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Brandon Marshall takes out frustration on football

The frustration level may be building just a little bit for some folks on the Dolphins offense -- most notably wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

After dropping what should have been a sure TD in the back of the end zone from 5 yards out during the best-on-best team period this afternoon, Marshall picked up the ball he dropped and punted it ...

... Right over the fence of the Davie, Florida practice facility.

It helped his effort that the fields were configured to run east and west today and the street he punted the ball onto runs north and south just behind the end zone. The ball traveled about 25 yards.

The Dolphins first-team offense, meanwhile, didn't move nearly that far.

To wit during the team period versus the Miami first-team defense:

First play: Chad Henne incompletion.

Second play: Ronnie Brown rushes for minus-1.

Third play: Henne overthrows Browns circling out of the backfield.

Fourth play: Ricky Williams for a five-yard rush.

Fifth play: Williams plus-4 yards on a direct snap.

Sixth play: Wildcat and Williams gains 2 off a handoff from Brown.

Seventh play: Marshall drops the Henne pass.

Unscripted: Marshall Punt.

Eighth play: Ronnie Brown no gain.

End of period.


The first team offensive line continues to take shape -- I hope. The first team today was RT Vernon Carey, RG John Jerry, C Joe Berger, LG Richie Incognito and LT Jake Long.


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Anyway. Its going to take time. I remember when Marino came back from the Achilles. During that preseason he looked terrible, uncomfortable, couldn't complete passes. First game of the season against New England with Parcells and Bledsoe and he throws for 400 yards and wins game on a 4th down touchdown pass to Irving Fryar.

I read Jerry got hurt. No?

mando, i wish everyone on the blog could see the practices live. it would surely temper their enthusiasm. we got a long way to go. but as the saying goes "you play the way you practice." the practices sure change my opinion about some players. i really liked all the "new guys" who bring alot of competition and enthusiasm. hope they all get a real chance to play. i wish every poition was an open competition; might change practices.

Can you please tell him to change his jersey number !!! That #19 is cursed - #85, #83, #81 and #89 are all good numbers.

I hope the Hell they keep Chad Pennington and don't get crazy. I don't trust anyone 100% that would draft Patty White.

Observations from the First Game:

1) Starting FS can’t tackle a QB in Open Field
2) Stud Receiver drops two cannonballs
3) Vontae Davis keeps on singing “Im gettin’ Burn baby Burn”
4) Sean Smith is looking at himself (like a little punk) on the jumbotron after each play, whiffs on goaline situation
5) Sparano, Fins Coach / Cheerleader jumps up and down after scoring a TD in preaseason.
6) The Special teams play was horrible. Blocked punt, no return game at all
7) At least no injuries
8) Please cut the field manager for whiffing on the soil prep before the game. Extra sand only after the first half?
9) Thigpen is being showcased for trade, Pat White is staying off the field to prevent further value erosion (which is 0.01)
10) Someone tell the Fat Dude that dances in the bleachers, to get another shirt now that Porter has been canned.

I don't think punting the ball at practice is going to help Marshal.

The other Brandon has that spot locked up!

Stop talking about a cursed Jersey. He needs to focus.

I just hope that the Fins will be prepared for CJ Spiller on D.

I hope Henning has figured out the offense and not rely on a superhuman effort of the R&R express to bail out the anemic passing game.

QB controversy if we lay a goose egg with the Bills?

I hate to say it, but, Marshall please get rid of Ginn's number. Go to 81 or 83 please. I am starting to think the f-ing jersey number is cursed. or better yet, bess, give him his mojo number 15. the guy had 3 years of 100 + receptions with that no. the stars need aligning. give him 15 now!

Ugh, This is not plan A at the moment. It is early, but they have been practicing for a long time. Freeman and the TB O slammed through us like we were not there. And Marshall's frustration being shown like this does not bode well for where his head is at. I hope they figure this out soon.

you people are a joke, it's pre season, get a life or a new team.

Marshall mellow better get a grip. He's letting it get into his head. It doesn't matter how many balls he has caught in the past, if he keeps dropping them like this it won't matter.

Agree with Odin, 25 yard punts are not going to get it done, Brandon!!

Got to get some more leg behind them!!

Guys!!! There is no F***ing CURSE! He just needs to stop thinking about a lock out and the NBA and go to work. He'll be fine, he's waaayyyy to competitive not to be :-)

Brandon Marshall will be the player he was at Denver AS LONG AS Henning and Henne realize he's something they haven't had here in Miami, a TRUE #1 receiver. You don't throw one or two balls his way. He NEEDS to get the ball as much as possible in a game. Who cares if he's open or not, who cares who's defending him, throw him the ball! Then he'll catch way more than he drops.

before we pencil in clemons as a free safety i hope we continue to look at nate ness who i think is better. some of these young guys really practice hard. crowder played well as did solai,dotson and misi. micah johnson,folsom and turner made some noise too. we got young guys who will be getting better and better. white is probably gone.

I'm a UCF alumni and I watched this kid torche everyone he played against... he'll either start catching 'em or he'll chop his hands off, he's that competetive.

FIU Football in BEAST MODE prepping for RUTGERS.

1 of only 3 certified "Hammer Strength" training facilities in the nation. PANTHERS on the RISE.


speaking about #19 I Wonder how Ted(Sideline)Ginn and his family did during his game Vs. the Colts... Anyone know???

Well That Doesnt Aound Very Good. I Doubt It But I Hope Marshall Is Not Custed By The Number 19.

Clamming Crowder played well, he came to hit and looked good.

Folsom was invisible to me.

Solai is good. I dont know why people wanted to get this guy replaced. He is only in his 4th year? Plus he lost the first year with Cam Cam at the Helm


Could you please let Mr. Marshall know that I'm starting a Grass Roots campaign here at the blog, to have his CURRENT jersey retired.

I'm not really superstitious, but I do know better than to tempt fate.

Even Marshall, as great as he is, is not enough to wash away the stained memories that Ted Ginn left upon this once proud franchise.

Mr. Salguero, I say this with the utmost sincerity, seeing Brandon Marshall wearing Ted Ginn's jersey just made me feel queer all over!


1. Odinseye

2. (Add name here-copy, paste and post)

Thank you all for your cooperation


Teddy was seen returning 1 punt and 1 Ko for about 17 yds.

In the passing game he recorded 0 receptions and one pat on the back for moving out of the way of the guy who carries the down and distance marker.


1. Odinseye

2. Cuban Menace

Thank you all for your cooperation

LMAO @ Lebron.....

FIU Football in BEAST MODE prepping for RUTGERS.

1 of only 3 certified "Hammer Strength" training facilities in the nation. PANTHERS on the RISE.


This Teddy Curse, needs to be lifted with an exorcism.

I say get Cam Cam to say these words " Teddy Ginn is no longer a Miami Dolphin". Get the recording to Marshall and have him bathe in the Gulf with a TD the dolphin.

After this, try to see if he can catch a bomb from Henne.

I heard he alligator armed one yesterday in the 3rd quarter. ANyone see it?

@ Mark

Check 14 sec into vid for a replica of the play you are referring to


Maybe Davove Bess should give up no.15.

Davone take no.89 in honor of one of the best slot receivers to ever play the game!

"The Blood of Christ Compels you", This is what the Priest would say during the #19 Exorcism...

Suck Sentinel is reporting that ALAMA was signed to a 1 year EXT.


Whats going on with Jake Grove, injured or just being outplayed by Berger?

Who had that crappy snap for the fumble? Was it Hartline?

what a bunch of childish superstition all you dudes crying for marshall to change his number. if that is where your heads are at might as well go wish on a falling star for a super bowl, that will be more helpful.


I think that should read:

"The Blood of Bill Compels you".

Yikes(dodging lightning bolts).

what a bunch of childish superstition all you dudes crying for marshall to change his number. if that is where your heads are at might as well go wish on a falling star for a super bowl, that will be more helpful.

Posted by: yolo | August 16, 2010 at 04:39 PM

Ummmmm.........so............will you sign my petition????

IAF signed to an extension? He's definitely going to play a lot this year then. COnsider the administration sold on IAF!!!

Headband, That's gotta be the funnest Video I've seen for a while...........


Apparently there are some here that have grown rather fond of seeing a no.19 running around dropping passes.
Either way, I don't think this petition thing is catching on. Maybe you could suggest a good old fashion wager to Mr. Marshall and Mr. Bess.

The player with the most catches(and least drops)during the pre season gets no. 15

I actually recorded the 49ers game just to watch Teddy play. I am proud to announce that he successfully let the ball go through his hands on a bubble screen when he felt the defender closing in on him like a heat seeking missile. It was a true bliss to watch it happen.

put me on this list to retire the number 19 for life

Dolphins have a lot of work to do but it is early, hopefully the O can get it going in the next game, I do like thigpen and P Turner actually looked pretty good the D did get some turnovers but I still think they may be weak we will see, good to watch dolphins football again

No numbers are cursed... grow up people. It seems to be a lack of focus. Brandon just got married... wonder if his head is not into the game, so to speak...

Bess has ALREADY made it clear he isn't giving up #15. Why haven't some of you gotten the point yet? yikes

BTW- for those of you offering #83, it's already taken. Do you watch Dolphins football?

Hope Marshall doesnt change his number because I just bought the home and away jerseys#19.

Lets All Panic After One Game

i hate bess

jets suck, that might be it!

if i was 26 and had a $50 million contract, the last thing I would be doing is getting married!!

Bess has ALREADY made it clear he isn't giving up #15. Why haven't some of you gotten the point yet? yikes

OH! So is that why Brandon isn't wearing it????

BTW- for those of you offering #83, it's already taken. Do you watch Dolphins football?

Well....I watched a game Saturday night, but it wasn't "Dolphins Football".

Posted by: jets suck | August 16, 2010 at 05:08 PM

Lets relax everyone. It's not like Marshall has forgotten how to catch a football, he's just had a couple of rough days. It happens to the best of them and he will pull out of it.

What I'm more concerned with is his attitude and maturity level. It was the same reason I was against bringing him here in the first place. We don't need any distractions on the field and kicking the ball off of the field like that only makes others around him uncomfortable. When the going gets tough is this what we can look forward too? Temper tantrums? The team can't afford that with the tough schedule they face. The rookies are looking up to this guy and he needs to be more responsible around them.

I would've rather heard that his frustration boiled over and he addressed the entire offense about their lack of execution. If he had gone into a speech about accountability, holding himself responsible for his mistakes but also calling out the entire offensive unit, it would have went a long way with younger players and maybe served to light a fire under every ones ass!

But he kicked the football instead. And now I'm seriously concerned about the leadership on this team. And not from this one incident, this has been an ongoing problem and someone needs to step up who isn't named Chad Pennington before it's too late.


You've been posting some funny stuff all day. Then you top it off with a gem:

if i was 26 and had a $50 million contract, the last thing I would be doing is getting married!!

Well said my friend, well said!

And the fact that the the trifecta make a point of drafting players who were captains and leaders on their college teams is even more distressing when you take into account the fact that none of them have stepped up to try and lead this team.

Why doesn't anyone stand out in that leadership role?! Does the trifecta way breed fear in the players to the point that they're afraid to take the lead? Are there too many chiefs and not enough Indians? I can't for the life of me figure out why no one is taking on this role. Anyone have any theories?

NYScott, I appreciate your concern here but aren't you jumping ship a little bit.

I mean, we didn't do great last year but when we need to rally, who lead this team? The offensive line showed leadership, Ronnie and Ricky showed leadership, When Ronnie went down, Chad Henne showed poise and leadership in all those pretty impressive passing stats he had down the stretch.

If anyone last year was disappointing in the leadership capacity, it was the vets Joey Porter and Jason Taylor who were anything but team players either complaining about their use or not coming off the field when asked.

Like you, I was worried about the chemistry in bringing Brandon down to play with a young QB, but I haven't seen anything to be concerned with so far. Yes, he punted the ball. It wasn't the BEST thing he could do but I'd rather he show that he isn't happy even with 1 qtr of pre-season play than just brush it off and not care and enjoy his new contract.

Way too early to panic my friend.

Sorry, I meant jumping the gun, not jumping ship. That of course means something else entirely. My apologies.


As soon as I started reading your post, I wanted to start arguing. By the time I got to the end I realized I couldn't. Good post.

You're right, this ain't no time for immaturity and temper tantrums. Henne needs to step up and take control of the reins. Marshall and the rest of the offense needs to suck it up and move forward.

All in all we're 1-0 with minimal injuries(so far)and 3 pre season games to go. It could go either way at this point. Time to start putting it together.

it's only a preseason game....

Marshall.....give me my first instalment of my 50 million .

tuna.........ok,but you got to catch the ball though .
Marshall.........well,don't you like my job ? i can play for the miami ,you know ?

tuna..........we got ready of ted to make sure you don't drop the ball ?

Marshall...........give me my second installment of my 50 million .

tuna...ok ted.

It's pretty normal for offenses not to be running on all cylinders after one pre-season game.

I'm starting to see why Marshall was available for two 2nd round picks. The guy is TO waiting to happen.

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