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Much ado about a Monday afternoon

Tons of stuff going on so let's get it:

Coach Tony Sparano was asked if he envisions getting his No. 4 quarterback into Friday's preseason game against Atlanta. "Do I envision that?" Sparano asked. "No."

Pat White, in case you've not tuned in lately, is Miami's No. 4 quarterback. He didn't play in the preseason opener. He didn't play last week in the second preseason game.

One thing I can tell you for sure: He's not being showcased to be traded.

You may remember that Sparano talked about having to clean up some man-coverage issues after the game at Jacksonville. I asked Sean Smith, who yielded a 22-yard completion to Mike Sims-Walker, what cleaning up thos things meant as far as he's concerned.

"I can only speak for myself, but it's about understanding what you want to take away. What leverage to use. It was a very long game for us so it was kind of easy lose technique on certain plays. It's also about knowing when you're being inside or outside technique."

We know the Dolphins have struggled on special teams the past couple of weeks. They've had two blocked punts and given up returns of 41, 47, 48 yards. So I asked special teams ace Jason Allen what he thinks of the play of his unit.

"If you had a scale of 1 to 10 based on the potential we have, I would say it's about a five or six right now," he said. "I'm just being honest. I feel the potential we have as a group, we haven't reached very far in that potential. We have to spend more time on details. [Special teams coordinator] Coach [John Bonoamego] talks all the time about one guy being who we all are. It only takes one guy to mess up the entire special teams. We all got to be together as a unit and have the mentality we're going to get the job done." 

Sparano said last week one reason the special teams might be so problematic right now is the mixing and matching being done. Allen doesn't buy that.

"There's no excuses," he said. "First team, second team, you have to do your job. that's the mentality we have to have. We have to do it a high level. We have a bunch of athletes that are fast, big and strong that are more than capable of getting the job done. We have to go out and do it."

BROADCAST UPDATE: Coach Sparano will be my guest on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. If you live in South Florida, the show is on 640-AM. If you don't live in South Florida, we stream live online here. My show is on Monday through Friday 6-10 a.m.  


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marc, pick out a new dress for school yet??

Marc, What's up Bro????

cuban can i ask you a question without you getting mad

IF white gets cut, you guys who think he will be going to canada are insane!! his agent will get calls the same day and he will be on an NFL roster within 3 days.

also anyone thinking a team will give a 3rd rounder for thigpen are also nuts!! a very late 4th would be about the best we'd get. there are PLENTY of better choses if a QB goes down. the back-ups of both teams we just played outperformed thigpen.

thank you JAISON point on!!!!!!!!!

D4L, Why would I get Mad my Brother???

tiger woods got divorced from his wife ,now at least she's 200 million richer .she's not that kind of woman that says (( stand by my man )) while he screws other women .

Jaison, Good point, You know who was jettison from Atlanta 20 years ago for a 5th round pick??????????

please dont compare thigpen to farve!! now you on something

Thank you Aloco for that meaningless post...

Dear Mr. Aloco

"no more writing in caps .it's very annoying"

nothing worse then a former smoker

Soiled :)

it's easy for bloggers to compare no body like thigpen to a great qb like Favre since we r just filling the space w/ink .

jaison sound like Pat white agent.
Insane? take one to know one.

cuban, is ashley the kind of a woman who would (( stand by her man )) ?

D4L, LOL, Id never compare the two...LOL..But good Knowledge you have..

Could Miami put Pat White on the Practice Squad instead of cutting him? Then if another team picks him up Miami would get a Compensatory pick for him?

looks at all the garbage we brought in from other teams that have got cut or barely hanging on now! wilfork,porter,akin,wilson,goodman,JT to a degree, and barely hang on moses, anderson and of all these guy we expect great things from thigpen!! WOW!! can we keep and develop our own talent!! i also found out we drafting players to keep other teams from getting even though they dont fit our plans! why nobody saying cut merling another high 2nd not performing!!

D4L sound like dolphin hater.
what you want anyway? from dolphins

D4L is not a fin hater, He just wants what all of us want....

evything seem negative wit him
just sayin

I stand corrected, Atlanta traded him to Green Bay for there 1st round pick... Do you guys think Thigpen or White will get Miami a first round pick??? Well maybe Oakland might..

it's true dolpin4life is a very smart fan w/great posts to read .

YES, *lol*now a more serious ??? do you think we can give up white and thigpen for brees to come here for second go round???

you must havent read my previous post on other matters! im debating thigpen and white and this is what diagreements sound like!! i just dont like to waste picks on players that dont fit what we do or to give up on a player a 1yr and 5 months into his career!! thigpen has been in the league 4yrs and like JAISON said he's being outperformed by less exp. qb on other teams but you have some here saying he could start,be a great 2nd qb on this team, and i just dont see from him. thats my opinion and im not trying to force you to agree with me just a different perspective

evyone smart compared to Aloco

Who cares who the third string is, we will not recieve any compenstation for either and if it came down to which would be able to carry this team, it would be to a top 5 draft pick in next years draft!!!

why we cant have a good debate without all the negative vibes and childish name calling! i like reading others post b/c maybe they know something i dont know and vice versa. but if i or some dont agree with some they get sensative

D4L - 13 posts and you not trying to force yourself?

jibberish..........thank you .

3rd string is where you develop a guy. he's not going to be active on sundays. look at about every roster, their 3rd stringers are guys who need work but the team is willing to give them time to get that work. some were given years!! some were higher picks than white and road the oak for 4 years before getting a shot. phillip rivers, aaron rodgers, steve young, and brett favre. i'm not saying white is one of those guys. i don't think white should be a full time QB. but i do think he is worth a roster spot. he didn't have accuracy problems in college. but he has taking a while to get used to all the changes he's been asked to make. that happens a lot when a spread guy who's a running QB is asked to change everything.

the coaches are the ones in charge, you tell white you aren't going to play if you just stay a QB, i don't see any team who wouldn't want you to be a utility guy. if your don't let us try you elsewhere you are gone. another question concerning white. what kind of money hit do you take cutting him? a 2nd probable had some guaranteed money.

everyone raves about josh cribbs but this is his 6th season!! offensively he really hasn't done much in those 6 years. last year was his best year. 3 return TD's, 135 yards receiving and a TD, 381 rushing and a TD, 1-4 passing 1int. came out of college running a 4.61/40. whites best 40 was 4.38. white was a better QB than cribbs and much faster. at 4.38 he is probably the fastest dolphins.

You guys say what you want. @nd round pick this, others teams garbage that.

I'll tell you what would be retarded. Keeping White over Thigpen. That would be retarded.

Another thing, you erroneously stated Thigpen is about the same size as White.

Soaking wet White weighs in under 200lbs at 6 foot. Thigpen is over 6-1 at 225 lbs.

Thigpen over White everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. PERIOD!

yeah im forcing myself on whoever in here is weak minded to follow what i say as football law!!! is that you?

dolphin4life can write 123456 posts as long as he doesn't insult any one jibberish like you brown donkey .

YES, *lol*now a more serious ??? do you think we can give up white and thigpen for brees to come here for second go round???

Posted by: superPHIN | August 23, 2010 at 06:47 PM

S.P, Had a chance at drew not once but twice, Sending White and Thigpen to New Orleans might just get us there clip board holder, Seeing how the departure of Ted and his Family has left us without a clip board holder..

dont worry odin, this debate for white over thigpen will come to an end when the roster is cut down to 53 sept 4th, then its to the real business at hand.

we must trad chad ,penne no body else .

Yeah guys, I dont honestly see White beat out Thigpen...

Cuban, i perfer a mascot and one of the backup cheerleaders

Aloco - thank you jibberish
Now Aloco say brown donkey.
Aloco sniff glue.

Batman is on FMA ,the movie was made in the 1966..very good movie

Odin, i've been reading your post since last year and value your opinion as a finsfan, but what has thigpen showed you to garner keeping!! he has been out played by Qb with less exp. and no matter how you slice it, thigpen has been in the league 4 years, and started a handful of games and he's still making bone head mistakes, but lets cut ties with a 2nd rounder 17 months in his career! i wanna start a cut MERLING petition since he been here 3 years and havent produced nothing

D4L - you is posting to your own weak self.
Dolphins gonna do whats bestest for them.
they isn't gonna take your advice.
Get over it.

Super, Agree, a couple cheerleaders would do great for the moral of the team... BTW, what is the mascot of the saints anyway??

Cuban, Man with bag on his head, or at least it used to be.

Jibberish, you have the perfect name, b/c you bring not to the table but elementary name calling, and it obvious you have free time to count post, and as long as you respond i got 1 person's attention

Dolphins gonna do whats bestest for them.
they isn't gonna take your advice.
Get over it.

Posted by: jibberish | August 23, 2010 at 07:01 PM


odinseye. if i only had white and thigpen of course i'd keep thigpen!! but if i have henne and pennington also it's a different story!!!

it's pure stupidity on your part if you think people who want to keep white over thigpen think white is more ready to play today!!!

but as a team with 2 guys better than both thigpen and white, i'd trade away or cut thigpen and continue to work with white. white also will cost more to get rid of. white can be used elsewhere and has recently, since camp started, that he would do whatever the coaches asked to help the team. is there another guy on the team that has run a sub 4.4/40?? that is worth a roster spot.

Brown Donkey jibberish.lol

Jaison,(Iam sorry I cant help this post) That's why Pat would be a grat UPS guy, Have you seen these guys move????That's all UPS is looking for Faster,younger,cheaper...hummm sounds Familiar, Where have I heard that before??

like i said, if the trifecta said white was still in their plans, i would say the writings on the wall for white! nobody said that yet and all others who heard that got cut. if thigpen stick i will be the first to say i was wrong but i dont see it happening! just like everybody else thigpen is getting every chance to show his worth to the team and he's blowing it big time! 10pts in 5qtrs! plz!!!

would you love to go to the game against jets with me ?

Cuban, Man with bag on his head, or at least it used to be.

Posted by: superPHIN | August 23, 2010 at 07:04 PM

Ohhhh Snap, That's right....

well cuban, your post has one error. white would not be cheaper. ups could not afford him...lol

would you love to go to the game against jets with me ?

Posted by: marc | August 23, 2010 at 07:12 PM

Only if you dress as the Saints Mascot....

Any one knows how much money henne is making and how much p.white is making ?

Aloco, Why are you posting as Marc????

it dont matter over the course of the career henne with make 5x more, but im sure white makes more b/c of the yearly increase players get from year to year off of the draft


Are you still making fun of my petition? Joking!

I'm like you. I have my OWN opinions, they change, but not very often. Stick to your guns.

I try to look at situations af if I were the coach. The only thing White could possibly do in my opinion is run the wildcat. I'm mainly against the wildcat. The only things I would use it for, Ronnie Brown handles better than anybody I've seen.
I just don't think White fits in with what were trying to do here. Where Whites probably going to be a long term project, Thigpen, in my opinion is miles ahead of him.
In the 11 NFL games that Thigpen started he racked up: (from wiki)-22 touchdowns (18 passing, three rushing and one receiving) against 12 interceptions...............

Any of you guys, tell me a third stringer anywhere in the NFL with those numbers or that experience.

D4L thanks for the kind words.

"Cheaper,Faster,Younger", Now I remember, It was a saying in Thailand's Red Light district..

i got you eaRLIER CUBAN .w/the dress post .

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