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Brandon Marshall says NBA talk is serious

Earlier today the Dolphins made Brandon Marshall available to ESPN because, well, the team takes care of the World Wide Leader and they come with a bus. And Marshall told the network's Adam Schefter that if there is a lockout during 2011, he would spend his time playing basketball.

In the NBA.

Just moments ago, after the Dolphins completed their afternoon practice, Marshall was asked by non-bus-riding media if he's serious.

"Oh absolutely. Why not?" he said. "It's either going to be Denver Nuggets-- try to get a work out with them. And of course, I'll try to get a workout with the [Miami] Heat. I think the better option might be the Heat. Of course, those high salaries, I'll come in and play minimum. Just minimum. Not for free."

Marshall apparently believes he might have to take this course of action because a lockout, in his mind, is not a question of if, but a question of how long?

"When it comes down to it, it's a lockout," he said. "We as players we want football. Unfortunately, owners opted out [of the collective bargaining agreement]. And there's a lot of concern now. So the question is how long will the lockout be."

Marshall is a fine football player. But is he really NBA-good as a basketball player?

"Right now I'm rusty," he said. "Right now I'm no good. If I try out right now they'll say, 'What is this guy thinking.'  After some training I'll be fine. I'll be right back where I used to be."

This seems like good fun right now and it may come to nothing if the NFL poobahs and the players union poobahs find common ground and play in 2011.

But ...

If there is a lockout ... and Marshall remains on this course ... he's in for an interesting conversation with the Dolphins.

A team source just told me the club would not wish for Marshall to go hooping. The Dolphins are serious about football and want Marshall equally serious. And they have him under contract. So they would at the very least, ask him not to risk injury playing another sport.

I asked the source if there are clauses in Marshall's contract that could prevent him from playing basketball and I was assured the Dolphins don't think it would come down to having to enforce contract clauses to keep Marshall off the court.

But off the court the Dolphins would want him nonetheless. Even if he's not on the football field.


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I understand every one being encouraged by Nolan Carrol, and I am too, but to think we can count on this kid for a major role this year is a major reach. He started 6 games in his college CAREER, and missed almost his entire senior year with an injury. It's nice he's making some plays in practice and scrimmages etc, and he has a *shot* at being our nickel guy, but he has an injury history. I'm taking the kid with a grain of salt and a barrel of hope, but not counting on him to make an impact beyond ST's. If I'm wrong, great...

This "Home" guy is unbelievable. And not in a good way. Dude, why do you have to write in that stupid format to take up so much vertical writing space? And why do you have to speak so much nonsense? Truly, it is annoying.

Anyway, I'm maybe most excited to see Pat White against the Bucs, believe it or not. Sounds like he'll get some significant snaps, and sounds like he outplayed Thiggy in the scrimmage (albeit in lesser opportunities/snaps), if you can believe some of what you read. I am really hoping the kid has improved.

Hey fake Aloco (aka jets fan)reach into your pocket and help pay for revis...It's your only hope!

Armando is an absent landlord,worship this blog?NEVER!Popes,swamies,SNAKES,all comming to feed at the same trough.......Anybody?

Good morning,

Thought I wold post while the loonies are sleeping (or whatever they do at this hour).

First, as far as Brandon Marshal goes. Brandon has taken a few shots on here. I have no idea why. His statement that he would "Play for a NBA Team is there was a 2011 lockout" is no reason for alarm by us. If there is a lockout it will be the owners who do it and the Players gotta work. The moment the lockout ends... he will still be under contract in Miami and will be here playing. So far Brandon has kept his part of the bargan. He has done everything he was supposed to. One bad scrimmage does not a season make. So please settle down, he is still a top 3 receiver in the NFL and STILL plays for our Dolphins. He will not be the only player to moonlight in a lockout. Look for many to go to Canada, and other leagues, baseball (Pat White) and perhaps Hit Men (Ray Lewis).
Will Allen is a great corner who got hurt badly very deep into his career. You want to see knees in the first 4 or 5 years. After that the body does not heal as fast. He has also been pressing it very hard to keep his job. Carroll is a hell of a player and I believe Will hears footsteps. Will Allen is still a good player and will be there when it counts. If he can manage 11 to 13 games, particularly the ones with good QB's and wide-outs we will have had good play from him.

Lastly, and pardon the long post (I don't get to often with the way the blog has been) I am very disturbed and disappointed that this blog has fallen into the hands of either plain Ol' Kids... or... people who act just like them. What I read a few blogs back from those who come here for whatever reason talking about People on the SS is perplexing. I mean what is it? Are there SS -V- MH Gangs now? Or just he said she said little boy's who like to watch the world burn? The only way they go away is to stay on Armando about them, His e-mail is under his picture, write him and give him the names of the most common offenders until he takes it serious. I promise he will, have seen it before.
Take care to NOT be apart of the problem and at least it will not get worse... Don't play their games and they will get bored and leave soon enough.

All I know is this off season was the longest I have ever waited through. Now the pre-season is finally here tomorrow against Tampa. But now I have to worry about the owners lockout next year when the off season may never end. Sheeesh!

I hope your right D4D,can't take much more but where too go?

And now for some actual news....Dolphinsider

Dolphins Roster Bubble Watch: The scene after two weeks of camp by Matty I on Aug 13, 2010 5:01 AM EDT in 2010 Miami Dolphins Training Camp 4 comments

We're now two weeks into camp and certain positions are beginning to take shape for the Dolphins. At other positions, of course, things are as hazy as when camp started. That's why it's time to update our mock depth chart. And remember that the idea behind this is not exactly to predict the depth chart at each position. Instead it's to try to devise what the 53 man roster might look like once the preseason comes to a close.

So let's get into our weekly snapshot of how the 53 man roster might look right now. And this week, I've added a new element - putting in bold the names of the players who are clear locks. This will (hopefully) help us figure out exactly who is on the roster bubble right now.

1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team/4th Team

QB Chad Henne
Chad Pennington
Tyler Thigpen

RB Ronnie Brown Ricky Williams Patrick Cobbs/Lex Hilliard

FB Lousaka Polite
WR Brandon Marshall
Greg Camarillo
Patrick Turner

WR Brian Hartline
Davone Bess

TE Anthony Fasano Joey Haynos
David Martin

LT Jake Long

LG Donald Thomas
Cory Procter

C Jake Grove Joe Berger
RG John Jerry
Richie Incognito

RT Vernon Carey Nate Garner
1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team
DE Kendall Langford Charles Grant
Tony McDaniel

NT Randy Starks
Paul Soliai
DE Jared Odrick
Marques Douglas

SOLB Koa Misi
Ike Alama-Francis
Quentin Moses

ILB Channing Crowder Tim Dobbins

ILB Karlos Dansby
Austin Spitler

WOLB Cameron Wake
Charlie Anderson

CB Sean Smith
Nolan Carroll
Jason Allen

CB Vontae Davis Will Allen

S Yeremiah Bell Tyrone Culver

S Chris Clemons
Reshad Jones

1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team
K Dan Carpenter
P Brandon Fields
LS John Denney

Last 5 On: Patrick Turner, David Martin, Austin Spitler, Quentin Moses, Cory Procter
First 5 Off: Pat White, Ryan Baker, John Nalbone, Andrew Gardner, Nate Ness
Next 5 Off: Roberto Wallace, Marlon Moore, Ryan Grice-Mullen, Andrew Hartline, Chris McCoy

Right now, I have 36 spots on the final roster locked in - in my opinion, of course. That would mean 17 spots remain open heading into the first preseason game. Some thoughts:

Will Allen's health will be a factor as to how the roster looks come September. If they don't think he will be ready to go for the season opener, the Dolphins could choose to keep a sixth cornerback at the expense of another position - linebacker, defensive line, or offensive line being the prime candidates to lose a roster spot if this occurs.
I don't think the defensive line will be the loser of the roster spot, though. I think there are enough question marks along the line to warrant at least seven and possibly eight linemen on the final 53.
Nine offensive linemen is a lot - I'll give you that. But we saw last year that we can go through them in a hurry. This year, in particular, the Dolphins have a couple of injury issues along the line, which likely will result in the extra lineman making the team - at least initially.
The battle for the fifth receiver spot is going to be one of the most interesting story lines of the preseason. And how some of these guys perform on special teams - as return men, that is - could play a role. However, we're seeing more and more return practice reps going to guys who are locks for the final roster - Davone Bess, Patrick Cobbs, Brian Hartline, and Nolan Carroll for example - which could mean the Dolphins don't want to keep a guy who will only contribute as a return man. Good news for Patrick Turner - but he'll need to have a solid preseason to hold onto his roster spot.
I really don't know how the linebacker unit is going to look come September. Right now, the four highlighted above are the only four who are locks. Dobbins is all but a lock (I'm not ready to give him the nod just yet). The rest is a mystery right now.
Jason Allen a lock? I must be crazy, right? Nope. His special teams play will keep him on the roster for one more year. But if he shows nothing as a corner during the season, this could finally be his last year in Miami.


Just doing a copy and paste....but for the most part....i'd have to agree with just about everything it says...

Posted by: Derek4Dolphins | August 13, 2010 at 04:56 AM

I liked the last paragraph of your post, well put!

Is it time to PANIC?

I was reading the J. Allen was going to be exclusively an outside corner and was tearing it up in TC

Now does he get moved to the slot?

Or do you put ANOTHER ROOKIE in the SLOT???

Lake City Fan...

Great job my friend. C & P or not the initiative was there and much appreciated.

I look to see TE "David Martin" overtake "Joey Haynos" for the second team position. However I feel all three will be kept. TE is going to be a Bombastic contributor in this offense. As long as Henne can keep it in his pants and put the touch on the ball over the middle, Martin and Fasano will tear Azzzz.

Your Statement "Nine offensive linemen is a lot - I'll give you that. But we saw last year that we can go through them in a hurry." is very smart and intuitive. Miami got to the point last year that I was expecting them to send DE's out to play guard positions. Heck, just look at all the camp injuries so far. We WILL lose guys along the line so we need a full magazine going to war.Also, They are BIG ARS guys and get their ankles and knees turned very easy. On the other side of the ball.... Our Defensive Line gets peck strains and shoulder bruises/rotator cuff injuries and stuff like that on the upper body of our D-line guys because of having to practice against these O-line monsters.

That is the into to my last point in this post. There are always bumps and bruises in camp. But when you have guys this big and athletic trying to compete for a multimillion dollar job.... Guys get banged up.
My armchair Coach comment of the day is this... "I feel that our Coaching and Management staff need to nail down the Line positions more quickly. END the competition in camp more quickly. It may save guys going at it too hard causing more injuries. That does not mean there is an end to competition and there is no way to work your way up... it just means buy the end of week 3 you know you direction and can make changes from there as the year progresses... nothing is in stone till the last play of the season.

leave Home Alone.....haha

If I had to guess....an it would surely be a guess because I ain't no pro coach....I'd assume that by after the JAX preseason game the line will be locked in....at least I hope and hopefully after the Bucs game they'll reduce the rotation a bit as well.

it will take 8 weeks for the o-line to gel,and that's 8 weeks after they finaly pick the 5 starters which they still have no clue who that'll be.

Agree'd Smart mule & LCF... My comment about "Competision" is more about the Mental aspect then the line being where it needs to be. Pressing to beat out guys for the job gets messy if not controled. I am convinved the Will Allen has worked WAY too hard to keep his spot because he hears guys like Carroll running behind him.

In response to your statement….
”Jason Allen a lock? I must be crazy, right? Nope. His special teams play will keep him on the roster for one more year. But if he shows nothing as a corner during the season, this could finally be his last year in Miami.”
Is one of the better remarks I have read concerning J. Allen. I believe many focus on his Corner skills or dime skills.
If J. Allen was cut now I am certain it would lead to catastrophic special teams big plays against us this season. He keeps field position manageable. However, Miami needs the whole package. They have to have a guy who is 4 core proficient but can also be trusted in Dime/Standard set situations. It does not hurt that he would be solid in play action and run stopping. Should J. Allen NOT step up in those areas he will get drafted out of his job or maybe even a FA acquisition IMAO. FA would garner instant results next year, Next year going to be very big if it does happen w/o a lockout.

*** Competition.... My spell bad...


leave home alone .


It is a daily struggle my friend... I do what I can.

PS... Is that Bitter OR Better?...<[:^\~

we have 2 dang good cntr's on the team but they have injury issues. grove/berger. when healthy. both r an upgrade from that coconut that was there from cams draft.

no more 0-2 starts.

Smart Mule,

Yeah, hat does get a little frustrating knowing your team has that sort of talent and are battling bumps and bruises that is slowing down the big picture. Grove is an animal on Run blocking. When he went down last year our run production dropped almost immediately. I have not seen enough side by side or even game to game comparison to say which player I preffer. I do know that is a good problem to have considering that 4 years ago I would not give a used stick of chewing gum and a broken pencil for any of our O-line guys.

I do not envy Sparano, Ireland, Parcells and Nolan when they have to start cutting guys, I really don't. I would like to see the NFL allow 60 players instead of 53. Imagine how much more depth yo would have. Not just that, but imagine how many more guys would get a chance and become "Star's" because they got a shot!

Screw the NBA. Go for the WWE and jump 15 feet in the air on to wooden tables!!

derek, IT'S BETTER .



More of a "Fantasy: Football thing then reality. NO doubt the extra 224 players would want checks...bummer. I suppose it could be augmented by either lowering the number of players allowed on your teams "Practice" Squad or just doing away with that program (practice squad) altogether. I mean, if you look at it from sort of a very simple aspect, what is the difference between a practice squad and just adding real players?...Money! I'm certain. But Every team eventually invades their stash to fill holes.
Aaaaahh... I know it would never happen... Just a thought!


the owners are adamant about going to 18 games.

Smart mule=ALOCO=nodghxx12

who the hell cares mannnnnn!

lets deal with this season... this football season, because thats what he is a football player.

damn, u need someting to write about mando?


Marshall is just one dude in several thousand with a swollen bank role. No reason to hate him for money sake. Look at what a damn Rookie QB Sam Bradford just signed on in St. Louis. $78 Million with $50 Million (the amount of Marshall paper) GUARANTEED!..... The man has not even thrown a pass in the NFL and he is making more doe then one of the top 3 receivers (Stats wise) in the NFL in GUARANTEED CASH!!!
I feel this way Aloco... If someone wants to hate on Marshall, let it be those that have to watch their team get ate up two times every season now that he is in Miami. If others are hating on him, it is either because they are pyssed about his Police issues or because they don't have him on their team.

This is how I sum crap like that up, This is REAL to me... Had Lebron James gone to New York or Chicago AND STILL did that 1 hour show... NO ONE would be saying a damn thing....

Miami has been the "Hated ones" since 1971,72,73 and nearly but for a bad call in the Raiders game, the 1974 Superbowl's. NO TEAM had done that sort of thing in the new era and people started to get sick of seeing them win, Just like today's Patriots. Miami still is in the top 2 teams in overall winning percentage in the NFL, they run neck and neck with Dallas. We will NEVER, EVER in a MILLION YEARS get respect down here. Even when we win another championship in the Dolphins, Heat or Marlins Teams... People in the outside talking head world will find ways to discount the wins and the Championships "Count on it" The only way Miami Dolphins get respect for a Superbowl is by going back to back or at least 2 out or 4 years. Otherwise they will call it a fluke... BET ON THAT!... it is what it is man.... Dolphins fans are unique... that is why we need to stick tight.



As far as I know.... and by appearances I could be wrong, but this is NOT Homes' personal blog space. The guy obviously knows very little about the NFL and not much more about the Miami Dolphins.
He can stay in his mommy's basement and blog away all he wants.... but just keep him away from real football fans.

Dear Mr. Aloco

Lets go, chop chop, time for work.
Don't forget who you support with your tax's.

I think I'll go see a movie today......is it just me or does everybody have the munchies ?

Soiled :)



Mr. Aloco


Back when I was young they didn't have Vigra.

If you wanted to artificialy impress people, you would use a Cod piece or just stuff some socks down your pants.

Soiled :)

There's no way we can get Revis, he's under contract with the Jets till 2011 or 12 I believe and since he didn't go on the first day of camp, he'll be a restricted free agent. We'd probably have to give up 1st or 2nd to get Revis, plus we already have Vonte, Sean, Nolan (which i think will be our sleeper), and need I say Jason Allen. I didn't like Allen at first also, but he's been flipped flopped to Safety, Corner, Nickel Corner, and Dime Corner. I'll bet it was tough for the guy to remember all the calls at safety, while also learning the coverage schemes for both positions, but he's been only working at 1 and Nolan's Defense is attacking like it was at Tennessee so I think that's why he's playing better now that he only has to understand the coverage scheme at one spot. The only thing I'm concerned is that I believe his contract is up soon and will he ask for the big $$$? I think this will be a break out year for Allen and Caroll. And I think we will be just working zone on defense against Tampa with a couple of vanilla blitzes, nothing exotic until the Regular season. Don't want to have anything on tape for the other teams to adjust to. Although they may just throw, at max, 2-3 exotic blitzes to evaluate some players. Defense will be fine. I do think we will give up some big plays but not as much as we did last year. Maybe a little less than half that number if we can pressure the opposing teams QB often.


Soiled, movie tonight ... THE EXPENDABLES!!!

Someone tell Brandon that the NBA is headed for a lockout next year too, just like the NFL, so he's out of luck for that too. The only sports being played in 2011-2012 will be baseball and hockey.

The Toronto Maple Leafs could use a power forward - come north to Toronto, Brandon. Ricky liked his time here.


why doesn't this blog have those infantile pre-school cartoon smiley faces on it like the sun-sentinel has on that blog.?

Slow Day!! This is preseason opener day eve, I'm psyhced! I think the defense will hold it's cards fairly close to the vest tommorow(and for the whole of the preseason) Look for the young guys to shine tommorow. I'm sure that the coaching staff is more concerned with fundemenatly sound play, and making sure everyone knows their responsibilities rather then what sort of scheme they will throw out there. I want to see N. Carrol play. I thought he would be a practice squad guy when he was drafted. Looks like I might have missed on that one!
Offensivley, I would like to see us air it out. Lets see who will step up and grab the last reciever spot, as well as the battle between P. White, and Thigpen. Runnin g back looks set, so escaping with no injuries would be a win. Question to the masses. What battles are you looking forward to seeing? Any player in particular that you are rooting for?


Agree the most interesting battles will be heald by the receviers... Then I think it will be the o-line... although it is not the most looked at spot I think there will be some good battles there.. Which players am I rooting for everyone wearing fins jersey on saturday!

DD, I want to see if Charles Grant has a lot left in the tank. Because if we see the Charles Grant from the NEw Orleans days, then we could see the next Randy Starks on the line.

Lets not make a Huge story about this, thanks.
Period. Bye


why doesn't this blog have those infantile pre-school cartoon smiley faces on it like the sun-sentinel has on that blog.?

because this blog site is infantile in general , it doesn't need a smiley face to show what a pre school this place has become.

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