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On the topic of hating the Pats and Jets (and Bills)

While the New York Jets and New England Patriots have spent the past day or so trading barbs about hating one another, Dolphins players are busy these days watching from afar and not really feeling that kind of venom for either team.

Oh, sure, the Dolphins don't like the Jets or the Pats or Bills for that matter. But hate?

Not all of them.

"I mean I can't say I hate one team more, but it's great rivalries," quarterback Chad Henne said. "We obviously have a great AFC East division there, and I don't think any of the teams like each other too much. But I can't say I hate a team, but definitely compete against them and we don't like each other a lot."

I asked center Jake Grove, the man with perhaps the nastiest on-field disposition on offense, if he hates the Jets or the Pats, or anyone else for that matter.

"I kind of dislike all of them, I guess," he said. "I like the team I'm playing for. The other ones I couldn't really care less about. I wouldn't say I'd single one out more than other ones. They all kind of irritate me a little bit."

Henne sees no real use for hating an opponent. He is quite clinical in that regard.

"I don't know, I just don't see a hatred in a team," Henne said. "That's really not going to get me anywhere. It's more, it's competition out there. Obviously you want to win every time, and hatred's not in my mind."

[BLOG NOTE: Practice starts in about an hour so come back here for the update soon after. And, of course, there will be a new post with all the latest after coach Tony Sparano and the players speak after practice.]


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I'll take care of the hating.

Dear Mr. Salguero

According to this article, we might as well just all hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

After the game has been played do all the players, coaches and parents head to Chucky Cheese for pizza.

I miss when men where men

Soiled :)

Henne sounding like the 10 year Vet and Brady sounding like the 1st year starter. We defineltly got a keeper.

BTW...Armando, who talks about a defense from 8,9,10 years ago. He can't even rember the year, not to mention he still feeling his way around. I have to agree with the consensus that that was a serious backhanded compliment.

in the '90s. . i hated the bills the most. in the '00s. . i hated the pats the most. in '10s. .it looks like the jets are the team to hate. ill pull for the pats twice this season just because i hate the jets so much.

kris, the reason brady sound 1st year starter that he looks forward to improve .henne is never will be 10 game season winner which means no playoffs for you .

Unfortunately we live in a society of extremes. We either "hate" someone or we "love" them. Their is no in-between, which is sad. Hate leads to violence. We should learn to substitute the word "hate" for "displeasure" or "dislike".

Same thing for the word "love". We should love our family and friends not material things like shoes or a car.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

me thinks henne stink 1st year no to brady 10 year good maybe because not

Eddie....the abuse of the english language is at it's worst on the football blogs b/c the level of education these fans have ,so we got to put up w/it for the love of the game .

thank you fake aloco at 12.01

Hate Em All

Am I Really First

citi is at 3.50 heading to 3.00 again.bac is at 12.50 heding to 12.00 .

ALoco, sounds like you and tommy boy went to the same pre-school together. learn to speak b4 actually speaking. the reason why brady references defenses from 8,9,10 years ago is because hes suttly calling out our defense. i cant wait for our dline and LBs to flatten him on national tv.

Another thing.....if your are not a dolfan then you do you bother commenting on this site or even read these articles. It baffles me all you jets, pats, and bills fans who comment and trash talk fellow dolfans ON OUR OWN SITE! I live in NY and i come here....y? CUZ IM A DOLFAN!!!!!!!!!! I dont waste my time with New York sites or papers because they dont have the news im looking for. im a loyal fan. so....if you want to be an overweight loud mouth.....go to the jets. You want to be a cry baby and have memory lose(or in ALoco's case bad grammer) be a pats fan.....if you dont want to be an american and want to support canada then go be a bills fan....thats where they are headed eventually anyways.

To all the true Dolfans on here......a great season is upon us and lets go Fins!!!!

Its just not the jets pats or bills, For the jets its that dildo fireman ed, for the pats its belicheat, for the bills well its the freakin bills do we need to say more?????

moconnor023.........first time i see that name ,have no courage to sign w/your real name ...........so you can't give us lessons on morality mr fake .

p.s.........the easiest thing in the world is talking like castro cuba mr moconnor023

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Oh, sure, the Dolphins don't like the Jets or the Pats or Bills for that matter. But hate?"

This is clearly the fault of the players parents.

This is what happens when children are taught Tolerance, Forgiveness, Kindness to others and so on and so forth.

Was George Washington saying we look forword to a good war with the british and afterwords we will all go to Chucky Cheese for Pizza....NO

I think there's a lesson in here somewhere...I could be wrong though

Soiled :)

mr ,soiled;

i love the british
i dislike the jets

I hate the low life dirty stinking jets, their low life dirty stinking fans, and their low life dirty stinking coach more than I hate Osama Bin Laden and rest of Al Qaeda.

Just saying.

Aloco your an idiot can u please go root for another team
Thank you

I love to hate the Jets.

I can't wait to see Cam Wake introduce himself to brady and sanchez.

ALoco, wtf is ALoco......m is the 1st inital of my name....oconnor is my last name...023 is my age....23 years old. So im fake? fake is not sticking to yr own beliefs. YOUR ON A MIAMI DOLPHINS SITE!!!!!!!!!!! YET YR NOT A DOLFAN! Id love to talk with you more but my lunch break has already been wasted enough with low lifes like you.....so go back to the couch eating yr nachos while you cry on yr mommys shoulder because yr upset yr moving to canada once the fins win the super bowl this year!!!!

And whoever buffaho's QB will be.

I admit I'm torn here.

Part of me buy's Soiled's "when men were men" speech and misses the days of Bryan Cox vowing he'd retire on the spot if he were ever traded to Buffalo/walking into Rich Stadium with two middle fingers flying high

but part of me thinks if the Jets and Pats want to distract each other with lame off field drama, knock yourselves out suckers. You can mock the phins as overcultured pansies all you want but when they smack you around on the field when it really matters...my laughter will be louder.

Go Dolphins

I for one not only HATE the Jerks...errrrr. the Jets....but I absolutely abhor their rude, inebriated, knuckle dragging moronic fans.

Soiled Bottom...

Methinks the poop poison from your soiled bottom has infiltrated your bloodstream and is starting to affect your thought process.

Dear Mr. DolphinLover

"Methinks the poop poison from your soiled bottom has infiltrated your bloodstream and is starting to affect your thought process."

You may be on to somthing, your not the first person to think I may be a Shi..THead or Sh..iT for brains.

I'll Have my Doctor to look into this further.

Soiled :)

Miami traded Greg Camarillo to Minnesota


Cammy to the Vikes.
Didn't see that one coming.

PFT says it is for a corner (Sapp).
Very good move: time to put real pressure under underachievers Davis & Smith

I Just Heard Camarillo Was Traded To The vikings? For Who?

another crappy player got traded .

It's not about hating the players per se. I always respected Pennington when he Qb'd the Jets and I was excited to get him.

It's about the fans. Jets fans are subhumans. I know. I live in NYC. I see them everyday. To call them animals is an insult to animals.
They are violent.
They are incapable of keeping their mouths shut. Ever.
They incapable of rational thought.
They are caught in a perpetual state of victimhood thinking that because of their long-suffering, they deserve to win something.

My point to my Jets fan friends who shoot their mouths off and then whine when the team fails: You made this choice.

And BTW, the Jets losing is a result of bad karma. When you're a dirt bag Jets fan preying on small kids, families and anyone else who dare show up at the Meadowlands in another team's colors, you deserve more than a losing football team in retribution.


I hate Jets fans.
I see a Jets fan, it's like a red flag to a bull.

Camarillo got traded to vikings for a corner back. I hope we got a pick also.

When we play the Vikes in week two, and if the game is close, I hope Cammy pulls a Chris Carter and drops a key pass "accidentally" of coarse.
Anybody remember that one in the end zone?

Who said cornerback?

Where did you get it?

Henne doesn't understand the history of the rivalry yet, neither do the rest of the starters except for Ricky maybe. I'll do ALL the hating for them! F**K the Jets!!!

They Just Traded Greg Camarilo To Vikings, Looks Like two Young Receivers Have Grabd A Roster Spots

Dear Mr. Salguero

According to my sources

We give Camarillo to the Vikings, Vikings send Farve to the 49s and the 49s send Ted Ginn to the Dolphins....hence we beat the Jets.

Soiled :)

Bbeck00 They Traded Him For Benny Sapp A 6 Year Corner Back

Bummer, I really liked CAM, I hope this Sapp guy has some un seen value, if not, I just don't get it.

I said it yesterday and I'll say it again, I hate the pats, jets, and bills! Go Dolphins!

i love the jets....lol they have been our door mat for the past....oh i dont know what 4 or 5 decades? i love it when we sweep them and put them out of there play off misery lmaooo. as for the pats, well its always a great game when we have had a solid team. even brady admits he hates playing the dolphins because we always get him flustered. his exact words was... they knew it was comming but still couldnt stop it.

Its nice that the players are so professional - might reflect the fact that this is a yung team, but all real dolphin fans who have shared team history over the years hate the Jets first and foremost.

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