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Live blog of Preseason 2 begins here at 7:30

We're blogging live from EverBank Field starting at 7:30 p.m.

Meet me in the comments section for that extravaganza.

Things to look for tonight:

Biggest issue -- The interior offensive line. It is time to settle on some guards, folks. I reported last week that Joe Berger has won the starting job at center. But LG Richie Incognito, RG John Jerry, Cory Procter, and Donald Thomas have been mixed and matched so much we really cannot say with certainty the starting combo for the season opener is set. Yes, Jerry is a favorite to win a job. Obviously Incognito is getting his chance as well. But tonight will go a long way in deciding whether they keep their advantage. One thing to know is the club is somewhat disappointed that Thomas has not improved sufficiently as he gets ready to start his third season. The former rookie sensation hasn't really progressed as much as they hoped.

Interesting Issue One -- Patrick Turner was impressive in last week's preseason opener. Can he be a factor two weeks in a row? If he can, I would tell you he will all but assure himself of a roster spot. I want to believe that Greg Camarillo is going to make this team based on his history, experience and dependability. But I want to see Turner and Marlon Moore push him.

Interesting Issue Two -- The kick return spot makes me wonder what's going on because, let's face it, the team doesn't really want Patrick Cobbs to win the job. The Dolphins want someone else to be their primary guy with Cobbs as an offset returner. So my eyes are on Nolan Carroll. It could be a big night for Carroll. He's from the Jacksonville area. He's fast, he's got a reputation for having good hands, and he's going to be on the team. Watch to see if he makes a case for winning the job tonight.

Late-game reason to watch: Nate Ness has opened the eyes of coaches and with Will Allen's status uncertain through the first week of the season, the team is hoping Ness follows a nice outing against Tampa Bay with a nice outing against the Jags. We shall see.

I'll update here with any pregame news. Right now, it is raining at the stadium. But at least there is no mud because, well, there is no baseball infield.

See you at the live blog.


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Nolan Carroll is going to show out tonight in front of his home crowd!!!!

Yeah Baby...............

I have internet and direct tv....how can I see the game...its on nfl network on monday...

another rainy game. hope we can catch this time. see if they learned anything last week.

Lets See Brandon marshalls First Catch As A Dolphin Tn!!

does it look like it is clearing up at all?
sure would be nice to get some good reps in without too much rain.

MANDO will there be a little more blitzing tonight?

somebody post the stream LINK :-)


or you can try p2p4u.net

i sure hope we can exhibit some consistency on offense with some throws downfield. lets see what we got! i'd like to see these receivers get a chance to make the team(r.wallace,m.moore and p.turner). really hope we keep the best 53; not just because they were on the team last year. the new blood looks good.

Dolphins4Life1973: I don't know if Mike Nolan will blitz more. I do know that once the season begins you'll see:

Corner blitzes
ILB blitzes
SS blitzes
FS blitzes
three man pressure
Four man pressure
Five man pressure
Six man pressure.

Why do I know this? Seen it all in practice.

Tim Dobbins will start at ILB tonight for Channing Crowder


What is the starting O-Line?

Carlito, starting OL is:

Long LT
Incognito LG
Berger C
Jerry RG
Carey RT

thanks MANDO!!! do you think we should trade greg c. for maybe the potential of two younger recievers with more speed or height(wallace,moore,or turner)

Mando, Weather Report Please........

is channing playing tonite? was looking forward to seeing if he was going to be sideline to sideline like the last pre-game vs. tampa. hope to see more of MICAH JOHNSON tonite looked good vs tampa

we gotta see something out of henne tonight. he needs to "sell the run fakes" and get the ball downfield to see some of these receivers. hope he can get comfortable,have some fun and get a couple TD's!

I assume Dobbins is starting in order to give him more snaps since he has missed time with an injury... he's got to get back up to speed

is channing hurt,dinged-up or what?

channings foot is still bothering him.

Mando, (or anyone else) Where is this game televised outside of Florida? Does anyone know if it is going to be via satellite or on NFL Network?

Behind enemy lines in New England!

thanks greg z.!! nothing serious i hope

Crowder is dressed for the game... I dont think he is out

you can watch at channelsurfing.net or p2p4u.net

you can get all the preseason games on nfl.com/preseason for $39.95 on your computer in HD. i watched the fins vs bucs last week along with many other games.

Caroll makes sense. There is nothing special about cobbs in that role. They also need to address the punt returner. What the hell is wrong with them? Why do they keep Bess back there? He sucks at returning punts. Doe she have a picture of the fat version of Tony Sparano nake dor something. and his Taller clone is the same: Gryce-Mullen or whatever. This crap is utterly frustrating!

didn't mean to call best she...love him as slot receiver but he sucks as a punt returner.

news reported they just cleared out the stadium because of weather

Dear Mr. Salguero

Will you be purchasing a live feed for the live blog(don't you feel you owe it to the faithful)?

If you can't, no sweat...I will follow the live blog....I've got options on the Tube.

On ABC there's Rubbin and Racin from Bristle.....Jeff Gorden's gonna show that Jimmy Johnson what real athelete's looks like.

Course theirs Carolina hosting Katina and the Jets on Fox TV in my area(Charlotte NC).

I might try and do an Internet search for a live feed of some Comic named
Gino Colostomy at the Secaucus Red Roof Inn...a Mrs. Ethel Perkins thinks he's a hoot.

Talk to ya soon

Soiled :)

kory sheets was going to be our return guy but tore his achilles in practice. very fast!!!!!

Will Sean Smith tackle tonight?

Sean Smith didn't have problems tackling last week...

Hey Soiled, in the charlotte area myself, will be a Jimmy Clausen/Mat moore fan tonight.

Guys I'll be happy if the returner has great hands and dosnt turn the ball over, Lets face it the mighty air breathers have Ronnie and Ricky, A 96 million dollar line, The best receiver in the game today, I just dont want to fumble on returns.......

s.smith and clemons both watched the bucs WR stroll into the end zone last week.

Yes, and who fumbled away the punt returns last year...my boy Bess. Sigh. Yeah, Sean was pretty aggressive early on with tackling. I was surprised. He actually laid into a guy.

Soiled, Is Ethel Perkins as hot as Ethel Martz????

ill give clemons a pass on that TD but smith should have made the tackle if nothing else

Sean Smith didn't have problems tackling last week...

Posted by: carlito from golfito | August 21, 2010 at 06:28 PM

Yea, but he looked bad getting schooled by straughter on that bucs only TD...he needs to show more mutarity out there as well

Dear Mr. Drsamii

Hello from the 28205 area code....I like Moore and Clausen....may they both put the hurt apon the Jets

i wanna see odrick jump off the t.v. tonite

Sean Smith got beat in zone coverage for the T.D., but he had no issues tackling... he had a pretty good stop in run support too... nice thump

Mr. Menace

The Name is Ethel Mertz..not Martz...and she and her sister Edna were freaks...if ya know what I mean

LOL at Uncle Soiled, I do sir, I do..........

he got beat by a man in his zone, now if he claims the field was to sloppy and didnt wanna get hurt i buy that but the man should have been tackled bottom line

nate ness may give clemons some competition or maybe his last game was a fluke. he looked like a pro bowler. 3 passes defensed ,2 forced fumbles etc.

nate ness cant make the mistakes he had in the bucs game. to be honest he got lucky on some plays

Crowder was limping around on Thursday but no one is absolutely certain what his injury is. He is dressed out. Will not start.

looked to me that he was giving up way to much room and then over purued and straughter just cut inside and really could've walked (or) crawled to the endzone..either way, bad coverage!!!

He got beat, I give you that, but he wasn't really in a position to make a tackle

i read it was the same foot he had surgery on. (crowder was favoring it earlier in the week)

MANDO does grag cam still fit in the dolphins plans b/c he has seen his playing time drop drastic?

MANDO; Will PW only be running victory formation again tonight?

i would love to see more positive play from our tight ends, thats a real weakness of ours and really a concern going into the year, is martin playing tonight???

hoping to see alittle from Pwhite. I know everyone is high on thigpen, deservedly so i guess, but give the kid some snaps.


Enjoy the Dolphin Game, Dolfans

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

really hope we get some good playcalling in this one. the offense needs to find some confidence in their playmakers. need some continuity! TD's;notFG's.

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