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My reaction to Camarillo trade? Get Vincent Jackson

My reaction to the Greg Camarillo trade? I wish the Dolphins would stop dancing around the topic of getting really, really, really good on offense and check into Vincent Jackson.

He's available, don't you know?

He's about as available as Brandon Marshall was when the Dolphins traded for him. He'll cost a high draft pick, perhaps a second-rounder. He's going to want to get paid. And he's going to serve a three-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.


Give the Chargers a 2013 second-rounder. Give Jackson a contract just below Brandon Marshall's and one equally as cautious with the guaranteed money.

And after three games in 2010, boast the most explosive and most imposing set of pass-catchers in the NFL!

The Dolphins are trying to shine some Chevy Malibus with Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace and Patrick Turner. One of them will probably make the roster as the fourth wide receiver. I'm told the team will look far and wide to identify its fifth wide receiver. So why not to out and buy a BMW and go in style!

This, of course, will not happen. Miami's got too much money invested in Marshall as is. Miami's going to give Davone Bess a new contract at some point this year. The receiver corps cannot be the area on which Miami tilts its salary cap upside down.

But think about this: Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown are unsigned for next year. The team will draft a running back, and perhaps quite early. So Miami's expenditure on running backs may be going down soon. Since the really big money isn't being used on the RBs and the defense seems built for the future, why not field a bangin' passing game?

(I know, I'm dreaming. But I'm also respectfully suggesting).

Anyway, back on Earth, coach Tony Sparano talked today about acquiring Benny Sapp in exchange for Camarillo.

"You get a guy that has some position flexibility," Sparano said. "He's started games at corner in this league, played a large number of plays last season, played in some playoff games and also plays inside in the nickel. So I think he has a little position flex that way and special teams as well."

Moore, who along with Roberto Wallace figure to be in line for a practice squad job at minimum, reacted to the trade also.

My mentality is the same -- come in here, work hard every day, and with Greg gone it hasn't changed at all," Moore said.

That would be the perfect approach if the Dolphins studied the Jackson idea closely.


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So nice to see thaat Travis Ivey got him a good job today. Hope he makes the team.

Hartline is fading for sure prolly over his head in Miami. Wish he was traded maybe we could get that 4th pick back and Sapp

Yous fools still here!!!
You aint got nothing on the SS!!!
Bada bing....!!!!
Is it last call yeet????



not a chance!! ESPN is reporting that VJ wants a 50 mill tipe of deal and thts the reason seattle and minessota passed on him

Yeah baby, lets tie up 50 mil in a guy with suspensions and substance abuse issues.

I don't care if he catches TD passes, dysentery, and herpes, I just don't trust a receiver that can't hold his liquor!

Yous fools still here!!!
You aint got nothing on the SS!!!
Bada bing....!!!!
Is it last call yeet????

Hi HOME . impersonating much ???

alocoo it is th idiot garbage who posts as fake marc on here to start garbage, his real name ryhmes with MJ

aloco, meant to say NJ is the idiot garbage who posts as fake marc.

The FO is slowly getting rid of players that they feel they have two or more of. Sparano has even mentioned that he's seen some players that appear to be the same (Bess, GRM). They're looking hard to keep the one with the most upside. Cam had trade value and Sapp won't have to cover a lot of folks if he's blitzing in Nolan's scheme.
Hopefully, the FO is doing their due diligence on Vincent Jackson. If they can work something out, great! Otherwise, we go with what we have. The fact that Cam is gone does make it more likely that we are in the market for a good #2 WR though.

I highly doubt that Vincent Jackson wil be a Phin this year. But I won't say never, I learned that w/ B-Marsh. First of all Jackson isn't worth the money or high draft pick that he wants, or that would likley be the compinsation. He isn't a top tier reciever. He had one good year, but still ranked out of the top twenty for receptions, and had only 9 TD's(that is decent, but not 50 mil a year, or a #2 draft choice number)The year before he ranked out of the top 30. Anquan Boldin, a much better player was ranked in the top fifteen the last two years, and what did the ?Ravens give up, a fifth rounder? This is not to say that Jackson wouldn't help our team. What he does excell in are longer pass plays, he was second in the league last year @ over 17 yds per catch, (D. Jackson Phi #1 @ over 18). The NFL has become a pass happy league, the rules favor Qb's and recievers. It would be nice to have another big target, that specializes in getting down field, I don't think Jackson is going to be that guy. Not at his price.

fraud alert = aloco

For some time you were writing like an informed half way intelligent sportswriter. Now you have lapsed back into your usual depths. Please do us all a favor take the job with the Osh Kosh Macrame Tribune

I sho is a dum bleotch huh?

This feels a bit like the Welker fiasco. You have a sure handed receiver who typifies what you want in character. He has amazing hands and he was their go to the past few years. He was reliable and consistent. How can you trade a guy like this? For what? A journeyman CB???

Turner runs his routes to poorly to make this team in my opinion. I am really hoping the brass sees something because i am scratching my head on this one. Sometimes you gotta say "this is a Dolphin player" and Camarillo was that guy.

Since nobody in the media seems to ever call out Sparano on his poor clock mngt and Parcells and Ireland on their POOR choices of free agents these past years than I will. If they really believed it is the right 53 then i believe in my heart of hearts that Camarillo is a Dolphin. Good luck to a guy with class, hands and clutch play that will sting the NFC...you will be missed.

David (California).

I would trade an unproven rookie/draft pick for a stud receiver all day.but it won't happen.lets ride out with what we got and hope one of these youngsters can be the next vincent jackson without the problems and cost.

"Home, get yourself a good rifle, plenty of ammo and chill with some vodka, you'll be fine."



Vincent Jackson will not happen. it would be amazing; its just impossible. Cam was just another guy that wasn't brought in by the trifecta. I called Pat Turner first and I believe the 2nd will be Wallace due to his size.

Anyway I'm rerwatching The Dolphins 2nd preseason tape again. Armando it would be interesting to explore the idea of Ricky starting and Ronnie spelling him. Obviously not for the whole season, Ricky would collapse. At least until Ronnie is back to top form.

Let us know what you think.

VJ is not far-fetched! Reading SD papers he can be had easily. The phins just have to pay him very.... ok really well. But, the Bolts have already said he's not in their long range plans sooooo, I say hey Fudgy the Tuna go Fetch him! Then we can see if Henne's worth a $hit!Rock On Miami!

Jackson is a TRAIN WRECK
off of the Field.

why is some so thick headed to see that wes welker is a product of moss and brady! without them he would be just a guy nothing special! the guy had a 120+ catches on the season and 75+ came after his last TD! teams dont pay wes that much attention b/c he's not going to outrun nobody!!! end of story! cam makes one great play in 3yrs and everybody sad to see him go! he barely played last year, didnt play this year but most ASSUMED he was a lock to be on this team

i know greg had less than 40 catches so why is espn saying he had 50 last season?

Good Morning Dolfans & Slaves

Gonna be a great game vs Atlanta

Looking forward to seeing WR Pat Turner &
WR Moore Hit the Field and lock up a Job
with the Miami Dolphins

Home knows Turner is In 100 % chance

and Now is rooting 4 WR Moore

Have A HAARPy day!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

How did Home know & post 2 months ago & about every week since that Camarillo would be traded?

and Pat Turner has a 100 % chance of making the 53

Who is this NostraHomeUs?

So u ask yourself is defensive coach Nolan seeing sean smith as a "POSER BOY" CB ?
Like Home has been posting since training camp 2009

Is O Int sean smith really a great CB?
Who let up the only TD against the Bucs?
Who had 3 pass attempts thrown against him and gave up all 3 passes for completions?

Would the MiamiDolphins rather have a SAPP
than sean smith ?


With all due respect I think our wide receiving corps will be fine. We have a stud receiver (Marshall), reliable Bess and a few potential diamonds in the ruff we need to check out.

I'm concerned about our corners!

Oops, I left out Hartline!

Armando, I'm on the same page with you regarding getting Vincent Jackson. This would work for the Dolphins for all of your given reasons. He would open things up more with his speed. Speed and quickness is something the Dolphins have lacked from their receivers which is why they became a running pound it out offense.

speed is sometimes over-rated! marshall looked pretty fast and quick to me, getting away from the DB's last game!!

My boyfriend just finished pounding my a@s early

So I thought I would post earlier then usual


Everyone knows that I have been saying this all off season. Trade for Vincent Jackson.

Armando, as always, you're right on the mark! I sure hope that the Trifecta has your ear! P.S. I want Miami to be undefeated this year, nothing more or nothing less! Go Miami!

Anyone who thinks that teams can not stop a great player like Marshall is naive. Teams will overload on Marshall. Anyone who thinks that the Dolphins have a diamond in the rough with undrafted free agents believes in fools gold. What makes Reggie Wayne so great is the QB and other receivers including the tight end. Armando is correct when he seems to advocate getting personnel that will make the Dolphins a passing team.

Do you really think it will only cost us one 2nd round pick when we just used two to get Marshall? Remember, AJ Smith is the most arrogant GM in the NFL. It will cost an arm, leg and 1st born to get this dude.

I like that Moore kid, he seems to have it.

Mando you ar ea shmuck and average writer at best. Marshall and Jackson are the same type of player, big physical receivers. We need a deep threat, a burner, a Ted Ginn with balls and hands.

I'd be for pulling the trigger on a Jackson trade if it were for a second rounder. Its all about talent acquisition. Cut Turner, keep Moore and Wallace and we got a young, world-class, recieving corp. couple that with the running game and we'd be unstoppable.

I want to see what we already have play a couple more games. Going after another receiver when we have freakin 20 of um now is waste. If Miami wants to go after someone, go after a few players who can pursue and tackle on special teams. It will not cost next years draft and would be repairing our most glaring problem. Miami looked fine even in Vanilla form on offense and the Defense is good but is young and going to make mistakes. They will improve as the season progresses. I don't care who you place at corner, the rules have been written to favor the receiver, they will make big play's, just be sure your guys can tackle after the catch.

How you know we are going to be unstoppable MOJOmark IF this young players you mention never played a quarter yet ............where do these ploggers come from ?

MojoMark, your suggestion won't fly because it's a little too much like right. Makes WAY TOO MUCH SENSE for the Trifecta to do anything like that. Don't you get it man? The Dolphins can't have an unstoppable offense, that's totally against the Parcells' creed. Tough defense, good running game, that's how Parcells' won SuperBowls in the 80's, and damn anyone who says it's not still how to win in this century. I mean, who cares if that's how the Patriots won, Colts, Saints, oh, stop it. The Trifecta DOESN'T want to hear it. People wanted a WR, you got Brandon Marshall. THAT'S IT!! If Chad Henne can't make it work with him, then it's back to Plan A, get some trash WRs and spend all your money on a OLB to rush the passer and a stud RB to pound it up the middle. That's how it's always been done with this regime and they ain't changin' nothing (plus, how you gonna feed 2 WR Studs when Dan Henning only likes throwing to TEs?). Answer me that genius?

without a good DL this year kiss the season good by ,the DL has and must get the ball back to henne for this team to go to the playoffs ,if we play like last year ,no hope.
and the rest they have to have interceptions and tackle people other wise no pay checks for them next year .forget about p.white ,he's taking heat this year like ted ginn last year and that's not the issue .
DL is the issue ......how again crowder makes a year ?

ALoco, that's a name of a total idiot? How do I know they will be unstoppable? I don't but two great receivers and two great running backs would suggest it, don't you think? Don't think too hard though you F'in Bozo


how you know they r going to be great ? they didn't play a 2 minute in real games ? how do you know using the word GREAT is fitting you bozo ? if you add (( i hope they would be great )) that will be better donkey .

even marshall didn't do a thing yet for his 50 million, lets wait and see if they r going to the playoff or not .

Doesn't matter, since unlike Mando says he is NOT available, his agent has already said that the chargers won't let him talk to other teams. He is only allowed to talk to the seahawks and most think that is just a smokescreen.

sigh, at least do a little research

Armando, I will change my opinion of this Fantasy Football style blog post if you can name me 1 team in the history of the NFL that has acquired TWO top WR's (that played together).

It hasn't happened. There's no way a team can afford the contracts of two elite WR's and be willing to part with the draft picks it would take to acquire them.

The Pats only gave up a 4th round pick for Moss, and Welker, although they got him for a 2nd rounder, doesn't make nearly as much as some of the other elite WR's. The Jets gave up a 5th for Holmes, and he may not even be on the team next year when it's time to get paid.

Bottom line, this is a baseless post shrouded in fantasy.

I Say Keep AMAYA PRUITT AND MOORE and Cut Turner

Camarillo trsde Feels Haunting....remember Welker

AL-AHOLE, because they are already Great. Marshall has made over 100 catches each year in the league. Just because he has not done it for the Dolphins does not mean his stats do not count. God, how can one blogger be such an insanely dumb?

There is no comparison between Welker and Camarillio. That haunting feeling is your boyfriend's hands in your pants.

Oh, and LOL at thinking the Chargers will part with Marshall for a 2nd rounder when AJ Smith has said Jackson isn't for sale.

Especially not when another elite receiver in Marshall went for TWO second round picks.

You don't think another team has thought of this already?

^ Obviously I meant part with Jackson, not Marshall.

Let me be the voice of reason. Would it be awesome if we got Jackson, no doubt. Will we? Not a chance, even if Hell freezes over.

So, what to do now? We have a pretty good offense as it is, a young defense, and a non-existent special teams. I say, if we have money to spend, let's shore up the lines (OL and DL). OL 1st team is good, but after that there's not much (especially with injuries). I think the DL could use a couple more guys to plug in who can really pressure the QB. If we get pressure, then we won't need to worry about our DBs, that's Nolan's game (pressure the QB to make quick decisions, then any softness in the back end will be mitigated somewhat). This is how we win with this personnel (since most of the guys you've seen are the ones who will be on this team).

AL-AHOLE, do you anything about football dumb ass???

MOJO , I THINK YOU GOT MY POINT ,you don't call rockies unstoppable and great . how we know that ?

as for marshall, yesterday is history .let's move forward and see .

we got rockies on our team?

Channing Crowders still not practicing. I know it's a hammy, but I still think he should just go ahead and try having surgery.

Dobbins started last game and even though Dansby was almost non-existent, We still only gave up 12 rushing yards.

Dobbins was solid in coverage as well.

Turner is a rockie in my book ,he didn't see a minute of action last season .


I am the greatest psychic of ALL TIME!

When it comes to making predictions, I float like a butterfly and Stang like a bee!

I predicted Bob Griese would one day retire from the NFL.

I predicted that Fidel Castro would turn out to be Satan and live forever.

I'm also predicting I'll be completely trashed by the time ESPN re-broadcasts the Atlanta-Miami game tomorrow night!


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