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Live blog of Dolphins-Bucs starts at 7 p.m.

The live blog of tonight's Dolphins game versus Tampa Bay starts in the comments section of this post at 7 p.m.

I watched Chad Henne roll up in his Beemer and enter the stadium earlier this afternoon and I suddenly realized I am watching the start of what could be his entrance into NFL stardom. Let's hope.

You know that dawns on me how hopeful and yet uncertain things are for the Dolphins.

Take the defense: Mike Nolan's crew tonight starts two rookies (Jared Odrick and Koa Misi), two first-time starters (Cameron Wake and Chris Clemons),two second-year starters (Sean Smith and Vontae Davis),  a player in a new position (Randy Starks), and a player on a new team (Karlos Dansby).

The Dolphins defense is the definition of brand new, untested and a package full of surprises.

On offense tonight I will be keeping my eye on the offensive line. I want to see this group start to come together. Amazingly, this is the third year of the Bill Parcells-Jeff Ireland-Tony Sparano plan in which they began to build from the interior out.

And they're still building.

Anyway, tonight's game is on NFL Network for satellite subscribers. It is on CBS-4 if you are in South Florida. You can otherwise catch it here online. And of course, I would appreciate if you join me during the live blog. 

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Ohhhhh nooooooooooooooooooo! It is falling!

Smith makin a case!

easiest INT in the world, he was a WR on that play and the bucs guy was the defender...

OMG SEAN(The New Ted Ginn)Smith with a Int.....


hey smith picked one... oh yeah he does that well in preseason. hope he carries it over.

Sean R let the haters hate, when the Fins start off 3-0 they will jump in the wagon again, i dont care, now look at them jump on the smith bandwagon because of that interception...its still the preseason i dont care if the Fins win 35-7 it means nothing just like it doesnt mean anything if they lose 100 to 0!

Nice stone by Misi on that run play. Very stout, Crowder cleans it up

I hope they give Henne a series not starting from the mud

Bad throw....

Yeah, that was a horrible throw, I would over hype it

wow, nice to see scumbags in here bitching even if something good happens "yeah, but it was too easy, i coulda done that, waaaah"

/hands you a pacifier

Bad throw... Bad route... bad coverage= interception? Tom Olivadati must have game planned incase ge is needed this season

sean smith: preseason hero, regular season bum.

Have to be honest: The pass was AWFUL. It was basically a punt.

So while Sean Smith gets credit for the interception, he gets no credit for making a great play because he was beaten on the pattern.

Looks like Sean Smith put some muscle on since last year...

Sean Smith with an easy pick. Holy crap, it's going to snow!!

I hear ya francisco. I truly believe we need another offseason before we're contenders anyway. But I'm hoping for a dream season ofcourse1

There My Man

Sean Smith


Now the penalties are inexcusable but the offense will look better in the grass.

3 false starts in one quarter????

Dear Sean Smith,

If you try to hand the ball off again after an interception return, I will fistpump through your chest.


Tony Sparano

Nice to see Smith get the interception.

Francisco, why do you think the Dolphins are playing in the muddy end? Yep, you got it.

I agree Tommy

Nice catch by Hartline! Come on Offense.

The one negative I will talk about is this mixing and matching BS on the offensive line. No wonder these guys are taking false starts, they dont get enough practice time together

Bucs are blitzing, dolphins arent, you can see Henne is forced to check down. Had nowhere else to go with it.

im so sick of it being 3rd and 5 and the phins throw a screen or swing pass. just throw it to the damn first down

henning is the problem. they should have let him go after last year

Agree Sean.

Well, Brandon Fields is certainly earning his corn tonight.

Fields must practice in the elements. He is our best weapon so far

Brandon kicking best O so far!!

Oh Yeah M@@c, Your still a buffoon, now back to football.....

Come on, passing behind the line of scrimmage without blockers is too easy for the d

At least our punter seems to be handling the wet ball OK... maybe they should send him on a crossing route.

Not to mention I haaaatttteeeeeee Dan Henning as an O.C. and can't believe he wasn't let go last season. Horrible, horrible offensive coordinator. I'm sorry but his play calling is too old school and it seems as if the game has passed him by. Remember, before anyone disagrees, the wild cat was not his idea.

brandon fields is a beast!! wish there was more good news. actually heene looks fine, brown looked ready, the o-line has been quite good. the defense is holding back a lot, but it is preseason. i wanna see wallace!! pat white.

No pressure from our d

I don't like the sense that the Dolphins are playing soft so far. The Bucs aren't much, but they are picking up yards far too easily.

Brandon Mazrshall catch a pass-Henne don't throw hard-put it in his hands!

maybe we could get some of those great bucs recivers. they catch

I agree Henning was ok when you had a game manager at QB and you based your attack on the running game, but now we need another Coordinator (Think Dan Marino would be interested? lol!) COme on fins!I think fins will earn a wildcard spot and make it to the divisional round that's my official prediction.

Starters gone, game over, boring time. Spitler needs a few years and may only be good enough for Special teams

our rush d looks good pass d im not sold on

Anyone want to bet that felonious scumbag Belichick is going to seed the clouds for a rainstorm on the day the Dolphins come to town?

Should have waited on buying my Marshall jersey, lol!

No flags? Jason Allen? Wow.

Armando, so how do you evaluate our starting offense? not much good happened for them.

Tampa Bays coach looks a lot like Tiger Woods... Just saying...

He must be gettin some trim CM.

Havent seen the wow effect on offense or defense. Right now we look like a 9-7 team at best.

Well since this might be the only game I get to watch live all year long I'll stay for the whole thing, come on Thigpen/White!

David Henne put the last one he threw in a perfect spot and Marshall let it slip through his hands. Ball is wet but Marshall should've turned his body and used it to catch the ball. He knows that, just a mental error. Maybe they don't have rain in Denver, too cold? hahaha

What a yawner

Anyone want to bet that felonious scumbag Belichick is going to seed the clouds for a rainstorm on the day the Dolphins come to town?

Posted by: Lord Brandon-Karlos Dansby-Marshal | August 14, 2010 at 07:57 PM

Oh No, The Omly one that would think of that is......... "HOME"..........

Wet chearleaders... now we're talkin!

Its the first game of the preseason... the dolphins obviously weren't prepared and they weather/mud made things MUCH worse... not much you can take from the first part of this game

I drank too much of the kool aid...I'm not real impressed so far. I hope I'm wrong...

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