back.]


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I don't care about JT or Katina, they are not Dolphins... They have joined the dark side


I fart in her general direction

Sorry dude. He choose to write his name on a contract with the Jets. He choose to betray the Fins and their fans. Been a Fins fan for 20 years now. Jason Taylor is now longer a favorite Dolphin of mine. He's a Hall of Famer. Good player. But he betrayed Dolphin fans. Don't care what your reasoning. You go to the Jets, you are a traitor to the Dolphin fan base.

as long as miami beats the jets twice again i wish jt all the best, i hope he can boast his numbers to get to the hall, as long as some of those games the jets lose of course, of course, maybe JT is secretly working for the darkside while looking out for the dolphins, i doubt it but its a possibility, it would be proven if miami win both of there games against them though

Armando, Jason Taylor decided to be a Jet. Only Taylor made the decision. It is his fault and responsibility that he turned on the Dolphins. Stop saying "through no fault of his own" that is BS! and you know it! His actions do not give credence to his words. He left to Washington now the Jets because it is about him not any type of loyalty to SFL or his fans.

Here's a more important issue, I'm up in DC, so won't get the game today live (stupid Redskins/Ravens are on). When I checked NFL Network, the replay won't be shown until MONDAY night!!!

Please, PLEASE, anyone know where I can watch the game live (anywhere online)?

in the end,jason taylor will go into the hall of fame not as a jet but a dolphin.

this is a business as much as a sport and many of the great stars spent the last years on an other team(montana,erik dickerson,etc.to mention a few) especially if your team you bled for is not interested in you anymore,and you are not done playing.
if jason taylor does good for the jets, then shame on miami for letting him go,because jason waited till just about the final hour to take the deal the jets where willing to give him, not a deal after the draft,like a pair of hand me down jeans that miami offered.
if he doesn't do well for the jets then he will retire,in my opinion a dolphin.

Listen mando for the most part I like your blogs but get off of JT's nutsack!!! Who cares about him he is now a loser Jet and so lets stick to writing about our dolphins not past losers who no longer contribute to our team!

Jason Taylor a Jet through no fault of his own? Sorry but he wanted more money thats why he's a Jet. They offered him a contract and it wasn't enough money so I really don't care about him. Actually I'm sick of reading articles about him now. I'm about as interested in reading articles about him as I am their coach Jabba the Hut.

They offer to resign him b4 the season was over and he opted to wait and the Dolphins went in a different direction. He erred thrice: first by going to Dancing with the Stars, second to the Redskins and third to the stinking Jets. I wish nothing but the best for JT unless he is playing the Dolphins. Go Dolphins!!!

DC Dolfan, I would think you should try JustinTV or UStream. It's been a year since I tried to do it, but I think those are the sites. The video quality wasn't great last year, but it was better than nothing. I don't think the game feeds will start until right about game time. You can also "google" it too. I know I'm setting my DVR for Monday night at 11pm to record the replay of tonight's game though.

I heard if she floats she's a witch...

There's a Dolphins game today, seriously who cares about this broad and her twinkle toes husband?

Thanks psuphinphan, I'll check those out. When will they show the preseason games on the NFL package for DirectTV? For the amount I pay, I should get to see the Dolphins every time they suit up and take the field. GO DOLPHINS!

Ill Be At The Game Tonight.
First Offense Play Should
Be Henne To Marshall For A
Quick TD. If The Weather Is Fair There Is No Way Our Starters Should Lose Vs Jags Starters.
(no Excuses). Here Jag Fans Think Marshal Wont Be Getting The Ball Tonight Cus Henne Will Be On His Back...i Laugh Cus Theyre A Joke.

Really? Who cares what Jason or his wife has to say. Garbage. Go Fins!

Let me get this right. Were in the thick of the preseason. We have a game tonight and the best thing you got for us is an intetview from Katina Taylor?! Id rather watch the grass grow then listen to her interview or read "tidbits" from it!!!!!

dude you can't find anything else to write about other than this crap? Do we really want to hear from the wife of a traitor old has been?

Dear Mr. Carlito from Golfito

"I heard if she floats she's a witch..."

Sir Bill Parcells: But you are dressed as one:
Jason Taylor:*They* dressed me up like this!
Dolphin fans: We didn't! We didn't...
Jason Taylor: And this isn't my nose. It's a false one.
Sir Bill Parcells: [lifts up her false nose] Well?
Carlito from Golfito: Well, we did do the nose.
Sir Bill Parcells: The nose?
Carlito from Golfito: And the hat, but she is a witch!
Dolphin fans: Yeah! Burn him! Burn him!
Sir Bill Parcells: Did you dress him up like this? (Jets uniform)
Carlito from Golfito: No!
Cuban Menace, Aloco: No!
Mark from Toronto: No!
Lebron's Headband: No!
Odinseye, Grrreatdane : No!
Carlito from Golfito: Yes!
Cuban Menace: Yes!
Aloco: Yeah a bit.
Waterboy: A bit!
Odinseye, Darrly Dunphy: A bit!
Lebron's Headband: a bit
Home: But she has got a wart!
Mr. Salguero: *cough* *cough*

Soiled :)

i am intersted in her rich interview ,i like to know how many kids this foundation takes care of ? what do they do for the kids and how many people runs it .

We have something important going on tonight, lets see, OH YEAH, are second pre-season game!
I can care less about Katrina Taylor or her washed up old man. Move on to something important Mando

to be a witch you have to have a big nose.does she have a big nose ?

soiled ..........(( you r a gift my friend )) . a quote from the movie (( analize this )) .

LOL at soiled... Armando should pay you

I would much rather read an interview with the great Soiled Bottom than some Jets Hag

soiled would be good in talk radio as a side kick ,great in fact but i am afraid radio employ only the wroth less .he's too smart for them since most listeners are under educated crap .

Is this the New York Herald or the Miami Herald, C'MAN


Give us some more comedy... We cannot be expected to talk about these Jets trash

"We know that Jason Taylor is a *&^%$# New York Jet now -- through no fault of his own, I might add."

What happened Mando, did he get hijacked and thrown in the trunk of a Cadillac driven to the " big apple " and forced to sign at gunpoint ?

Whos cares about Katina or Jason Taylor. The real stuff is on tonight

I don't care about these Jetophiles - lets get a blog up about todays game, what to look for, etc.

I don't mind a story about the kids and the camp, but you should have left out the crap about the Jets - at least in this blog.. it is game day, for shits sakes - let's focus.

I Dont Care What MY wife thinks about Football, Why would I care what JT's wife Thinks ???

Fellow Dolphin fans......Stop Whining about JT! You're embarrassing he rest of us. When the Dolphins signed Thurman Thomas, nobody in Buffalo was crying about it. When the Dolphins signed Chad Penington, nobody in NY was crying about it.

When the Heat signed Lebron, nobody in Clevel.......oh wait. They did whine like babies.

There you go. All you whining babies out there, all hurt because JT is a J-E-T, sound like those pathetic Cleveland fans. Butch up ladies.

This is like a band putting out a greatest hits, or live album because they have no material. Come on Armando, you are better then this. What time is the live blog?

That's odd. I visited the Miami Herald to see if one of my favorite dolphins writers had written something about the team he covers, you know, the MIAMI DOLPHINS, and instead was rudely confronted with a story about the FREAKING NEW YORK JETS and the wife of one their players! What a s**tty way to start a beautiful Saturday morning. :)

Wasn't JT offered a contract that he thought was to low? Then waited to long and the offer was pulled? Then took the ONLY other offer on the table?

I understand the business aspect of football and wish him no ill will but let's not rewrite history.

Oh yeah, Jets suck!

All you clowns that are saying once a jet always a jet blah blah blah, were pretty damn quiet when Mr Pennington was leading the Fins to the division title and now wanting him to mentor/coach up all our young guys.

I have been a Fin Fan all my life and the Jets are just another team on the schedule. It is fine to not like them as a team but all the personal venom towards the players making a living is ridiculous especially when said player maintains a commitment to your community and continues to devote time and energy to it.


"JT to the Jets was a punk move."

Barles Charkley

commitment my az ss .it's a tax teductible foundation .

Well to echo Katina, "We're Dolfans and we're out to win". We don't give a crap about traitors or their families. Jason loves to say how he is a Jet now etc etc. Well fabulous. We hate you like you always hated the Jets. We don't want to hear about him or his foundation. Let the Jets fans support it now

And while I am on it Armondo, in case you didn't notice we are playing a football game tonight and would love to hear about OUR team.

Anyone who can't get the game and would like to watch it...

Go to channelsurfing.net and select the football game you would like to watch. I do this for all the games I can't watch on tv. That is, until I get NFL sunday ticket.

WOW we have a game today with plenty to talk about to kill time and this is the best you could do MANDO!!!! I'm starting to think the radio job is starting to effect your blogging skills!!!! this was a lame POST

Its Just Wrong To Say Jt Ia A Jet At No Fault Of Hs Own

Fins Asked Him To Wait Until After Draft. With Anoffer On The Table He Aaid No Thanks And Took It. You Guys Want To Make A Soap Opera Out Out Of Business. I Dont Hold Any Ill Will To JT - But That Is Reciprocol To Parcells And Co. Get Over It Mando, If You Want To Write For The Daysof Or Lives Stop Pretendig To Be A Sports Jornalist! There Is A Game Tonight Stupid!

Anyone who can't get the game and would like to watch it...

Go to channelsurfing.net and select the football game you would like to watch. I do this for all the games I can't watch on tv. That is, until I get NFL sunday ticket.

Posted by: jared | August 21, 2010 at 10:59 AM

There's no need for the nfl ticket

If you want to watch the games, NFL.com has all preseason games live of all teams for 30 bucks. PLUS you also get all radio show gameplay and interviews of all teams all preseason. Here the local game call and interviews. It's a great deal. You can usually find the game on justin tv etc but the video is hit and miss each week

Listened to the interview and found it interesting that even given the opportunity to talk about Jason she really didn't. Everything was about her and her family. Maybe he has asked her not to express thoughts about the situation with him and the Dolphins, who knows but even when asked to comment about Jason's positive influence in South Florida she reverted to her family.

Oh... I cannot wait to listen to the interview.....NOT!!!!

I can care less what some Jesthole has to say about anything... matter of fact... just thinking about it makes me have to take a mammoth dump.... GOTTA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna go take a Rex and wipe my Taylor.........

I Dont Care This Is The Dolphins Blog Not The Jets…#%*# the Jets But If Taylor Wanted To Be A Dolphin He Couldve Been He Had More Than One Offer One During Tge Season And One After And He Didnt Take It So He Didnt Want To Be A Dolphin.if U Ask Me I Think He Used This "the Dolphins Are Treating Me Wrong Thing Just To Spilt Tge Dolphins Fans…cuz I Think He Wanted To Be A Jet All Along" But Dont Matter We Gonna Beat Them Twice Again This Year And He'll See That He Joined The Wrong Team

i guess we need to start oir own blog for today!!! i cant wait to see the defense!! i wanna see if channing is still moving sideline to sideline like he was vs. tampa,i wanna see a little more blitzes,i wanna see clemons get tested on the back end of the defense, i wanna see misi and wake challenged a little more by TE's and RB's in pass plays, i wanna see more discipline from davis and smith(stop hyping up after a pass defense especially when you just gave up a TD),i wanna see continued growth from all the 2nd tier players like carroll,ness,allen,moore,turner,and wallace

I love the complete denial some Fin fans put themselves in. JT wanted to be a Dolphin. The Trifecta didn't. JT wanted to play football and win. I don't fault him, and if you need to blame, look harder at South Florida, not New York.

i think ppl understand the business side of the jason taylor departure but what i dont like about it is the fact that he said he wanted to be home with his family(i guess that wasnt true) and for as much trash he talked about the jets for us, with us itS a slap in the face. were the jets the only team to offer him a contract? maybe? but if i was him i would have just retired!! it aint about the money!!! this is selfishness at its finest!! I LOVE JT but this year and as long as he plays for the jets he's like all 31 other teams HATED!! GO DOLPHINS!!!!!

Hey JAK, I don't think anyone is crying here over JT we simply don't give a crap about Jason or his wife. This crap that mando put out is just plain garbage. It's preseason and the fins have a game tonight and we get this drivel. It's been subpar around here this year. Maybe now that mando is a big shot he has sold out and has forgotten what has gotten him to this point.

Bob.... Don't get it twisted.... Most of us could care less if JT ever plays another game... in NY or anywhere else for that matter.... But he is gone and we still have to read 10 stories a week written for crybabies who can't "Let it go" and we are sick and tired of it.... He is history... He's a Wet... Okay.. we get it.... Move on, he is no longer of any consequence or concern, except of course to snot nose little whiners who can't let go and blame the Miami Staff like some pathetic loser blaming his ex-girlfriend's Mommy for breaking them up.
I did not want JT back here... It was time to move on and we did...GOOD FOR MIAMI for having the balls to do it....

Now...let it go... that's all we ask.

Guys The Dolphins Did Not Want JT Back. What Was He To Do Retire? He Still Wanted To Play The Game. I For One When He Retires Will Bust Out My JT Dolphins Jersey. But Not Before

Lol at Soiled

Gibril Wilson is out for the year... Thats a shame, I was looking forward to him getting torched when we play the Bengals

i also wanna see MICAH JOHNSON he looked pretty good for a guy that's supposedly slow!! F@#K 40 times some guys just know how to play football and he sure did with his chances vs tampa

flying pig my lil puss go back to the SS, you are a TK8 member

Armando woke up today and tired of his radio job.he wakes up early at 4.00 am and said to himself what should i put out today ..ahhhhhhh

cataina ,kataina,kataina...and let the donkeys talk about it until 7;30 for live blog .he was right .

you know im sitting here reading these post but of all the older players in the nfl i think the ravens are gonna catch hell trying to replace RAY LEWIS!! RAY looks like he can play another 10 yrs if you go by production. just thinking out loud

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