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Live blog here to celebrate season ticket milestone

The Dolphins tonight celebrate their most important preseason game of 2010 and already they have good news on the horizon: The team will soon announce that it has surpassed the 50,000 season-ticket mark for the first time in the Bill Parcells era and the first time since 2007.

Although the club has not yet made it official, I'm told by several sources there is a sense of pride at the fact the local fans have seen fit to invest in season-tickets at a rate not seen in several years despite the tough economic times that plagues the nation and South Florida.

There is much work to do, however, for the Dolphins business side. While there has been a steady increase in the sale of tickets since they fell off the table following Nick Saban's departure, 50,000 to ,51,000 is not the goal. The club would like to be closer to 2006 levels and be in the 60,000s season tickets sold.

One supposes the success the team will have this year will go far toward determining that.

To that end, I present to you tonight's game.

Things to look for:

The secondary: Um, they've been pretty bad this preseason and now they're facing the best quarterback (Matt Ryan) they've seen so far and for a much longer period of time. The expectation is the Ryan will go at least one half tonight as will Miami's starting DBs.

[Update: Jason Allen is slated to start ahead of Sean Smith at RCB. Smith has been on notice all preseason that his job is at stake. Count this another strongly worded message that he needs to pull up and play better or he'll find himself coming off the bench when the season begins.]

To blitz or not to blitz: I've shared with you what the Dolphins' defense is going to be this year in previous posts. Attacking is the operative word. But this preseason the Dolphins have shown no blitzes with their first-team defense. Do they unwrap some of that package tonight? I do not know. But I'll be watching with interest to see how effetive Koa Misi and Jared Odrick can be when three or four of their teammates are also trying to bust down the offensive line wall along with them.

No injuries, please: That is a key goal. The coaching staff hasn't babied this team, but it has been cautious to avoid the physical, emotional, and psychological distress that a season-ending or other signifcant injury can have upon a team. Today the St. Louis Rams are sick at the loss of receiver Donnie Avery for the season. Teams that come out the third preseason game relatively healthy usually go into the regular season that way because the final preseason game is usually a passing excersize on the field. If Miami can escape this contest unscathed, that will bode wll for the opener.

Last minute news: Will Allen and Nate Garner are the only scratches for the Dolphins. That is interesting because it suggests Channing Crowder is dressed ... but he will not start. Tim Dobbins is starting for Crowder tonight. Jake Grove is starting at center.

So meet me at kickoff in the comments section for the live blog. It should be a hoot. 


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Its one thing for the scrubs to keep getting immature penalties, but these dumb penalties by the ist team is concerning. What are they doing at practice to improve this, its like every week, we have like 10 penalties a game.

you imposter test...we dont want him traded you dumbA

The imposter test is far more funny than you are though, "real" test.

And he complains and whines just as much as you, just better.

I vote we replace you with him

i am going to enroll in the huizenga school of buisness and in 30-40 years, i'll have enough money to buy the dolphins... that way i could pull an al davis.

Sorry guys but we dont look like a playoff team right now!!

im loving the LBers

And that was a blitz by the Dolphins first-team defense! First of the preseason, far as I've seen.


Jake Long was abused by Abraham last year. Long his holding his own this time around.

nice work by Misi

let's go D!

Henne missed because it was a timing and accuracy throw. P. Manning would have completed that throw. He would have better judge where to spot the ball.


I am better, aren't i?
very nice of you Chris, you can keep your job for now too

both teams sucks ,it's a preseason crap........time for my meatball sub .

So Vontae Davis gets called for illegal contact and still gives up a first-down completion.

Sean Smith got SMOKED!!!!!

why is sean smith so bad...

Lets face it guys neither Smith nor Davis are shutdown corners. They are read and react at best,

Sean Smith bit on the double move and got destroyed.

That is very disturbing even though it was incomplete.

wtf was Smith doing?

We are gettin schooled.....

clemons came on a blitz earlier in first series, smith is garbage

Vontae, total failure.
We all hate you.
lets trade him to the pats

Sean Smith is pretty terrible.

refs can suck a dick....not one call against atl all game

both your top picks YANKED already......when will you bozos realize the TRIFRECTA SUCK BIG TIME.....


how can I WHO doesn't put 20 HOURS A DAY, know who to draft and who not to draft in the TOP 3 ROUNDS...

Defense Looks Bad

One good thing about Vontae Davis is that he isn't Sean Smith

is sean smith retarded???

sean smith sucks


V. davis looks like he's more seasoned for a better year than S. Smith does thats for certian.

so much chatter from Vontae

Tommy A, Jake is doing OK, but he did give up a holding call.

Davis is Hot or cold.

WOW..... D is horrible!!

vontae looks like hes ready for the season and sean smith still thinks its training camp

The holding call nullified a first-down completion to Hartline.

Dais is playing great... White is a top ten reciever....Misi is playing great.... Smith got burnt on the double move but came right back and made a great tackle on the 2 nd down run....our corners will be fine this year!!! mark my words!!!

i meant Davis

can we throw down field, where's fasano

Time to move sean smith to safety!!!

Forget Revis Island Davis Island And Smith Drive Thru Man He Sucks!

Henne still not looking off recievers

GUYS do any of you know any thing about football????

SEAN SMITH is FREE SAFETY, heck more like the body of a WR, to me to tall for CB, just like a 6'5" NOSE GUARD is to tall should be around 6'2"

Someone tell henne that i said checkdown = cut.

I'll cut him myself, cause i'm that cranky.

why not just throw it up to MArshall?

Looks Like Hartline And Carrol Are Ready To Play. Once Again Henne Sucked It Up. We Need Some Freking Urgency

we need to see pat white .

can linemen nudge defenders before running down field

Can we please see more shot gun formations?!? It drives me crazy when its an empty backfield and henne has to waste time.dropping back.

Team not crisp

Henne had more time to throw after he stepped out of the rush and rushed the pass to Bess!

BESS sux

time to trade for VINCENT JACKSON

why not just throw it up to MArshall?

Posted by: Zach | August 27, 2010 at 07:57 PM

Well, they both have to be on the same page for that to happen, and so far they HAVE not!!!

Bess needs to make that catch!!

Not impressed by ANYONE so far. That is not good.

there playin likes its the pre season

Henne threw that one too hard.

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