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My reaction to Camarillo trade? Get Vincent Jackson

My reaction to the Greg Camarillo trade? I wish the Dolphins would stop dancing around the topic of getting really, really, really good on offense and check into Vincent Jackson.

He's available, don't you know?

He's about as available as Brandon Marshall was when the Dolphins traded for him. He'll cost a high draft pick, perhaps a second-rounder. He's going to want to get paid. And he's going to serve a three-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.


Give the Chargers a 2013 second-rounder. Give Jackson a contract just below Brandon Marshall's and one equally as cautious with the guaranteed money.

And after three games in 2010, boast the most explosive and most imposing set of pass-catchers in the NFL!

The Dolphins are trying to shine some Chevy Malibus with Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace and Patrick Turner. One of them will probably make the roster as the fourth wide receiver. I'm told the team will look far and wide to identify its fifth wide receiver. So why not to out and buy a BMW and go in style!

This, of course, will not happen. Miami's got too much money invested in Marshall as is. Miami's going to give Davone Bess a new contract at some point this year. The receiver corps cannot be the area on which Miami tilts its salary cap upside down.

But think about this: Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown are unsigned for next year. The team will draft a running back, and perhaps quite early. So Miami's expenditure on running backs may be going down soon. Since the really big money isn't being used on the RBs and the defense seems built for the future, why not field a bangin' passing game?

(I know, I'm dreaming. But I'm also respectfully suggesting).

Anyway, back on Earth, coach Tony Sparano talked today about acquiring Benny Sapp in exchange for Camarillo.

"You get a guy that has some position flexibility," Sparano said. "He's started games at corner in this league, played a large number of plays last season, played in some playoff games and also plays inside in the nickel. So I think he has a little position flex that way and special teams as well."

Moore, who along with Roberto Wallace figure to be in line for a practice squad job at minimum, reacted to the trade also.

My mentality is the same -- come in here, work hard every day, and with Greg gone it hasn't changed at all," Moore said.

That would be the perfect approach if the Dolphins studied the Jackson idea closely.


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Our first team D has played the run tough so far this pre season. We haven't given up nothing on the ground.

We did give up a TD against Tampa and TD against Jax. We had a few coverage breakdowns and gave up a few chunk yard plays.

Forget all the arguments, vanilla D, learning a new D, no blitzes, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. Bottom line, those numbers ain't bad.

I don't get all the panic and knee jerk, the sky is falling, reactions. I guess if we had only given up 1 or no td's, the fans would still think the sky is falling, Sean Smith sucks, Clemons ain't getting it, etc, etc, add nausea.

I'm seeing a bunch of young, hungry, Mad Dogs that are going into to Buffalo and take no prisoners!

PS: Micah Johnson is leading the team in tackles.

aloco knows his football, no d = no playoffs.

What gets me is the Dolphins always give away good pieces of our team , to then see them shine against us. We traded Wes Welker to New England and see what he has done the last few years, now we trade Camarillo to vikings and watch him burn us on the 2nd game of the season.
He knows our whole play book, he nows how we are going to defend against him so he can ajust.
To trade someone like that at this stage of the season is giving away alot of Information, granted at least it is not to another AFC team , but another team none the less.
Good Luck Camarillo i will miss you , i will only go against you when you play against us in week 2 .

Hey Armando Salguero!!That was yesterday!!You dont have anything to write about today??You know I've gotten on you before about slacking on here,jeez,some Cubans take their freedom for granted!!!!! And again,like I have instructed you in the past,answer some of these peoples questions on here,do work!! Maybe that way you can bring more food to the table at home with your radio show!!


Get in the game son. Camoron and past regimes have given away talent. This is a new day and age.

You see my son, Saban was the devil and the Camoron was like the pharaoh's.

Parcell's is the Moses of Miami. He's leading us to the promised land.

PS: Jesus? Do you remember that time you came back from the dead? That was AWESOME!

Overall Bad Trade To Give Up Clutch Camarillo. AMAYA Should Make The Team! Pruitt Is Borderline And Reshad J Has Been Impressive! Go Fins. Amaya!!!

If you include special teams tackles Reshad Jones leads the team.

Dear Mr. Jesus

People always said you would return.....and you did.
Are you here for the rapture or just a waiting for Mr. Salguero's live blog ?

Soiled :)

Next game should be fun to watch. In addition to watching the development of Henne to Marshall, I'm guessing we'll see a lot of Moore and Turner.
Their stats are close, But Moore seems to run better routes and looks more natural on the field.
I think the coaches feel we're set on the O-line and know what we have at RB. This means our focus tomorrow will be on airing it out.

All in all, it should be a blast.

They Call Me... Tim says:
August 26, 2010 at 2:03 pm
I went to pick up my male hooka NJ and would have gotten it right with Mercury Morris..


Flash back to Marshall prediction coming True;



We have to sell him the abaility to put a powerful Offense together for him to take less money.
Like the Heat did with Bosh and James. Then it becomes realistic

Was Camirillo the last holdover from the previous regime?

Are there any other holdovers we can trade or cut?

In with the new, out with the old. I think we should double check and make sure we've purged every last one of them.

PS: Micah Johnson and Tim Dobbins have been playing great!

I doubt we are keeping 10 defensive backs on the 53 roster. I think we keep nine. that means when will allen comes back someone needs to get cut. But who?

Here are the 9
J Allen

so when will allen comes back who gets cut?

Soiled why do you continue to put cigarette buts in the beer cans? I thought I told you to knock that crap off!

If they only paid you to play video games, you'd have it made. You ain't gonna find a job on the mean streets of Grand Theft Auto, turn that damn thing off!

Oh yeah, and another thing, I think there's a SKUNK under the trailer again, I've been smelling something funny all day!


It won't be Culver or Jones. They're our only other safties and they're both doing good on special teams.

Nice thought but Fins have more pressing and immediate needs than another stud WR.

To all those who say it cant happen, lets think back 2 months ago I bet you all were the same ones saying we could not get Wade, Bosh & Lebron on the same team and Vincent Jackson teaming up w/ B Marshall is far less spectacular so who knows.

Chargers need a back up QB so give up White & a 3rd next year for Vincent!!! 2 super WR's on one field would be AWESOME!!! GO FINS!!!

Tzey I See Ur Point, Our Secondary Looks Too Green And Sean Smith Isnt There Yet. But, U Know Who I Keep Coming Back To? The Bengals. Look At Who Theyve Given To Carson Palmer....ochocinco, Antonio Bryant, And T.freakinO., Not To Mention Jermaine Gresham, And Jordan Shipley. Point Is, We Do Have Marshall, And Hartlime Will Benefit. But Bess Will Not, And We Need More. Look At Our Pass Td Totals Last Two Years. Henne Needs More. At Most I Would Love To See Us Get Vincent Jackson, But At Least I Hope We Pick Up Matt Jones When The Bengals Release Him.

Im Going To The Game Tomorrow, Hope To See Some Improved Play. Go Fins!

stupid trade, camarillo was huge to this team

I really had hoped that they drafted Dez Bryant. My fear is that he'll become another beast that the fins passed on like Moss.

A second round pick in 2013. How about a second round pick in 2009. PW for VJax. I am surprise while in La La land Mando did not propose this thought.

here's my PROBLEM with the TRADE, we give away another I guess ABOVE average player, and get just a back up CB, now I understand our strength is WR, and I kinda undestand most of our guys are just possession WRs....

also, SAPPS' stats are HORRIBLE 57 passes against and only a few deflections, not great, esp the way our CBs are playing now

BIGGEST PROBLEM we basically are just given in to a team who has a MAJOR need right now at WR and are very desperate, that's when you sell HIGH

ohhh armando i hate you for filling my mind with such fantasies. pulling on my heart strings.

You fool who do think is the Dolphins gm? Pat Riley?

Creep, We Received someone Who Can Play Nockel (techmically A Backup) Amd A Special Team Player For Some O E Who Was Not Going To Het Much Playing Time
Havent You Been Watchig Te Preseason. Weaknesses Are Depth At Cb And Special Team Coverage

There Are So Many Reason Why This Is A Bad Idea I Can Hardly Just Post One.
Mando Objective Is Clearly To Sell Bloh Sbscriptions - He Doesnt Cate Aboit Building A Champion. I'll To Post The Reasons Why In My Next Few Posts

Ricky And Ronnie Contracts Are Exactly The Reason Why We Need Future Draft Picks. How Many Solid Rbs In The Nfl Were 2nd Or 3rd Picks? Rb Is One Of The Few Postions Whew Ou Can Draft A Guy In Theae Rounda Ans He Will Benprosuctive Out Of R Gate. The Uncertainty With Ronnie Ad Rickys Future Is Exactly Why We Nee To Hang On To Thwae Picks

What Is A Matter With Hartline? Nothing!
Basically You Wan To Replace Him With Jackson, Even Though Haryline Probably Ha A Better Year Than Jackson Had In Jacksons Rookie Year. Marshal, Hartline An Bess Are A Nice Trio Of WRs. Can You Really Argue That Jckson Would Be More Produvtiv In This Offense Than Wth One Of Them

So Is Jackson Really That Good Or Are His Numbers Inflated By Rivers, Norv Turner And A Wide Open Passing Offense? I Wouldnot Give Up A 2nd Or A 3rd For Him Unless I Was Desperate For WRs. Thia Ist The Jets. We Dont Have To Go After He Biggest Names And Proclaim Ourselves Champs.

So How Many 4 Wrs Seta To The Dolphina Run. You Are Basically Asking Them To Change Their Philosophy. That Wont Happen. Thia Isnt Pats Or The Saints. They Hvent Ben Built The Last 3 Ywars That Way. Some People Might Want Our Offense To Bethat Way. I Dont Se It His Year. Henne's Just Not Ready For That Yet...

So Now You Want Henne To Quickly Develop Chemistry With 2 New Receivers. Bad Idea. He Clearly Has Chemistry With Bess And Hartline. That Will Keep Te Passing Game Strong Until Tje Chemistry With Marshall Deveops. Add Jckson To Tje Mix And Forget About It

We Need Those Draft Picks. 2nd Rounders Are Not Throw Aways

At Least Waituntil The Trade Deadline To Give Hartline And Bess Theshot They Have Earned. Jackson's Price Tag Will Pro Ably Drop As The Season Goes On. Plus We Get A Shot To See Where Henne Is

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