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Most eye-popping player in camp so far? Dansby!

The one player who has impressed Dolphins coach Tony Sparano most?

Karlos Dansby.

That was the coach's answer a few moments ago when I asked which player has been the most eye-popping so far in this young training camp.

"I personally don't like to single out any of these guys, but I've been really impressed with what's happening with Dansby right now," Sparano said. "The combination of him and Channing [Crowder] right now, when you're watching them communicate and watching them going what they're going through in the huddle together has been really impressive to me.

"To have someone like that, with that kind of range and that kind of skills has been pretty good out there. Karlos would be the guy for me."

So what has Dansby shown?

"He runs so well for a big guy," Sparano gushed. "When Karlos sees it, he pulls the trigger right away. Some poeple don't do that. They see it and they don't quite pull the trigger. So now it's a missed tackle or an almost [play]. With him, he sees it pretty fast and gets there in a hurry ... It's rare when you find the kind of players that are able to do that and I think he has that ability."

Got to get off fast

After my short eight-week vacation this summer, The Herald is milking me for every ounce of work the past week. I wrote my third column in as many days for Sunday's paper, this one detailing how difficult the season's early stretch promises to be and exactly what the Dolphins have done and must do to make that stretch a success. Check it out, please. 

Misi gets bigger

Several reporters have commented how Koa Misi looks bigger than he did after the draft.

Your eyes know truth.

Sparano said Misi gained between 10 and 11 pounds during the eight weeks he was in the team's strength program the mini camp. So the kid is around 255 pounds now. And the unexpected upside from the added muscle weight?

"He's running better than he did then," Sparano said. "He's got his legs under him better."

Sparano: No movement on Merling

As a matter of bookeeping, I asked coach whether the Dolphins have made a roster move or decision on what to do with Phillip Merling.

"No not yet," he said.

Well, coincidently, there is a report that contradicts the coach.

Look, I don't know which is correct, although I obviously defer to the coach's word.

I do know this: Merling is out for the year. The Dolphins must make a roster move with him eventually. And the team has no intention of paying his full $600,000 salary in 2010. The club will negotiate a settlement with Merling's agent to bring that figure to a more reasonable height considering the kid got hurt while working out away from the team.  


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Dear Mr. Salguero

Mentor wise would you say Karlos Dansby is Obi Wan Kenobi to Joey Porters Dark Sith Lord.

Fair question and sports talk

Soiled :)

Howdy all,

I been saying it from jump street, Karloe Dansby was my number #1 FA pick-up. It looks like Marshall will provide huge dividends as well but the DEF needed a LB with Karlos D's skillset.

Many happy returns...

No injuries...

= Happy Fins fans.


Hey SB,

Been a long time since the Plumber of Bergen County.


Hey Hey Rob

Show was canceled...steriod use was rampent on the set

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Salguero

"After my short eight-week vacation this summer, The Herald is milking me for every ounce of work the past week."

I was under the impression you were some kind of bigwig at the Herald.

The way I saw it was you sitting on a throne while Neal serves you grapes and Cote and Darlington wave fans to keep you cool as you scream at editors to get you a fresh beverage.

Have I been drinking the koolaid to long

Soiled :)

Very good news about Dansby... With Dansby at ILB and Starks at NT this defense will be very dynamic up this middle... Ratliff is a player like Starks at NT that gets pressure up the middle...

Its also good to hear Misi gained some weight

The Kracken, Long, Wake and now Dansby have been pointed out as looking good. Man, if we can get top production from those 4 the Dolphins Kool-Aid will cold and flowing and I may need to order another tanker full...

I'll buy what ever your selling on Dansby, but don't try and tell me that about any Crowder talk. He is all talk until proven otherwise. The first step to getting better is to admit that you suck. Until I see that article or something similar I don't want to hear anything about crowder.


To paraphrase..."The show was cancelled due to rampant steroid use"... love that rapier wit SB... too funny.

Good stuff bro.


I know our schedule is tough but not as tough as last year and we have become a better team.
Hence Karlos Dnasby, who I said was huge! pickup and the Beast Marshall who again is huge! Those teams you just mentioned will have to contend and account for them too.
But the biggest pick up for sure IMO is Mike Nolan! Yes if this defense improves and it will, but not just improves but moves into a top ten or so D it will have been cause of Mike.
Nolan is gonna make this defense better the way he made Denver's better. The year before Mike arrived in Denver they were 31st n D. For a big part of the year last year, Denvers D was tops in the NFL and ranked I belive 8th when the year ended, and made a 5-11 245 lb'er in Dumerville the nfl sack leader. I'm looking forward to see what Nolan does with Wake, who lead the CFL in sacks twice before he arrived in Miami and was defensive MVP.

Last year Wake flashed a ton and was caught behind the soap opera of Taylor and Porter, this year he won't have to wait his turn and just might lead the league in sacks! Write that down and Nolan is gonna make this D a top eight D. He has more weapons here than he did in Denver.
So when you mention the schedule and murderr's row I laugh at your Sunday article, your perception is as if the sky is falling humors me and lights a panic button to your readers save for me.

First games agaisnt Buffalo, Minnesota, NYJ and the Patsies are all winable. We swept the Jets last year not sure if you remember, we split the Pasties, who are still in a transition mode and far revmoved from their championship years, and buffalo well should we pencil that in? minnesota at thier confines will be tough but a good test early on. We have the Jets and Patsies at home under the lights and thats gonna be exciting! Both those teams are gonna have to account for the BEAST!
And Dansby and co, but what is gonna make the defense go is the hybrid 3-4 defense of Mike Nolan! 3-1 out the gate! Usain Bolt fast maybe at least for the Dolphins, it may be, who have had a recent history of starting slow.

Can't wait for the season to start!!! So excited... Dansby n Marshall... Unleash the new beasts!!!!

with all this good news (marshal, dansby, no PUP, Ike, etc...) I hope we can finally get off to a fast start this year.

However, it sounds like marshall has been killing our guys in the secondary. hopefully coach nolan will turn that unit around.


you get my message...scrubs. kracken could be the worst nickname ever..bahahaha...gonna remove this post to?...poser

Get R Done Dolphins....Believe more in Dansby then Crowder...Thanks.

It is good to hear that it looks like the Dansby signing will pay off, and in a huge way. The linebackers need to make more tackles at that first level of contact, to many plays into that second level that probably forced the safties into cheating run more then they needed to. This also probably led to some of the blown coverages back there. If the linebacker play is more solid this will force opposition to scheme a litlle different now, knowing that the safties can do their jobs in coverage, as well as some run support. We are already better on defense, and it is only into day 3 of camp. Good job FO.

Pleasant Sunday to Dolphins Fans, I hope your weekend has been good so far.
I have to agree with "Rob in OC"... I can recall when Dansby and all of those guys from the first set of High End FA became available the one I thought (and I can recall Rob even then wanting) Dansby more then any of the other guys. To me after watching the LB'er corps last year with Porter not even attempting to stop a run and Taylor's inability to play in space and coverage that a complete Flush and Fill was the only answer for the Defense. Dansby being a solid inside guy could anchor such a dramatic change. I am now convince it was the right call.
Kris... I can certainly feel your pain about Crowder. You have good reason to feel that way. I would ask you to take a look at how he did with a solid vet like Zack Thomas next to him in his first season. You will see as I did he was an entirely different player. I believe he played scared of the League front office last year also and that hurt him. I will still say he needs to prove himself, but I believe with Karlos he will.
Just remeber this. The front half schedule that everyone is concerned about. There are teams out there saying "Damn, we have Miami in week 2 or week 4 also. Its not a one way street... there were some VERY GOOD teams, including last seasons Superbowl Champs who escaped... I SAY... THEY ESCAPED,,, like a man running out of a house fire with a win. Had Miami not suffered the injuries and had there been a bit more experience and pressure from our Defense... we could/would have won those games. Indy..1 play, The ball hit Ginns hands in the end zone...Marshall would have caught it. Tennessee (lost in OT! after coming back 20+ points). NO (we had um dead to rights), NE (in NE was close) and Houston and Pittsburgh both by a TD or less.
That was with FAR fewer pieces to the puzzle and Rookies in Far more crucial positions (CB mainly)... we can easily come out of the front have with 1 or 2 losses. It CAN BE DONE, and I feel this team will do it.

gotta be hit an lock an stride al da way, no shakin. serius cuz dem othas a comin fer sho, no what im gettin at? didn see it las yea man but maybe now we see sumtin else. i like da O but da D looks kracked and no fat ass nose to plug the goose.

Please refrain from using SS nicknames Like "The Kraken", It's a stupid name and is Beneath us to use SS names.......

I agree we will stomp the bills the vikes wil b without there number one wr sidney hes hurt we swept the old ass jets and we will show the pats that ther time is over!

cuban beans, say sumthin don't waste space wit dat shart

Derek, Ted (Hands of stone)Dropped two TD passes against Indy, He also Bobbled the ball that led to the go ahead score VS the saints, Lets face it, With Ginn gone the Mighty air breathers are a much better team........

Krunk, I left my "Ebonics" dictionary at work, Can you say it in White????

So Dansby is the most "eye-popping" player huh?
I hope this means that he will be hitting opponents so hard that their eyes "pop out."

Id Like to see that......

Krunk, Are you related to Gin-n-juice??????

Why do the guys at the SS call Marshall the Kraken? WTF does that come from? Kraken is a local auto parts store, so is he suposed to be some car? Don't get it

Agree Darryl, btw, Well you be going to Sturgis this week????????

Right On Derek.As Tough As Our Schedule Was Last Year,I'd Say We Did Pretty Good Against The Saints Abd Colts.The Injuries Are What Let Us Down Toward The Latter Half Of The Season.And You Are Right About Marshall Catching That Pass Against The Colts.....That One Stung Real Bad.This Season Can't Start Soon Enoug,I'm Teling Ya.It's Going To Be A Great Season.

What's up with Hartline? Sunsentinel reporting injury of some sort.

Menace, no Sturgis, actually this is the buisiest week of the summer for me, and a night cook quit last night because his girlfriend was oraly casual with a random biker. We get a bunch of Harley riders that come through Yellowstone on the way to Sturgis, so this week, and next are ball busters. We hosted about 1200 bikers a couple of weeks ago for a poker run. The Bikers like riding in the mountains, so got to make money while I can. Short summer season this year.

Darrly Dunphy

You wont have to worry about that happing this year. What Dansby brings is a true playmaker in the middle and he will make everyone's job easier including Crowder and Dobbins.
And the secondary will be in a hybrid 3-4 and play some man to man and cover two.
I stand by what I said Mike Nolan will make this a top defense the way he did in Denver but better. We have more weapons as he has stated here in Miami.

D4life. I think having Dansby on the field also takes some pressure of the lineman, because of his athleticism. He can beat blocks, to make tackles, and go sideline to sideline as well. I'm not sure about the amount of cover 2 though, and the reason I say this is that 2 big free agents that were out there that we didn't go after(Sharper, Atogwe) are cover 2 specialists, Sharper even said that he would not consider a team that didn't play prodominently cover 2. But I think we are on the same page that Dansby helps make this defense quite a bit better

not thinkn jet and pats a worry, in afc jus diego colts mebbe bengals n ravens. coach not a smart 1 meks dem bad calls dang he loses games.

I'm glad Dansby is looking good, we need him to play well. Given how close we (the Phins) were in games against elite teams last year I am really thinking (hoping) that the "addition by subtraction" of trading "The Ginn Family", adding Marshall, Dansby, etc.. And the HUGE addition of Nolan to run the D will help us immensely and that makes the Phins a legitame contender for 1st place in the AFC East and AFC Champions and a Superbowl Contender.
I beleive we will be a 10-6 or 11-5 team and take the AFC East.
"The Day Of The Dolphin" has arrived.


I hear ya, but in this hybrid 3-4 there will be a mix of man and cover two. At times this will take some presure off of Davis and Smith who played the man most of the time and got beat more than we liked last year. When we go hybrid you never know where the extra defender is gonna come from, man it's gonna be great. The defense that Nolan will implement is gonna be attack! attack! attack!

I look forward to watching our defense play!
Catch ya'll tomorrow!

Just for thought... This could end up being meaningless, but for now I'll take it. Both the jets, and Pats have issues with their best players, and contracts. I know it is very early, and these problems will surely be solved. But as HBO cameras are rolling, and Revis doesn't practice, and Brady isn't 100% focused because he wants more loot, the Phins have everyone in camp, and the players seem to be buying into the program. Getting better each day, "Feeding the Wolf". I hope there is some form of chaos in those 2 camps as long as possibile, any little edge helps

Need to remember, everything typically looks glorious during training camp for most of the teams. Last season coming off 11-5 nobody would have believed we'd miss the playoffs. Need to see where we are after 4 games to have a clue. Bills and Steelers without Ben should be automatic, so if we are not at least 2 and 2, something is very wrong and expectations are too high. I'd expect at least 3 and 1, beating either NY or NE, if they have improved as much as it seems.

correction - the steelers come later, but the Vikes should be a win since Farve will still be tying his shoes.

Hello Cuban and the rest of the regulars. Anyone heard from Po?

Glad the drought is over and confidence is high for our Miami Dolphins this season.

Mando, hard to feel sorry for you after a 8 week vacation so, get to work! lol

Notes from Camp

Sean smith su@ks a@s

I'm a fat pig

Kris and Aloco are my new butt-hole buddies

Love you guys xxoo

Dynasty be Fins


Just got back from practice again; nothing special to report again. They've been working out away from the stands so it makes it hard to see much. I guess Sparano wants to keep it on the hush hush.
Henne's Spiral looks tight as heck. In a drill where the QB's where rolling out and being chased, he put the ball right in the pocket of a stationary target. Very hard to do when you're running. Fans started cheering him. Neither Pat White nor Thigpen got close.
Marshall as usual was money catching the ball.
Other than that, not much.

Cuban & Beerdrums... I had forgotten about the first drop from Ginn that night Cuban, But like Beerdrums said... that drop in the end zone "Stung"... I have a picture of that drop so that every time I wonder about letting Ginn go I can look at it (that and the YouTube "Drop it like its hot" smack on Ginn, Hillarious!!)

Looks like the Hartline thing was just a cramp, and I saw where there have been a few Picks from the D today (good stuff) I also read that Jason Allen has been taken to school all day by Marshall and Pruitt. I am not so certain Jason (not Will) Allen will make the starting Defense this year.

I hate to say I did, but..."i did". I didn't think we had a quality team plus we had a soft 1-15 type schedule. We we started of 0-3 I wasn't surpised. Pissed of and dissapointed, but not surprised.

I hate to talk about injuries because everybody has them. I still think if we were healthier we had a playoff team by the end of the season.

We have a world class coach who seems to get the most out of medicore player. I can't wait to see him coach some quality athletes.

Yeah that sucked, (The two drops by Ted (I Fell Down) Ginn)but like I tried to post earlier(Apparently there's a problem) The team is better without Ted(Hands of stone)Ginn and his family not being here, at least sidelines are safer though the clip board holding is in turmoil since ted SR also went west, maybe Sean Smith will be the designated "Clip board" holder..........

COCO, Apperantly Po is on the Prowl for a 4 inch wearing dancer by the name of "Candy", Yeah he's been around but apperintly he's also "SEARCHING".......

I hear what your saying but I hate follower. Hate them. I still rember Crowder over pursing plays in the backfield when Zach was here, what I don't rember is the Crowder running his stinkin mouth. When Porter arrived he continued to miss tackels but for some reason felt like he had the right to talk, and that all he did was talk. I have seen two crappy articles on him and guess what? he still talking. I'll like Crowder more when those pads start doing the talking on 3rd and whatever.

Da gangs all here...well many of the old cast anyways.

How's trix folks?

Looks like we should have a competitive roster this year. The game is afoot! Maybe Sparano and Nolan will be that blend of knowledge, drive, tactics and players to propel the Fins into the playoffs despite who may be on our schedule. Let's run right over the top of some of the "toughies".

The Fins had the Saints and the Colts (two great teams) dead in their sights last year and couldn't pull the trigger... this year is a different toon.


Last year I would have loved to have said I thought Miami would take another step forward after the 11-5 2008. But I didn't. And it was for several reasons but mainly I had 2.
First, if you look at some teams that are on a "plan" Like Miami, One was New Orleans 5 year run to a Championship.
In 2005 They were 3-13
2009...................13-3 w/ a championship

They had a very predictable curve, with one setback in 08 that was Major Player/Major injury related.

Like Miami they had a bottom out year at 3-13, bounced back with a 10-6 (Like Miami) had a predictable set back with a 7-9 (Exactly like Miami) then had an injury prone season, losing Bush and some other key player with an 8-8 (should have been a 11-5 or 10-6 with a playoff win or two... then the natural progression to the 3-13 Superbowl last year. I feel Miami is in the same place NO was with their 8-8 in 2008 but can better by doing what NO should have had they stayed healthy (as I said, losing Bush and other key players). Then... Next year...?????? Who knows.

In a natural team progression, Miami had a natural setback last year, the smarter guys predicted it, we fans did not want to hear it. Now the smart guys are saying Miami is a playoff team... I agree...

Hell, get hot in ANY playoff run and you never know.

I find it disheartening that Sparano lumped Dansby in the same sentence with Crowder when talking about how impressive he is. Crowder sucks. He's been a below average LB since he got in the league. He's only on the team because the team always has more pressing needs. I hope Dansby's worlds better than Crowder.

Yeah, I can 100% understand where you are coming from. I have seen Crowder overrun plays and literally end up 5 players from the ball. It is frustrating. However, for the MOMENT (I stress that) it may also be necessary. He is experience enough to be where he is. And I would imagine he is feeling the heat of 12 other dudes eyeballing his spot. I get a strong impression from this coaching staff they can care less who you are, if they feel you have lost your Mojo... "That's yur Azzzz"... Just hope that Crowder if left at the position is on the best game he can give, either that or hope the "Stadium Sniper" nails him in game one! Yes, I have been told by a reliable source that Miami has employed a "Sniper" to kill Jests fans who do that stupid chant or wear Fireman hats and "Orange Carpet" people who don't drink the Frozen Margaritas!!

Damsby Might Be The Fins Only Hope On Defense.even Though We Have Our Defensive Backs Davis And Smith I Still Think Carlos Will Do Some Damagei

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