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Live blog of Dolphins-Bucs starts at 7 p.m.

The live blog of tonight's Dolphins game versus Tampa Bay starts in the comments section of this post at 7 p.m.

I watched Chad Henne roll up in his Beemer and enter the stadium earlier this afternoon and I suddenly realized I am watching the start of what could be his entrance into NFL stardom. Let's hope.

You know that dawns on me how hopeful and yet uncertain things are for the Dolphins.

Take the defense: Mike Nolan's crew tonight starts two rookies (Jared Odrick and Koa Misi), two first-time starters (Cameron Wake and Chris Clemons),two second-year starters (Sean Smith and Vontae Davis),  a player in a new position (Randy Starks), and a player on a new team (Karlos Dansby).

The Dolphins defense is the definition of brand new, untested and a package full of surprises.

On offense tonight I will be keeping my eye on the offensive line. I want to see this group start to come together. Amazingly, this is the third year of the Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland-Tony Sparano plan in which they began to build from the interior out.

And they're still building.

Anyway, tonight's game is on NFL Network for satellite subscribers. It is on CBS-4 if you are in South Florida. You can otherwise catch it here online. And of course, I would appreciate if you join me during the live blog. 

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Up here in Brevard co.....play by play heavily slanted Tampa commentators. Next half Miami

Any one feel that Sean(Jabber jaw)Smith will be this years Ted(Sideline)Ginn??????

How bad is W. Allen though?

Will he back by the opening game?

Yeah, Dallas gave up 4 sacks in their first series. I guess theyre going to suck as well. Because everyone knows how the first preseason game shoes how good your team is

This is a pretty miserable first quarter for the Dolphins, even allowing for the mud and general filthiness.

Allen is supposed to be back by the first regular season game, but will he be ready to take over as a starter the second he reutns. Don't see that.



Deja vu!

how much did we pay him??????

how much are we paying marshall to drop balls?

Damn Marshall

Thankyou Sean R! I mean guys its the firs preasgn game, not even the final score, the field is sloppy this is not the plays we will see into the season. The preseason doesnt mean anything.


So far this performance on offense is one big fat FART.

Is that Ted Ginn out there or Marshall??????????Change your # Marshall, It's Jinxed....

Story of our lives Mando.

Marshall needs to get rid of Ginns #

henne needs to ask freeman how to throw a wet ball

So Happy it rained, this is wonderful

The curse of #19?

we're in trouble this year. trust me

some of our games are gonna have weather issues...

these fools can't catch

ted ginn 2 and hartline

Hartline dropped one too?!


Are these guys nervous?

Wanna make a bet they practice in the rain this week?

The Bucs are more used to handling wet balls.

Well, Henne seems to be doing his best to fall apart without any particular pressure from Tampa.

The field is sloopy for both teams....no excuse

wow sad sad sad offensive possesion.

Henne 2-7 but should be 5-7

Wow Marshall drops ONE pass in the FIRST PRESEASON GAME with the ball all muddy and wet, and you guys are asking for his head... I wonder if you guys have ever tried to catch a muddy football before.. How about the bandwagon jumping fans leave, and let the real Fins fans who will stand behind the team in the good and in the bad stay?


They're just not used to playing in the rain! That damn Saban bubble!

The Dolphins have not practiced in rain this preseason. They go in the bubble every time. And it shows.

screw the bubble

practice in the elements.

boulder fan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my god ,,,,,,REALLY? You can tell this from 1 qtr of preseason football on a wet muddy field? You're a genius!

sparano is shivering in his boots. ouch.

Hey, what do you expect?!?!

They REFUSE to practice in the rain and now in the rain they are getting screwed.

This team you can tell is un prepared and is acting like they have never seen rain much less played football in it.

Backup QB in for Tampa Bay. Still first team defense for the Dolphins.

Bucs receivers arent having any problems catching wet muddy balls.

Settle down people... They will consider themselves lucky to get this wet-weather game under their belt, before the season starts...

First team needs to play, get some work in.

CocoaJoe, The bucs have played mostly in the grassy area of the field, the Dolphins have played in the mud there is a HUGE difference!

Didn't think about that Mando.....tear down the wall, I mean bubble

To the people saying TB isn't having as much trouble,,,,,you do see that the dolphins start every series in the mud right?

THAT's why Davis is MUCH better than SMITH!

Why don't we get some practice in the rain?

Need to get acclimated to running plays in the rain, wet ball, wet ground etc.

WOW this team is in BIG trouble and all MORONS every year in TRAINING camp always seem to think THIS IS OUR YEAR, OR WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR OR WERE ONLY A FEW PLAYERS AWAY, OR WILL LEARN FROM THIS.......

guy this is OUR 1st string DEF vs well their 3rd stringers they have no big name players on field at all

Way to go D!

Sounds like the broadcast is in preseason mode too.

now their backup qb is making us look pathetic

I don't care what the excuses are - the Bucs QB should NOT be able just to scurry through the center for 18 yards!

Nice play by CORWDER

MANDO, I thought Pennington wasn't supposed to play, why is he dressed?

not what i expected. but as long as i dont see this when it counts. get it all out now.


Tony doesn't want to get wet. Its harder to fist pump in the rain. Could slip and fall.

who you calling morons jerkoff? Youre claiming the team isn't better than last yeAR because of 1 and a half qtrs of play and were the morons?

Henne doesn't deserve to sit out the rest of the game. They need to play him 3 quarters. Screw that playing one quarter stuff! He's not a proven NFL QB.

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