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Live blog here to celebrate season ticket milestone

The Dolphins tonight celebrate their most important preseason game of 2010 and already they have good news on the horizon: The team will soon announce that it has surpassed the 50,000 season-ticket mark for the first time in the Bill Parcells era and the first time since 2007.

Although the club has not yet made it official, I'm told by several sources there is a sense of pride at the fact the local fans have seen fit to invest in season-tickets at a rate not seen in several years despite the tough economic times that plagues the nation and South Florida.

There is much work to do, however, for the Dolphins business side. While there has been a steady increase in the sale of tickets since they fell off the table following Nick Saban's departure, 50,000 to ,51,000 is not the goal. The club would like to be closer to 2006 levels and be in the 60,000s season tickets sold.

One supposes the success the team will have this year will go far toward determining that.

To that end, I present to you tonight's game.

Things to look for:

The secondary: Um, they've been pretty bad this preseason and now they're facing the best quarterback (Matt Ryan) they've seen so far and for a much longer period of time. The expectation is the Ryan will go at least one half tonight as will Miami's starting DBs.

[Update: Jason Allen is slated to start ahead of Sean Smith at RCB. Smith has been on notice all preseason that his job is at stake. Count this another strongly worded message that he needs to pull up and play better or he'll find himself coming off the bench when the season begins.]

To blitz or not to blitz: I've shared with you what the Dolphins' defense is going to be this year in previous posts. Attacking is the operative word. But this preseason the Dolphins have shown no blitzes with their first-team defense. Do they unwrap some of that package tonight? I do not know. But I'll be watching with interest to see how effetive Koa Misi and Jared Odrick can be when three or four of their teammates are also trying to bust down the offensive line wall along with them.

No injuries, please: That is a key goal. The coaching staff hasn't babied this team, but it has been cautious to avoid the physical, emotional, and psychological distress that a season-ending or other signifcant injury can have upon a team. Today the St. Louis Rams are sick at the loss of receiver Donnie Avery for the season. Teams that come out the third preseason game relatively healthy usually go into the regular season that way because the final preseason game is usually a passing excersize on the field. If Miami can escape this contest unscathed, that will bode wll for the opener.

Last minute news: Will Allen and Nate Garner are the only scratches for the Dolphins. That is interesting because it suggests Channing Crowder is dressed ... but he will not start. Tim Dobbins is starting for Crowder tonight. Jake Grove is starting at center.

So meet me at kickoff in the comments section for the live blog. It should be a hoot. 


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someones watching telemundo............

The Jets are down 6-5 at halftime.

at least mark sanchez isn't our quarterback

What is the FREAKIN score guys...???????????

Its pre-season folks, the media wants to make this game seems like it's some kind of test. While team is just hoping to get out of the game injury free.

10-3 for atlanta

Come on Mando you are exactly right. A bad decision by Henne. Let's face it, there will still be some growing pains with Henne.

saints and chargers on upn 33

Bigalfy - it is 10-3 falcons... we just got picked off in the end zone.

we get the ball ball to start the second half

What brings all the crazies to the live blogs??????

The Dolphins are down 7 in the preseason and the season is over?????

LMFAO, you guys are hilarious (and pathetic)

Live feed no buffering


Fellas I guess the bitching is a given since this is a blog about the game but to quote rex ryan.....

"hooooooly shiit!" "hooooooly shiit!"

relax yourselves. Up and down up and down. You guys kill me. Given it wasnt a great half of fb....its 10-3 to a 3rd team...allegedly....in the league. I dont know maybe im nuts. The Phins suck so much I should be cut from the world bc Im a fan.

the Dolphins should be down 17-3 if not for a drop from Roddy White.

bobby, you got it in a nutshell. Well done.

Its the penalties in this game that are really killing me thus far****

agree 100% with carlito haha

This is one of the aggravations of constant tinkering with OL. This OL needed to be set at the start of PreSeason and playing together constantly. Hard to get timing when no one has a clue who's playing, and it shows

Oh my goodness.... channel flipping drives me nuts!!!!!!!!!!11


This is a decent feed...Will it work during the regular season?

The team won't want to show too much stuff in a preseason game. But I will say, Henne just doesn't seem ready to be leading this team. He's mostly accurate, but he still seems to have issues with putting touch on the ball. Even those passes caught by Marshall were simply Marshall doing his thing... grabbing rocks out of mid air. Also, I noticed that when Henne was getting frustrated earlier with some dropped passes, he just didn't seem to have command of this team.

if you guys can't see the game go to http://www.atdhe.net/. I'm in Chicago so I have to watch it online. Defense wasn't too bad. Henne is making a lot of mental mistakes. He is not compensating for the speed of Atl defense. It's a rookie level mistake. Still, Marshall looks like a Beast.

Carlito, the season is not over, it is just preseason, but too many bad offensive series there ... its a little depressing.. I mean, its not like the falcons game planned for the super bowl.. it is preseason for their D too.

My concern is not the season... its the firs 6 weeks or so.. we need to be clicking to keep up with the teams we play up front..

henne is 9-20 for 109 and a pick...not lookin good tonight but sparano sed the starters are definitely comin back out second half

the chargers game is a perfect example of how a QB should play.........

Not a very impressive first half, some things went well, but clearly the coaches are experimenting heavily with personnel. But they didn't try anything offensively until the 2 min warning.

Agree with B12.


i know the season is not over.... Its F'n preseason... These people are ridiculous

Thank you Carlito!! Anyone that is that upset about a PRESEASON game IS pathetic

The wolf is looking a little malnourished.

How do we have 10 yards rushing!!!!!!! really!?

whats the best feed? p2p is grainy as south beach

Ricky williams 8 rushes for 10 yards.

henne has completed 9 of 20 passes for 109 yards and 1 INT.

Well they certianly should come back out and at least show some continuity to build on at least!!!

If this keeps up, i'm switching teams.

Maybe the jets or wherever brady quinn ended up.

Both are sexy as hell.

Just an FYI for all the test fans out there, you may follow me to the jets so we can lust after marky mark sanchize the hawty


This is a decent feed...Will it work during the regular season?

Posted by: Yazzi

Have no idea got Sunday Ticket sucks that they don't include pre-season :/

Henne DID miss a WIDE OPEN Marshall in the second quarter...

Hopefully that won't happen during the regular season!!

Oh, its just pre-season= BAIL OUT PLAN

90% of these bad omens will carry over to the regular season............When it comes to the Phins, they always do.

the thing that concerns me is the 10 yards rushing, we need to run the ball better becuase thats who we are

tune into the Chargers/Saints game to watch 2 real Super Bowl contenders.

http://www.atdhe.net/ great feed. seriously. watching it now

Minus one bad read this would be a 10-10 game. I'm pleased where we sit right now considering all of the tinkering and youth on the squad.

anyone think it's weird that our HC is a line coach, and our line can't run or pass block?
and jake long sucks?
fire tony right now, else face my wrath.


mmmmmm Sanchize.... purrrr


pennington set to come in?

If this keeps up, i'm switching teams.

Maybe the jets or wherever brady quinn ended up.

Both are sexy as hell.

Just an FYI for all the test fans out there, you may follow me to the jets so we can lust after marky mark sanchize the hawty

Posted by: test | August 27, 2010 at 08:46 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/08/live-blog-here-to-celebrate-season-ticket-mark/comments/page/10/#comments#ixzz0xrD5Xu00

can you switch blogs too?

Well, its not like preseason is completely irrelevent.. but ya, you do more tinkering and less trying to win than if it were a real game... you try things.. you teach things.. you purposefully do things to improve players by putting them in specific situations..

it is not about winning.

We see our returners, Bess n Caroll

Good start.

thanks DLT i am checking that now

no blitzs b/c nolan wanna see who can make plays without a scheme!!! makes great sense!!

run ricky run

I'll be a dolphins fan again if we get rid of the chads and start white all year.

I have spoken

also, get rid of B-marsh and bring back ginn, at least we KNOW he sucks and won't be disappointed.

my goodness....... running stinks...


1. it's our 3rd year under this regime and it looks like its the 1st year...these COACHES ARE TERRIBLE...

2. is it just me or the more I hear TONY SPARANO TALK the more I hate him he's starting to sound like DAVE MASTERMIND WANNSTEDT,

3. IF this regime put this OLINE together 3 yrs ago I THOUGHT IT WAS OUR STRENGTH THIS YEAR

4. I'M NOT A COACH, but why the hell is BESS still returning FREAKING PUNTS my 3 legged turtle is faster than him......

Falcon showing they have a good d=line.

can we for god sakes pass to setup the run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wounded turd from Henne.

was that not spearing

does it take an act of congress to ban the tards from posting here?

Not what we need with Cammirillo gone now.

my goodness.... i cant believe how bad the dolphins look..

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