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Pat White's days with Dolphins seem numbered

Everyone is reporting today that Chad Henne will play about a half in Saturday's preseason game at Jacksonville. That is, after all, what coach Tony Sparano said.

"I think probably Henne's going to go, I'd like to take Henne into the half," Sparano said Thursday. "I got a play count particularly in my head right now, that would take him through the first half, but if you hit that play count a little bit earlier I might take him out. If we move the ball and had some success and he hit that play count and I felt good about it, I think I might do that. Unless there was a two minute situation before the half hanging there that I feel like he might need or something like that. Right now I'm thinking that he's going to go the first half of the game and then we'll see how it trickles down. I'd imagine at this point Tyler [Thigpen] would get in there and we'd see where we are."

Well, I'm more concerned with the "we'd see where we are" part.

Pat White, last year's second-round draft pick, is the see where we are guy. He is apparently an after-thought now, if one believes Sparano -- and I do. He was something of an afterthought last week when he came into the game the final series to do little other than take a knee.

Folks, his days on the Dolphins are numbered. I don't know if he makes it past the first round of cuts in a couple of weeks. It definitely doesn't look like he makes it out of the final cuts.

Simply, he's not a very good quarterback. Simply, there are no plans in the works to try him at another position. Simply, his goose seems nearly done if not out-right cooked.

Earlier this week Sparano said White showed marked improvement throwing the football a week ago. That grand improvement didn't get White any meaningful snaps in last Saturday's game. And it didn't vault him above fourth-string this week.

Sure, he's taking more snaps than Chad Pennington right now. But Chad Pennington is an established NFL quarterback who doesn't need to fry his surgically repaired arm in practices. The Dolphins know what Pennington can do.

Unfortunately for White, the Dolphins know what he can do also. And what he cannot do.

He's simply not good enough.

Is he better than he was as a rookie in 2009? Yes. Is he good? No, not really. 

Sparano hasn't said any of this, mind you. He doesn't have to. Sometimes you don't have to hear it from the coach to know it is true. Pat White is the fourth-best quarterback in camp.

And unless the Dolphins keep four quarterbacks or trade one of those ahead of him, White's days in Miami are now numbered.


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ogin, who's Walter Payton ? i like to know so when some ask me i act like i know a lot about football.

LMFAO @ menace "stand by your man" it gives Tim douche chills. bwhahahhahahaha

Bye bye Pat white.

Marc/Marcia, Rainbows and Unicorns are more your discussion, Why do you bother to post here??, Shouldn't you be out buying a new dress seeing how you gained 35 pounds during the summer??? BTW, I agree with the Norse Warrior, Walter was the Man....

I'm not sure what you mean by "who never won a thing".

There are two things I'm sure of:

1. Walter Payton was the greatest FOOTBALL PLAYER ever.

2. I don't care about Peyton Manning's RCA DOME records and I don't care if Brett Farve is named Honorary Ambassador to Louisiana.

Dan Marino is the greatest QUARTEBACK to have ever played the game.

Hands Down, Case Closed, Conversation OVER........................

odin, i like to know when Walter played and for what team and what position . i agree the best player ever who won no thing is dan marino .

its a shame the organization drafted a kid that didnt fit their plans from the start! Pat White did everything they asked of him and now they are giving up(supposedly)! in today college game you have player with much different skill set as players from years past, as an orgasnization we have to be willing to adapt to what skills certain players bring to the table and stop trying to make everybody the prototypical player. I like Henne but i still dont trust him!! overall i love the team, i feel we can sneak up on many team b/c nobody is count on us to do anything. I like all the players we grabbed draft they seem to understand what they are doing(i hope they just keep progressing. Channing was actually making plays like i predicted once he got players around him who actually want to play not just be specialists. Vonte and Sean needs to tighten up and focus a little more especially Smith(no need to hype up on pass defensed after giving up TD). Clemons didnt get beat deep that was a plus and he must wrap up! Looking forward to the defense blitzin the coming games! on offense we need Ronnie healthy and everything else will take care of itself as long as Henne dont give games away. I would seriously think about trading Camarillo and keeping Turner,Moore,or Wallace(2 of the 3). Greg has the same skills as Bess and somewhat Hartline. WE SHOULD PRAY FOR NO SERIOUS INJURIES!!!!!!!!!!!

who's the ugliest player ever played the game ? suggs ,any one ?

God how I hate you....social parasite filth menace

What's more Disturbing, Marc/Marcia Wearing a dress, Or Marc/Marcia, Eloping with NJ Phin fan at NJ's(His 1 of 4 homes) Tennessee hideaway, In the Smokey Mountains This weekend?????????

menace, you have a fan on the phone his name is conky .

would you come out with me for dinner cuban menace ?

I Know, It's either Marc/Marcia, Or our friend from the Tri-State area... LMAO....

Hello everybody... whats the topic tonight?


Sorry Marcia, I dont go out with chicks with Adams apples bigger then mine... Good luck this weekend....

marino is the BEST player of any sport to never win a title

even if i tell you i love you menace .


Walter Payton was a half back, he played his entire career with the Bears. It would be a lot easier describing him by just saying he was absolutely Fan Fuking Tastic. He had it all and he could do it all.

During the 1979 season Bears QB Bob Avellini was injured during week 6. Instead of playing their 2nd or 3rd string QB, they just had Walter taking direct snaps for the remainder of the season. He was that good!

PS Aloco. You gotta be yanking my chain. I know you know who Walter "Sweetness" Payton is.

Ahhhh Carlito, The Topic tonite is should Marc/Marcia finally get married to our friend from the Tri-State area??? What are your thoughts ??

DOLPHINS4life...........who's the ugliest player who ever played the game ?

For me Jim Brown the best football ever to watch... even in black and white

Tom Brady has the hair of a gay, he should donate it to cancer kids

"You aren't even the fourth best reporter covering the Dolphins. Simply, you are not that good."

It's a shame there isn't a reporter draft in football each year. Sadly, we're probably stuck with Armando. And Omar, Mike and the rest of the Miami reporters. The Miami area has, easily, the worst sports writers in America. It's a sad, sad group of nearly talentless hacks.

Maybe the Herald can cut Armando and have Pat White be their star Dolphins reporter. Seriously, how much worse could he be???

thanks odin, did he win any titles ? i really don't know .

"The greatest football player that ever lived:

Walter Payton."


I haven't been here for a while... the herald is great place to come have a beer and goof off, maybe beat someone up... lol... I see its everything goes here now that Mando is so busy with A.M. radio

I see a Fake Marc posting, If it was the real Marc/Marcia, he would have called me a "Social Parasite,Loser, Or something like that, May I Say this to MARC, Did you think your latenite posts wouldnt get a response, I told you once do not say my name,Utter my name and We'll get along fine.... GOT IT?????

the best player pound for pound to ever play is BARRY SANDERS, might have had 20,000yds had he not retired early, not to mention how many negative runs he had during his career

Mathew......you sound like a breath of fresh air around here .

Oh Brady sacked and fumbled...

its hard to say in the nfl b/c the have on helmets but suggs was a good one but ugliest ever in sports has to be SAM CASSELL

OHHHHHHHHHH D4Life, Forgot all about Barry,That guy was great on a horrible team.....

Bills 'D line tearing up the Colts tonight .... their defensive unit was 2nd in the league against the pass (YPG) last year ...

they will be a tough challenge to open the season ...

carlito, do you still kiss these goofs as s in the SS .


Never did... I never kiss anyone's azzz... I do talk football over there though


You think Brown was more fun to watch than Payton?

I know you didn't say he was better than Payton, but one of the things that I thought made Payton special was how he played for so long at such a high level.



pats 7
atlanta 3

Greg Oden is the most ugly in sport

Miami Dolphins - 38
Chicago Walter Paytons - 24.

the new roockie scored a TD for the pats .
pats 14
atlanta 3


I like Jim Brown because he was so far ahead of everybody else at the time... It was like he was playing against children... The most dominant player ever for sure

Oden looks like a chinese shar pai(check the spelling)but its a dog


Payton got a Super Bowl with the Bears in 1985. Marino and the Dolphins were their only loss all season.
If that wasn't enough, they beat the Patsies in the Super Bowl something like 55 -3.

Effing Awesome!!!!

oden is classic ugly
tom brady is back ;;;;2 TD in 12 minutes .........


yes but they miss the fg and because they the flagship team, the refs give them another shot with a b.s. penalty because they practicing for regualr season and need to be as accurate as possible... this how it really happen with things like tuck rule


Why does Tom Brady have the hair of a gay or woman from 1970's?

carlito when brown played there was maybe 20 teams if that many! NO DOUBT brown was great but compared to todays nfl he would be injury prone

now , i know football, thank you odin .A RING IN 85 vs miami ,classic .

LOL At Carlito, You Sir are correct, They still are the NFLs flagship team, but the Jets are Suckling up to Goddalls Teet....

I loved Barry Sanders, but unfortunately he wasn't great at all.

He took himself out of a game once and let Emmitt Smith have the rushing title that year.

Then, in the prime of his career, he simply quit on his teammates, his coaches and the NFL.

As good as he was, that just doesn't add up to greatness.

tom brady isn't cheesy QB .his hair cut is back from the 1970's .

now carlito watch for HOYER THE NEW STAR when he comes in .

Heard That Roger Goodall and Robert Kraft were lovers in collage(Though I have nothing to confirm this)..........

Aloco, Are you on your Third tube of glue????

it's nice to talk great players not like talking about no body thigpen .

the parsite menace still around sniffing

odinseye if you played ofr Detriot your whole career you would A. take yourself out of games too and B. you would have quit too, after all those years of losing. even Emmitt knows Barry would have had the rushing title if he didnt retire 5 years to early, but he'll take

Have they put Sanders in the HOF?????

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