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Pat White's days with Dolphins seem numbered

Everyone is reporting today that Chad Henne will play about a half in Saturday's preseason game at Jacksonville. That is, after all, what coach Tony Sparano said.

"I think probably Henne's going to go, I'd like to take Henne into the half," Sparano said Thursday. "I got a play count particularly in my head right now, that would take him through the first half, but if you hit that play count a little bit earlier I might take him out. If we move the ball and had some success and he hit that play count and I felt good about it, I think I might do that. Unless there was a two minute situation before the half hanging there that I feel like he might need or something like that. Right now I'm thinking that he's going to go the first half of the game and then we'll see how it trickles down. I'd imagine at this point Tyler [Thigpen] would get in there and we'd see where we are."

Well, I'm more concerned with the "we'd see where we are" part.

Pat White, last year's second-round draft pick, is the see where we are guy. He is apparently an after-thought now, if one believes Sparano -- and I do. He was something of an afterthought last week when he came into the game the final series to do little other than take a knee.

Folks, his days on the Dolphins are numbered. I don't know if he makes it past the first round of cuts in a couple of weeks. It definitely doesn't look like he makes it out of the final cuts.

Simply, he's not a very good quarterback. Simply, there are no plans in the works to try him at another position. Simply, his goose seems nearly done if not out-right cooked.

Earlier this week Sparano said White showed marked improvement throwing the football a week ago. That grand improvement didn't get White any meaningful snaps in last Saturday's game. And it didn't vault him above fourth-string this week.

Sure, he's taking more snaps than Chad Pennington right now. But Chad Pennington is an established NFL quarterback who doesn't need to fry his surgically repaired arm in practices. The Dolphins know what Pennington can do.

Unfortunately for White, the Dolphins know what he can do also. And what he cannot do.

He's simply not good enough.

Is he better than he was as a rookie in 2009? Yes. Is he good? No, not really. 

Sparano hasn't said any of this, mind you. He doesn't have to. Sometimes you don't have to hear it from the coach to know it is true. Pat White is the fourth-best quarterback in camp.

And unless the Dolphins keep four quarterbacks or trade one of those ahead of him, White's days in Miami are now numbered.


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Is that you Ethel?

Eveytime I partake of the "little smoke" My PitBull Debo does the same thing!

White has more talent than Thigpen......since when. No arm, quick not fast, 6 foot if that tall. Right.

Odin, is Debo named after Debo from Friday? Great Movie, Great name for a pit bull.

I look at all the top offensive teams, and they all have an athletic pass catching tight end. To me this needs to be addressed by the people who construct our team. This past draft was deep with guys that could have played this position. They are not the prototype body type that the trifecta perfers, but at some point they need to get with the times at this spot. We are at a tremendous disadvantage with the big lumbering guys that we have out there now. There is no reason to not have a pure athletic pass catching tight end, all the better offenses do, why not us? Bedsides isn't that why Lex Hilliard is on this team, to pass block on third down?(It seems like that is all he gets used for) Talking about the draft for next year, I hope that this is a postion that will be addressed

DD, that's probably why they re-signed David Martin

Mark in Toronto. I know that the year before Martin was injured. Both he and Fassano had good years. What I'm talking about is a guy that is more of the hybrid type. Now maybe that sort of tight end doesn't fit here because they tend to be on pass orientated offenses, but they are super affective. I don't like to make comparisons to other teams, but I see these tight ends making incredible catches, I see them in the slot, and as huge weapons inside the red zone. Again if these guys we have now can return to the form of 2008, then my argument is squashed, and I sound like a blowhard. But I just see it as the evolution of modern offenses, and why not join the club?

Hey DD, I agree with you 100% which is why I wanted one of these guys drafted like Gronkowski, Hickson, Dorin Dickerson, or Aaron Hernandez (or is that Fernandez from UF?). Anyway you get the point.

However, Martin was a guy who was extremely good at running the seam and if he can do that again, then like you said, then it's a moot point.

Yeah, the reason I bring up the tight end thing is I'm watching the Patriots Falcons game, and those young guys for NE are all over the place making plays. Oh well, good for them. Dorin Dickerson didn't go until round 7, man I wish we could have grabbed him. He made some nice catches for the Texans last week.

The current administration saw more in Spitler or Chris McCoy although I don't quite know what that is.


I thought it was pretty ironic that you mentioned my phrase "pain is the engine of change" in regards to an Oxy dealer.

I actually wrote that into a Rock song, "Engines of Change" years ago. I wrote it about and shortly after putting my opiate nightmare behind me for good.

Gronkowski Will Be A Monster For The Pats. Next Draft We Need To Upgrade/replace RBs And TE Positions, No Doubt

Chris T says:
August 20, 2010 at 3:37 pm
ENOUGH! Somebody better start talking football or I’m just gonna shut the whole damn board down. Gimmie a friggin break, already.

look bobby. your boyfriend is going to get everybody banned now.LOL

Odin, here is a nice rock lyric i heard this mornign but surely can't claim it. it belongs to one Jakob Dylan:

"Cheaper lovers make the most expensive wives"

Don't know if it's original but I thought it was fantastic.

Bobby, Gronkowski surely is talented but the consensus around the Pats is that Aaron Hernandez (or was that Fernandez?) is outperforming him by leaps and bounds in camp. F'n Pats!

Hello.... Can I play with you boys?


After seeing Crowder and Ayodele's play on the inside and Porter and Taylor gone, I think Parcell's and Ireland just wigged out a little. Parcell's is known for loving his LB's and went a tiny bit overboard.

I think they felt they could survive one more year with Fasano and rather solidify the linebacking corp as soon as possible.

I think it's obvious that if we have a shot at the "hybrid" type of TE early in the 2011 draft, we pull the trigger.

Despite not having that game changing TE, these guys have had to do alot of rebuilding. I'm loving it so far.

One of the dumbest pick's I've seen in years, they could have gotten Pat White as a 6th-7th rounder or free agent.

Oh man, I've been going back to some of the old rosters during this decade and this one is light years ahead of the others. Even go back to 2008 - it's brutal.

You are probably right about the LBs although Crowder played really well last week. I have never given up on him but he needs to play with other good linebackers. He can't be the "man" like Zach or Dansby.

What the hell's going on at the SS?

I thought we were the misfit problem children over here.

Chris T. Please don't shut the SS down. Where would all your civilized and intelligent posters go for their Dolphins Fix?

Battle Stations men, looks like an invasion is imminent!

Sounds like the Gustapo over there at the SS. I guess some people like to be controlled to the extreme over there.


I'm not cutting on Crowder at all(at least not for now-lol)I'm glad he's playing well. I think we all knew he would look better with Dansby lined up next to him.

I'm hoping Crowder does great, and Dobbins does even better-lol!






Odin, Yeah I had a 4 year battle /w Oxycontin. Almost a year clean. Started blogging here about the same time. Sounds corny, but it's my therapy!

Good stuff DD!!!

There were a ton af positives to be taken from last weeks game. Crowder was one of them, that guy was flying, and aggrresive. Also, S. Smith may have had an lapse in coverage, but he was great in run support, had an interception, and looked good to me. I've been haarping(lol) on the jets a bunch this week. But after the Pats performance last night. They are going to be a handfull in the passing game. Our Db's are going to be challenged, as well as the linebackers trying to cover all the underneath stuff. Now pressure should be the great equalizer, and I'm sure that the scientists are in the lab conjuring some potion to confuse them. Stuff like dropping lineman into coverage, delayed blitzes, multiple defensive backs, Showing blitz, then droping into coverage. Anything that might confuse the linecalls, and audibles. Those stinkin' Pats have a lot of firepower.

start thigpen

Thanks Mark!

chris the donkey at the SS standing w/a gun in his hand for people who don't talk football 24/7 ..... how CARLITO THE GREAT TAKE that shi t.

pats are back w/the one and only Tom Brady .......let's put that to sleep .

henne won many games for fins last year .thigpen will never win for the fins more than i game that if he plays at least 6 games .

mark, i don't got the cheaper lovers thing unless who ever said it is GAY .

1 game

haha, ALoco, it has nothing to do with GAY.

Just simply means that the ones that are easier to lay in the courtship tend to cost the most in marriage (i.e. cost of divorce). At least that's how I interpreted and nobody's going to change my mind!

you see, you are an educated blogger mark ..no one else would thing of the divorce .......

now, when did your greek girlfriend dumped you ?

So back to Pat White is it me or he weight $1.50????

I don't trust this guy at QB or any position at all... Too weak

Why can't the dolphins send all their QB'S to Boston to learn from Tom Brady ? no thing bad about that .

Tom Brady looks like a girl with that long hair


NOTHINGS corny about saying goodbye to Mr. Brownstone :)

I Agree mrprimetime2124 that tom looks like a girl and that's nice .better than looking like suggs or crowder .

great pick


ALoco, she hasn't dumped me but thank you for the concern.

Hahhaa, resident therapist ALoco

who are the most sexy women in the world without being trashy look or dressed ??????

odinseye..give us the bottom line .

Pat hasnt been given a chance to play so i think u should all check yourself on what u trash on him about.

boss, most fans are love to ride a wagon since they were 4 years old .they don't have a brain independend of what's they r reading .today the wagon is full of haters ,tomorrow who knows .

we r alone boss .


Jessica Biel

I wouldn't say she is sexiest in the world, but nice and clean and probably can cook or pay someone else to cook

The Dolphins will be making a serious mistake by cutting Pat White! In my opinion the Thigpen nor Pennington is a solid backup, so why not develop Pat White, if for nothing but trade value, which I don not see in Pennington or Thigpen! Thigpen is a turnover machine at the QB post and Pennington is one sack away from being out of the NFL!

Ok Guys, Whats up today?????Need a new blog, Tommarrow game 2 vs the jags, Any outlet to veiw the game on the inter-net??

that was 3 years ago before she had kids .btw....she's a new england fan . we need a name up to date

i agree she can cook and clean which is the most desired .try again

When White Has Played The First Time We All Thought He Was Dead When He Got Hit. He Has Show Nothing, Zip, Nada In Practice That Shows He Is A NFL QB. Pleaseee Just Admit Mistake, Cut Him N Move On To Better Things


Peoples idea of sexy changes with the era.

Thus I can only be honest with my own personal feelings. To name just one women would be a disservice to raunchy, degenerate "Warriors" everywhere.

1950's The original Playmate herself: Marilyn Monroe.

1960's The original fire crotch: Ann Margret.

1970's The absolutely stacked Raquel Welch.

1980's (I was on drugs and playing in a Rock band so my memories sketchy here):

Donna Sumers Her "She works hard for her Money" video used to totally discombobulate me.

Kim Basinger's Lips(I remember those).

Kelly Bundy was the perfect vision of TRASHY.

1990's Halle Berry. OMG, did she ever give me a case of Jungle Fever!

Angelina Jolie Again lips, God I love em.

2000's Liv Tyler. Stephen Tylers lips on a tall dark hottie! Are you kidding ME!!!!

Lois Griffin. When the lights go out, those red heads are total freaks.

Let me finish this off with Megan Fox and Beyonce.

If I go any further I'm going have to start typing one handed.

No disrespect to any Latino Queens, but if I would have considered any of them, I would have had to start off typing one handed!!!!


redhead women are dangerous... beware

Odin, I'll add the Latinos for you, Selma Hayek,Penelope Cruz, just to name a couple....

liv tyler is the best but 8 years ago .
ann margret is only for soiled .
megan fox 2 years ago was fine .
kim basinger in the epic 91/2 weeks .

kelly bundy not even trashy ,she's dirt .


Thanks for the warning, but I already know from experience.

Not only do they have bad tempers, they have hair line triggers. They get mad so easy.

They catch you with their Mom, or their Sister just ONE TIME and they think it's the end of the world.

It sucks too, cause when the lights go down their nasty freakishness makes ALMOST worth the risks.

odinseye. ............ red hair women are arrogant and i love that .i love that as long as she has a burnett woman friend to make it 3 .

kelly bundy not even trashy ,she's dirt .

Posted by: ALoco | August 20, 2010 at 06:42 PM

I'd Play on that "Dirt field"........

Aloco, You Little Freak.........

who's the best player ever played in the NFL ? lol


That's the problem. When it comes to the Latino's it's impossible to name just a couple................

Two of my most favorite women ever were half white and half Latino(they got tempers too). I had two sons with one and one son with the other. They were incredibly hot and I loved them both.

Of course they were Sisters, but that's another story.

Antonio Cromartie ain't got nuttin on me!!!!

i don't like latin women that much .i feel they were all their cloth from HSN .it turns me off and when you meet them they always have kids in tow .

they wear all their cloths

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