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Live blog here to celebrate season ticket milestone

The Dolphins tonight celebrate their most important preseason game of 2010 and already they have good news on the horizon: The team will soon announce that it has surpassed the 50,000 season-ticket mark for the first time in the Bill Parcells era and the first time since 2007.

Although the club has not yet made it official, I'm told by several sources there is a sense of pride at the fact the local fans have seen fit to invest in season-tickets at a rate not seen in several years despite the tough economic times that plagues the nation and South Florida.

There is much work to do, however, for the Dolphins business side. While there has been a steady increase in the sale of tickets since they fell off the table following Nick Saban's departure, 50,000 to ,51,000 is not the goal. The club would like to be closer to 2006 levels and be in the 60,000s season tickets sold.

One supposes the success the team will have this year will go far toward determining that.

To that end, I present to you tonight's game.

Things to look for:

The secondary: Um, they've been pretty bad this preseason and now they're facing the best quarterback (Matt Ryan) they've seen so far and for a much longer period of time. The expectation is the Ryan will go at least one half tonight as will Miami's starting DBs.

[Update: Jason Allen is slated to start ahead of Sean Smith at RCB. Smith has been on notice all preseason that his job is at stake. Count this another strongly worded message that he needs to pull up and play better or he'll find himself coming off the bench when the season begins.]

To blitz or not to blitz: I've shared with you what the Dolphins' defense is going to be this year in previous posts. Attacking is the operative word. But this preseason the Dolphins have shown no blitzes with their first-team defense. Do they unwrap some of that package tonight? I do not know. But I'll be watching with interest to see how effetive Koa Misi and Jared Odrick can be when three or four of their teammates are also trying to bust down the offensive line wall along with them.

No injuries, please: That is a key goal. The coaching staff hasn't babied this team, but it has been cautious to avoid the physical, emotional, and psychological distress that a season-ending or other signifcant injury can have upon a team. Today the St. Louis Rams are sick at the loss of receiver Donnie Avery for the season. Teams that come out the third preseason game relatively healthy usually go into the regular season that way because the final preseason game is usually a passing excersize on the field. If Miami can escape this contest unscathed, that will bode wll for the opener.

Last minute news: Will Allen and Nate Garner are the only scratches for the Dolphins. That is interesting because it suggests Channing Crowder is dressed ... but he will not start. Tim Dobbins is starting for Crowder tonight. Jake Grove is starting at center.

So meet me at kickoff in the comments section for the live blog. It should be a hoot. 


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Nice WC yardage


wildcat works better from mid field anyway

Welcome back Po......channel 27 here

guys where can i watch the game ?

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall! Hold onto the ball baby!

boomtownrat25 YOU DA MAN!!!!!!


damn beast

Thats a fumble....Yikes, licky ronnie was there!

Daryl Dunphy,

Dont worry about me, Im a big boy, I can take care of myself you hear?

i am watching the game

Mando, Whats The Deal With Sean Smith? He Has The Physical Tools, Doesnt He? Is It Mental, Technique? Or The Dreaded Sophmore Slump???

Aloco - Thanks Man, Youre A Life Saver

Joe! What up?!

mando take that stuff off marshall's arms!! they are dead for real!! that is what you said they are for right to deaden that area of the arms

I expect a pass to Fasano next.

I Hear Your Logic Mando, And Its Sound. For Whatever Reason, Espn Is Convinced Parcells Hated The Idea Of Drafting Pat

the curse of ted ginn is still alive



Inomplete pass. And a drop for Brandon Marshall, his third of the preseason games.

Man, Brandon, hold onto things.

Terrible call!!!

Thank you Boom

Armando that was not a drop the defender knocked the ball out. Are you blind?

Even with an extra Ref they still get the call wrong

Bad call, but whats up with Marshal?

change the number

Nada Po....hoping for a good season

You guys are blind. Yhe defender knocked the ball loose.

breed, mando is just reporting the game not what he thinks the call should be

Me too Joe.

Armando that was not a drop the defender knocked the ball out. Are you blind?

Posted by: DyingBreed | August 27, 2010 at 07:18 PM

The official sure is, someone needs to tell him two feet on the ground and possesion of ball is a catch

we saw the fumble

Horrible Special teams.

st gonna get us killed

the unspecial teams reappears...

fire this dumb coach

very good for Carpenter's confidence

The Dolphins special teams wall opens up like the Red Sea and it is up to Dan Carpenter to make a TD saving tackle. Terrible.

Special teams suck!

Special teams wtf!!!

p2p4u.net...........you have to have google chrome or firefox or safari

Reporting the game, it wasnt a drop. The defender clearly knocked the ball loose. Good play by the defender. Marshall did nothing wrong. Glad I'm watching the game too, lol!


"He really takes it personally when his special teams unit messes up."


Your welcome Po.

Picture quality isnt great but its nice just to be able to see it somewhere.

odrick dont make the play wow

How many 3 or 4 man wedges are they going to allow ATL to do before they throw a flag????

D sucking donkey balls...

Good job J allen.

Nice play Jason

our kick coverage is so bad...is that a result of having a lot of "scrubs" on special teams that wont be there?

Agree Po, Bonnemego needs to go

special teams has been horrible for 3 years...

maybe its the Special teams coach that sucks...

interference on o pulled allen down

Odrick missed tackle

Bell cant cover Gonzalez

Is Sean Smith hurt or something? I dont see him

thanks for making test look like a tardo J allen

Thank You BoomTown

Langford and Misi with the nice hit on first down. But not pleased the DL got moved for the first down on previous play.

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