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Much ado about a Monday afternoon

Tons of stuff going on so let's get it:

Coach Tony Sparano was asked if he envisions getting his No. 4 quarterback into Friday's preseason game against Atlanta. "Do I envision that?" Sparano asked. "No."

Pat White, in case you've not tuned in lately, is Miami's No. 4 quarterback. He didn't play in the preseason opener. He didn't play last week in the second preseason game.

One thing I can tell you for sure: He's not being showcased to be traded.

You may remember that Sparano talked about having to clean up some man-coverage issues after the game at Jacksonville. I asked Sean Smith, who yielded a 22-yard completion to Mike Sims-Walker, what cleaning up thos things meant as far as he's concerned.

"I can only speak for myself, but it's about understanding what you want to take away. What leverage to use. It was a very long game for us so it was kind of easy lose technique on certain plays. It's also about knowing when you're being inside or outside technique."

We know the Dolphins have struggled on special teams the past couple of weeks. They've had two blocked punts and given up returns of 41, 47, 48 yards. So I asked special teams ace Jason Allen what he thinks of the play of his unit.

"If you had a scale of 1 to 10 based on the potential we have, I would say it's about a five or six right now," he said. "I'm just being honest. I feel the potential we have as a group, we haven't reached very far in that potential. We have to spend more time on details. [Special teams coordinator] Coach [John Bonoamego] talks all the time about one guy being who we all are. It only takes one guy to mess up the entire special teams. We all got to be together as a unit and have the mentality we're going to get the job done." 

Sparano said last week one reason the special teams might be so problematic right now is the mixing and matching being done. Allen doesn't buy that.

"There's no excuses," he said. "First team, second team, you have to do your job. that's the mentality we have to have. We have to do it a high level. We have a bunch of athletes that are fast, big and strong that are more than capable of getting the job done. We have to go out and do it."

BROADCAST UPDATE: Coach Sparano will be my guest on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. If you live in South Florida, the show is on 640-AM. If you don't live in South Florida, we stream live online here. My show is on Monday through Friday 6-10 a.m.  


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i still think white will make this roster, but with 4.4 speed he will be on an NFL roster no matter what. some other team will take the time to convert him and will have a real weapon. while we will have a guy holding a clipboard all season, then leaving at the end of the season.

those numbers are not telling the total picture! those are numbers from 2 years ago and he is playing nowhere near than, in fact he looks nothing like a QB with 11 starts and 4yrs of traing camps and offseason work! he led the offense to 10 points in a game and a qrt of play! if thats good to you then i strongly disagree! i could be wrong,but i doubt it! time will tell though

D4L load truck for Pat white UPS driver.
Aloco sniff gas fumes for daily high

Nah Aloco, New that was you too....

Did U Ask sean

If he has a problem with the nickname, "Poser Boy"

Seems 0 Ints
Lots of Whiffing
and much more talking than playing
is seans MO

How does he feel bout giving up the only TD in the Bus scrimmage and

Getting beat on All 3 Pass Attempts against him?

Does sean feel he should have a speaking voice for this defense?

and why?

nope he still holding the clipboard telling me the next stop on the route im driving


I've been guilty of pure stupidity many times, usually when I'm very intoxicated, but many times.

First of all I don't think anyone here believes White is more game ready than Thigpen, that much is obvious.

Second, I don't think you and I are really disagreeing. I would do one of two things. I would trade either Penny or Thiggy if I can get what I want for them. If I do this, I keep White no question.

The other route, I simply cut White or make a highly unlikely trade.

When it comes down too it somebody has to go. The way things stand, today, right now, Whites the odd man out.

it;s not correct cuban.any way ...

turner is not showing any sign of any thing lately .
ODINSEYE.....give us a break down on turner,fasano,bess,hartline and camerillo ........seems no one is doing any thing .

Thigpen 4 a 4th

The Rest Is Conversation

Pat white assault you beat you to curb take stering wheel
Aloco still breething gas fumes


jibberish is a cool brown donkey

the Dolphins only need one key Enrique, that key is a better team.

ahhhh Home,Iam coming down to Ft.Lauderdale 11/13 to see Roger Waters in concert, Will there be anything unusual that day??And if there is should I stay inside "The Wall" ???

this decision will have a lot of blogger in a rage if they get rid of thigpen! im gonna do my part and he them get thru this!! if he get cut im already prepared b/c it will boil down to him not getting a fair shake b/c we drafted him to keep the pats from getting him(that what someone said earlier, but the last time i check wouldnt it make sense to keep him b/c cutting him the PAts can get him still)LMAO!!!!

odinseyes, who cares if we have the best 3rd string quarterback!! having the best 3rd string QB is like having the best cheerleaders!! don't mean crap on the scoreboard!! by the way, there are at least a few 3rd string guys i'd take over thigpen!! i'd rather have dennis dixon and tim tebow for sure!! as a 3rd stringer, i'd rather keep pat white and start working him as a WR and KR/PR. he would be a more useful 3rd string QB than thigpen will be!! thigpen will spend 16 games holding a clipboard then sign with another team.

Yes, Menace
Did get your post but not til long after u posted

Nothing should go wrong there

scarey # combo though

Suggest U Enjoy That Most Awesome Concert
If It Your Last
Which I Doubt
At Least U Went Out "Comfortably Numb"

Enjoy The Show Menace

Your Pal

home, only one cb gave up more tds than vontae last year and it wasn't smith!!

pat whites is WR and KR
there you gots it my peeps
game be over



wassup home
likes the way yo think



Vontae had 4 TDs
1 for a pick 6 against division rival
1 two point conv knock down

2 picks on Brady to Moss on/at end zone

Bone Crushing Hits that would put jason bougy in a wheelchair
Vontae Davis soon to be Miami Dolphin Pro Bowler

Now Get Your Shine Box!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

*4 picks*

Turner's not doing enough. At this point I would keep Moore.

Fasano is showing every indication that he's bouncing back from his sophomore slump. Of course I think we all know the Marshall factor plays into this quite well.

Bess is Bess. I think he will continue to progress into one of the best slot receivers in the league. Again, thanks in part to the Marshall factor.

Hartline could be entering into the dreaded sophomore slump. He's making me a little nervous.

Camirillo? Is he still on the team?


Posted by: jibberish | August 23, 2010 at 07:43 PM

Now that's funny....

home wut up

Turner will be just fine
U actually have to throw him the ball
Not have Thigpen throw it behind him in the dirt
Right On, WR Moore is flashing

Hartline may have brain bruise from hit & run accident

Simply The Bess Is Just That

Fasano Will Be AWESOME

yeah wut up with harline? the look he gave his hands in jax game was priceless

maybe they are not playing white so they can keep him on practice squad. If he doesn't play there is less chance of somebody taking him.

home wut up

Posted by: Dolphins4Life1973 | August 23, 2010 at 07:48 PM


GTG soon

Hope u r doing well

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

can white go on PS even though he was active all year

jibberish how many times i've posted now

if hartline keeps dropping watch for camarillo to start

OK Guys I am Outta here, Have a Phintastic nite... PEACE to all..

odinseyes, who cares if we have the best 3rd string quarterback!! having the best 3rd string QB is like having the best cheerleaders!!


That's not the point. We have a starting QB in Henne. A proven veteran in Penny. Other than that, I want value. Thigpen is a more valuable comodity than White.

I'll trade anybody other than Henne for extra picks. Then I'd draft another QB next year. Next years draft will be deep at QB.

would love to see moore get some run with the 1's

we will draft a QB regardless next year with or without thigpen or white i believe! how long can we count on penne! would love for him to stay with the organization in some way though. Penne shoulder is like an egg it can crack at anytime

D4L so many that yo mama gots a headache

Odinseye, Heres The Problem With Thst. Henne Gets Injured, Penny Comes In, He Is Super Fragile, Lets Face It He Can Fall Wrong And His Shoulder Is Dime. Then What?? Who Would You Rather Have Out There?? Thigpen Or White?? This Isnt A Unbelievable Scenario, Could Happen..


What's your favorite Dolphins blog?

I don't care what anybody says, this blog ROCKS!

Crazies and all. I'm even starting to love Home. Even though I don't wear an aluminum foil hat, he keeps up to date on all the natural disasters around the world. It's like having a built in news wire here on the blog.


i knew you still cared! i'll chat with you tomorrow! later jib

i like this one too b/c mando has the live blog during game. i just dont like all the nonsense which i thought left once njphinfan got exposed

good nite too all in finfans and dont forget we are disagreeing to only strengthen our team b/c if we all agreed with each other the team would be shitty as hell!! hope to see all soon! PEACE AND STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm not sure I understand the question.

If Henne and Penny goes down I would want Thiggy, hands down.

I would take a gamble with White as my 3rd QB, but only if I got the compensation I wanted for Penny or Thiggy. I wouldn't take less than an early third for Penny, or a mid to late third for Thiggy. I might not get it, but that would be my price.

Other than that, I start the season with Henne, Penny and Thiggy.

Henne, Penne, and Thiggy is good

Oh, I misunderstood you Odinseye, my bad, I thought u wanted to trade Thigpen and have White as our 3rd. IMO value is nice going into the draft but I really believe now is the time to put our best players out there for season. I personally wouldn't trade Thigpen right now, White has shown nothing and Pennington is too fragile.

cuban menace=jebbrish


sounds like no thing going on w/these players.
as for crowder he looks good so far ,danpsy is a big Q mark ?

i am trying a new name mario polo .

Dolphins4life said, "someone said we drafted Pat White to keep them away from the Patriots".

Yeah, "someone" said that, but it wasn't Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, or Tony Sparano. Teams don't draft players to keep them away from other teams they draft them because they think they may be able to contribute.

And you can mention all of the players who didn't make it with this team you want, it doesn't mean Parcells doesn't know what he's doing.

Point being I can name just as many players who didn't catch on with every other team in the NFL. It's the business and it's the way it has always been.

Also to your question about Pat White (being a good college qb, so how can he all of the sudden have forgotten how to play) is easily answered. He didn't forget how to play college ball, but he's not playing in college anymore. Beyond that I could write a list of exxxxccceeellleeennttt college QBs with numbers that blow away Pat Whites numbers (AND heisman trophies to back up the numbers) who never did a thing in the NFL.

I'm not saying it's ideal to have to give up on White at this point but I would like the team to have a shot at the playoffs and don't want to spoil that because our 1st and 2nd QBs get hurt forcing us to have to rely on Pat White. He's not ready and everyone admits it.

Scenario; it's week 6 and both of our qbs are injured, we turn to Pat White = season over. We turn to Thigpen and we have a shot. I've watched Thigpen throw multiple 300 yard games and win NFL games, Pat hasn't and that's the bottom line. Not his fault because he hasn't had the chance but I'm not willing to throw away our season because Pat White has potential to be okay.

By the way guys and gals, I'm NYScott but can't sign on from this computer for some reason!

Just realized you guys moved on from the White debate, my bad.


Don't apologize to me, I always welcome you're input.

Well........at least when we're on the same side :)



Was Marco Polo a Frenchman too?

WOW! That was a great debate...........it ended with a thud though.

Oh well...........next topic.

Instead of discussing who our third QB should be, lets discuss who our third ILB should be.

I think Micah Johnson has passed up Channing Crowder to become our third ILB.

Way to go Micah!!!!

Why I feel someone talking to self?

Time for Rum Coke!

Goodnight DonkeyBobs.....................

what's the best drink to keep warm odin ?

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