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My reaction to Camarillo trade? Get Vincent Jackson

My reaction to the Greg Camarillo trade? I wish the Dolphins would stop dancing around the topic of getting really, really, really good on offense and check into Vincent Jackson.

He's available, don't you know?

He's about as available as Brandon Marshall was when the Dolphins traded for him. He'll cost a high draft pick, perhaps a second-rounder. He's going to want to get paid. And he's going to serve a three-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.


Give the Chargers a 2013 second-rounder. Give Jackson a contract just below Brandon Marshall's and one equally as cautious with the guaranteed money.

And after three games in 2010, boast the most explosive and most imposing set of pass-catchers in the NFL!

The Dolphins are trying to shine some Chevy Malibus with Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace and Patrick Turner. One of them will probably make the roster as the fourth wide receiver. I'm told the team will look far and wide to identify its fifth wide receiver. So why not to out and buy a BMW and go in style!

This, of course, will not happen. Miami's got too much money invested in Marshall as is. Miami's going to give Davone Bess a new contract at some point this year. The receiver corps cannot be the area on which Miami tilts its salary cap upside down.

But think about this: Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown are unsigned for next year. The team will draft a running back, and perhaps quite early. So Miami's expenditure on running backs may be going down soon. Since the really big money isn't being used on the RBs and the defense seems built for the future, why not field a bangin' passing game?

(I know, I'm dreaming. But I'm also respectfully suggesting).

Anyway, back on Earth, coach Tony Sparano talked today about acquiring Benny Sapp in exchange for Camarillo.

"You get a guy that has some position flexibility," Sparano said. "He's started games at corner in this league, played a large number of plays last season, played in some playoff games and also plays inside in the nickel. So I think he has a little position flex that way and special teams as well."

Moore, who along with Roberto Wallace figure to be in line for a practice squad job at minimum, reacted to the trade also.

My mentality is the same -- come in here, work hard every day, and with Greg gone it hasn't changed at all," Moore said.

That would be the perfect approach if the Dolphins studied the Jackson idea closely.


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funny ,superphin ...you r my hero now .

cause u tards... Hartline IS OUR NUMBER TWO !!!! BESS IS A SLOT RECIEVER... same as Cam was.... that's why we could trade him.... Bess beat him for the No3 spot...... he hasn't been a 1 or 2 ever.....you should learn about the team before you chime in with stupid as comments....he caught 30 passes last year....that's without a No 1 wr... this year he would have barely seen the field... and in return we get a solid nickel back... who started the last 7 games for a team that went to the conference championship and is an ace ST player...... oh yeah !!! sounds terrible to me.....NOT !!!!!!!!

Reading up on Sapp in new AND old Minnesota media articles online, it really sounds like we were had on this trade. Camarillo is a solid, reliable #2 / #3 receiver and it sounds like Sapp got picked on whenever he was on the field...

Posted by: Brass Monkey | August 25, 2010 at 06:18 PM

Where have you read this ? Everything I have read about Sapp is that he's solid. LIke, Camarillos equivalent, in the defesive backfield. Solid, dependable, nothing special...

Tony Imposter = Epic FAIL!!!

Camarillo was one of my favorite players, and now that he's a Viking I will follow them this season. However, I think alot of people on here are too sentimental and really overrating him. He was good, not great. And that's exactly what Sapp is as a CB, which we need more depth in. We are set at WR, and now we are in much better shape in the secondary. In no way was this a bad trade for either team...

Superphin u forgot to add that after making that long catch Ginn showed showed his vintage self by quickly proceeding to run out of bounds, lol!

Getting Vincent Jackson is a good idea.

They also should get Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Tom Brady. Then, we can add Troy Palamalu and Revis on defense.

Getting Vincent Jackson is a good idea.

They also should get Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Tom Brady. Then, we can add Troy Palamalu and Revis on defense.

Posted by: mrmikejohnson | August 25, 2010 at 07:22 PM

And all Super Bowls must be played in perfect 70 degree type weather and in the old orange bowl stadium

Ron, I dug around online on Sapp...its true...he is not reliable in pass coverage...gets beat around 70%. He is pretty good though at run coverage and ST's. In effect, was probably and even trade for both teams...GC was #4 at best on this team and we need more help at corner and ST. People are sentimental him because he made the catch that bailed us out of 0 - 16, but...need to go with your best players, not your best memories.

dont forget some of those critical catches he made against the jests last year on third down in effort to defeat wee york on monday night. And others that escape me right now!!

With all that is going on, this story is a waste, nothing but fantasy and totally irrelevant. Why not trade all our 3rd stringers for 1st stringers and give away picks for 2015.

Exactly - Greg was a stand up guy, and I would gladly take him on my team because of his work ethoic, attitude and dedication. Unfortunately, he is a hard working, consistent receiver, but will never be an excellent receiver.

He provides us with fond memories, but I think Bess is the better choice to keep here..

Sounds like Camarillo's agent is happy with trade .Also Greg may be a starter at Minn.and could have a good season there , second stringer here. Vincent Jackson ? Mando, how do you spell tool ?


What should the people watch tonight? They need entertainment.

they should watch me spank it!

tony = wannabe know it all assjack

About 10 years ago the Colts had a great receiver named Marvin Harrison and a young quarterback named Peyton Manning.

So what did they do?

They drafted Reggie Wayne in the first round. It sounded like a crazy thing to do.

How'd that work out?

Do it!

man sapp was a beast in college before he had a mishap at iowa and being kicked off of the team! would've been a first rounder but maybe he never got his mojo back after that incident! he does have skill just dont play smart every down!! i like it if only to add depth and shore up ST!!

You are %100 correct--and this is why we should've drafted Dez Bryant. Oh well...more mediocrity.

I SAID who gives a fuqkk about 30 catches? Bess had 76 and to me the number 2 receiver means number 2 in production not where they line up..flush this joker

but last i check the reason for reggie wayne was because you cant name the other wr who played opposite harrison! they drafted wayne b/c it was a need, not to mention he was great coming out of college!! bad example

finheaven bl_w me.

finheavenBlows all comers.

i would like to go with the wr on the team and look to grab one of UM's wr coming out next year

and as far as Sapp being a solid corner..please see the stats below.

SORRY POSER would be a more fitting description, dont ya think?

(Last season he was thrown at 57 times and allowed 40 completions, for a 10.7 average. He gave up 2 TDs and got his hands to 6 passes. Opposing QBs had a 103.5 QB rating when throwing at Sapp in '09.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/08/goodbye-greg-camarillo-hello-patrick-turner.html#ixzz0xfIDTmiE)

tony = go back to your sewing class


wow sometimes numbers are just what they are numbers!! the biggest number to me is the 2td he gave up!! wes welker had 75+ catches to end the season without scoring a td but i guess that ok too!!!!

Julius Pruitt.

Book it.

how could we understand or decipher our physical dimensions if not for numbers...THEY TELL THE STORY.

FLUSH again...cmon now fella's

you dont hear #'s telling the story in baseball anymore!! if a guy catches 75+ passes without a td do you consider him great or just plain reliable?

Is sapp better than nolan carrol. Because until will allen is ready to go that's the only question that needs to be asked. Carrol was terrible last game. We had to get someone better to play the nickle

also number only tell half the story

i think so!! sapp has exp.

Headband, Yeah I just checked it out, Apparently there's a person that aspires to be like the Menace..LOL, It's probably a 56 year old virgin that shaves his legs and lives with his mother in New Jersey and owns a Shitzu dog by the name of "Muffin".... Shameful and sad at the same time...

That post was real funny cuban. LMAO

cmon now fellas...FLUSH with me ;)

who are you referring to with 75+ catches and no TDs?? Bess had 2 TD's and Welker had 4..please name names. and besides, that was last year, he will most likely have at least 5-10 this year.

and dont forget to wipe..i am honored someone would share the screen name. thanks

don't forget to wipe me that is..

if you were reading past post then you should know that wes welker had like 75+ catches to end the season with out scoring a td and to the SLD that mean after his last td of last season, he caught 75+ more balls without scoring. reliable but not great and thats why camarillo is gone

well i cant fault you for not knowing the opponents stat sheet but it would be wise to do a little research first

welker had 123 receptions and 4 td's


and Camarillo wasn't great but yes he was reliable.

I'm not sad to see him gone, personally I like Marlon Moore's potential better.

Maybe though Sapp will be good enough to challenge one of our 2 youngsters, vontae or smith...I'm not so confident in them.

since you are googling your info, why dont u find out what game he scored that last td and how many catches he had at that time! so easy a caveman can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fins do not have a 2 next year, right? I say give a one...agreed Mando.

Right, that would be nice, Davis looked nasty in the preseason game, made some great tackles. Smith is hit or miss.
Hopefully Sapp is not needed for long.

I get what your saying now, I thought you meant 75 the whole season. But 1,348 yards and 4 TD's is great in my opionion. I would love to see Bess with those stats this year and frankly I don't care what at point in the season the TD's are scored..what matters is at what point in the GAME were they scored. Thank you, come again

Dolphins4Life, you would know...you are the caveman here, or maybe cavegirl behind closed doors?

Nice thought Armando but it ain't happening. No way this regime goes out and trades for ?Jackson and then signs him to a big contract. It's not how they operate.


Either way this team has a long way to go. I see them still no better than 8-8. Look at how many offensive lineman and corners we've tried and still can't figure it out. We need long term stability not musical chairs every year.

brb, going to take a huge dump...

plus vontae and smith or anybody would have to practice against these monsters...after practicing with monsters like that Larry fitzgerald be a piece of cake for them !! lol

back. Open the windows!!!

the dolphin in their 42 years quest to the RINg. this is the year or the whole team need to scrape it down and get rid of henne and co .

Aloco, have you noticed that NJFinfan is back as SuperPHIN? Welcome back my greek brother NJFinfan.

open the basement door for air .

Good Evening Dolfans

Just tuning in and guess what?

Home predicted many times here Camarillo
Would be trade and
Patrick Turner has a 100% chance of making the 53

NostraHomeUs Strikes Again!

Get Real Miami Dolphin Insight
Before It Happens From Home

Camarillo Out
Pat Turner In and

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

How a Corner reacts and play's in a defense is subject to that defensive scheme. They never break it down to the base. Because Sapp may struggle in coverage in one defense does not mean he will in another. I would like to know how often he was left one on one. How often he was playing cover two etc.
Regardless of all that, and this is the thing that should be understood. The NFL has gone out of its way to give receivers the advantage. I mean they have tripped over their own polite selves creating a situation where the D-back's are more or less in a "Let um catch it then tackle them" situation whenever they are challenged.
Even with a guy working back there like Revis, guys are going to make plays. If they don't and it happens all the time, the NFL will make the rules on coverage even harder. They want wide open games and the day's of Surtain and Madison shutting down receiver corps are long gone.
The real stat to look for is tackling ability, so when the receiver DOES make a catch...and HE WILL.... the CB can at least stop him fast and regroup. Vontea Davis has taken the "All In" rout. He will go after the ball or big play or hard tackle, knowing most catches are there if the ball is thrown well and not dropped. In doing this ontea sets himself up to be the Hero or the Zero. A CB going after the ball and the big play will be the future of CB's because the days of shutting down receivers for an entire game without a double team have passed.

Home says No Way
On Vincent Jackson

Not Gonna Happen

NostraHomeUs Confirms VJ Not coming to Miami


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