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Live blog of Preseason 2 begins here at 7:30

We're blogging live from EverBank Field starting at 7:30 p.m.

Meet me in the comments section for that extravaganza.

Things to look for tonight:

Biggest issue -- The interior offensive line. It is time to settle on some guards, folks. I reported last week that Joe Berger has won the starting job at center. But LG Richie Incognito, RG John Jerry, Cory Procter, and Donald Thomas have been mixed and matched so much we really cannot say with certainty the starting combo for the season opener is set. Yes, Jerry is a favorite to win a job. Obviously Incognito is getting his chance as well. But tonight will go a long way in deciding whether they keep their advantage. One thing to know is the club is somewhat disappointed that Thomas has not improved sufficiently as he gets ready to start his third season. The former rookie sensation hasn't really progressed as much as they hoped.

Interesting Issue One -- Patrick Turner was impressive in last week's preseason opener. Can he be a factor two weeks in a row? If he can, I would tell you he will all but assure himself of a roster spot. I want to believe that Greg Camarillo is going to make this team based on his history, experience and dependability. But I want to see Turner and Marlon Moore push him.

Interesting Issue Two -- The kick return spot makes me wonder what's going on because, let's face it, the team doesn't really want Patrick Cobbs to win the job. The Dolphins want someone else to be their primary guy with Cobbs as an offset returner. So my eyes are on Nolan Carroll. It could be a big night for Carroll. He's from the Jacksonville area. He's fast, he's got a reputation for having good hands, and he's going to be on the team. Watch to see if he makes a case for winning the job tonight.

Late-game reason to watch: Nate Ness has opened the eyes of coaches and with Will Allen's status uncertain through the first week of the season, the team is hoping Ness follows a nice outing against Tampa Bay with a nice outing against the Jags. We shall see.

I'll update here with any pregame news. Right now, it is raining at the stadium. But at least there is no mud because, well, there is no baseball infield.

See you at the live blog.


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The drops are becoming a concern...

Marshall, he caught it!!

i like new formation

Henne looks great... touch passes everywhere

he must catch those!!! slants are going to be the bread and butter pattern!! those are money (if he catches it!!!)

John Jerry just obliterated a guy on that run

so many marshall drops


Let Henne get it in!!! NO WILDCAT

Did you not see the 1st down? GEEZ! Touchdown BI@TCHES!!!


You see how the Marshall catches opened that up for Williams?

What The Hell? Im

Fasano yes....

Let's do this fellas!!!

for fasano first half of this game is better than all last season

no more wildcat

This is more like it...



by the way, jake grove should be starting

wow! henne looks great tonight. take away those 3 drops and he's close to perfect!

you idoits who keep whining about the Dolphns, PLEASE STOP POSTING COMMENTS!


someone needs to let tony the baffoon to not let henning do wildcats...

i need to see my LB tested and i wanna see clemons tested deep once or twice

henne is 11-14 with the 2 dropsa should be 13-14... 2tds.. 0 ints.... great half so far !!!

Henne looks absolutely awesome tonight

nice to see henne lead some scoring drives. i say take him out now so he dosent get hurt.

Yep...this Henne guy is a keeper!

Fake GM 100% agree with you there

Fasano looking Bavaro-esque (we can only hope)...

What you people need to understand more anything and frankly should know by now is that this Team is so secretive that I wouldn't be surprise if they are using 20-30 plays on both sides of the ball over and over. They don't show their hand to anyone, so why would they do it in the preseason? Are the drops good? no, but they will work themselves out before the start of the season. Are some if the blown coverages good? no, but this defense will and live and die by the blitz and and when they actually start using them the coverage will tighten up. So quit being such namby pambies, and just realize that things will be fine come the start of the season.

Fasano looking Bavaro-esque (we can only hope)...

hey brav who's all hype now.... oh yea your stinking Jets

yes henne does look good



unspecial teams...

Henne -- 11-14, 151, 2 TD....pretty good ...oh, and the drops...Hmmm!

Was all that against the Jags first team D?

what the hell is wrong with the kick cover team

Vontae Davis (chest) is questionable to return.

why cant the special teams tackle?

i just looked at henne's stats, he only has 3 incompletions. 2 should have been caught.

Do need special teams work, that's for sure

I am BACK!!!!! The original poster!!!!

i wish we kept the westoff...

sigh this unspecial teams is so freaking bad

lions are beating broncos 16-7

clemons, not so good play

Jags...114 total yards

special teams and secondary still suck.

i would think we may get a pennington drive to end the half.

Cornerbacks look very suspect.

now the CB are giving up 30+ yrd plays instead of safeties. go starks go

special teams for sure, go starks nice sack


Starks, yes he can play Nose Tackle any more questions???

Odrick is a going to be the man this year

secondary needs lots of work!!!!

as far as special teams go, half the guys playing special teams tonight won't be on the team in too weeks.

Love to see the sacks... how sweet is that?

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