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My reaction to Camarillo trade? Get Vincent Jackson

My reaction to the Greg Camarillo trade? I wish the Dolphins would stop dancing around the topic of getting really, really, really good on offense and check into Vincent Jackson.

He's available, don't you know?

He's about as available as Brandon Marshall was when the Dolphins traded for him. He'll cost a high draft pick, perhaps a second-rounder. He's going to want to get paid. And he's going to serve a three-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.


Give the Chargers a 2013 second-rounder. Give Jackson a contract just below Brandon Marshall's and one equally as cautious with the guaranteed money.

And after three games in 2010, boast the most explosive and most imposing set of pass-catchers in the NFL!

The Dolphins are trying to shine some Chevy Malibus with Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace and Patrick Turner. One of them will probably make the roster as the fourth wide receiver. I'm told the team will look far and wide to identify its fifth wide receiver. So why not to out and buy a BMW and go in style!

This, of course, will not happen. Miami's got too much money invested in Marshall as is. Miami's going to give Davone Bess a new contract at some point this year. The receiver corps cannot be the area on which Miami tilts its salary cap upside down.

But think about this: Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown are unsigned for next year. The team will draft a running back, and perhaps quite early. So Miami's expenditure on running backs may be going down soon. Since the really big money isn't being used on the RBs and the defense seems built for the future, why not field a bangin' passing game?

(I know, I'm dreaming. But I'm also respectfully suggesting).

Anyway, back on Earth, coach Tony Sparano talked today about acquiring Benny Sapp in exchange for Camarillo.

"You get a guy that has some position flexibility," Sparano said. "He's started games at corner in this league, played a large number of plays last season, played in some playoff games and also plays inside in the nickel. So I think he has a little position flex that way and special teams as well."

Moore, who along with Roberto Wallace figure to be in line for a practice squad job at minimum, reacted to the trade also.

My mentality is the same -- come in here, work hard every day, and with Greg gone it hasn't changed at all," Moore said.

That would be the perfect approach if the Dolphins studied the Jackson idea closely.


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That would be Awesome but not like parcells mando!!!!

sapp sound like a real starter to me .
go fins

great read w/sapp as a stater that would be great

Weeeee Madden/fantasy football is fun !

Come back to reality bro.

If we for VJ, hands down we'd have the top WR duo in the league. A DB units nightmare.

I dont think brandon would be too happy if we went and got v-jax, he wants to be the man in miami and that would make him feel unappreciated...we would be in the same posotion as the broncos were with marshall

I totally disagree with that zach, think about that, if V-jax were to come here, Marshall would be the happiest player becuase then it would allow him more of an opportunityfor man on man coverages. No way would the attention be soley on him. But its a fans wet dream or phins wet dream, besides we cant do away with more $$$ on another reciever when our secondary needs fine tuning.

bill wont give up another high pick . lets see what the youg guys can do when they double marshall NICE IDEA THOUGH

Zach, Gotta agree there with you, Mr. Marshall is the "Alpha" Dog for the recevers, Did you see this guy blocking like a madman sat nite???,and has any of the first defenders that got to him ever brought him down???? He is the MAN.....

MANDO i guess just throwed jackson out there to keep y'all talking!! how in the hell can we get jackson with the CBA up in the air, plus dont he want marshall money

Cuban, Marshall wouldn't care(he's already gotten his pay day), he'd welcome the help, Jackson would be #2..........DAMN U MANDO AND YOUR SICK THOUGHTS ABOUT JACKSON....now you got me all worked up!!!

isn't jackson a drunk?

Substance abuse problems actually, but they have therapy for stuff like that know...Its called $$$ and lots of it!

marshall's problem with denver was money! as long as he has more than jackson he wouldn't care. but no way do we make that deal. plus no team is going to look that far ahead to a pick. 2013??

PPL cringed at getting the beast b/c of his off-field issues but possibly adding a great wr who has the potential of coming here and just staying drunk with the party life on sobe isnt a good idea!! brandon problems are young man learning curves! jackson has a serious problem if he cant control his liquor, especially here

jackson has a drinking issue ,he like liqure in the day time or that'e what i heard .

Well,he's not playing football and he does have plenty of time on his hands now, so what else is there to do san diego????

to be or not to be .

you dnt get a 3 games suspension if it your first drinking charge in the nfl. could this be the reason they dont wanna pay jackson b/c he a drunk. i think he's top 5 wr but it just makes you say hmmmm....

Jaja, Yeah That Woukd Be Great Mando!!! But, Seattle Hasnt Been Able To Land Them And They Dont Have Brandon Marshall As A #1.. So Is Seattle Cant Land Him, I Cant Imagine What San Diego Wants For Him..

Am I the only one around who thinks the Fins already have a guy on the roster who has the potential to be a Pro Bowl caliber #2 wide out? I think Marshall and Hartline could be a Fitzgerald/Boldin or Harrison/Wayne type duo. And that's not even counting Bess who could do for Henne what Welker had been doing for Brady in New England. I'd rather they look at shoring up their secondary like they did, or the D-line or outside linebacker. Hell, even Tight End. But receiver? I feel pretty good about that.

If you REALLY want to dream big, why not dream that Vonte Davis' brother Vernon somehow comes to Miami? Just imagine Marshal, Hartline, Bess and Davis all on the field at the same time. Now THAT would give opposing defenses nightmares.

Jaja, Yeah That Woukd Be Great Mando!!! But, Seattle Hasnt Been Able To Land Them And They Dont Have Brandon Marshall As A #1.. So Is Seattle Cant Land Him, I Cant Imagine What San Diego Wants For Him..

Posted by: robbyhernz | August 25, 2010 at 06:11 PM

U worded that wrong buddy, its not what san diego wants from them, Its what Vincent Jackson wants from the seahawks that making them think twice, considering he could miss up to six games if no-one signs him by the roster deadline sept 4th!!!

Mando, that would be great, and usually would say that it has no chance to happen, but after they traded for Marshall which I thought was imposible, you never know. I would say that if they really want to invest in a top receiver to put next to Marshall, they would have drafted in the first round the receiver that we enjoyed interviewing that eventually went to Dallas late in the first round.

Was bad enough when they gave Welker to the Patsies...at least this time they were smart enough to trade out of the conference.

Reading up on Sapp in new AND old Minnesota media articles online, it really sounds like we were had on this trade. Camarillo is a solid, reliable #2 / #3 receiver and it sounds like Sapp got picked on whenever he was on the field...

BM,It will make Sean smith look good.... Unfortunately..

Whoa there lad,
Marshall/hartline compared to Fits/boldin or Harrison/Wayne, Way to early to even think about comparing hartline to any one of those dudes mentioned as a deadly Duo. Hartlines still too green to know if hes here to stay or just another cammarillo in the making down the road!!Lets just not get ahead of ourselves ther!!!


Yeah, that's why I used the word 'potential.'

po•ten•tial [puh-ten-shuh l]


1. possible, as opposed to actual

2. capable of being or becoming

Acquiring Jackson is a pipe dream, but it would be incredible if he could keep his nose clean. But we don't really need to pick up another guy with legal / substance abuse issues, do we? Our guys are doing a pretty good job of filling up the police blotter already.

Marshall strikes me as a good kid who had some bad relationships and made some very bad decisions. I don't know that could be said of Jackson- could be the Chargers uniform but he looks like another David Boston to me...

Armando, I like your way of thinking, but your insanity obviously knows no boundaries.

But ain't nothin' wrong with wishing!!!


And i say u r Overestimating

•make too high an estimate of; "He overestimated his own powers"
•an appraisal that is too high
•overvalue: assign too high a value to; "You are overestimating the value of your old car"

Noone thought we'd get Marshall either...

Not a Pracells type player.


Management doesn't like trading picks.

But look, he's on the roster.

Wow, talk about picking your poison! Who do you double if you're the defense? At least 95% of #2 corners would be in a gross mismatch and so would at least 75% of #1 corners.

Wow, what a wet dream! LOL

Vincent Jackson is actually suspended 6 games...

3 for substance abuse policy and 3 for being placed on the roster exempt list

When the Chargers put him on the Roster Exempt list, for not showing up to camp, he will automatically have to miss an extra 3 games. However, I do think that hurts his value some. I don't think the Dolphins would do it, but he could probably be had pretty cheap.

Jackson only caught a career high 68 balls last season but he averaged 17.2ypc when he dit it, lol!

These comments display why Mando writes about the Dolphins and doesnt work for the Dolphins. Why are you spewing this drivel? Crazy.

Offense will be ok , we don't need Jackson.
What we need is a quality corner.

In two years, everyone will say that the 2009 draft was one of the worst ever for Miami. Three picks in the first two rounds, and we got 2 average corners and a high school QB.

Jackson is suspended 6 games

those three extra games are only in effect if he doesn't sign or report to team or any deal is made from another team after sept 4th which is roster deadline!!

remember antoine walker of the heat , he had a drinking issue until he ended up in jail.we don't need v.jackson .

I have been dreaming of this for weeks... If only...

I'm not sure why most people posting say Hartline will be the the number 2 receiver..personally I think Bess is far superior and will have a better year.

carlito, tell us a story w/ted ginn is the hero .

Travis Ivey was signed by the Cleveland Browns today.

and we're set on offense as it is, another wideout would be stupid. it would be wiser to pay to upgrade the defense.

*sigh*...sad but true Redshirt, dont stomp on some of us for wishing happy thoughts of would could've been tho!

Would be nice having two starting wr's worthy of commanding double teams though. Teams may have to yank a lb and put in a corner. Ricky and Ronnie would then have a field day behind our massive o-line, lol!

Would be nice to have 2 wr's worthy of commanding double teams. It may give some defenses the crazy notion to yank a lb to put in a extra corner to defend them. Then the R&R Express would have a field day behind our massive o-line, lol!

Ginn and hero only once in the jetsy wetsey game! But that was a fluke they musta put glue on his gloves!

Giving up a 2nd rounder wont bother me if it nets V.J. its the salary he is gonna want to command that does. Not to mention San Diego is probably looking at alot better options than just 1 2nd rounder. They are probably looking for 2 like we gave up for Marshal. Maybe a 2nd rounder and Turner? If he has any trade value that is.

ted ginn is the new hero of the 49's .

The two receivers as good as they are we wouldn't need an excellent defense all we would have to do is out score the other team with said players wouldn't be hard at all! :)

That was redundant.

This is redundant too.

we believe ,we dream , we win the super bowel.

Wow are the 49ers that bad??? They said they have a chance of winning the conference with Arizona outta the way... But I guess they are in worse shape then we all thought if Sideline ginn is their hero... (oh by the way what did he do actually catch a ball against the 4 teamers??

ted ginn will be a pro bowler this year .

I'm more worried about our special teams than I am about anything else right now. Is Sapp an ST beast? A CB that plays the run well sounds like he'd make a pretty good gunner- backup nickel duty would be icing on the cake.

Dying and SuperPhin: I completely agree that it would be nice to have 2 sick WR's on the team and I think we do in Marshall and Bess (and possibly others if the step up including Moore, his YAC is looking good in preseason)

When Brady went ape and threw 50 td's he had a go to guy in Moss and a sick slot receiver in Welker. Hopefully that same formula works for us this year.

He sure did greatdane, against 3rd stringers, caught a perfectly thrown ball that he indeed bobbled at first then pulled in cleanly. I'm sure Aloco was so happy he had to quit watching teen wolf for a day or two!!

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