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Katina Taylor talks Zach, JT, New York vs. Miami

We know that Jason Taylor is a *&^%$# New York Jet now -- through no fault of his own, I might add. And while his family is now splitting time between New York and South Florida, his foundation is still eyebrow-deep in the local community, helping South Florida kids.

That's why Camp Katina Cartwheels to Character is underway as we speak this weekend. Katina Taylor, the vice president and co-founder of the Jason Taylor Foundation, is hosting the annual gymnastic camp for local needy and worthy girls running through Sunday.

The fact the Taylor Foundation is still doing work locally speaks to Jason Taylor's intention to make this his home. If and when he goes into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he will be doing so on the heels of what he did with the Dolphins and recalling his days in Miami.

Anyway, I interviewed Katina Taylor on my weekday morning radio show, Armando and the Amigo, Friday morning. I asked about the camp, her thoughts of Zach Thomas (her borther) retiring as a Dolphin, and the differences between New York and South Florida. Click here for the 640-Sports website and you'll find the interview in the best of 640 section.

A couple of interesting tidbits:

Taylor ranked Zach Thomas as the second-best athlete in her family behind their older brother Bart Thomas.  

"Zach, We all, my brother Bart grew up flipping around," Katina said. "My brother Bart was fifth in the world in gymnastics in the sixth grade. He's a natural athlete. He's 6-3, very speedy. "

Katina is a competitive gal. Yes, she loves South Florida. But her allegiances are to the Jets now.

"We enjoyed the 12 years we had here in Miami," she said. "It was awesome ... We have friends that are still playing and we wish them the best. However, we're Jets ... We're competitive. We're Jets and we're out to win."

OK, Jet-haters, before you get your drawers all in a bunch listen to the interview first. There was no malice or anger or spite in her voice.

[BLOG NOTE: The Dolphins play the Jacksonville Jags in the preseason's second game tonight. There will be a live blog here starting at 7:30. Come back.]


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Oh and one more thing I am not buying into the Jets being a great team this year, usually when someone talks alot it backfires on them and thats all the Jets do is talk, any one see how sanchez has played the first few preseason games and by the way he had 20 ints last year he would have to play well for them to win this division, they start against baltimore which will be a loss and then the Pats and Dolphins they good could be 0-3 to start the season, just my thoughts we will soon see

i bleed 305 dolphins... Screw a J.E.T.S. (RATS!!!) i dont care for katrina or jason." I loved my 12 years in miami" she's already speaking in the past tense, marino is the example of class, he could have left and played fr minnesota yet he chose to end his carreer with the only team and organization he trusted and was loyal to him, thats a true dolphin and im a true dolfan...

Sad that this would even be written as a "Dolphins story". Sorry A, all he was asked to do is wait until after the draft and he couldn't do it. Just like he dirt-mouthed the Phins from his rediculous presser at the Hard Rock a couple of years ago. Had he not ditched out on the Phins to go to Washington, he wouldnt've had to worry about a contract.
I don't wish injury on any player, but lets just say I hope JT doesn't play too much this season. If he's ever inducted to the ring of honor, I'm turning my back to him.

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