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Pat White's days with Dolphins seem numbered

Everyone is reporting today that Chad Henne will play about a half in Saturday's preseason game at Jacksonville. That is, after all, what coach Tony Sparano said.

"I think probably Henne's going to go, I'd like to take Henne into the half," Sparano said Thursday. "I got a play count particularly in my head right now, that would take him through the first half, but if you hit that play count a little bit earlier I might take him out. If we move the ball and had some success and he hit that play count and I felt good about it, I think I might do that. Unless there was a two minute situation before the half hanging there that I feel like he might need or something like that. Right now I'm thinking that he's going to go the first half of the game and then we'll see how it trickles down. I'd imagine at this point Tyler [Thigpen] would get in there and we'd see where we are."

Well, I'm more concerned with the "we'd see where we are" part.

Pat White, last year's second-round draft pick, is the see where we are guy. He is apparently an after-thought now, if one believes Sparano -- and I do. He was something of an afterthought last week when he came into the game the final series to do little other than take a knee.

Folks, his days on the Dolphins are numbered. I don't know if he makes it past the first round of cuts in a couple of weeks. It definitely doesn't look like he makes it out of the final cuts.

Simply, he's not a very good quarterback. Simply, there are no plans in the works to try him at another position. Simply, his goose seems nearly done if not out-right cooked.

Earlier this week Sparano said White showed marked improvement throwing the football a week ago. That grand improvement didn't get White any meaningful snaps in last Saturday's game. And it didn't vault him above fourth-string this week.

Sure, he's taking more snaps than Chad Pennington right now. But Chad Pennington is an established NFL quarterback who doesn't need to fry his surgically repaired arm in practices. The Dolphins know what Pennington can do.

Unfortunately for White, the Dolphins know what he can do also. And what he cannot do.

He's simply not good enough.

Is he better than he was as a rookie in 2009? Yes. Is he good? No, not really. 

Sparano hasn't said any of this, mind you. He doesn't have to. Sometimes you don't have to hear it from the coach to know it is true. Pat White is the fourth-best quarterback in camp.

And unless the Dolphins keep four quarterbacks or trade one of those ahead of him, White's days in Miami are now numbered.


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Like I Said yesterday, Look for Pat(TKO)White to be deliving Packages for UPS next year at this time.....

Boy I wish the Dolphins could go back in time and redo that second round over again 2 years ago.

Jose, Like the old saying goes "Could have,Would have,Should have..."

Pat White will be remembered for the hit that he took last year and nothing else. May he rest in peace. Oh, he's not dead? Ok, then. Might as well be. Cause I don't think anyone's gonna pick him up unless it's someone in the CFL. Say bye to Pat. Bye Pat.

That's cold Tracy.......

With all due repsect Armando, I will wait till I see what happens Throughout the entire preseason. Sparano has traditionally kept his cards close to his vest with regards to personell. My gut tells me that One of the qb's (not named Henne) will be traded. not cut. They could have let go of an injured Pennington in the offseason without muddying the water. they chose to resign him because he represents a value to the team. Pat White also represents a value (a 2008 2nd rounder). I just don't see Ireland giving that pick away.

See ya Pat, we hardly knew ye !

maybe coach is using him as a decoy, make like he ain't got it and then march him out on the field as a surprise. not sure how great his arm is but he throws but better than hbacks and he seems like a swift runner. if they really don't want him i say trade him and thigpen together. thigpen is always going to be erratic, a few great plays than sacks and interceptions.


You aren't even the fourth best reporter covering the Dolphins. Simply, you are not that good.

BTW(2009 2nd rounder) is what I should have said.

I would say two things about this. First, the fact that Sparano complimented White recently doesn't imply that they're not going to cut him. Remember, recently, that Ireland (and Scotland and England, too) complimented Gibril (I like to get run over by tight ends) Wilson, and then cut him. This is the way this regime, who I am all for, operates. Secondly, this means that we wasted a 2nd round draft pick last year, once White is released. The Trifecta has whiffed on some free agents and some draft picks too. Think about where we'd be right now if we had hit on those free agents and draft choices. Oh, and by the way, did anybody notice Antrel Rolle run back an interception almost for a touchdown against the stinking, lousy Jets?

Jake, armando is the best as far as i am concerned . who else is better .omar or the mike the baseball guy jack as s .

It seemed like a very odd draft pick when they made it. I don't think any scout had White going above the 3rd round and most had him in rounds 4-6.

There were rumors on the NFL Network last night that Thigpen is one of the few QBs who teams might be interested in obtaining to be their backup QB. If the Dolphins trade Thigpen, I would think keep White would be a possibility.

Cuban, let's got 57 candles for nj returning to the ss tomorrow ,you think omar if he needs a plumber would he ask nj to come and fix his plumping

What position does Pat White play in the game of baseball?
Does he have major league talent or will he labor in the fields of Triple A?

what position goes b.marshall play in the game of basketball ?
does he have major league talent or he will mob the floor ?

B. Marsh ain't gettin' cut.

There was a breakdown yesterday on either SI or ESPN showing how many dcecent teams have no worthwhile backup QB. We could probably get something worthwhile for Thiggy right now, but in the future maybe very little. Who really knows what they think of PW or how he has progressed, but it's not likely we'd get anything for him right now, maybe he is worth holding onto as a development player or occasional WildCat player just to keep the defenses guessing. Seems a little to early to just let a second rounder go for nothing in return.

he may be by the end of the year if he keeps pulling a ted ginn on us .

Agreed cinq.

This Pat White stuff is conjecture on the part of Mr. Salguero.

who's the best looking dolphin player ? must be below 33 years old .

I dunno if anyone watched that Steelers game last year...or any of the 08' KC season; but Thigpen is the truth. He isn't Henne or even Pennington, yet, he is a gamer and I respect that about him. See QB's like Doug Flutie that can run and shoot. It crushes me we F'd up on picking Pat White. On the other hand, there is a lesson learned: The wildcat is darn near dead in Miami. We don't need the trickery of that scheme. We are a legit to-the-bone football team. Last, but not least...can anyone who is a true fin fan say that they weren't super pumped about Pat White when we drafted him? I wanted him all along and I freaked out when we picked him up. He doesn't fit the 09' or 10' dolphins...yet, he would have been a perfect fit for the 08' Dolphins.

P.S. Don't forget what a savior Chad Pennington has been to us. He deserves crazy respect as well. GO Fins! Jets Suck!

Aloco, the best one is Joe.

joe ,who ?

who's the worst looking dolphin player ?

Joe mama.
Just kidding sir.
No disrespect intended - just funnin' with ya.

what about CROWDER the best looking dolphin ?

who's the best looking blogger based on their name ?

Aloco, Please seek help for your Inhalant abuse, Glue sniffing will kill you lil buddy........

The wildcat is not going away. They plowed over all the best teams with that, Colts, Saints, Jets..they work on it and have the personal for it and even Rex scoffed at it but still couldn't stop it. With this offensive line, they will continue to crush teams with it.

Does anyone watch Tosh.0? He is from Miami and he shat all over Saban in his last episode. It was great

cut your losses

pat white haters are every where ,they jumped his wagon few months ago .

Yeah I knew that we should have gone after hakeem nicks at #2 pick, then we would have made the playoffs last year too. I think pat white wants to go to another team. He did not want to play for miami from the start because there is no way a four year starter can play as badly as he is playing except intentionally.

I don't think people hate Pat White as much as how he was used by the O.C.
Interrupting Henne's rhythm for a drive-stopping bonehead wildcat play on more than one occasion probably got people upset.

HOW IN THE FREAKING HELL, could someone who puts in 16 HOURS a day, have tons of contacts, film, KNOWLEDGE, draft a PAT WHITE, sign a GROVE, GERBIL WILSON, ERIC GREEN, WILFORD, TORBOR, AKIN, MERLING, guys there is only 1 DRAFT pick who you can say is a STUD, Jake Long.....

all the others S smith, vontae, where the heck is Langford, all the other oline we drafted and cut, the lb's who are just back ups, I am forgetting a bunch of guys, but these guys haven't done anything YET, AND they better make some strides soon or they will just be average, do u understand or just dumb, and blind..

just because your FAVORITE TEAM signs or drafts a player doesn't mean that player is going to GREAT now....

but back to the beginning, how can someone like me know who to sign and not to sign....

I wanted BREES to draft, I wanted Cromartie instead of Jason Allen, I wanted to draft BOLDIN, I wanted JASON SMITH instead of injured GROVE, i said heck no to PAT WHITE, instead of VONTAE I wanted NICKS wr the Giants got,

Why Not Put Him On The Pratice Squad And Develop Him Into A Wr...

Allllllllright MIAMI ! ! ! Time to shake this hanger on loose from our sphincter.

cuban el griego maldito esta sin el mob del SS. Pobrecito. El novio timoteo esta triste sin nj.

Plisken, Another Made Up Name By Someone Who Has Spent The Morning With A D I C K In Hs Mouth And Afraid To Use His Real Name. LMFAO @ plisken The Coward

bobbyd12 , you got that right !!! this coward is some 90 pound dweeb with a pencil pocket holder who got picked on his entire like and uses cyberspace to hide behind !!


Posted by: FYI | August 19, 2010 at 04:51 PM

This is NJ folks, he is describing his enemy Chris T who keeps suspending him. LOL

Not every pick works out, its a fact for every time every year. Some of you that are so critical of this teams actions should first go take an equally close look at what other teams have done. Overall, I'd say this team has done quite well over the last few years despite the obvious misses. Long, Henne, Langford, Vontae, Marshall, Dansby, Crowder (yes, he is way better than these bloggers give him credit for), Dobbins, Msi and Odrick are looking solid, Edds, Carrol, Clemons, Jerry, Incognito, Thomas, I'm sure I left out a few....not bad...nice foundation going here.

***every team

You are crazy...Shaun Smith, Vontae and Chris Clemons are going to save this franchise. Jake Long is a Stud, yet by you jumping on that bandwagon, you've exposed yourself as a fairweather fan. Yeah Brees woulda been a helluvah lot better that Dante, yet its time to move on. Stop living in the past and realize that we are about to break the mold and destroy the afc East.

who's the greatest NFL plater ever ??

I would like to think that Pat White will stick in Year 2....

cuban el griego maldito esta sin el mob del SS. Pobrecito. El novio timoteo esta triste sin nj.

Posted by: lil mikey | August 19, 2010 at 07:47 PM

Sí sé, ha puesto de Tims sobre Suicidio ver la causa de su amiga está prohibido .LMAO..

I left out Starks...

My take is if this team is where I think it is, we need to start the regular season 2-2 at a minimum, anything else will really be a disappointment. Then we need to be above .500 by mid season...we are in a tough division, just keeping expectations realistic.

Mikey, igual que la canción de Patsy Cline va "Stand by Your Man" Y esto es lo que Tim está haciendo ...ROTFLMAO over the Buffoonery

No...Thigpen is not going be traded and White will be the third QB. Active weekly, just like last years role. Pat White was not drafted to be a traditional QB. He came in to run the wildcat. He has put on body mass and they say he's showing improvement in his passing game. He came in on stressful "no room for error" situations as a ROOKIE last year folks. So, if he's improving, why would you drop a SECOND year guy? He was drafted in the second round; it won't hurt to give him another year of growth/experience.

Cing, They better start 3 and 1 before the Bye week, otherwise the natives(Us) will get restless, Look at the posts after last weeks game, We're relentless.....And the kicker is, the fins won..............

Cuban, this blog has absolutely no effect on the play of the team. I think 3-1 is realistic, but at 2-2 I would not be remotely in panic mode. It typically takes teams, especially younger teams a few real games to get tuned up.

...on the other hand, if we are 1-3, then something is definitely not right and we are probably nowhere.

Pat Whites getting cut?

I wouldn't bet on it. They're not done with the wildcat just yet and waiving 2nd draft picks after just one season isn't getting good value.
The other day I posted that we wouldn't scrap White and the wildcat until we got rid of Hennings. Somebody reminded me that David Lee installed the wildcat. Well.......that's true, but the fact of the matter is Hennings actually played in the Wildcat way back in the day and he loves it. I'm betting Hennings, the Wildcat and Pat White have EXACTLY one season left here in Miami.

PS: I'm a true hardcore Dolphin fan and I can tell you I wasn't "super pumped" when we drafted Pat White. I remember it well. My first thought was: WHAT!?!? My second thought was: I think I'm going to PUKE!?!? By that time instincts kicked in(thank God) and I washed the puke back down with a long pull of Jack Daniels and thought: WTF at least we got Vontae.

who's the greatest NFL plater ever ??

Posted by: ALoco | August 19, 2010 at 08:01 PM

Refrigerator Perry. He could eat plate after plate after plate..........................

Pat white will not be cut he's the best we have .

Armando, the bigger question is what will you have to talk about if Pat White does get released?


some say joe montana
some say jim brown

who would you say ?

Guys if he doesn't work out it's not the end of the world. Seattle traded a FIRST round pick this week from two years ago's draft. Glen Coffee was a high third round draft pick in 2009 for the Niners and he retired this week. Brady Quinn dropped to late in the first round, has been moved once and is showing to be a NOTHING again in Denver. Tim Crouch as a first over all was a burst, same with JaMarcus Russell. These things happen and it happens to every team. The draft at the end of the day contains hits and misses.

who's the best player ever who never won a thing ?

oginseye, who's the best player who never won a thing ?

posted by marc...... i second that


I don't really care what anyone else has to say, nobody can change my mind.
The greatest football player that ever lived:

Walter Payton.

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