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Much ado about a Monday afternoon

Tons of stuff going on so let's get it:

Coach Tony Sparano was asked if he envisions getting his No. 4 quarterback into Friday's preseason game against Atlanta. "Do I envision that?" Sparano asked. "No."

Pat White, in case you've not tuned in lately, is Miami's No. 4 quarterback. He didn't play in the preseason opener. He didn't play last week in the second preseason game.

One thing I can tell you for sure: He's not being showcased to be traded.

You may remember that Sparano talked about having to clean up some man-coverage issues after the game at Jacksonville. I asked Sean Smith, who yielded a 22-yard completion to Mike Sims-Walker, what cleaning up thos things meant as far as he's concerned.

"I can only speak for myself, but it's about understanding what you want to take away. What leverage to use. It was a very long game for us so it was kind of easy lose technique on certain plays. It's also about knowing when you're being inside or outside technique."

We know the Dolphins have struggled on special teams the past couple of weeks. They've had two blocked punts and given up returns of 41, 47, 48 yards. So I asked special teams ace Jason Allen what he thinks of the play of his unit.

"If you had a scale of 1 to 10 based on the potential we have, I would say it's about a five or six right now," he said. "I'm just being honest. I feel the potential we have as a group, we haven't reached very far in that potential. We have to spend more time on details. [Special teams coordinator] Coach [John Bonoamego] talks all the time about one guy being who we all are. It only takes one guy to mess up the entire special teams. We all got to be together as a unit and have the mentality we're going to get the job done." 

Sparano said last week one reason the special teams might be so problematic right now is the mixing and matching being done. Allen doesn't buy that.

"There's no excuses," he said. "First team, second team, you have to do your job. that's the mentality we have to have. We have to do it a high level. We have a bunch of athletes that are fast, big and strong that are more than capable of getting the job done. We have to go out and do it."

BROADCAST UPDATE: Coach Sparano will be my guest on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. If you live in South Florida, the show is on 640-AM. If you don't live in South Florida, we stream live online here. My show is on Monday through Friday 6-10 a.m.  


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cuban any news on the TK8????

the miami vs jax is on the nfl channel at 11.00 tonight .

miss universe Pageant ,the swim suit coming up on NBC .i like miss Pakistan .

ESPN reporting now Thigpen being marketed, White is not.

good nite too all in finfans and dont forget we are disagreeing to only strengthen our team b/c if we all agreed with each other the team would be shitty as hell!! hope to see all soon! PEACE AND STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Dolphins4Life1973 | August 23, 2010 at 08:15 PM

WOOOOOW !! Can you say illiterate ???

ALOCO = dolphins4life 1973 !!!1

VIVA pat white, i love it when the media get to bite the wrong guy in white and thigpen is guy who's gone .

swim suite looks good .

fyi, are you watching miss universe on NBC ?

most girls are burnett .
France is a knock out .

Mr. ALoco- So the totals are in for meatball sandwich sales from lunch. we sold 23 @ $10.00 a sandwich for total sum of $230.00. I figure that your cut is 10% which means I owe you a cool $23.00. Not bad. Now I can donate this to a charity of your choice, send it to Mr. Soiled Bottom for fixing your computer. Or if you would like send it to you. Thanks for letting me use your name. People went for the line that ALoco was the father of the Meatball Sub. LoL

"Cheaper,Faster,Younger", Now I remember, It was a saying in Thailand's Red Light district..

Posted by: Cuban Menace | August 23, 2010 at 07:21 PM

Now, that was funny.

DArryl, screw the charity ,they all thieves .you keep it .

Cuban, what did you pay for (Roger Waters) tickets? Looked at them a while back and to get close, they were really expensive.


What is the best drink to keep warm.

Well...I'd say beer is definitely out of the question. If you keep beer warm it gets skunky. Of course Heinekein is skunky to begin with, so I guess that would be the exception to that rule.

Bourban is best at room temperature, drinking it warm would just be showing off.

Rum is best on the rocks with some coke. Wait........no,.......no,.........I think Rum is best with some coke AND some rocks. Wait, that's not right!

Christ I don't know Aloco, I think I'm going to have some nice hot coffee and get back to you................................

odin, are you watching miss universe ?? albania looks good does not have the gypsy look.
puerto rico will win it all .

My 14 year old picked Puerto Rico first.

I had to agree.

Time for a Rum Run!

miss universe ..............1-ireland
2-peurto rico
4-south africa
my top 5

Getting ready to watch the game. SSHH don't tell me what happens, I haven't seen it yet!

mexico will win it

mexico won

marc = NJ phin puss

Yo go PHINS!!!


if henne and penne go down thiggy isn't going to be a hero. he can't score against 2nd and 3rd string guys. we better make a move if those 2 go down!! talk kurt warner out of retirement!!

mando, I live in california, so I'm NOT getting up at 5:30 AM to listen to your show. so, please have the station people add it to the iPLAY list so I can catch when I get up. thanks!

BTW, regardless of what some say about your show here on this blog, I throughly enjoy your interviews. especially the one with Kosar.


Yoyo. I AM a weird Uncle!!!
But I’m their favorite uncle out of us 3 brothers!!!
I say weird things, I do weird things!!!
I just love living!!! I am glad I’m still alive!!!


"If we avg. 25 points a game" (Odinseye)

Pal. if we ONLY average 25 PPG with OUR defense and, apparently (un)special teams, we'll do no better than 8-8.

marc = NJ phin puss

marc is the cross dressing cuban mange hater and not nj phn fan

What the deal guys...

We get board after 12AM and
start posting things from the Sun Sentinel??

I finally got a chance to watch the game from Saturday. This is what stood out to me(a few days late, but I'll give my 2 cents anyway)
1 The defense is going to be tough to run on. Starks looks like he will be fine at NT. He looks very quick off the ball, and is quite the handful.
2 This is beating a dead horse, but the special teams needs to do the tighten up
3 Maybe tight end won't be such an issue, Marshall opens up a lot of space. And the running backs are all good pass catchers that can be used as that saftey valve, or go to reciever when Henne is under pressure.
4 Thiggy didn't have a good game. The good news, he can only improve!
5 The second team offensive line had a bad night too. That could explain some of Thiggies problems
6. Everyone who doesn't agree with me is going to get tired of me saying this. But untill something happens that strikes me as I'm crazy. Lex deserves to be moved past Cobbs on the depth chart. The only thing Cobbs does that Hilliard doesn't is run the wildcat. But, how many times this season will Cobbs be the guy running that formation. These two are the third down backs. Both are good pass catchers, but Hilliard gets the nod as far as blocker, and I think for a third down back is the better option as far a running draws, or for short yards.
7 It's only preseason, but we are 2-0

Do not forget the last regime of Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron only had one very good player on the team. So in their vacant skulls they had a brainstorm. Trade Wes Welker to the Patriots. So we took a second round pick and sent him on to stardom. Not to worry we got Pat White for a second round pick. Brilliant!

Cuban, what did you pay for (Roger Waters) tickets? Looked at them a while back and to get close, they were really expensive.

Posted by: cocoajoe | August 23, 2010 at 10:00 PM

Coco, 225 dollars a ticket, there on the floor about 30 rows from the stage, Didnt mind spending the money, It is after all "The Wall"

George what a whiny little beatch you are...no one cares if you think Sparano is a liar or not...by your standards every coach and player in the league is a liar as well, so what?

I just love the attitude of special teams ace Jason Allen! Sounds like another "Big Tuna Clone-Man" to me! Go Special Teams! Go Miami!

Patty white can't complete a pass for Gods sake. Cut this girl and move on!

but i value my opinion just like you value yours!!

But you're wrong. Flush Pat White!

Please can we talk about ANYTHING but Pat White. How about our cornerbacks? They are slumping this preseason, still grasping the nuances of their position. I think Vontae is a little ahead of Sean right now, but they both are making similar mistakes. Can that be corrected by the season opener? The new defense is predicated on pressure, which opens up the backs to more 1-on-1 coverage. That works fine when you have Champ Bailey back there, but will it work with our corners?

Hey ARMANDO... Wake UP...

Your Radio Website reads : ARMUNDO and the Amigo.

Yes Armundo..... Come on Man!

Johnny Sambuca you are a FRAUD....busted!!!

one game at a time, but the job at Minnesota should be somewhat a little bit easier now that Sidney Rice is out for half the season,
Rice was Farve fav target was Rice and Harvin
Harvin is questionable too to play.

That's gonna be a tough place to get a "W" no matter who's out...

Especially with the Green Teens at CB

Guy's gonna check out the rebroadxast of fins game at 10 am, Heard that Henne did good and that Marshall can block, Cant wait.

Is Anyone Going To The Vikes Game?

Beer, I hear Odin will be representing the Mighty air breathers in Minn..What game will you be going to????

the st's will lose 5 games for the phins all by themselves.

If you Rearrange the letters of 2 watts Name, you get a part of the female anatomy.... I find this funny for some reason...

Is it me or does Sean Smith suck???????

Bell and Davis are hitters.......

I know it's preseason but I went back and re-watched the Jacksonville game but I didn't see a whole lot to be excited about. Marshall looked good. Fasano looked good. Misi looked good and Davis looked good. That was really about it. I really like Chad Henne but he doesn't look great to me right now. I'm concerned about Smith and some of the mistakes that are being made in the secondary.

As I said, it's early and it's only preseason but this doesn't look like a playoff team to me at this point. Hope we some improvement soon.

Beerndrums- If I can get the tickets that are rightfully mine, I will be at the game in Minn. 35 yard line 12 rows behind the Phins bench. The problem, these tickets were purchased by a charlatan, a minx, a working girl, my ex girlfriend. And she will not give them back to me. I'm considering buying some tickets off stub hub, there are still good seats available. Are you going?

I'll tell you where the worrisome areas are are the special teams(Ko and punt defenders) and again, I see sean Smith being the Ted(No Nuts)Ginn of the defense, Also known as the weak link of the team....

Big Double "D", Forget that wench, Another will show up soon enough, Buy Tickets to the game and get together with the "Norse" warrior, But make sure you have a good Bail bondsmen, I hear the Warrior is a Fanatic...........

Why are we always failing in Special Teams? Every year under this regime, special teams has been our weak link, what's up with that? I know they take it seriously after all the runbacks on us in the last few years. Is it coaching? The players? Anyone have a good understanding why our special teams is always shaky?

Menace, I'm way past the girl, owning a bar is a nice way to meet girls with a skewed moral compass. Has Odin mentioned going to this game? I'll ask him about it later. Have a good time at the Rodger Waters show, should be great.

One thing I've noticed about the 1st half, Whenever Marshalls not thrown to, the guys Blocking someone, I mean when was the last time you've seen that????????????

DD, He says he'd like to make it to the game, But knowing Odin, A lot of things must happen, #1, Can he get permssion from his PO???

New Blog up...

I'll be at the Vikes game.I live 12 miles from the Metrodome.I don't have tix yet,but I'll be there.I'm also going to the Packers game.I went 5-6 years ago for the Monday night game back when Ray Pucas was our QB.It might have been longer than that....I can't remember.

Keep my name out of your kock holes you phuking LOSERS!

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