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Live blog here to celebrate season ticket milestone

The Dolphins tonight celebrate their most important preseason game of 2010 and already they have good news on the horizon: The team will soon announce that it has surpassed the 50,000 season-ticket mark for the first time in the Bill Parcells era and the first time since 2007.

Although the club has not yet made it official, I'm told by several sources there is a sense of pride at the fact the local fans have seen fit to invest in season-tickets at a rate not seen in several years despite the tough economic times that plagues the nation and South Florida.

There is much work to do, however, for the Dolphins business side. While there has been a steady increase in the sale of tickets since they fell off the table following Nick Saban's departure, 50,000 to ,51,000 is not the goal. The club would like to be closer to 2006 levels and be in the 60,000s season tickets sold.

One supposes the success the team will have this year will go far toward determining that.

To that end, I present to you tonight's game.

Things to look for:

The secondary: Um, they've been pretty bad this preseason and now they're facing the best quarterback (Matt Ryan) they've seen so far and for a much longer period of time. The expectation is the Ryan will go at least one half tonight as will Miami's starting DBs.

[Update: Jason Allen is slated to start ahead of Sean Smith at RCB. Smith has been on notice all preseason that his job is at stake. Count this another strongly worded message that he needs to pull up and play better or he'll find himself coming off the bench when the season begins.]

To blitz or not to blitz: I've shared with you what the Dolphins' defense is going to be this year in previous posts. Attacking is the operative word. But this preseason the Dolphins have shown no blitzes with their first-team defense. Do they unwrap some of that package tonight? I do not know. But I'll be watching with interest to see how effetive Koa Misi and Jared Odrick can be when three or four of their teammates are also trying to bust down the offensive line wall along with them.

No injuries, please: That is a key goal. The coaching staff hasn't babied this team, but it has been cautious to avoid the physical, emotional, and psychological distress that a season-ending or other signifcant injury can have upon a team. Today the St. Louis Rams are sick at the loss of receiver Donnie Avery for the season. Teams that come out the third preseason game relatively healthy usually go into the regular season that way because the final preseason game is usually a passing excersize on the field. If Miami can escape this contest unscathed, that will bode wll for the opener.

Last minute news: Will Allen and Nate Garner are the only scratches for the Dolphins. That is interesting because it suggests Channing Crowder is dressed ... but he will not start. Tim Dobbins is starting for Crowder tonight. Jake Grove is starting at center.

So meet me at kickoff in the comments section for the live blog. It should be a hoot. 


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so you guys are aware:

Haynos said after the game he didn't think his foot was broken but he was walking out with a crutches and a boot.

Sparano said Sean Smith did not start for violating team rules.

derek, you can put turf in game day and take it off after the game ,that means 8 times a year instead of feeling we playing in the desert .

With the addition of David Martin I didnt expect to see a whole lot of Haynos anyway. Seems to be no major loss either way.

The Problem Is That The Team Looks So Similar To Last Years Team. We Seem More Confident On Defense, Especially In The Run Game, But Our Offense Is Still A Majkr Disappointment. I Have Been To Bkth Home Games And There Is Just No Excuse.
Ps For Thise Of You That Said Its Preseason And Doesnt Matter, U Said The Same Last Year And Pur Problema Followed Ibto The Season. The Offense Is Anemic, Completely Against Plays Above 15 Yards Or Even Above 10 Yards, Abd Under Henning We Arw Morbis On 3rd And 5 Plus. It Has To Stop.

what about hartline's injury ?

In spite of what Sparano Says...

I think that Sean Smith didn't start because he'd having a crudy Preseason!

Unless this team didn't come out to play tonight, highly doubtful, this is the same exact frustrating team as last year's. Very boring, predictable, and questionable play calling at best.

Best example: 4th and 1. Let me guess. Uh... hand the ball to Polite for an automatic first down. Well, not so fast this time. The falcons were prepared for it. How about something different and a little more creative? Maybe line up in the shotgun, or even a play-action fake pass to a TE?
After all, it's only pre-season!


In 1923 I'm quite sure that there were Dinosaurs on that field!

Hartline seemed fine after the game.

FB Pat White will never be a star other than when he goes to homecoming WVU

That's your take on it texasphinatic, and that's fine with me.

Here we go with the sky is falling crap again. I know Henne was not spectacular tonight by no strech. But c'mon, to say the play calling tonight was vanilla is an understatement. On both sides of the ball. I think a lot of what we are seeing in these games is not what we will see win the games count. Coaches have to put their players in a position to succeed by coming up with a good gameplan and tonight that did not happen. Henne will be fine, the running game will be fine. I am sure of that. one thing i can say about Henne is that when it wasn't there, he didn't try to force the ball and create INT's. I think we can all agree that the one pick that he threw in the endzone was just a hell of a play by their linebacker. Offensively we will be fine. Same working parts as a pretty successful offensive team last year, with the addition of Marshall. Defensively? Well, I guess we will have to wait until we travel to upstate NY before we will know about that. It has to be an improvement over last year...especially late in the season.


I'm certain there are several "remedies" for the infield on our field. However, the Marlins have played there since 1993 and they have yet to use any of them. No one like the infield, fortunately, with exception of two World series wins... early October is the latest we must deal with the issue. And as I said before...after the 2011 season we say goodbye to the Marlins on our Football field forever. Then we can go destroy their field while they build a new stadium for the Dolphins..NOT!... When they do build one (Word is sometime around 2021, the will do so right next door to the current stadium, just like the NY stadium and Denver.

Also... for the Doom and gloomers... I hope you feel the same about the Jests, Indy and New England concerning preseason? Indy got 59 points laid on them by Green Bay!.. so I guess some of the logic I hear on this blog say's that all those teams (the 3 above) are going to suck also? Right?...I mean that is the logic I'm reading from some of you, You say that by the way Miami played tonight they will be mediocre or whatever... well, what about New York? Their gonna suck too...right? Indy...cash their chips after getting trounced like that...Right? New England getting pounded by the RAMS??? Oh MY GOD... THEIR DONE.. they should fire Brady and start over....RIGHT?

Or does this preseason logic only count when we talk about the Dolphins??????

OR... is it just the preseason and these games will not even be remembered in 5 weeks???

Just wondering....

Moore looks like he should still be in high school I say he ends up on practice squad, Roboerto Wallace looks like the real deal hes so big these idiots keep tagging his picture for Marshall if we cut him gurantee someone nabs him, honestly could do without Pat Turner Im 6' 8" 265 gurantee i could run better routes than his whackass!

Oh Bill, Tony call your old boys from T X and get Pat Crayton over here for not great talent but good depth at WR not to mention watching Carroll out there the kid is explosive but seems unpredictable

derek, pats lost by 1 point ,38 to 37 .you can't use the word (( POUNDED )) ,THE FINS Scored 6 lousy points tonight w/ mr 50 millions marshall .pats scored 37 points .

ted ginn and greg trades are huge mistake .

LMAO! You guys are killing me! It's PRE-season! This game doesn't count one lick! The biggest priority is getting to the start of the REGULAR season with minimal bumps and bruises. That means no stunts or any special calls on the O-line. Just basic vanilla stuff on both sides of the ball. You don't want a starting lineman having his season ended by some kid trying to make the opposing team. It's a little like practice but at game speed! It means nada. And, you don't want folks looking at a tape of this game trying to plan for you, so you don't give anything away! Take a chill pill. It's gonna be okay. The season hasn't even started and you're ready to hang them out to dry already.

Not making excuses ..but the falcons were fired up in this game.they had 11 days off and played bad vs. the pats on defense..so you know they got ripped by there coaches..as for the fins 'sporano seems to not have the guys ready for the game..another coach ala saban...dave.w....etc..just because fasano had a good game last week ..does not mean you can go to him again.this week ..dan henning needs to go..i feel in the middle of the season they will give the rains to pennighton to call the plays ..i notice that too armando ;marshall was singled covered all day..brian hartline reminds me alot of former ohio.st. wr ted ginn..he can run but he has bad hands..not starter material..why does ricky and ronnie always go to the defense .when they run the ball. can't they bounce outside?jared odrick looks like another phillip mearling..he's always on the floor..lacks strength..chris clemons can't locate the ball. not a ball hawk at all...can you ask the coaches what they worked during the week,,cause it looks like they don't do nothing during the week,.

If the Dolphins want to sell tickets they have to start focusing on the real football fans and stop making this a "celebrity experience"; there are so many "don'ts" in this stadium that is no longer fun to attend games.... you can't smoke, you can't buy more than 2 beers at the low low price of $7+ dollars a piece and if you want more than 2 someone else has to go with you and they must charge the other 2 beers to person 2?? are you kidding me?, the ID you every single time, all the bells and whistles when they score a field goal, all the celebrity Phins Up, which is really stupid.... what they need to do is put good product on the field a competitive team, go after top notch players and stop the b.s. you either make this for the true real fans, or you get all the preppy boys and girls that do not care about the team, the game or the sport only to be texting and talking the whole game.... Get real Miami Dolphins organization..... 49ers won 5 Super Bowls and did not have this clown show going on....... get real players, get real product!!!!

In Reg. Season They Go To Marshall More. Everytthing Else Will Folow.

the best thing about this game is that it is Griese's last in the announcing booth!!!!

Loved him as a player, like him with college games, but wish I had a dollar every time I said "Shut up Bob!" tonight. He doesn't add anything to the telecast. Doesn't know the team ... states the obvious and sounds like he's reading from the media guide every time he shares his knowledge ...

Ross ... fire him and get rid of our OC ... and that title is being used generously ... Henning is terrible ... another poster mentioned having Pennington call the plays ... I kind of like that idea if he's not playing ... the team did look inspired when he came in tonight ...

LMAO! You guys are killing me! It's PRE-season! This game doesn't count one lick! The biggest priority is getting to the start of the REGULAR season with minimal bumps and bruises. That means no stunts or any special calls on the O-line. Just basic vanilla stuff on both sides of the ball. You don't want a starting lineman having his season ended by some kid trying to make the opposing team. It's a little like practice but at game speed! It means nada. And, you don't want folks looking at a tape of this game trying to plan for you, so you don't give anything away! Take a chill pill. It's gonna be okay. The season hasn't even started and you're ready to hang them out to dry already.

Posted by: Tracy474 | August 27, 2010 at 11:45 PM

Maybe, but the problem is dumb penalties and inconsistant offensive capability is starting to be a real concern. I understand its preseason but so far if you would ask anyone in that locker room or any of the coaching staff if they like the product being put out on the field tonight, I think it would be safe to say *HELL NO*, this team needs to practice harder and act smarter if they hope to stay in this race all season long. Some of the plays and struggles we are seeing right now arent just going to automatically dissapear in two weeks which is why it should at the very least raise some concerns.

Come On Guys Everything Is Gonna Be Fine For The Games That Count. Go Dolphins!!!! Go Henne!!!!

how can the dolphins trade greg camarillo ;

in the last 2 seasons he was targeted 73 times last season and never dropped a ball.

tonight at 8.00 pm min VS sea marks the first game for camarillo w/vikings to catch the ball from 23 million QB not the 600,000 young henne .

my take: why on earth is henne under center with 3 wideouts and no backs? wouldnt the shotgun make more sense (ie. peyton) so he doesnt have to do a seven step drop under pressure?? and why are we paying vernon all that $ when he's always beat in pass protection??? henne is guilty of locking on to a receiver which draws the defense. you dont see that in peyton, favre etc. where is the QB coach?????

Hey Henne When In Doubt Opt For Marshall! Its Obvious Theyre Out Of Sync And Not Enough Was Madein The Beginning AboutThese2 Getting Together To Gel. By This Time They Should Be Each Others Best Friend...

Hey Henning Theres This Great Formation On Passing Downs Known As The Shotgun. It Gives Your QB More Time To Throw The Ball And Better Vantage Point To Read The Defense And Survey The Field.

Ok this doom and gloom stuff has got to stop. Are there any real dolfans left????

I am as old school as the next fan but it seems that A LOT of people are hung up on past glories that nothing short of perfection will quench which is simply ridiculous. I have enjoyed this site in the past but it seems everyone is insistent on only showcasing the downside week in and week out. All I'm asking for is a holistic view of the weeks events not some sugar coated lifetime drama crap. Where is all the talk about the great play of Koa Misi, Vontae Davis and our turnover ratio this preseason??? (Yes we have been taking the ball away but you wouldn't know it) I guess the good points got lost in this seemingly black and white sea of despair everyone insists on talking about!!

This is preseason folks get over it!!! It does count but only as an evaluation period and conditioning nothing more nothing less. Do we need improvement, yes but I am confident that the personnel in place will make the necessary adjustments to have this team on track for the regular season. Neither the offense nor the defense wants to show their hands before the real games begin but you would think the freaking super bowl was on the line the way everyone is talking.

So how about some reporting and talk about both sides or is their only good news and reporting, in bad news??

I know it's only preseason, but a couple things concern me. Kick coverage, no pass rush, a lot of dropped balls by the receivers to name a few. Tell me why we trade the receiver with the best hands?

We go into Buffalo with this kind of an effort we will come home with the same result as last year. Mark my words.

I'm not sure who said it last night, maybe Griese, but he got it right. This is a practice game, there is no real game plan as when your facing an opponent in regular season. Very vanilla base offense n defense. I'm not saying there are no concerns. O-Line isn't and didn't look together, special teams still needs work. BUT, Vonte was an animal, Dansby looked good, Charles Grant nice game, Marshall will be a beast, Wallace and Moore should make this team.No sense getting all worked up, different story if we see this against Buffalo but I don't think we will.

Misi Has Been Inconsistent Holding The Edge. Odrick Is Playing Uninspired. The Team Is Playing Uninspired Football. Hope That Changes In The Reg. Season. If Not Its Sopranos Fault.

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