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Live blog of Preseason 2 begins here at 7:30

We're blogging live from EverBank Field starting at 7:30 p.m.

Meet me in the comments section for that extravaganza.

Things to look for tonight:

Biggest issue -- The interior offensive line. It is time to settle on some guards, folks. I reported last week that Joe Berger has won the starting job at center. But LG Richie Incognito, RG John Jerry, Cory Procter, and Donald Thomas have been mixed and matched so much we really cannot say with certainty the starting combo for the season opener is set. Yes, Jerry is a favorite to win a job. Obviously Incognito is getting his chance as well. But tonight will go a long way in deciding whether they keep their advantage. One thing to know is the club is somewhat disappointed that Thomas has not improved sufficiently as he gets ready to start his third season. The former rookie sensation hasn't really progressed as much as they hoped.

Interesting Issue One -- Patrick Turner was impressive in last week's preseason opener. Can he be a factor two weeks in a row? If he can, I would tell you he will all but assure himself of a roster spot. I want to believe that Greg Camarillo is going to make this team based on his history, experience and dependability. But I want to see Turner and Marlon Moore push him.

Interesting Issue Two -- The kick return spot makes me wonder what's going on because, let's face it, the team doesn't really want Patrick Cobbs to win the job. The Dolphins want someone else to be their primary guy with Cobbs as an offset returner. So my eyes are on Nolan Carroll. It could be a big night for Carroll. He's from the Jacksonville area. He's fast, he's got a reputation for having good hands, and he's going to be on the team. Watch to see if he makes a case for winning the job tonight.

Late-game reason to watch: Nate Ness has opened the eyes of coaches and with Will Allen's status uncertain through the first week of the season, the team is hoping Ness follows a nice outing against Tampa Bay with a nice outing against the Jags. We shall see.

I'll update here with any pregame news. Right now, it is raining at the stadium. But at least there is no mud because, well, there is no baseball infield.

See you at the live blog.


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Yea Cuban, get off the phone with Chris T and listen to Armando :O

9:30 is correct Mando?

http://www.firstrow.net/watch/24474/1/watch-miami-dolphins-vs-jacksonville-jaguars.html link fo game

now it says 9:20 on the local channel


Whats that stuff Brandon Marshall wears all over his arms?

Well, round 2 in sloppy conditions, lets hope for a better start!!! I still think starters will be pulled early in this one again!!!

They will kick off 30 minutes from now

Local TV says 9:20 Kickoff.

Dosen't look good: see radar

Pennington playing armando ???? hes throwing and dressed like he is ????

how many tears will jets fans be crying this year? they were sold a superbowl but the jets just aren't that good. sanchez is maybe the 20th best QB. maybe!!

Dosen't look good: see radar

Posted by: MojoMark | August 21, 2010 at 08:56 PM

That is actually good news. 30 mins ago that whole screen was bright red.


this is working fine for me. occasional buffering.

Sparano said Pennington is not playing, but I'm told he very well may play tonight. Strange, I know. We'll see.

Thanks. The video screen on that site cant be enlarged and pauses every 5 -10 secs. Better then nothing I guess

that channelsufing site asks for money?

a lil lightning never hurt anyone

whats up with jax. no HD

man PAT WHITE looks bigger!! like he added a lot of muscle in the offseason


Whats that stuff Brandon Marshall wears all over his arms?

VermontFIN what part of VT? Im kind of shocked theres another Fin Fan from VT!

You are funny beerphin.

Back to local network programming, gonna be a little while still

duct tape

Carlito, it is a sort of analgesic tape. It's supposed to deaden pain. He also wears it on his legs, I'm told.

I have no idea why.

this link is free to watch


LOL At Bobby........

Carlito, it is a sort of analgesic tape. It's supposed to deaden pain. He also wears it on his legs, I'm told.

I have no idea why.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | August 21, 2010 at 09:04 PM

Mando, Did he wear it on his hands last week???

He wore it over his eyes, Cuban.

cuban u stupid!!! lmao

well, at least no nasty infield this time

Analgesic???? Sounds gross...

Now they're saying kickoff in 10 minutes.

Aww, Man!

Can Somonw Give An Update On The Fame.

Thank you GOD!!!

kick off cant come soon enuff!! we have grown man using the word gross to describe something!! plus im just bored

OK guys, Enjoy the game, I'am gonna try to locate it on the internet... Wait, Did somebody say you can get it on NFL.Com for like 40 bucks for all the Pre-season games????

Dan Henning comes into the press box where writers are sitting one more time and says, "Now you guys can start writin'."


dont do it....www.firstrow.net...


Thanks Mando and bloggers, you made it fun during the delay. Now GO PHINS!


Go to channelsurfing.net and you can watch all the football game for ..... FREE!!!!!

The use of analgesic tape is a bit of an anomoly that bothers me for some reason.. cause I don't know why he is doing it?

Is this delay going to mess with your beauty rest Mando?

finally. now lets see something to get excited about, and im not talking about the cheerleaders. believe me im not im from here and there isnt much to choose from.

Ok Guys Im At The Game. It Seems Theyr Gonna Start But Its Still Lightning. No Rain Though, Feild Looks Dry...

Mando, tell him to take that analgesic tape off and start catching some ballz!!! Hehe.

What The Deuce

Its Starting To Rain Alittle And Still Lightning Bad. Were Sitting Ducks.

Aw man, more delays...What the phin!!!

Chad Henne will be singing the national Anthem. That's what dick stocton said. Haha

Why is CSI on the TV??????????????????

Cuban, $40.00 is 1/5 of Hot Ashleys ring. Don't do it, she be mad.

Is that what 2 months pay works out for you?

Enjoy the game guys!!! Go Fins

Pennington warmed up like he's going to play. He might get in the game despite what Sparano said about him probably not playing.

I'm not from Miami, but after watching the local Dolphins announcers...they might be the worst I've ever heard. That one idiot called the coach Sparano all night. How can you be from Miami and not know the head coaches name..Yikes

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