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Newsworthy practice at Dolphins camp today

Just witnessed the most newsworthy practice of camp so far.

The Miami Dolphins coaching staff is obviously shuffling the deck a little bit today. Remember I told you in the last post coach Tony Sparano intended to add a "fly in the oinment" at center?

He did exactly that by promoting Andrew Hartline to first team while letting Jake Grove take second-team repetitions and Joe Berger work with the third team.

"Just came in this morning and coach [DeGuglielmo] said you're working with the ones today and I said, 'OK,'" Hartline said. "It's definitely an exciting thing. I'm working hard and trying to prove I can do something here. Hopefully, I showed a little something today and we'll see what the film looks like."

Sparano and Co. may be sending a message today as cornerback Sean Smith, who at times has failed to look like even the player who started every game last year, was bounced to second-team status during some team periods. Jason Allen took the first-team snaps while Smith waited to enter the work with his second-team mates.

I'm not saying Smith has lost his job here. And I'm certainly not saying Jason Allen has a chance to start. The fact of the matter is Jason Allen was probably in there because Will Allen did not practice because he's being rested. Jason Allen also hasn't been exceedingly impressive in coverage, either.

But Smith has seemed uninspired at times this training camp. Brandon Marshall has beaten him several notable times and even today he came out on the short end of several passes. Roberto Wallace beat him for a TD in the corner of the end zone on what was essentially a jump ball from Pat White. And Patrick Turner outmuscled him on a comeback route from Chad Pennington.

After the completion to Turner, Smith's frustration showed. He pounded the turf with his fist.

Several players sat out practice today. Aside from Will Allen, receiver Brandon Marshall and running back Patrick Cobbs were held out so they could rest, according to a team spokesman. Ryan Grice-Mullen continues to miss practice with his leg issue. Linebacker Austin Spitler also wasn't working.

You are obviously aware of Allen's history since being taken in the first-round of the 2006 draft but you may not know much about Hartline, who came to the team as an undrafted free agent in 2009. He spent much of the year on the practice squad.

Having played at Central Michigan where they run the spread offense, Hartline prided himself on his mobility. It is obvious watching him in drills, he can move well for a lineman. But Hartline needed to get bigger, stronger.

And so he did exactly that.

"I'm stronger," he said. "I can't tell you how gratified I am toward the strength coaches here. I came in and they gave me a workout that was just unbelievable. I put on probably five or six pounds of muscle and stayed the same body fat. They pushed me every day trying to make me better. I owe a lot of my abilities this your to them because they made me a hell of a lot stronger."

So what can Hartline potentially bring to the table? I'm not sure he's going to win the starting job. But he is definitely capable of winning some job on this team.

"I feel like I'm a pretty athletic guy," he said. "I feel like I can play multiple positions. I think I can play guard-center-guard so maybe they feel like they can take me instead of two guys. But I can't speak for them."

Hartline is letting his play speak to them apparently.


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Excellent reporting there Mando, The Pulitzer People are noticing........

Sophomore Blues?

send smith's ass packing if he can't get the job done. i see our secondary is the weakest link again already.

We already have a weak link at Free Safety and our secondary does not need the headache of Smith going through a sophmore slump. I hope that he can get it together. I like the potential of Davis, W Allen and Smith. Heck if he doesnt improve he may even be leap frogged by the rookie Caroll. He has looked really impressive so far.

Disappointing play by Smith but positive for Turner, maybe he can become Marshall-Lite, same size and type of receiver but not quite the same skill set...yet. Good for Hartline, this tema needs plenty of Hart (heart) and how better to do that then to have two Hartlines starting. Yea', yea', yea' I know... it's August 5th. Hey Eel (NYJ Fan) how's that dirty sanchez doing?

With as great of an training camp he has had it would have been interesting to see Nolan Carroll with the 1st team.

Can we please finally get rid of Jason Allen? That will be the final first round mistake that we need to admit to... Let Caroll get the reps.

Look out if Wallace and Turner can step up..that would be sick

Will Allen and Vontae will start. I don't know why everyone's high on Sean Smith. He looked pretty bad last year. I know he's a rookie and all, but Vontae looked bad at times last year but also looked REALLY good at times as well. Will Allen is MUCH better than Sean Smith at this point. Hopefully, Smith will get better and eventually be a good starter, but he's not there yet.


Is there any reporter out there for any newspaper that is willing to tell us the fans anything about Chad Henne ?? I mean, this is our starting QB who is entering the season as the starter for the first time. Why is nobody reporting anything about him ? How is he not the biggest story in Dolphins camp this year ? I just don't get it....

secondary is by far the weak link. bell is the only guy who has proved he can be consistent, well a healthy will allen too. the rest are all question marks. nolan is gonna earn his pay getting this defense sound.

Smith... shyt, I wish that kid would get it together. He has an entire year under his skates and is acting like a Rookie out there. I am very pleased so far with several players, most of those I expected do do well, but hearing the Patrick Turner may be coming into his own and also hearing that Carrol seems to be a bit of a "Ball Hawk" is very pleasing indeed.
I love watching/Listening to Sparano playing "Chemistry Set" with the O-line. He will do so for another week or so, then I believe things will start getting more permanent.

Jason Allen always shows up @ gametime.


I damn sure hope your are right Tim, because I felt after a solid year under his belt he would be ready to progress to the next level.I have not given up on him by a damn sight... its only the 1st week in August for goodness sake. Tooooo many negative reports that's all.

three receivers lined up taller than 6'5...LOOKTHEFOUT

i mean taller than 6'4...dammit cartman

sanshitz is going to the pro bowl this year,,,he'll be in the stands..or with pom poms cheering on henne and marshall..damn pretty boy

i wouldnt freak out just yet, is just one week into training camp. people have bad days, and weeks, and maybe he wasnt quite so conditioned and the work/weather has been taking a toll. either way, i wont worry yet. in a few weeks, it will be a different story




Jason Allen always shows up @ gametime.


Posted by: tim | August 05, 2010 at 06:40 PM

Do you think Jason Allen gets POed about the confusion over his name and Will Allen???? I bet he does......

Here is my take in general: The O is going to be fine, we have one of the top 5 OLines in the league, two great running backs with great hands out of the backfield, a monster full back, a qback that is already good enough and one great wideout will open it up for the rest. Regarding the D, I think the combination of many 1st and 2nd year players plus a new defensive coordinator with a whole new system is just going to take some time to gel. Expect some gaffs and miscues mixed with some great play. On the flip side, its not like all the other teams are filled with pro bowlers at every position..so I think in the end this cast will dominate the clock offensively even more so than last year and wear down the opponents D enough to make up for where we are lacking.

Whats the deal with Spitler? Does he have Matt Roth disease?

Aloco, Quit drinking "Home" Kool-aid.....

Going 6-10 this year.

Going 6-10 this year.

Posted by: test | August 05, 2010 at 07:41 PM

Test, I totally agree the Jets will go 6 and 10.....

ive watched every practice so far. sean smith cant cover a sleeping baby. alot of others have been impreesive like odrick,misi, dansby,thigpen,carroll,dobbins to name a few.



jake grove is one of the best centers in the NFL, i think this is a mistake... but then again, i dont watch practice every day. And in the NFL, a guy can come out of nowhere and become a pro bowler.

I would still rather have jake grove in there

Aloco, Quit your Gossip, If you want to talk about Gossip, Please tell us what to invest in........ I getting crushed....




They sky is falling what on earth are we supposed to do?? It is the first few days relax... The Point of training camp is to get back in shape and for the new stuff to be learned and the rooks to get used to the NFL.... The vets... they know what to expect from them... Relax all Saprano knows what he is doing... On another note Aloco you really otta send your keyboard to Soiled I really think he can fix that stuck caps lock for ya!!! :)

I dont understand why people Are So Biased Towards Jason Allen. Yes, Hes Not The Player We Wanted Him To Be, But The Giy Is Not Bad For A Special Teams Player And Is A Good Backup. He Is Taking Reps On The First Team But We Are Calling For Him To Be Cut. Its Just Pure Bias Leading To Irrationality

Fake GM... would you really rather have Jake Grove at center or who the coaches with decades of experience choose after watching all the practices day in and day out?

It amazes me how many people think they know better than the coaching staff based on either journalist reports or their feeble comprehension of the game.

Agreed on Jason Allen. He is actually a great special teams player so why not keep him. I think we should have kept Ginn just for returns and an occasional wide out. It wasn't his fault they chose him so early, plus seems to me he was more valuable as a returner than a trading for a 5th round pick, especially since we don't have any returners that will ever take it the distance now.

dont understand why people Are So Biased Towards Jason Allen. Yes, Hes Not The Player We Wanted Him To Be, But The Giy Is Not Bad For A Special Teams Player And Is A Good Backup. He Is Taking Reps On The First Team But We Are Calling For Him To Be Cut. Its Just Pure Bias Leading To Irrationality

Posted by: beastmode | August 05, 2010 at 08:22 PM

Beast, Jason Allen is a good player, It's Will Allen That sucks, It's to bad he has the last Name of Allen....This is my argument, Will allen is the one that sucks.... LOL...

OHHHHHHHHHHH SNAP, Now I got them confused.......

cubo manass seems determined to turn the blog into a comic strip, too bad he isn't funny.

Braz is determined that he has no spell check......

Haven't had a chance to get to Davie yet but S Smith is swtarting to sound like the 'B' word. Hate to say it but Home may have been right.

'is starting to sound.....' Must be the Capt. Morgan

Way too early to start sweating about Smith. We do have other options if needed. Vontae is going to be a top tier corner if he isn't already, so we have two or three others than can play corner now.

I give up, who?

1. Will Allen
2. Nolan Carroll
Miami received this pick for wide receiver Ted Ginn. Interesting selection here, but with the loss of Nate Jones, it's understandable. Unfortunately broke his leg after just two games as a senior.

Prior to the season, he was being labeled as a player to watch and Maryland's best coverage corner. Excellent athlete at about 6' and 204 lbs. Has 4.3 speed and good vertical.

Very raw for a cornerback, but fits the mold in which the front office looks for. Physical corner, good at the jam and solid in zone.

Yep, sounds like we're loaded at CB lol

We are even more loaded at FS.... LOL

I guess you won't be happy unless we have 3 pro bowl corners on deck...no team has that...

agreed, we have never lost a game because of jason allens inability on game day..he is a very good tackler and has a kncak for the ball....take him over the youngster shmitty at this juncture...sean is a non entity as a tackler and lacks the instinct and gamblers nuts to man the position...never felt uncomfortable with j allen on the field on gameday....like the hype on nolan c....dont know mch about him but heard he was an animal in college...if anything he will provide excellent depth this year.....yes what is with henne? no news=bad news?? i am praying no...

I bet will allen starts this year. I agree our secondary is suspect. Even davis isn't that great.

I am glad that the Gerbil is gone.

Yea Joe remember Will Allen... He is very very good... just need to give him time to get back after his injury... Just remember It leads him back to the long and winding road you left him standing there along long time ago.....

speaking of HOME, where's HOME? doesn't he go to all of these practices? I'm interested to get his take on the first week ...

I have my aluminum hat ready!


lol ... did he get banned again?

I am glad that the Gerbil is gone.

Posted by: R & R EXPRESS


He didn't get banned but it seems when someone talks about him his aluminum hat picks it up and he shows up... :) hows it going cuban??

Lets get Marino outta retirement!!! He will solve all our problems!!!! DAN THE MAN even with his age he could out throw all our qbs..... (although he wouldn't be able to avoid the rush.... or take a hit with out breaking a bone....)

I've been thinking about "the Gerbil" and "the Poser" Smith ... it's a shame we couldn't meld their strengths ... Gerbil never seemed to shy away from contact, but couldn't cover anyone ...
Smith is the "Ginn" of tackling IMO ... re-watching last years games over the summer I was amazed how similar Ginn and Smith were with their body language whenever there were bodies around .... geez, he's big enough ... and can cover people ... needs to learn to like to hit ... he would win most of the battles out there with his size ...

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