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Brandon Marshall takes out frustration on football

The frustration level may be building just a little bit for some folks on the Dolphins offense -- most notably wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

After dropping what should have been a sure TD in the back of the end zone from 5 yards out during the best-on-best team period this afternoon, Marshall picked up the ball he dropped and punted it ...

... Right over the fence of the Davie, Florida practice facility.

It helped his effort that the fields were configured to run east and west today and the street he punted the ball onto runs north and south just behind the end zone. The ball traveled about 25 yards.

The Dolphins first-team offense, meanwhile, didn't move nearly that far.

To wit during the team period versus the Miami first-team defense:

First play: Chad Henne incompletion.

Second play: Ronnie Brown rushes for minus-1.

Third play: Henne overthrows Browns circling out of the backfield.

Fourth play: Ricky Williams for a five-yard rush.

Fifth play: Williams plus-4 yards on a direct snap.

Sixth play: Wildcat and Williams gains 2 off a handoff from Brown.

Seventh play: Marshall drops the Henne pass.

Unscripted: Marshall Punt.

Eighth play: Ronnie Brown no gain.

End of period.


The first team offensive line continues to take shape -- I hope. The first team today was RT Vernon Carey, RG John Jerry, C Joe Berger, LG Richie Incognito and LT Jake Long.


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did you see eli manning injury ? 12 stiches cuban .

Caused by his own team mate runninbg into him, Jets Suck...........

how the helmet got off his head cuban that easy ?

Dont know, did'nt see it,just heard about it...Asnd really dont care...

go team go, rah rah rah!. go team go. rah rah rah. release the kracken.lmao. morons on the ss have no clue.. lmao. go team go,rah rah rah. lmao!!!!!

must be the number #19

got to be the sucks .

we suk again.

Looks like Jerry is out with a knee injury.

Offensive Line Word Seek:

Jerry waited a Long time for his Berger, the waiter was Incognito and would not Carey it to the table.

What are the odds on Chris Johnson Hooking up with one of the fat-ass Kardasian chicks this upcoming season?????

Cuban, 3 to 1.



Coach Sparano has just said in his press conf. that "Tyler Thigpen will get the start at the Jax this Sat. Nite and play into the 3rd. quater. We need to see some consistant play out of our QB position." when asked about Pat White, "there will be some changes coming in the next few days.". White to the Marlins.Pennington to the Vikes.??

what did i just say ,((( i said thigpen looks good after every throw and his body language is very good ))))..............then the coach gives him the start this sat ...........i know things .i know the story behind the story .

need a qb and nt.

You guys r so quick to wanna get rid of pat white......unbelievable. Our starter is an interception machine with no touch and you act like he is Jesus. He couldnt even LEAD his team to beat app st. We have two quarterbacks who are leaders and they r white and pennington.

Maybe Marshall drops passes cause stupid henne fires everything like a rocket. He has no touch.Hopefully he proves me wrong, but i think henne will doom us..he has never won a big game in his LIFE. Think back to last year, Clutch games and we lost because of henne..

Thanks Derek4 Great post, its going to be a crazy ride this year, I have been telling all my friends that now is the time to jump on our banwagon.... Owl

henne = fiedler

cuban mange social parasite. Blames marc you idoit banned from SS forever!!!!!

Man they should be sharper then this. Don't get the problems, hope the coaches get these guys going. Stop the Pat White thing also the kid is not and will never be an NFL QB. Marshall needs any # other then 19, no Fin should ever use 19 NEVER.

Marshall can't use 19 because we fans have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder any time we see 19 drop it. We have a guttural, gut-wrenching response for at least a decade to come. So, if Brandon dropped one in 300 passes this year, we would still post traumatize ourselves out. So switching to another number helps all of us to move on. lol

Brandon dropped easy balls in Denver, that is vintage Marshall...get used to it....
When he does get frustrated he can be a major distration to the team, just remind him how much he is making, in a few years he will grow up.

Michael Irving used to punt balls to. And if he changes his #, are all the Fans going to get their Money back?

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