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Katina Taylor talks Zach, JT, New York vs. Miami

We know that Jason Taylor is a *&^%$# New York Jet now -- through no fault of his own, I might add. And while his family is now splitting time between New York and South Florida, his foundation is still eyebrow-deep in the local community, helping South Florida kids.

That's why Camp Katina Cartwheels to Character is underway as we speak this weekend. Katina Taylor, the vice president and co-founder of the Jason Taylor Foundation, is hosting the annual gymnastic camp for local needy and worthy girls running through Sunday.

The fact the Taylor Foundation is still doing work locally speaks to Jason Taylor's intention to make this his home. If and when he goes into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he will be doing so on the heels of what he did with the Dolphins and recalling his days in Miami.

Anyway, I interviewed Katina Taylor on my weekday morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, Friday morning. I asked about the camp, her thoughts of Zach Thomas (her borther) retiring as a Dolphin, and the differences between New York and South Florida. Click here for the 640-Sports website and you'll find the interview in the best of 640 section.

A couple of interesting tidbits:

Taylor ranked Zach Thomas as the second-best athlete in her family behind their older brother Bart Thomas.  

"Zach, We all, my brother Bart grew up flipping around," Katina said. "My brother Bart was fifth in the world in gymnastics in the sixth grade. He's a natural athlete. He's 6-3, very speedy. "

Katina is a competitive gal. Yes, she loves South Florida. But her allegiances are to the Jets now.

"We enjoyed the 12 years we had here in Miami," she said. "It was awesome ... We have friends that are still playing and we wish them the best. However, we're Jets ... We're competitive. We're Jets and we're out to win."

OK, Jet-haters, before you get your drawers all in a bunch listen to the interview first. There was no malice or anger or spite in her voice.

[BLOG NOTE: The Dolphins play the Jacksonville Jags in the preseason's second game tonight. There will be a live blog here starting at 7:30. Come back.]


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self centerd women. she used the term i and my family a 1000 times .

"through No Fault Of His Own"! REALLY?? Anyways, Hes Green And Irrelevant Now Mando, U Really Need To Let It Go!!! Guaranteed Misi Will Have A More Productive Season!! Its Guaranteed So We Dont Need U To Update All Season On Him.

outside of him doing blogs during mother's day and for those special moments when MANDO's feeling blue about his mom, which is totally understandable!!! this has got to be the first time a woman has been the main topic in a football blog!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kataaina ballarina fart of the month .

Even Jason Taylor said he was dinged up and hurt a lot all over from his many years taking and giving hits. He gave his best years to Miami and now if this old injured man can just slow down the Jets a wee bit, it will be a good thing.


Mando's blog today is awful. Maybe time to move on...another good blog for Dolphin Fans is http://www.thephinsider.com/

Trash in it's finest form .

If they ever put his name in the ring of honor I will take it down with a crowbar

I hope the two faced SOB breaks his legs on the first play of the season

I don’t burn his jersey because is a Dolphin Jersey.

It goes to show what type of individual he really was.
I don’t want him in Miami for anything

This is horrible. I can't believe you took the time to write it. Hey beat writer, there's a DOLPHINS game tonight, just an FYI.

who is she ?

NJ's ranting sissy posts about others is better to read than this.

Last Time The Blog Wasnt Updating, Soooo Ill Wait And See Tonight....maybe We Can Actually Talk Fooseball Tonight, Fins Win!

every one should shim in w/5 dollars for the great and only JT the rex ryan boy .

Is the game going to be online tonight?

Looks like Gibril Wilson is done for the year in Cincinnati.

So he's gonna be just as productive this year as he was last year

Dear Mr. Salguero

As a Sports fan this is my saturday lineup

4:10 pm My braves meet the Cubbies
7:30 pm My Dolphins meet the Jaguars
7:30 pm My Panthers meet Katina Taylor and the Jets
7:30 pm Nascar's Jeff Gordon proves Jimmy Johnson sucks at turning left.

I may need two bottles of lotion and two box's of Kleanex for the day.

Soiled :)

I Cant Wait Until JT Is In The Ring Of Honor.he Should Be He Is One The Best Ever

He's not to be mentioned as a dolphin great UNTIL the day he retires which should be after this year!!! But it is good to know that he still helps the community in south florida considering he's a stinkin yet man. Break a leg this year jason so we can appreciate you much more this year!!!!

Jason who? the only pass rushers i care about are the ONES who will be getting sacks for the Miami Dolphins not the enemy!...more articles on Cameron Wake, Koa Misi and less on JT and his Wife

Jason Traitor is of no interest to us! Everyone posting seems to suggest that. SOOOO, Armando, did you hear we are playing tonight?
No new blog up?
Anyone know the weather forecast? To me this seems more like the first game because it was hard to get a good handle on the first string team last week in the flood. I hope we are up for this game. We have a lot to prove after last week so I hope we show how good we can be. If anyone noticed New England killed their opponents first, second, and third string both their games. Our turn to turn it up!

Jason and his skank wife can take a barrel ride over Niagara Falls for all I care.I'll even help stuff them inside and close the lid if that helps.

thats a little too extreme beerndrums*

Stop with the crying!!! Yes I hate the "Jest" as much as anyone, if it were up to me Zach and JT would still be on the team!! JT tried very hard to stay with the team but you're saying that if the Fins don't want him he shouldn't work?!??! BS!!!! I still love JT, Zach, etc. but I won't root for them when they play us, I wish them the best!!! (just not against us) Ha!

Jason did get an offer. He said no and played his hand. The Dolphins played their hand all along which was Jason should wait til after the draft. They told him that in January, and February and March and .....
No surprise when they did nothing differently than they said. Now with injuries and even without, Jason would have been a Dolphin. He is my all-time favorite Dolphin besides Marino, but he left us twice now. There comes a point where he has to take accountability for his choices. He could have waited til after the draft like he was asked to do. If he had loyalty, he would have. The Jets were not going anywhere with their offer. I don't care what the papers were reporting. They would still be after him now. He choose not to wait and to go to the Jets. Now he is rubbing it into the Dolphins faces with his comments about being a Jet etc. My three year old granddaughter every time she sees any football game screams at the top of her lungs "Go jason" all game long. How sad when she did it last week, that we had to tell her to stop because jason wasn't playing for our team anymore. We told her to stop cheering her favorite team in that way forever. That made her extremely sad not to mention us. It could have been handled differently on both sides but Jason never had to choose to leave.

Armando? Really?

Week 2 of the pre-season, with a plethora of Dolphin topics to discuss and you drop this bomb?

Early morning radio + late night drinks = unprepared sports writer. Shame on you Armando!

To the two over-sensitive wussbags that asked why all the hate for the jets, their just another team on the scedule, why hate JT........blah, blah, blah........

Eat your Bon-bons, change your tampons. Grow a pair or STFU.

JT was a notorious wet hater himself, before he became a traitor. If you don't hate the jets and every one of their players you're not a true Dolfan.

The only concern I have for JT is how healthy his shoulder is and how we can exploit it to end his season.

AwwwRight Miami!!!!

no more jt talk----jeez, what is this august or febuary--topic done and gone, We all should do the same---

Rubbin JT in everyone's face is bad.

Her other brother may have been fast but nobody remembers him. When teams played the Dolphins everyone knew who Zack Thomas was.

I'm sorry, but that player doesn't play in Miami anymore so I DON'T CARE WHAT HIS WIFE,DOG GARDENER,POOL BOY OR BUTCHER HAS TO SAY,HE'S THE ENEMY NOW!

Beerndrums, you've shown yourself to be a disrespectful loser. You talk big on a blog post but you'd crap all over yourself if you had to repeat your words in front of Jason Taylor. Coward.

ok there was a 2 a day on Thursday why is there a report on non-Dolphin. Taylor is FRAUD! You don't go from Miami to the jets. He is a Johhny Damon. He has no loyalty. He is chasing a championship on a paper champs team. Taylor should never be honored by the Dolphins or a** kissing reporters. Didn't you just complain about Marshall mocking the media? Praise him f**k Taylor and his wife!

My thoughts:

I hated to see JT go. But he's gone now and no longer a Dolphin. And outside of some earth shattering news, don't care about him or his wife.

I don't hate JT for playing somewhere else. Hate it had to be the jets but oh well.

This is a business. And like any business, it's all about the money. It would be nice to think JT loved Miami so much he would play for cheap. But that just isn't the way he or any other player is about. If you think otherwise, you're living in a dream world.


Is that you Ethel?

Nepal you say? Listen Ethel, since you're going that way, there's a couple things I would like you to pick up for me...............

As not interested in Katina as I am at the moment, I was just wondering:

How are Dobbins, Reshad Jones and Grove injury wise? Will they be playing at all today?

Will Patrick Turner see any time with the 1st team offense today?

Has there been any hints or clues as to Pat White being used for anything other than "mop up" duty?

I know I'm off topic here, so please excuse the interuption.

I knew one or two of these bozos would come out to back up their man mando.....

FLPD is one
finheavenblows is the other. Now watch finheaven wont post. kissy kissy kissy

What beerdrums said was funny, it wasn't meant to be literal. Stop being a bunch of pansies.


You think it's funny being stuffed in a barrel and thrown over the falls?

Dude, I'm gonna kick you a s s, Dude!

PEOPLE! Lynch Mobs are perfectly legal and acceptable(sometimes prefered)in the United Cyber-States of America.

Death to ALL jets!

Go Miami!

If she floats, she's a witch...

Even Jet fans hate JT still they don't even care or want him on their team its pathetic twinkle toes taylor is a joke along with the rest of that franchise

Somebody please post the STREAM LINK on here later. I dont live in Florida to see the game in PA and NFL Ticket isnt broadcasting it.

players to watch Pat Turner, MicaH johnson, Nate Ness, J allen vs Nolan Carrol for nickel, j Jerry, and Solai

I hope both Taylors suffer pain and agony for the rest of their livea.

odin while legal the word alone is not acceptable while i respect your freedom of speech u sound like a racist

Ok, Just tar and feathers then... thats good enough right?

Dear Mr. Odinseye

"Death to ALL jets!"

First lets take a Xanax and an Alcoholic Beverage of choice...should calm our nerves before the deed.

The Jets will probly scream and cry...but remember we are doing them a favor.

Is it even a crime to kill Jets ?

Lookin for loopholes

Soiled :)


I apologize. If that word offends you I'm sorry, I really am.

Now go get yo shine box!!!!

Dear Mr. Soiled Bottom,

"First lets take a Xanax and an Alcoholic Beverage of choice...should calm our nerves before the deed."

Thnks.......I knew I was forgetting something!


Appleton Reserve for me tonight... Jamaica Rum

I think the Dolphins should had kept JT and they will regret it although they will never admit it. As for turning a Jet. It's sad, but you have to do what you have to do. I'm sure he would had like to stay and they were not totally fair with him. It's unfair to blame him. As for the Jets... They stink.
Go Fish!!!!

Thanks For Noticing My Attempt At Humor Mike.I Sometimes Forget How Sensitive We've Become.Ima Bout To Cry Thinking About It

FLPD,I wouldn't crap all over myself unless I slipped and fell and broke open my colostomy bag.Now that would be a mess.

What I'm looking for tonight. The first team offense was a little sluggish last week. No biggie, this week the unit knows that they will get more then a couple of series to establish some rhythm. Look for more aggresive play calling, and more shots down the field. Defensivley, can we create more turnovers? This was the most important, and telling stat from last weeks game. More times then not if you win the turnover battle, you win the game. I'm excited to watch Micah Johnson hit somebody tonight. J-Ville likes to run, so he should get plenty of opportunities to crush someone.

TL...as you can see by the posts on here...only Armando, yourself and maybe one other person cares about JT. They didn't regret it the firt time they got rid of him and they don't regret him choosing to leave this time. The only thing they should regret about the whole thing is blowing the second round pick on Pat White, b/c I think that was the pick we burned on him....if that's correct then that is tragic


Newsflash!!! Armando Says Katrina Taylor Broke A Nail, And By The Way, The Dolphins Have A Game Tonight

Booby is so funny!

Hey DC Dolfan
check this web site it's on

Bahama Dolfan.

katina is hot but this story is not. no more stories on katina unless you have some hot photos of her. otherwise, she isnt news worthy for dolphin fans

Armando whos side are you on any way, he had choices and he cose the Jets , what really sucks about it is he was an all time dolphin, you should have something else to write about this time of the year, but I guess that is how the press is, why don't you ask the tough questions like how in the hell is the defense going to stop anybody?

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