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Live blog of Dolphins-Bucs starts at 7 p.m.

The live blog of tonight's Dolphins game versus Tampa Bay starts in the comments section of this post at 7 p.m.

I watched Chad Henne roll up in his Beemer and enter the stadium earlier this afternoon and I suddenly realized I am watching the start of what could be his entrance into NFL stardom. Let's hope.

You know that dawns on me how hopeful and yet uncertain things are for the Dolphins.

Take the defense: Mike Nolan's crew tonight starts two rookies (Jared Odrick and Koa Misi), two first-time starters (Cameron Wake and Chris Clemons),two second-year starters (Sean Smith and Vontae Davis),  a player in a new position (Randy Starks), and a player on a new team (Karlos Dansby).

The Dolphins defense is the definition of brand new, untested and a package full of surprises.

On offense tonight I will be keeping my eye on the offensive line. I want to see this group start to come together. Amazingly, this is the third year of the Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland-Tony Sparano plan in which they began to build from the interior out.

And they're still building.

Anyway, tonight's game is on NFL Network for satellite subscribers. It is on CBS-4 if you are in South Florida. You can otherwise catch it here online. And of course, I would appreciate if you join me during the live blog. 

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Siote just went offline my bad :(

Soiled :(

Marlins cannot be happy with this weather.


Seems good so far

Tristan Davis is the starting KOR. And he has a 17 yarder which is unspectacular, even in the raoin.

Well bad start bad start from Tristan Davis, good pass from Henne, it's really pouring down there.

Well, Ronnie Brown is still the workhorse.

Man, why did we have to start in the monsoon? I hope we don't get any injuries in the mud and slime.

Wow, Brown looks like he is a man with a mission, playing like if it was a regular season game, go Ronnie!

Good start from Brown


Lou time

OK here comes the first pass to Marshall, lets see.

Brown has carried four consecutive times and almost broke that last one... But flag on the play. Vernon Carey holds. Yuck.


Go here, PWT

Po White in my area the games on abc

Dumb play

The Dolphins are supposed to be able to run the ball on TB. The Bucs were terrible versus the run last year.

OK my bad.

Well, Dolpins special teams not getting it done so far.

Gave up a 20 yard punt return. Had only 17 yards on a kick return.

Thanks Ya'll, was going APE SH*T!!!!

They seem to be running the ball pretty well, still that blitz on third down forced Henne to take the check down, too bad.

nice job carey

Why did Henne even bother to throw that pass?

Culver made the st's tackle(#29)

Misi on the stop

Is the damn Marlins stadium almost finished or what? I am so sick of watching Miami have to roll around in mud every year I want to puke.

Still no audio from game...commercials no problem... no audio from stadium....

Koa Misi makes his first NFL (preseason) tackle.

Looks like a didn't miss much of a possession.

Pat White has outplayed Thigpen all thru camp, he will do so again tonight.

wheres the new defense. looks the same

What is that mud-wallow in the middle of the field?

Kendall Langford was held on the Cadillac run

Josh Freeman is an ENORMOUS QB. Geez.

GOod news is that Starks is in fact getting to offensive players involved on him, still hard to tell how effectve his quickness can be in this type of field. (Dear Mr Ross how about we get one of those open/close roofs, I'll take that over a new minority owner any day.
P.S BEll didnt hit freeman there, he should be gratefull.


holy cow crowder made a play

The Dolphins defense, early on, looks quicker to the ball than last year. That seems obvious.

We're in the hole

Anytime it wants to stop raining...it would be fine.

Crowder makes a play...it gonna snow

Bess gets the first shot at KR but the kick goes down at the 4

Koa Misi with a tackle and a couple pressures in the first series

Time for marshall to catch a pass!

Good speed from defensive edges.... Good coverage 2 plays no one open...last year Tampa would have thrown for 90 yard td...

I heard other reports saying Misi unimpressive. What player what they watching.

He's STARTING as a rookie and he's active as heck in practice. What you're seeing here, I've seen in practice.

He's going to be fine.

I hate that damn diamond!

Defense hasnt blitzed yet

When did they install a jacuzzi on the 10 yard line?

Marshall drops a pass

That was a drop by Marshall.

I heard Misi was something special from some folks "In the Know".

What a joke this field is! How are we going to evaluate these guys when they're slipping all over the place? This sucks, have to wait until next game to see anything or take anything seriously

Dolphins offense looking all wet now. False start on the center.

Offense looks unimpressive, not bad, just unimpressive. Weather can't be helping much, especially if they wanted to pass, they will have to rely on the running game now.

False start Dolphins, 3rd and 11

Wow, offense is very unimpressive


nice kick, noice coverage!

F***ing Miami weather. And you guys were bitching about the superbowl being in NY? yEAH this is much better.

Henne just got butt chewed by Sparano BIG TIME... stupid check down...

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