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Brandon Marshall takes out frustration on football

The frustration level may be building just a little bit for some folks on the Dolphins offense -- most notably wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

After dropping what should have been a sure TD in the back of the end zone from 5 yards out during the best-on-best team period this afternoon, Marshall picked up the ball he dropped and punted it ...

... Right over the fence of the Davie, Florida practice facility.

It helped his effort that the fields were configured to run east and west today and the street he punted the ball onto runs north and south just behind the end zone. The ball traveled about 25 yards.

The Dolphins first-team offense, meanwhile, didn't move nearly that far.

To wit during the team period versus the Miami first-team defense:

First play: Chad Henne incompletion.

Second play: Ronnie Brown rushes for minus-1.

Third play: Henne overthrows Browns circling out of the backfield.

Fourth play: Ricky Williams for a five-yard rush.

Fifth play: Williams plus-4 yards on a direct snap.

Sixth play: Wildcat and Williams gains 2 off a handoff from Brown.

Seventh play: Marshall drops the Henne pass.

Unscripted: Marshall Punt.

Eighth play: Ronnie Brown no gain.

End of period.


The first team offensive line continues to take shape -- I hope. The first team today was RT Vernon Carey, RG John Jerry, C Joe Berger, LG Richie Incognito and LT Jake Long.


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Lol @ pistol he is so scared he even avoids eye contact! LOLOLOLOL


Are Yall Guys For Real? Its Just A Number

why did he take #19! of all dang numbers he takes ginn oily hands number. give the guy a new jersey and reverse the numbers to 91, shake the jinx.

Are You Guys For Real? Its Just A Number

if its just a number why was he offering serious coin to get bess's number?? that kinda sheet gets in their heads and messes them up, don't take much.

maybe he can tattoo jerry rice's number on his pecker.

Thanks odinseye. Mark In Toronto, I was going to question why my post led you to believe that I was jumping ship then I read the next one :) My post could be perceived as jumping the gun, I see that, but I like to think that I'm simply voicing a concern. But you guys are right and we do have 3 preseason games left to work things out.

But Mark the leadership thing is a concern for me in that I would like to see a single player step up and take control. Someone everyone can look up too. I'm not looking for anyone to lead by example either. I want to see someone get fired up like Marino used to get or like Ray Lewis does. Someone who commands respect, not an entire unit taking turns saying something like the O-line last year.

Agreed on Joey and Jason, but Ronnie, Ricky, and Henne are WAY to quiet on the field to be the kind of leaders I'm looking for. And I guess the kind of leadership you're talking about would be fine if the team actually had some swagger. It just seems to me that they play quiet and as that worked for NE a while back it doesn't seem to be working yet for our phins. I want to see these guys walk on the field and know they own it. You can tell me if you think I'm wrong but I'm just not seeing that yet.

Lastly, I've been saying this sense week 4 last season, Henning is too old school and his playbook is boring. It was a mistake keeping him in my opinion. We have explosive players playing in a Trent Dilfer designed offense. Thank Goodness for the wildcat.

we are talkin bout kids w/millions of dollars in theyre pockets and preseason dont mean a thang. Curses? a jinx? How bout maybe a mild case of dont care and really why should anyone if curses were real my ex would have a big hump on her back.

disagree henning is old school. he is sharp, 40 years into this nothing anyone does he hasn't seen before or some hybrid of it, what he does know is how to attack the kind of wild defenses the rexy's of the world put together...didn't his game plan woop them twice last year and they were a top rated d.

bobbyd12, if what you said was completely true then Marshall wouldn't be getting so aggravated. He wants to catch EVERY ball, preseason or not. Don't believe me, check out what Thigpen and others said about his frustration.

He's a competitor and yes preseason is meaningless to the standings and fans but to the players it obviously means a lot. They want to show they can contribute, especially Marshall who is trying to impress his new teammates and coaches.

But like I said, he's only had a couple of bad days and he's a pro, one of the best, he'll be just fine.

I just hope he can keep his temper in check.

Chas, if he didn't care he wouldn't be kicking the ball and pouting like a baby..

kris, that seems a bit of a reach. Mando just reported that Marshall kicked the ball, he never called him a diva.

I hear ya, and Mando does know how to play to his audience (see multiple postings about Daunte Culpepper a few years back :) but this time it seemed to me he was just reporting the straight facts.

My fear came from hearing that he kicked a ball in frustration. I just flashed back to him knocking balls down and kicking them in Denver right before they got rid of him.

August 16, 2010 at 9:54 pm
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Jed, fair enough. But seriously, if Tedd Ginn didn't have two punt returns in one and an outstanding grab in the other, chances are we don't win those games (imo).

This team will find its leaders once it gets some mojo going. If they can start out 3-1 they will be pumped up and someone on the defensive side will step it up like a Mike Singletary or Ray Lewis...someone needs to get possessed on that side of the ball. The O side of the ball we have a bunch of philosophers and monks, with the exception of Cognito.

info, no one gives a f**k what NJ PHIN FAN said. I'm sorry to be mean but I'm so sick of seeing this petty thing going on. If you don't like the guy then it is what it is. Why try to recruit others into some sort of poster bashing game? Just ignore him if you don't like what he has to say.

That post you copied didn't even seem bad. Seems like he was trying to help someone who has sleeping problems. And the thing is,,,,HE'S RIGHT! hahahaha. Zinc and Magnesium DO help you sleep better. It's the first thing sleep deprivation clinics check when evaluating someone. :)

True Cinq! If we get someone from the defensive side of the ball to step up I will be very happy. Goodnight all.

NYScott, imo we should have kept Ginn as a returner. we really have nobody else as good...cobbs and bess are never going to break one plus its that much more wear and tear on them. Ginn would have been fine as an occasional wr to stretch the field when we needed it...wasn't he the guy that beat revis clean?

F Jason Taylor

New York Little Bleeotches - 16.
Where are those A-Hole Jets posters now?

CarltheChamp says,

give me a break, who cares if he punted the ball, if I was a reciever the caliber of Marshall, dropping as many passes as he has dropped would have me out of my mind, I might punt my helmet out in the street

Wow, that kid for the Giants tore it up tonight. Victor Cruz. Always have to root for the underdogs to make a team. I know this was the jets backups, but the Giants laid the groundwork for how to attack them when they play 8 man fronts. Gruden pointed this out, and I thought it was very good commentary. If they are going to stack the box, or bring their crazy blitz schemes. It is paramount that the QB. be able to get the ball to the reciever that will be left in one on one coverage. Of course the reciever needs to get away from the defender, but the play should be there. Also ditch the idea of having to establish the run, there is no point. This gives us the opportunity to make some big plays against this jet D. We have the personel to attack these guys, especially with a big target for Henne to throw to, and the ability of our backs to pass protect. It will take some recognition by Henne to get into the correct play. Again, I realize this is preseason, and the jets like the rest of the teams aren't tipping their hand, but at least there might be a little tell.

Teams will be playing us for the run until Henne proves he is a threat, which I think he will do. Marshall Bess Hartline Fasano...there will be openings because nobody can afford not to account for ricky ronnie cobbs and polite. The O will get in sync soon enough and dang this team seems dangerous to me. Put yourself in the other teams position, nobody is looking forward to playing against us. The O line / run game is going to be brutal once they get rolling.

Brutality is good cinq.

There is no such thing as a curse UNTIL PEOPLE BELIEVE IN IT. Just drop it you dumb as s.

I was doing some catch up reading of some earlier posts. This quote from you was great, and I will use this on my old oxycontin dealer so he will leave me alone. Quote," Pain is the engine of change" Good stuff, is that an original?

NYSCOTT , don't bother. info is the cuban mange . he's still crying that he got banned from the SS. He just continues to embarrass himself over here. Nobody gives a sh*T about his jealousy of NJ. That post proves how sad and pathetic he has become. If it's not him , than that the person who posted that , is just as sad and pathetic !!

Where are those A-Hole Jets posters?
Nothing like getting your throat stomped on - yes?
New York Jets = New York Little Bleotches.

We need Bess to step up his game. his quickness needs to improve

Sunshines @ Home In South Florida

Patrick Turner & Brandon Marshall

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Home just keeps hitting It

Again & Again

When It Comes To Miami Dolphins football

Theres No One Like Home
Theres No One Like Home
Theres No One Like Home

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Miami Dolphins 4-0 start of the 2010 season

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

only preseason

Jests Is Nasty But They Still Suck!

Please call Pat O' and find out who has the best hands on the Heat, and let's make a deal
for BM quickly.

HI armando..brandon has been on a funk ever since that midget..'adam shitner ..told him that.. how does it feel 'to be the third best addition to miami sports?.the first question out of his mouth!..than he started ..brandon that is to say 'that he wanted to play b.ball..seeing the giants ..looking like they might have a star wr in cruz..and a average back-up qb in sorgi..why not trading tyler thigpen to the giants for mario mannigham,,,he and henne have a great chemistry...and he could start with marshall..and we should cut greg camm cause he seems to be breaking down....and make bess just do returns..bess just makes too much mistakes ..when he has to go over 10yards downfield.he either slips or drops the ball,.and bess does not do nothing after the catch..so how can he make people miss as a puntreturner..as for b-marshall he will bounce back this week,,he seems to be playing like a finese wr..when his game is all about cunning power!

1. Odinseye
2. Chill421
2. (Add name here-copy, paste and post)

I'm not sure if it's superstition,
or if its just bad memories,
a curse is unlikely.
But I want to see #19 dissapear!!

Marshall needs to wear another number,
I think 89 would fit him well and be a good target to throw at.

I can't shake the images of Ginn when I see that number 19... and, like the steering wheel on my belt buckle, its driving me nuts!

I watched 8 games this past weekend (Thank God for Satellite Technology)and then the NY-Giants -v- New Jersey Wets game last night. I saw 1st sting receivers drop passes that all but caught themselves, I watch CB's get smoked like salmon in Summertime on nearly every team I saw. In the Monday Night game I watched Dirty Sanchez start his year just like I expected... Throwing an INT for 1 yard sort of a "Pick 6". I saw Cromartie drop passes (X2) I watched the Vaunted Wets Defense give up 34 points. The media still swinging on booger greens nuts. Still having decided the Jests won the game, despite the 100% disparity in score, but hey... Who ever said the media had any sense or thought concerning truth and reality?(Watch CNN/NBC/CSNBC on any given day and the lack of truth and lack of coverage concerning matters of importance will astound you. As long as you are well informed)

EVERY TEAM...EVERT SINGLE TEAM I have watched has has issues of some type or another. Indy was pushed around by San Fran. The Bears and all their FA looked HORRIBLE.

It is game one... That is it. One Preseason Game. Miami is getting a good look at what the season COULD look like if they fail to get the physical and more importantly mental work done and drilled into them. They are facing ADVERSITY EARLY, and we are lucky they are. If it were a cake walk, they "wouldn't learn nothin'".
... Adversity is the Crucible of Unity... Unity is the foundation of Heart...
Teams with outrageous talent win popularity...
Teams with outrageous heart win Championships.

I believe this team will still make some folks look like shallow fans when it nears Play off time. I believe they will be right in it and those "Fair Weather Fans" who have ripped then to ribbons this past few days will either admit being wrong, or hide behind the rest of us. I will gladly say I was wrong if they are not successful... then go right back to looking forward to next year when they will be... That is sports folks, that is being like so many of you...... a FANATIC!!!

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football is back baby

great post there derek4dolphins
1st preseason game us just that.and in bad conditions ,lucky to get out of it without any injuries.

So Now
Dolfans have Patrick Turner, "The Imposer"


sean, "The Poser"

Is This Not What Home Told Us Over & Over Again
from 2009 Miami Dolphin Camp

Love That Home

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Frustration from B-Marsh
All started with the NWO HAARP control of the weather
Dropping wet footballs @ Chemtrail Death stadium and not being able to get his mind of the epic HAARP flooding & millions of now homeless people in Pakistan

Hope B-Marsh refocuses his mind during the age of weather controlled by the NWO & WOMD most dangerous weather weapon HAARP

Keep the Faith Brandon &
God Bless

Turner said before pausing. ``All right, I'll tell you one: At one point during a meeting, we were just talking. He said, `Impose your will on the defense.' ''

``Impose your will,'' Turner repeated, this time with added emphasis and strength that doesn't often emanate from the quiet second-year player. ``Impose your will,'' he said again.

``What you want to happen,'' Turner said, ``make it happen.''

It's just a few words, a simple phrase. But it has clearly made an impact on Turner -- a small dose of advice that he said pops into his head every so often during practice. On Saturday, Turner brought some of that attitude to a game, like he was starting to do last preseason. Now It`s Turner Time.
"The Imposer"

Patrick Turner, "The Imposer"

Oh Yeah!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

NY Scott,

I can respect that, and Marshal has punted the ball in frustatuon before so I see the pattern, but the context is is not even close. Marshal just wants to be better, not cause issues. Personallu I am glad he isn't happy with himself and I hope he is highly motivated to take his frustration out on the bills in Sep.


What can I say...good stuff as always. You bring good perspective to this blog.

Dolphins win, Henne says "i need to get better, this team needs get better" (paraphasing)

jets LOSE BIG sanchez says "after last season and seeing how well we did...all i coud think about was WAIT UNTIL I GET GOOD, tonite was just the beginning"....

Even a double digit lose can't shut these guys up.

Maybe when they reach double digit in the loss colum they will learn some humility,

Can't wait for the first game of the season. I want to see them lose more than I want to see my Phins win.


Ohh kris-y krisy krisy

Good morning troll,

Find another way to amuse yourself this morning. Won't be responding again. Good day to you sir.

The Jets guarantee a superbowl win.yet they cant even beat the Giamts, even Though Ryan Left Sanchez And His Starters In For The Whole 1st Half!

PS- Mando, This iPod/iPhone app is FAR Inferior To Last Years App. It Sucks!
Excuse The Capitalized 1st Letters, That Is Just One Thing This Stupid App Does And Im Tired Of Having To Uncat The 1st Letter Of Each Word Every Time

NYSCOTT , don't bother. info is the cuban mange . he's still crying that he got banned from the SS. He just continues to embarrass himself over here. Nobody gives a sh*T about his jealousy of NJ. That post proves how sad and pathetic he has become. If it's not him , than that the person who posted that , is just as sad and pathetic !!

Posted by: Marc | August 17, 2010 at 12:01 AM

Guy's you gotta excuse Marc/Marcia, He/She has put on a few pounds now has to buy new dresses, He also was abandon in a restaurant last nite cause the guy that took him/her there realized that she/he was a fat pig and left when Marc/Marcia went to to ladies restroom to "freshen up"...oh well, looks like you better hit the gym Marc/Marcia...

mia vs tb is on NFL repeat right now .

ok kris we got it .move on now .

i must sat thigpen looks more of QB after every throw . his body language is very good .

has henne completed a pass yet?

Aloco, Stick to wall street, Not football........


It's insane that most of us keep focusing on Brandon ability under wet conditions. The guy is a beast that hasn't adapted yet onto mud style.

Relax, Brandon will be fine in a few days and more than punting a football or changing the number of his jersey he needs to start testing new gloves and practice with a football passing machine (Henne or whatever other robot)

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