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Much ado about a Monday afternoon

Tons of stuff going on so let's get it:

Coach Tony Sparano was asked if he envisions getting his No. 4 quarterback into Friday's preseason game against Atlanta. "Do I envision that?" Sparano asked. "No."

Pat White, in case you've not tuned in lately, is Miami's No. 4 quarterback. He didn't play in the preseason opener. He didn't play last week in the second preseason game.

One thing I can tell you for sure: He's not being showcased to be traded.

You may remember that Sparano talked about having to clean up some man-coverage issues after the game at Jacksonville. I asked Sean Smith, who yielded a 22-yard completion to Mike Sims-Walker, what cleaning up thos things meant as far as he's concerned.

"I can only speak for myself, but it's about understanding what you want to take away. What leverage to use. It was a very long game for us so it was kind of easy lose technique on certain plays. It's also about knowing when you're being inside or outside technique."

We know the Dolphins have struggled on special teams the past couple of weeks. They've had two blocked punts and given up returns of 41, 47, 48 yards. So I asked special teams ace Jason Allen what he thinks of the play of his unit.

"If you had a scale of 1 to 10 based on the potential we have, I would say it's about a five or six right now," he said. "I'm just being honest. I feel the potential we have as a group, we haven't reached very far in that potential. We have to spend more time on details. [Special teams coordinator] Coach [John Bonoamego] talks all the time about one guy being who we all are. It only takes one guy to mess up the entire special teams. We all got to be together as a unit and have the mentality we're going to get the job done." 

Sparano said last week one reason the special teams might be so problematic right now is the mixing and matching being done. Allen doesn't buy that.

"There's no excuses," he said. "First team, second team, you have to do your job. that's the mentality we have to have. We have to do it a high level. We have a bunch of athletes that are fast, big and strong that are more than capable of getting the job done. We have to go out and do it."

BROADCAST UPDATE: Coach Sparano will be my guest on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. If you live in South Florida, the show is on 640-AM. If you don't live in South Florida, we stream live online here. My show is on Monday through Friday 6-10 a.m.  


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I really don't think Pat White has a future on this team. We are gonna start phasing out the wild-cat with the development of Henne. And even if we did run the wild cat there is noone better at it in the league than Ronnie Brown. The only place I see him is on another team or possibly getting a shot at kick/punt returner. Bad 2nd round pick .... just bad.

The wildcat is only effective if you PASS out of it once in a while to keep the defense honest...we drafted PW to be that passing attack.
On paper he looked perfect, in reality he is not the passing threat we hoped he would be.
Ronnie rarely passes out of the wildcat and 8 out of 10 times he just hands it off to Ricky.
It's getting too predictable and unless they come up with some different formations don't see it lasting much longer....therefore PW is gone.

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