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Pat White's days with Dolphins seem numbered

Everyone is reporting today that Chad Henne will play about a half in Saturday's preseason game at Jacksonville. That is, after all, what coach Tony Sparano said.

"I think probably Henne's going to go, I'd like to take Henne into the half," Sparano said Thursday. "I got a play count particularly in my head right now, that would take him through the first half, but if you hit that play count a little bit earlier I might take him out. If we move the ball and had some success and he hit that play count and I felt good about it, I think I might do that. Unless there was a two minute situation before the half hanging there that I feel like he might need or something like that. Right now I'm thinking that he's going to go the first half of the game and then we'll see how it trickles down. I'd imagine at this point Tyler [Thigpen] would get in there and we'd see where we are."

Well, I'm more concerned with the "we'd see where we are" part.

Pat White, last year's second-round draft pick, is the see where we are guy. He is apparently an after-thought now, if one believes Sparano -- and I do. He was something of an afterthought last week when he came into the game the final series to do little other than take a knee.

Folks, his days on the Dolphins are numbered. I don't know if he makes it past the first round of cuts in a couple of weeks. It definitely doesn't look like he makes it out of the final cuts.

Simply, he's not a very good quarterback. Simply, there are no plans in the works to try him at another position. Simply, his goose seems nearly done if not out-right cooked.

Earlier this week Sparano said White showed marked improvement throwing the football a week ago. That grand improvement didn't get White any meaningful snaps in last Saturday's game. And it didn't vault him above fourth-string this week.

Sure, he's taking more snaps than Chad Pennington right now. But Chad Pennington is an established NFL quarterback who doesn't need to fry his surgically repaired arm in practices. The Dolphins know what Pennington can do.

Unfortunately for White, the Dolphins know what he can do also. And what he cannot do.

He's simply not good enough.

Is he better than he was as a rookie in 2009? Yes. Is he good? No, not really. 

Sparano hasn't said any of this, mind you. He doesn't have to. Sometimes you don't have to hear it from the coach to know it is true. Pat White is the fourth-best quarterback in camp.

And unless the Dolphins keep four quarterbacks or trade one of those ahead of him, White's days in Miami are now numbered.


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FROM SPARANO Interview on Miamidolphins.com

“For example, Cory Procter has not taken a snap yet at center but Cory Procter has been a center/guard since he came into this league. Richie Incognito has been a center/guard since he came into this league, but he hasn’t played center yet. ”


With Berger as Center and these 2 backups at a very reduced rate, Grove’s injuries and salary will end his Fins tenure.



1) Who will carry his giant helmet?
2) Who will overthrow wide open receivers?
3) Who will come in and do an option on a 2pt conversion?
4) Who will bust out a 1st down on a QB draw while almost tripping on the snap.
5) Who will make Ricky Williams grow Alligator Arms?
6) Who will juke out Elderly LBs of the Pats?
7) Who will give us back our 2nd Rd pick?


Two QB's taken in the 2nd round in the last 4 years and ZERO to show for it....remember Beck?
I like the trio of Henne, Penny & Thigpen.
Heck if Henne is as advertised this year Penny & Thigpen will see nothing but mop-up action.

John Beck.... That was worst than Teddy Ginn!

Agreed...I might even start White over Beck...if I had to choose one.

ok folks...which 2nd round QB is the worst pick?

1. Beck
2. White

Vote now!

we can trick the 49's and trade pat white for the great returner TED GINN .

I vote for Beck.
At least White made 2 first downs and pitched out for a TD


What the world came up to ? you gave us the choice to pick between 2 2 meatball QB .i remember the days of Walter Payton and Dan Marino .

just sticking to the theme of today's post.

nhfinfans , when you ask a question think big ,think dan marino ,think fins .think super bowl....i forgive you.

Trade Ted Ginn jr - Yes
Acquire Brandon Marshall - Yes
Sign Karlos Dansby - Yes
Cut Pat White - ?????

Wishlist nearly complete!!!

Will Pat White be Feed to the Wolf?

it's not nice to come down on guy b/c he's down but i still remember pat white holding out to sign his contract a year ago until he got his 4 million s . what a story of ups and ............

If he is, the Wolf's still gonna be hungry, there's nothing on him!!!

Based on the lack playing opportunity here in the preseason for Pat White, it would seem that Sparano has already made up his mind. That could be a bad sign for White. I really like what Thigpen brings to this team and I would be really disappointed if he were traded before Henne proves that he is the one. For those who are concerned about Thigpens INT's they need to take a close look at what Henne did last year. I'm not convinced yet that he is the answer, after all he played poorly in the 4th quater and threw more INT's than touchdowns last year. If all these other teams need a solid back up then so do we. Pennington is a nice guy, but I think he has had one to many shoulder surgeries. Personally I think he should be the odd man out with Henne,Thigpen, and White at 1,2,and 3 on the depth chart. Give White another year to develope and Henne another year to prove himself and then next year we can look at making a trade.

I believe fins make a trade involving either pennington or (likely) thigpen. Thus, keeping White as the #3...Time will tell.

Armando -

I don't know if you will see this way down here. Just want to pass on my $.02. I don't think the team is going to be very good this year. I know there is always optimism at the beginning of the year, but I don't see many wins with as many rookies and second year players year... Marshall is good for +1. My prediction is 6-10.

Pat White just was traded to the Marlins in exchange for putting grass on the infield dirt.

Steve, good prediction.

Flippers go 6-10 or 7-9 depends on if the refs cut them some breaks.

Yes Avontos, Cuban, I And NJ Are Going To Game. We Would Invite You But Realize In This Economy Only Government Workers Have Great Pay. I Sincerly Hope U Still Have Ur Mobile Home And Cable Come Dec So U Can Watch The Game. Have A Super Day

you gonna stay at nj's house, instead of a hotel???

Thigpen is trade-bait. Who is Henne? what has he proven? Some of you frickin' soccer fans or crappy baseball hicks needs to understand this game. Henne is only starting by default. White maybe small, but I can see him giving you fake-@ss dolphin fans something other the crap you've been dealing with for the last couple of years. Fiedler & Harrington was better than Henne. Again Thigpn is outta hear and White will ride another year. So hate-on, haters!

No Sol, I Will Be Staying At A Very Nice Hotel Right By The Meadowlands. Thank U For Ur Concern But Money Is No Issue.

Darrel Reavis Is Still Holding Out, Huh Greenie. Burying Your Head In The Ground And Posting Here About The Dolphins Is Not Going To Make Him Sign.

Jets Suck

The Knight who says...Nj says:
August 20, 2010 at 11:59 am
Yippee.!!!! My boy friend NJ is back. now we can share that 2 man sleeping bag together under the stars at that KOA in Ashville again. YIPPEE.!!

Man, who started this style of typing where every word starts with a capital letter. Gives me a freakin headache.

Was at camp yesterday and Pat White was dreadful!

He still looks like a kid among men out there and his passes were either bouncing to the receivers or getting picked.

We shouldn't waste a roster spot for him as I just don't see the upside. Just another good college players bust in the NFL.

BTW- jets suck

"White has more upside than Thigpen, is younger Henne, more athletic than both and offers different skill set."??

Got to be the dumbest post so far. White has NO UPSIDE IN THE NFL! He's far too small and weak minded. Cut his now!

the meadowlands is a ghetto bobby. wt blank are you talking about.?.

Flipper, I Tend To Agree. I Think Mando I Being A Bit Harsh On The White Prediction. I Think Pennington Has A Lot Of Value In Leadership But The Guy Has A Problm With His Shoulder And We Can Only HOPE He Gets Through A Couple More Seasons, Tops. White Has Very Little Trade Value Ad Can Still Be Developed. Finally, Thigpen Is Our Backup, And I Think The Kidh Ballz And Is Capable. I Think They Keep White. Time Will Tell.

We'll all be yearning for yet another QB in yet another draft. Henne better get his act together or his crap will roll on the trade market, too. He has not arrived and is not on par to be nobody, but another sub-mediocre QB. For your sakes, let's hop I'm wrong. Pat White will get his opportunity to prove that he his viable in the NFL. Good 'ol Tyler: He's headed to Buffalo. I'm actually staring to believe this like most of you is starting belive that Pat White is outta hear and Tyler Thigpen will be henne's back-up. Give me a break!

Mark In Toronto, Its The New I Phone App They Have, Everytime You Hit The Space Button It Automatically Puts In A Capital. It Is A Real Pain

NJ. Why does everybody hate you?.even the tk8 regulars have turned on you. are you really such a pompus putz,or you just act like one behind the safety of your computer.. cuban,answer that for him..haha

Beautiful Sheridan Hotel Right Next To Meadowlands Complex, Not A Ghetto

Mando, Please Have IT Fix The Bugs For The Iphone App. Its An Expensive App And The Comment Capability Sucks... Hence All The CAPS In This Message. Thanx

Apple's stock should be reduced by $50/share just for the aggravation.

Caps are annoying .

No One Cares About Your Gripes With Bloggers On Other Site

Talk Football

They Should Have Avatars Like SS. That Would At Least Knock Off Alot Of The Nonsense That Goes On Here. Along With Banning The Idiot That Gets Offended By Dirty Language On A Football Blog. Pus

The SS is a grave yard of the dumb bloggers .

bac hitting 52 week low at 12.80.......

Best Player to watch was Barry Sanders hands down.

talk about idiots, me and Aloco are here the two big idiots

Pat White Is Finished, Time For Baseball

Just think the Trifecta brain farted on the pick of White and the kid needs to go to the arena league or maybe the CFL for 3/4 years and see if he can get his confidence back. I wish him luck and maybe one day it will click for the kid, he seems like a nice enough kid but he never was nfl qb material.

malissa lee of the fast money , when the market is up she shows her legs but when the market is down she shows more legs .good for us .

I tell you what, if Pat White comes to Canada, he will make something of himself, learn to use his strengths and be able to finish his career in the NFL. He's got a strong arm and lost of ability. That's enough to take you far in the CFL.

The shortsightedness of some is amazing, aggravating and humorous all at the same time.

EX: Henne better get his act together or his crap will roll on the trade market, too. He has not arrived and is not on par to be nobody.............

What? He didn't win the Super Bowl in his first 13 games as a pro? Trade him? F it, lets just cut him. You had your chance to develop Chad, catch a ride with Pat!

EX: Pat White will get his opportunity to prove that he his viable in the NFL.

White has already been here a WHOLE season and he can't even beat out a scrub like Henne. Pat could you please give Chad a ride, he's waiting for you out by the curb.

EX: Good 'ol Tyler: He's headed to Buffalo.

Thigpen, while older than Henne, has actually started fewer games(11?). Big, strong armed and mobile. Too bad though, if you can't establish yourself as the next Dan Marino in 11 starts, you're career has played out.
Tyler if Chad and Pat don't have room for you just wait around a minute. One more pre season drop and we'll be sending Marshall your way.

EX: We'll all be yearning for yet another QB in yet another draft.

Why bother, the guy will probably throw an int in his first pre season game. WooHoooooooo, lets cut the guy BEFORE we draft him!

Effing Brilliant!!!!

For sure Odin, anyone questioning Henne right now plays way too much Madden. He's been excellent for a guy with his experience. He will get better and be a QB that's better than most in the NFL.

Amen Mark in Toronto, I was thinking the same thing (about caps being annoying). Thanks for the technological update bobbyd12, I'd never have known since I still have an 80's Gordon Gecko Cellular One 10 lb. dumbbell phone (too big to wear in a holster on my hip).

By the way, was listening to the LeVar Arrington radio show up here in D.C. yesterday, and they were talking about best and worst team uniforms in the NFL. 3 out of 4 of the people rated the Dolphins uniforms worst in the NFL. Interestingly enough, those people did say the Orange alternates were much better (those got high marks).

Just FYI. Means nothing. I happen to HATE the Redskin uniforms (except the throwbacks), so I didn't care too much about it.

Top uniform chosen by almost all callers - Ravens all black and Jacksonville all black.

Henne will get better for sure(assuming the Trifecta doesn't cut him on the 31st-lol).

Maybe more importantly, so will Thigpen. Show case the guy for possible trade value and if nothing else, you're getting him valuable experience to be our back up/possible starter. It's win win, look what the patsies got for Cassel. Look what Da Bears gave up for Cutler.

We drafted White before we got Thigpen. Still the Trifecta was trying to find and develop QB's. Thigpen did quite well in the spread-22 touchdowns (18 passing, three rushing and one receiving) against 12 interceptions in just 11 starts,

Right now today, that makes him a better option running the wildcat/spread. That makes White expendable.

The fact is, we have two young guys(green horns) with tremendous upsides getting the benefit of playing with Chad Pennington, one of the most efficient QB's in the history of the NFL.

Having said all this, I myself would still be looking to draft another QB in 2011.

I've been a Dolphin fan practically all my life and I've seen in a lot worse shape at QB than this. Let the kids play!!!!

Get what ever you could get for White!!! someone has a team that needs a QB right now would be perfect, he will NOT make it here in Maimi!!! GO FINS!!!

A ham sambish

Henne is a good enough QB to take us to the playoffs. I will take another 2-3 years to see if he is Elite Material or a just a good NFL starter.

Thigpen is a serviceable backup. He can come into a game and not look like a dear in headlights. His scramble abilities would bode well behind a crap offensive line.

Pat White, well at least he is better than Beck.

Bobby is the only fouled mouthed idiot here.
Flying pig boy go back to SS you TK8 member

Get what you can for Thigpen because he's still young and does not want to sit behind Henne in which he feels he can play better than. You all should really start discounting Pennington as well as he is a risk and for this organization to risk him on yet another injury would prove catastrophic. White is low on the todem pole, so he at least have another year to get NFL ready. No pick is agood or bad pick unless you're biased on a certain player. Most are pretty good in college, but fail to adapt in the NFL and Pat White just haven't played enough in the NFL to prove that he's a bust just yet.


It was nice having the whole gang here the other night.
It was just like old times when Carlito showed up.
However, I am worried about Po White Trash. I hope a Tornado hasn't demolished his trailer park........AGAIN!

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