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Live blog of Preseason 2 begins here at 7:30

We're blogging live from EverBank Field starting at 7:30 p.m.

Meet me in the comments section for that extravaganza.

Things to look for tonight:

Biggest issue -- The interior offensive line. It is time to settle on some guards, folks. I reported last week that Joe Berger has won the starting job at center. But LG Richie Incognito, RG John Jerry, Cory Procter, and Donald Thomas have been mixed and matched so much we really cannot say with certainty the starting combo for the season opener is set. Yes, Jerry is a favorite to win a job. Obviously Incognito is getting his chance as well. But tonight will go a long way in deciding whether they keep their advantage. One thing to know is the club is somewhat disappointed that Thomas has not improved sufficiently as he gets ready to start his third season. The former rookie sensation hasn't really progressed as much as they hoped.

Interesting Issue One -- Patrick Turner was impressive in last week's preseason opener. Can he be a factor two weeks in a row? If he can, I would tell you he will all but assure himself of a roster spot. I want to believe that Greg Camarillo is going to make this team based on his history, experience and dependability. But I want to see Turner and Marlon Moore push him.

Interesting Issue Two -- The kick return spot makes me wonder what's going on because, let's face it, the team doesn't really want Patrick Cobbs to win the job. The Dolphins want someone else to be their primary guy with Cobbs as an offset returner. So my eyes are on Nolan Carroll. It could be a big night for Carroll. He's from the Jacksonville area. He's fast, he's got a reputation for having good hands, and he's going to be on the team. Watch to see if he makes a case for winning the job tonight.

Late-game reason to watch: Nate Ness has opened the eyes of coaches and with Will Allen's status uncertain through the first week of the season, the team is hoping Ness follows a nice outing against Tampa Bay with a nice outing against the Jags. We shall see.

I'll update here with any pregame news. Right now, it is raining at the stadium. But at least there is no mud because, well, there is no baseball infield.

See you at the live blog.


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mando what is the current estimated starting time?

Mel, they don't want to keep both if they can find someone they can develop that is younger. The old guys might make the roster the first week, but they will be in trouble -- particularly Grant -- thereafter.

Remember, the roster gets shaken for a couple of weeks after the last cut.

Palm Beach post guy said 9:30


U mean a meaningful game compared to a meaningless game start time--- Yea and its all but official , this game aint startin a 9 pm---bring on the Beer!!!

are they sitting for 2 extra hours almost now in their gear ? ouch !

What the Deuce is going on in Fla.??? Oh wait , It's august....

What's The ETA Gentlemen? Im In Chicago, So This Blog Is My Lifeline...

I Bet Sporano Is Behind Delay As He Refuses To Let His Poor Little Players Get Wet. He Wsnts To Play The Game Inside A Bubble:-)

Armando, have you considered putting together a tailgate party at the Stadium for your bloggers who go to the game, or are you scared what might happen putting us together? I would like to meet MOST of the people here and think it would be fun.

Armando, what about Dotson ?

The NFL (in New York) has now taken over the decision-making process on the start time of this game -- if there is a start time.

i wanna a game

has a pre season game ever been called off before ? Bueller ? Bueller ?

By the time the game starts it'll be live on NFL network.

Im In Shanghai..... And Severley Jet Lagged...What The Heck Is Going On?? What Time Does The Game Start?

As much as I want to watch the game, it should be canceled at this point... bummer

Bobby, I agree, A tailgate party would be great, Assuming the SWAT team would be near by... LMAO..

god ,cancel it b/c if some gets injured all hell will break loose .or a player gets hit w/lighting .

This sucks big time... rain rain go waay sigh

I rushed home for work for nothing......

So I guess there is no drought in florida !

is tailgate BYOB or Big Bill pays for?

Armando, do you guys see actual lighting bolts or just some light flashes, how bad is it ?

run ,run, maxima ,please run .

Harricane it means "Bring your own Bailbondsmen"

the funny thing is that it hasnt rained much here all summer. its been really really dry. great timing. im in st. augustine 40 miles south and it hasnt even rained here.

Thanks for the update Mando. That is an intersting take, because there are a few teams heavy at DE, we could do well there.

Besides there being an injury, is there really any good chance Pat Turner makes this team?

Yes Cuban, that's the thing, if Armando doesn't read this blog when he is not here we have a chance. We are all nutz it seems when left alone.

U both are gonna get wish really soon--- my ? is if they knew the weather was gonna be this bad, why did they not move the game to another remote location--its not like there was gonna be 40,000 screaming fans up in everbank stadium.

Jimmy Johnson still has the lead...Gordon now running 8th

OK weather channel rader looks like its breaking up

Sanches, 4-9 for 8 yards so far !!!

this game cannot be cancelled for my wife's sake!!! she's gonna catch hell till further notice

I am not going to jail man lol

some tough guys these football players are...it's raining

missed U guys

Sanches, 4-9 for 8 yards so far !!!

Posted by: Mel | August 21, 2010 at 08:46 PM

Hey @##hole, thats MR. Sanchize to you pretty boy!!!

It's not about the rain. The problem is the lightning.


Dolphins getting ready to come out to the field now.

yea , its yellow and red on radar

dirty sanchez. 5-10 for 12 yards tonight.

A buddy of mine says the games been Cancelled, Mando, What do you hear???????

The Dolphins are on the field.

C'mon Roger Badell , make a decision already-to play or not to play

ok, good news brother armando

9:30 kickoff time now.

players coming out!

Players On The Field

Dolphins getting ready to come out to the field now.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | August 21, 2010 at 08:49 PM


kickoff in 30 mins !

i luv the real time update Mando

players coming out to the field, hopefully not to weather watch, Maybe a game after all ppl.


Your buddy is a putz...

Well, on the field i think means they are playing!! LETS GET THIS GOIN! NICE!

How are people watching the game on their computers? Help a brother out

I Know, He's A jet fan... Enough said..


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