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Live blog of Preseason 2 begins here at 7:30

We're blogging live from EverBank Field starting at 7:30 p.m.

Meet me in the comments section for that extravaganza.

Things to look for tonight:

Biggest issue -- The interior offensive line. It is time to settle on some guards, folks. I reported last week that Joe Berger has won the starting job at center. But LG Richie Incognito, RG John Jerry, Cory Procter, and Donald Thomas have been mixed and matched so much we really cannot say with certainty the starting combo for the season opener is set. Yes, Jerry is a favorite to win a job. Obviously Incognito is getting his chance as well. But tonight will go a long way in deciding whether they keep their advantage. One thing to know is the club is somewhat disappointed that Thomas has not improved sufficiently as he gets ready to start his third season. The former rookie sensation hasn't really progressed as much as they hoped.

Interesting Issue One -- Patrick Turner was impressive in last week's preseason opener. Can he be a factor two weeks in a row? If he can, I would tell you he will all but assure himself of a roster spot. I want to believe that Greg Camarillo is going to make this team based on his history, experience and dependability. But I want to see Turner and Marlon Moore push him.

Interesting Issue Two -- The kick return spot makes me wonder what's going on because, let's face it, the team doesn't really want Patrick Cobbs to win the job. The Dolphins want someone else to be their primary guy with Cobbs as an offset returner. So my eyes are on Nolan Carroll. It could be a big night for Carroll. He's from the Jacksonville area. He's fast, he's got a reputation for having good hands, and he's going to be on the team. Watch to see if he makes a case for winning the job tonight.

Late-game reason to watch: Nate Ness has opened the eyes of coaches and with Will Allen's status uncertain through the first week of the season, the team is hoping Ness follows a nice outing against Tampa Bay with a nice outing against the Jags. We shall see.

I'll update here with any pregame news. Right now, it is raining at the stadium. But at least there is no mud because, well, there is no baseball infield.

See you at the live blog.


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Crowder is a better NFLer than his dad was.

Soiled, you deserve your own blog. You are that good!

Everybody blamed Soliai when Akin and Torber were the starting ilb's after Crowder went down. I know Soliai is no Wilfork but he got way to much blame when Torber and Ayodele were both garbage ilb's.

Crowdwe some how will suck tonight .no thing changed .

I think Crowder is better than the last guy to wear 52... marvelous Marlon.

Game delayed an hour to 830 due to lightning...

hey jim in NYC,

what do u think of the heat this year *lol*

Sorry... Morlon or something... excuse my spelling



i guess.

first team offense + no practice in rain again + rain/wet jacksonville = doomed first half today

I think Soiled's post on Armando's last blog about the witch-hunt is some of his best work... put that on the greatest hits

armando, talk is cheap ....WOULD YOU INVITE SOIL TO YOUR RADIO SHOW ? YES OR NO .....PLEASE .

Atdhe.net Got Wait For Kickoff But I Tested It On The Steeles Game And It Worked


Dobbins would have started last week if not for the tweak.

Crowder needs to concentrate on holding off Micah Johnson for a spot on the 53.

Crowders days will be limited to being a serviceable back up as he fades into obscurity. You can bet on DAT!

ArnysBill, you're thinking of MARLON GREENWOOD, lol.

Open with an onside kickoff tonight if we loose the toss. Then first play a deep post pattern 7 to 19. Would love to see a start like that


Aloco, have you ever heard my radio show?


I like your radio show, but there is too much baseball...

If you live in Florida... is this game on TV? Not on here in Toronto (Bills country).

with kick offs and later in the game i'd like to see tristan davis do well. it would be nice to have a more shifty fast RB. i see hilliard as the same as brown/williams but not as good.

armando, yes and i would not miss it for the world .it's a nice light show with a lot to talk about .

Baseball, baseball, really baseball, WTF!!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Thanks for the kind words :)

I'm not sold on Channing Crowder...just because he hasn't been arrested doesn't mean his play and cashing of paychecks isn't a crime.

Soiled :)

Dan Henning is in the press box hanging out with the writers because he's waiting on kickoff just like we are.

He's talking about Jake Delhomme.

for so fla its on cbs4 down in ftl/miami...here in west palm/boca its on wtvx or cw hd

Marshall will put #19 into the Ring of Honor one day. Crowder has a ton of heart and tried to do to much last year. IMO he will have a solid year

Thank you, Aloco. At least I have one listener.

What about the rest of you guys. I NEED you to listen if you're in So. Fla. Gotta feed the family, you know.

damn post keep getting eatn up! but whoever said porter groomed channing dont know dolphins football!!! channing was groom by one of the best MLB in football ZACK THOMAS!!!! channing is guilty of letting porter rub off on him but channing has the degree he just need to apply it!! I expected that now that porter and akin are gone

Its nice to see a stadium more empty than Miami

delayed at hour to star game around 828-832ish

players warm up at 8

go watch marlins baseball

Was Henning David Woodley's coach in his first Miami sting?

That should be Miami stint as coach

Jake Delhomee????, shouldn't he be more concentrated with our teams offensive production instead or lack of???

ARmando, i hope you making a lot of money in the hours of 6-10 .wish you well for years to come w/the radio .as for the blog you doing great also ,what the hell .

carlito...its emptied due to lightning...

players/fans can come back out around 8ish


I'd listen if I lived in So. FL. Unfortunately I am hidden up here in VT, nestled between The Pats Giants and Jets fan bases(lucky me), probably Buffalo too if they didn't suck so bad. Anyway, I always read your blogs and what not, but is there anyway for me to listen to your radio show? Thanks, o and GO PHINS!!

Armando, after putting up your house picture it is hard to believe you have any problems feeding the family. You sure you don't want us to listen to pay for the new Porsche?? More believable

I agree with you, Soiled, re. Crowder. C+ to B - player, IMO. But he's got heart.

Well, Jawz, I appreciate your interest. The show is online live at the station website -- www.640wftl.com -- but I'm assuming you're headed to work at that time.

I appreciate you being here, tho.

I drive a Vette, bobby. Only American!

mando is your hold time on callers like the other station (hour long)?

Dolphins4life, I get folks on usually pretty quickly. We don't have as many callers as other stations because folks don't know much about my station.

I guess that's the reason they hired me. It's my job to bring listeners. My hope is it will work.

Yes, great assumption as you are correct. BUT Thank you very much for the link, never know if I am 'sick' one of these days.

Dan Henning is now going through oldtime memories of games from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. He's like a radio station of his own.

and heart is just as big as the other attributes, isn't this what most thought ginn lacked(not me). one thing bout channing he's not going to back down from a challenge and worse case he will "fake it till he make " or at least talk his way out!!! hehehehehe!!!

feed the family, how big is it ? 2 high paying jobs should be more then enough. it's more then I've got.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Who wash's your car..Darlington or Neal..I'm guessin the other picks up the dry cleaning...thats assuming Cote fix's your coffee.

Soiled :)

Go Phins. Perform and no injuries. Let's Go Offense. Let's Go Marshall.

MANDO i switch back and forth between stations but 640 actually sounds clearer than the others

Dolphins4Life1973 | August 21, 2010 at 07:18 PM

Right On, Man!

Channing Crowder Will Be Fine

Thats Right Soiled
Channing Crowder had a bit too much responsibility
Thats why Home Lobbied
So Hard 4 Karlos Dansby the Ball Hawk LB



Henning = Menapuase

its tough getting old!!!

Armando, I listen to your show to start my work day via the net. I enjoy it.

Troy Stradford also has a kick arse 2 hour segment that follows yours.

Takes me right to lunch.

Thanks, Dolphins4life. At least now I have 1 listener in Aloco and a part-time listener in you.

Now Even The Local TV station Has Gone To " Other" Programming Until 8:15

shame on you mando!!!!! you should up your station like you was doing you tweeter account for 3months!!! has radio changed you? are you becoming lil dog(joe rose)? hehehehehe!!!

Mando, I got to side with Henne on the auto debate - love the BMW - Drive German - Dress Italian - that's the way!!!

I know you're messing around, Soiled, but for the record I wash my own crap.

I come from nothing and have been blessed to have something now. But I have never forgotten where I came from.

we need a link to WATCH in PA :-)


Come on Man, you know I'm listening...

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