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Live blog of Dolphins-Bucs starts at 7 p.m.

The live blog of tonight's Dolphins game versus Tampa Bay starts in the comments section of this post at 7 p.m.

I watched Chad Henne roll up in his Beemer and enter the stadium earlier this afternoon and I suddenly realized I am watching the start of what could be his entrance into NFL stardom. Let's hope.

You know that dawns on me how hopeful and yet uncertain things are for the Dolphins.

Take the defense: Mike Nolan's crew tonight starts two rookies (Jared Odrick and Koa Misi), two first-time starters (Cameron Wake and Chris Clemons),two second-year starters (Sean Smith and Vontae Davis),  a player in a new position (Randy Starks), and a player on a new team (Karlos Dansby).

The Dolphins defense is the definition of brand new, untested and a package full of surprises.

On offense tonight I will be keeping my eye on the offensive line. I want to see this group start to come together. Amazingly, this is the third year of the Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland-Tony Sparano plan in which they began to build from the interior out.

And they're still building.

Anyway, tonight's game is on NFL Network for satellite subscribers. It is on CBS-4 if you are in South Florida. You can otherwise catch it here online. And of course, I would appreciate if you join me during the live blog. 

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Why do we need to see 3 qtrs of Thigpen? Too bad Henne didn't get a chance to play longer so he could start clicking. Media will blast Henne and praise Thigpen tomorrow.

Well, Turner is looking decent, Roberto Wallace looked promising.. bit of a dilemma building up there.

This means nothing. It is a pre season NFL game. Go sugg on mommas teat. Fuggin babiies. The real stuff starts soon. Relax.


Punt is blocked

exactly Lord if they show some playmaking potential there has to be some shuffling as its not going to be Marshall or Hartline that will be left out...lol

TommyA were there WRs open for Henne to throw too? I didn't see many so you have to throw to who's open

Man, all Corey Lynch does is block kicks. Remember Appalachian State over Michigan?

home was right again

sean cost us our only TD

junk balloon Int by sean meant nothing

my 6 yr old kid would have caught it

sean cost us a Td

Turner a TD

thank you Home!

Yeah, I wished it was offseason and no football LOL

Hartline is nothing special either.

Roberto Wallace let the guy run right by him to block the punt. Looked like he was out there reading a Playboy magazine as the defender went by, lol!

home was right on patrick turner

and right on the score against us, Sean Smith

I`m listening to home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah Mando I agree with your lead in. Third year of the rebuild that started on the o-line. This is the year they better have something solidified there or Parcells and Ireland are going to be held accountable for drafting and signing O-linemen who are mediocre. Please no one remind me about Jake Long, that's a no brainer, he was a first pick.

thank you home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know where Faneca is playing this year?

Sean R.,

C'mon if the Fins receivers can't get open against a crappy team during a preseason game then there's something seriously wrong.

I don't expect a great game. I just expect one pass completion to a WR. Just one damnit!

Besides, what good is preseason if the QB doesn't at least try to get the ball to his receivers.

Want Henne to play in the fuggin mud and blow out his knee. You dumbasses never fail to impress me. Thigpen should be the starter in your expert opinion. You are all so football retarded that you all FAIL. Pat White looks good. Give me a break.

agreed Tommy, first units played scared tonite


Did you watch the beginning of the game???? It was pouring rain and every time the Dolphins got the ball, it was in the mud pit... Henne had a few good passes to WR's that were dropped and did complete at least one pass to a WR (Hartline)... quit yer b!tchin, its the first preseason game...

And i am glad you are around, Po White.

at least everyone is in regular season form...whine, b!tch and complain...I'll wait a little longer before forming an opinion about the players that will make the team...

Dont kick a field goal

Nice stop.

Guys during preseason we dont gameplan for teams on offense to take advantage of known weaknesses. Plus on defense we have used none of Nolan attacking wrinkles.

The sky hasnt fallen yet chicken littles, lol!

Raheem Morris cannot catch a break at Sun Life Stadium

Nate Ness! Preseason probowl

right scooter...why even watch preseason or be on here as you clearly have all the putdown..ooops i mean answers..all is great, your right first team looked unstoppable and after last years stellar season we should just trust them...lmao...get a clue dude

lol Time

the starters only played briefly...maybe when they play more we'll see more...this is still practice...did they look great...nope. It happens...I remember more than one team going 4-0 in pre-season and finishing below .500. This is practice!

Scooter, cut back on the beer man. If Henne blows out a knee in the mud then he doesn't deserve to be a football player.

What an excuse:

I threw the ball to Polite, and Brown on every play because the mud was going to blow out my knee.

Are you serious?!?

Actually preseason is the perfect time for offenses to work on the things they dont do so well rather than what they already do well.

No Pat White???????????


Hell yeah M in the T!

The Dolphins are giving Thigpen a showing to see if anyone show an interest in him.

too many false starts!!

Ok, I will teach you a little bit of football. Game 1 and 2 of the preseason are roster evaluations and a chance for players to see game speed. There is very little gameplanning. Game 3 is where you will see the 1st string play the most. 4th game is the final evaluation of all backups. First string may play a series. If you don't know this, you need to watch more football. This game seriously means absolutely nothing in terms of evaluating the team and making prediction on the season. If you think so, you really don't understand football.

I'm pulling for Pat White. Just because he has so many haters.

You people complaining are probably the same people who were booing and asking Ricky questions when he was trying to concentrate at practice. No sense I tell ya,,,,no sense.

sloppy football.


Are you serious? I hope you are a child because your football knowledge and memory is ridiculous

I'm pulling for Po White to make the team, lol!

49 rushing yards??????????

Come on, is Coastal Carolina even a real school???

Carlito, how's it going man. Good to see you and Po White out here

Tampa Bay is a good young team. Not great, but good. I'll go on the record and say they will surprise some treams this year. Ask the Saints, Bucs upset them last season!

I thought you were a fan DB.....

If they pay me in beer they gotta chance!

I think this, I think that,,,BS. Lets all sign in and give our predictions and then we can revisit this conversation after the 8th game. This is so ridiculously moronic. How are we making predictions and getting scared after a pre season game?! REALLY? Last year there were a bunch of people in here saying we were going to the afc championship because we won our 4 pre season games and looked good doing it. Now they have a rough 1st half and they're going 7-9 again eventhough the talent on the team has gotten better and deeper? RIDICULOUS

LOL@ Po White!

Tony Sparano is looking good this year. Dropped a lot of weight.

I think I may end up at the massage parlour tonight.

"If Henne blows out a knee in the mud then he doesn't deserve to be a football player".


Wow! Guess we can say Thigpen played all 3 out of 4 qtrs!


Yeah I'm serious. Preseason football isn't for throwing check downs to fullbacks. It's for getting the timing down between the QB and his receivers, and for the O-Line to gel.

Check down passes to fullbacks are 100% useless.

Whats up Mark In T.O.?

Dolphins were unprepared for the rain/conditions in the beginning... Not really much to take from this game... I was impressed with Soliai, Odrick, Misi, and Nolan Carroll...

Aayyyy fumble!!!

I'm hungry

I'm pulling for Pat White because he has talent and upside. We may not need a starter or an immediate backup, so we have room to let a young guy with upside get his NFL legs, with a few Wildcat plays thrown in. Thigpen is older than Henne, White is younger than Henne. It just makes more sense to keep Pat White.

Take a knee douch bag.

Lot of football knowledge tonight

we need to fire henning and tony

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